Getting More Sales Leads for your Business

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is growing their business during tough economic times. During tough economic times businesses and consumers spend less. Often times they will only spend money when the need is the greatest. A key way to grow your business is by being seen as a solution provider or problem solver. Once you have established your business as a solution provider or problem solver you must find those businesses or individuals that need your help. Recently I developed a system that directly addresses finding these sales leads. My system utilizes the internet and social media versus the traditional methods of cold calling and buying leads. Listed below are the simple steps;

  • Twitter: I start up as many Twitter accounts as I can. The multiple Twitter accounts enables me to increase my leverage in Twitter. I am then able to market a specific product with a twitter account of its own, increasing my conversion ratio by virtue of focused interest. With multiple Twitter accounts, I also open up the possibility of cross-referrals, perfect for driving up interest and linking across multiple projects. I also recommend that you keep a list of all your usernames and passwords. Being organized is the key to be being successful with this step.
  • Blogging: I start up as many blogs as I can. I do this in the same spirit as setting up multiple Twitter accounts hoping to get similar results. Each blog focuses on a narrow niche, so I’m able to get maximum depth, and my collection of blogs provides greater coverage. I’m able to get the best of both worlds this way. Again, I can make cross-referrals between blogs using inline links, footer links, and sidebar items.
  • Register with Search Engines: I recommend registering with as many search engines as you possibly can. I believe that most people go to search engines to look for websites that are related to their needs. If you want to snag the greatest number of people possible for your niche, then registering with as many search engines as you can will definitely open up more opportunities for your business to get more leads.

This three part system has made a big difference in my business. Today a day rarely goes by where I can’t find someone that is interested in my services. I recommend giving this system a try today and confidently watch your sales numbers grow.


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