Getting Started With Devtome - Nostalgia - December 2013

I just logged onto for the first time in several months. My reasoning was that if any administrators attempted to get a hold of me for whatever reason, they would probably send me a message on that platform. I was surprised to realize that my first and only post to the forum was a perfectly valid guide for getting a Devtome account.

Waste not, want not!

Some of the information is a bit dated but I will update it soon unless someone beats me to it. It has been slightly censored to protect my professional reputation but is otherwise in its original form. If you would like to use this, or my other “getting friends started” piece to send to your friends and family who might be interested in getting started, please do so. However, make sure the information about who, specifically, they need to contact has been updated first.

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done December 30, 2013, 09:49:28 PM

Hi there!

I'm looking at becoming one of devtome's new writers. One must be a member of this forum in order to request a devtome account. My intention here is to meet the criteria so that I can get started and get some work done. In order to meet the criteria I must write several sentences in this post so here goes!

Some who may find themselves reading this may be asking themselves, “what the heck is this guy talking about?” We shall see if I can help answer that question. First we will look at the devtome writers program including discussion on what would be considered an appropriate contribution, then we will review the steps required to get started as best as I understand them at this time.

Put simply, Devtome is a wiki which has its own crypto-currency known as devcoin. It is an open-source project whose contributors are paid in devcoin. Devcoin can be exchanged for other crypto-currencies like bitcoin.

An individual may earn devcoins by writing just about anything for devtome. The more popular authors will get up to a1.5% share of devcoin generation while the least popular will still get a 0.5% share. The criteria of acceptable work isn't terribly picky from what I've read but there should be, “no plagiarism, erotica, libel, subcontracting, malware, shilling, vandalism, hatchet jobs, rants, scammy stuff, drivel, or multiple accounts.” Common sense right? If only sense were common these things wouldn't have to be mentioned.

So what is meant by writing? What sort of writing counts? Non-fiction? Essays? Stories? How about poetry?

Apparently, just about any sort of writing contribution counts. After doing a little bit of research I even found indications that devtome is also interested in artwork and music as well. So long as your work isn't “complete trash” (pornography or whatnot) you can, evidently, get paid for your work.

Great, right? But will I actually get paid a significant amount, you may be wondering? I personally don't care a whole lot. I'm so full of essay ideas and brimming over with seeds of silly poetry that I would be happy to be paid anything at all.

However, it turns out that there are indications that, for a beginning writer, the compensation can actually be quite decent. Here is a post which makes writing for devtome sound potentially quite lucrative: [Disclaimer: that is an old post].

My understanding is that I can still sell or seek contributions for my work outside of detome at the same time. If I am in error about this someone please bring it to my attention. I really just need to get to work and start writing but do have to consider the material needs of my family. [Anything you post will be licensed under creative commons please see writers guides for details]

“Okay! Sounds awesome! How do I get started?” If you are asking that then we have a common interest! Bellow I've listed the steps mentioned on the devtome wiki bellow in my own words. If my understanding of this process is incorrect then, again, please let me know. I like… I NEED… to be corrected whenever I'm in error.

1. First you need a devcoin wallet. This makes sense right? Well, you've gotta get paid somehow, right?

2. [Old information: please update] Secondly, you need an account here, on, in order to request a devtome account. If your USERNAME (not your first name) start with the letters A-F the you are to message FuzzyBear on this forum. If your username starts with the letters G-O you message Wiser. A username beginning with the letters P-Z will require a message to Dinkleberg. The message to tell a little bit about yourself and your email address. I've also read that it should include a sample of your work or a link to where your work is currently published. When you are approved, you will receive a password for your new devtome account and you can begin contributing!

3. Next, post your wallet on devtome. Instructions on how to do this can be found here: under the heading Post Wallet here.

4. Finally, you can start writing your articles and referencing your work on your userspage. The instructions for this are also listed in the article mentioned in step number 3.

Okay? So that's pretty much it. If anyone can correct any errors I've made here, or provide any additional insight, your feedback will be most welcome.

Thank you for indulging me by reading this whole post :-)


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