Getting into Competitive TF2

Dominating everyone in public servers? Tried as hard as you can but your team of 6 spies just lost? Perhaps it's time to get into the competitive side of Team Fortress 2.

Step 1: Requirements

You will need: At least 100 hours of TF2, some skill, and a good schedule. Optional is a headset or microphone.

Step 2: Decide on a format

You'll want to start with one format. There are three formats: Highlander, 6s, and 4s. 6s is more on the serious side, and Highlander is less serious, but it's still competitive, which is serious.

Step 3: Lobbies

Lobbies are mainly played on TF2center . Lobbies are competitive games that anyone can play in. In order to be able to play lobbies, you will need 100 hours of Team Fortress 2 on your Steam account. Simply click on the map picture, then choose your class. To the left of the map picture is the place the server is in. To the right of the map picture is the classes remaining and which team color needs the class. Be sure to join the Mumble server provided. Mumble is a voice communication program. Download it here.

Step 4: Improve

Play a bunch of lobbies. Look at high level player point of view demos. Read guides. Watch guides. Those things will help you improve on your game.

Step 5: Join a Team

Join a low division team in UGC or ETF2L. How? Go to the recruitment sections and post a listing/thread. The lowest division in UGC is iron, but some places don't have multiple divisions, so there's only one division. ETF2L is mainly for Europe, and the lowest division is division 6. Eventually you'll find a team.

Step 6: Play

You've found a team! Congratulations. Play in matches and scrims. Step 4 doesn't ever end. You'll want to improve and improve. Remember to follow the rules for the league your in, and lastly, have fun!

Useful Links

r/truetf2 on Reddit

UGC league site

ETF2L league site

Mumble and TF2center links can be found on step 3.

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