Gardening Tools Are Required For Easy Gardening

When you get involved in active gardening there are some basic knowledge that you should have regarding gardening, without which not only you will miss the right essence of gardening, but will also not find the work that much interesting. While the knowledge about plants and fertilizers is important, likewise, knowledge about the various gardening tools is also a must.

When you visit the local garden store, you would be astonished to see the variety of tools that are available to help the gardeners maintain their gardens the way it should be maintained. While knowledge about all these tools would definitely prove handy, not all the tools are always required for the general purpose of gardening. Here is a list of the most commonly required and used tools with their usage.

Without A Spade Gardening Is Not Possible

As without a spoon you cannot eat the mousse, similarly without a spade you cannot do gardening. Spade is the most essential tool for gardening which is used for digging soil and moving it from one place to another. The rectangular and flat shaped blade of the spade helps in digging soil with absolute precision and without much effort. With the spade, you can easily dig holes for plants as well as dig the edge of a flower bed.

While many people confuse the spade with the shovel, the difference between these two gardening tools is that the shovel has a curved blade that helps in scooping the soil out and not digging it like the spade.

Another Tool For Digging Is The Hoe

A hoe is a gardening tool which is also used for digging and moving soil, but there is a structural difference between the hoe and the spade. While the blade of the spade is at the end of the wooden handle and it along the same line of the handle as if it is just a continuation of the wooden handle, the blade of the hoe is at right angles to the handle. This makes digging even more effort free.

There are many types of hoes available and each type has a different use. Broad hoes with larger blades are used for dig for digging in holes for plants. A shuffle hoe with a shorter blade is used to cut through the top of the soil which helps in getting rid of weeds in the garden. A warren hoe has a small triangular blade that makes digging easy when the space is small.

Trowel Is A Multipurpose Gardening Tool

Need a tool for weeding? Need one for mixing soil? Need another tool for digging planting holes? Also need one tool for smoothing the soil surface? There is no need to go around the town searching for different tools to get the above jobs done. Get a trowel and you are home! A trowel is a small gardening tool that has a handle and a scooped blade. With the scooped blade, you can dig small holes for planting trees, as well as uproot small plants completely and shift their base to some other area in the garden.

A forged or cast style trowel is usually the best choice for working in a garden as you may hit a rock while digging and as the tool is small in size it will stand a chance to get bent if it is not forged or cast style.

Dig Through Solid Soil With A Digging Fork

While digging if you encounter a patch of soil which is solid and firm (due to any reason) then the spade or hoe may not be able to dig through unless and until you apply extra force. Thankfully we have the Digging fork or the garden fork which will dig such a ground with much ease. The digging fork has four tines which are thick and solid and helps in penetrating the firm soil easily.

A digging fork looks just like a spade with the difference in the blade, where the spade has one solid, flat, rectangular blade, the digging fork has tines. While people may think this to be a lookalike of a pitchfork which is used for moving loose materials like manure or hay, the garden fork has a much smaller handle and the tines are also lengthier than that of a pitchfork. Apart from digging, the garden fork is also used for lifting, loosening and turning over the soil of your garden.

Shears Or Pruners To Cut Overgrown Plants

Gardening is not all about planting and growing, at times you need to cut some parts of the plant too to ensure that it grows properly as well as looks good. For this purpose you will need either a pruner or a set of shears. The shrubs that are overgrown can be trimmed with the help of a pruner. In case you need to make a bouquet with the flowers from your garden, you will need shears to cut them. These tools are also required to remove flowers which are dead.

Watering Can Is Required For The Water Supply

A garden is not complete till the time the gardener is seen watering the plants with a watering can. A watering can is required for spot watering plants which are wilting or which are out of reach of the hose pipe. There are metal as well as plastic cans available in the market. All these types of cans do the similar work although the copper watering cans has got a more attractive and retro look.

Utility Bags And Garden Carts Will Help Reduce Your Cleaning Efforts

As you would keep on clearing the weeds and dead plants of the garden you would need to carry an utility bag with you so that the debris can be accumulated in that bag. If the load is too heavy to carry, one may opt for a wheelbarrow or a garden cart. If these are not used there will be deposits of weeds and dead leaves in the garden which will require additional time and effort get cleared.

The inclusion of the above mentioned gardening tools will surely make your gardening experience more comfortable and easy.

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