Get More Followers on Instagram

How do I build a huge network of followers on Instagram? Especially with the 7500 following limit in place? Get the right apps to help you manage the process and track your progress over time. Learn how to sync your Instagram account with other major social networks like Facebook. Let’s get started now!


Instagram Network Building Made Easy

With a little research and effort you can add followers on Instagram yourself. I recommend following back and following people manually that “Like” or “Comment” on your images. You should also follow people who look interesting or whose photos that you “Like” or “Comment” on often. You are currently limited to following about 50 people every 5 minutes or so using the Instagram app. I do not recommend buying followers. They tend to be low quality or even fake accounts, which are of no use to you beyond showing big numbers. Instagram Followers screen

For help managing and following here is a list of great apps for you to try:

Instagram Follower Building Apps

Followers (iOS) (best!)

Another free app that looks amazing on your iPhone and iPad! This makes managing your followers a breeze. Find out how many followers you have gained and lost since your last sync. Quickly see who is not following you back vs. who you are not following back too. Grab the Engagement and Insights pack for 0.99 each and get some sweet in-app analytics too. Get info like who has the “most likes to me” and identify your “super-fans”. This will help you to target who to follow and who might have followers that could also be interested in your content. This is a cutting-edge app for the super-strategic IG ninja!

Followgram (web-based app)

Followgram is a great web-based tool to keep track of your IG account. Image “Search” by tag or “Explore” by map location to find people to follow who are in or post about your area or a favorite place in the world. See what’s “Popular” and get a nice list of Igers to follow. Upgrade to Followgram Pro for free and unlock advanced features like a vanity URL and custom background plus stats. You can follow my Followgram vanity URL at:

Friend or Follow (web-based app)

A simple, web-based app to see who is not following you back or vice-versa in a photo grid. The “Following” tab shows who is not following you back. The “Fans” tab shows who you are not following back. And the “Friends” tab shows people who you are mutually following.

InstaFollow (iOS)

InstaFollow is a cool, free, iOS app that is quick and easy to use! Pop it open on your iPhone or iPad and hit the “Refresh” button. You get stats like people who “have unfollowed you” or “are not following you back”. This info will help you make quick decisions on whom to unfollow especially when you are bumping up against the 7500 following limit on IG.

Automatically or manually Share Instagram With Your Other Social Network Accounts

To configure your account automatically share your Instagram photos click on the gear-shaped icon on your Profile from within the app, then select “Share Settings” under “Account”. Here you can link your accounts and share with your Facebook, Twitter, Email, Tumblr, Flickr, and foursquare. Recently Twitter downgraded sharing capabilities with Instagram to a simple link. How to manually share a photo on Instagram

You can also choose share to each of the previously mentioned social networks manually when posting your photo using your Instagram app. After you post a photo using the app you can also manually share by clicking on a photo and then clicking again on the button in the bottom right with 3 dots stacked vertically on it.

For Google+ you need to manually share each Instagram photo separately by using link from the Instagram web account page or by using Do Share or the Google + bookmarklet while viewing a photo in your account using the web based app.

Now you have some ideas to go practice on your Instagram account ASAP! Hone your “mad skills” and crank up your followers list. Get the help you need to enhance Instagram’s capabilities with the list of awesome mobile and web-based apps I have featured. Connect Instagram to your other social media networks for a sharing traffic super storm.



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