George Carlin - Farewell and hope to see you in the heavenly comedy club.  George Carlin died at age 71

Back when I was in school. my older brother used to bring home demo records from the local record store. His best friend's mother worked for Modern Music Company. They installed and maintained juteboxes and supplied 45 singles for them. They would receive demo records from the record companies of artists that were available for selection for the jutebox menu. Most of these demos were crap. But there was one exception. Radio WINO and The Hippy Dippy Weatherman. I used to listen to that single for hours until I had it memorized.

I watched George Carlin on TV shows and saw him transition from a conservative looking comic with black suit and a tie to the counter culture's spokesman on The Smothers Brothers and other such programs.

His insights and observations were on target and hilarious.

His act was not about telling jokes or even stories. Rather, he talked about things at are all around us every day that we never really notice. Once we hear his frame on something, we can never look at it the same. That was his humor. That was his genius.

As he aged he became more pointed and cynical. I have seen some of his more recent videos that were less comedic and more commentary. But he was speaking the truth, being unafraid of the ramifications to his career for being the jester that speaks the truth to the king.

George, we will always remember you fondly and hope that you kill in that comedy club in the sky.



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