The Gateworlds are a phenomenon seemingly developed on the world known as D'ydii.

On a world mapped by means of hexes, they manifest as hexes that, once entered, appear as an entire separate/distinct hexmap of their own.

Typically six hex-edges of this separate hex-map will correspond to the siz hex-edges of the “outer” hex on the “original” / “real world” hex.

Gateworlds can be nested. For example somewhere approximately due west of the village of Lethron on the continent Eos on the world known as D'ydii there is, or was, apparently a hex that mapped to a several hexes across hexagonal Gateworld of which several hexes are, or were, themselves Gateworlds.

The Gateworlds do not seem to relate to interstellar jumpgates or wormhole gates, nor to the high level spell or prayer known as “Gate”. In fact, as far as is known The Gateworlds were or are not accessible using “Gate” spells. Definitely they were not accessible using “teleport” spells; this seems to have been part of their purpose or usefulness in fact, since out in the “real” or “normal” world enemies could “teleport in” almost anywhere. Thus The Gateworlds might have been developed as some kind of defense against teleportation.

A particularly famous, or infamous, Gateworld was known as The City of the Branching Roads. It featured a city, with a road that branched there, and none of the outer hex-edges led back out. One could enter through any of six outer edges, but not return through them. Apparently many many gatrworlds contained hexes whose six edges corresponded to the corner six edges of the hexagonal Gateworld known as the City of the Branching Roads, resulting in peoples from all over the Gateworlds ending up there and, being seemingly trapped there, ending their lives there.

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