Getting To Know What Hybrid Cars Are

Everyone is concerned about the rise in fuel prices. People are brain storming daily about ways of cutting costs in fuel or finding alternatives. Car or vehicle owners know that a simple answer will be changing to cars that use alternative energy. But is it really so simple? What kind of vehicle will be the best alternative? The answer may be is a hybrid car.

Hybrid cars abound in various shapes and colors and who will not like to walk to a dealer and just pick one straight away? Before doing that however, it is good to know more about hybrid cars and settle confusions and myths about them once and for all. Hybrid cars are vehicles that run on electricity. But it is the combination of a conventional propulsion system and a rechargeable energy storage system that is on board the vehicle work together to give the vehicle better fuel economy than cars that run strictly on gasoline.

Then can we say they are cars run solely on battery? If it is so, are they then the same as the ones invented centuries earlier that had problem of recharging? If not, what makes the modern ones different? Yes, to some extent hybrid cars are electric vehicles with rechargeable batteries, but the batteries are not charged externally. They are kinetically charged through regenerative braking. The combustion engine is designed to spin an electric generator that continually charges the batteries. The power accumulated by the batteries then empowers the motor that moves the vehicle.

So, hybrid cars are battery operated vehicles that internally recharges its own battery. So the act of getting into the car and starting it instantly charges the battery continuously. By the time the vehicle stops, the surplus energy accumulated in the battery is there stored to propel the car at initial start. So there is never any shortage of power supply at any time.

Electric vehicles have been made in the past, but the modern one outshines the old type in the self-generated energy supply.

Hybrid cars are indeed the cars of the future as they are so innovative in everything, from design to energy generation. Posterity will thank us in the future.

If you love living economically and becoming the talk of the town as well, investing in a hybrid cars will be the answer.

What a relief it is to say bye bye to queuing at local a local gas station, especially when there is a shortage of fuel; something that is becoming a regular thing nowadays.

Image: Hybrid diagram at suffolk


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