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The following article is a walkthrough of the fifth part of the campaign of Watch Dogs for PC. Though there can be some randomized elements, much of it is instanced, but also dependent on the time it takes for the player to move from point to point. Usually this walkthrough will describe where and when the player should move, as the main character Aiden Pierce, the fictional hacker and vigilante.

Campaign, Act V - Sometimes you still lose


  • Location: The Bunker, in The Loop sector. Approximately 2,000 distance from last mission completion.

The vehicle you took to get here will still be there, but the Bunker itself is a fast travel location, being the hideout, so just look at the map and fast travel to it. If you haven’t already, it is advisable to stock up on supplies, from crafted goods, crafting components, and medicine. Most importantly you should cap out on both Focus Pills and medicine. These supplies are far from costly, with the swelled wallet Aiden has from poker games and pedestrian bank accounts.

  • 1. Reach the Bunker.

After fast traveling, turn around. If you want to possibly have a car of your choosing for this mission, select one from the car on demand app now, as that function isn’t available in a mission. Access the Bunker to start the mission. Things have certainly changed, and Aiden has released the whole of the blackmail to the public. In retalation, or perhaps just his plan, Damien cuts the lights, as he has full access to the ctOS.

  • 2. Locate Damien.

The mission marker directs you to the heart of The Loop, just by an L-train station. You are better off just driving there however, as the fast travel for the trains won’t work in the mission and even with the upgrade to manually start and stop the trains it would take you longer to get there.

Since Damien is in control of the ctOS grid, some things you are blocked access from, and in fact, often traffic lights are hacked against you, jamming traffic and risking you to a crash. It is usually when you cannot hack something, that it will be turned against you. You are essentially on the other side of what you, Aiden, have been in control of and doing for the entire game. It quickly becomes much worse than just traffic lights. Steam pipes, once your vehicle gets close, explode. For once in a vehicle, speed and haste can easily lead to your downfall.

Keep aware of your surroundings, even though you cannot hack into steam pipes and traffic lights that Damien has control of, they’re still shown up in the augmented reality UI as red icons. Either keep away from the traps, or approach them slowly, so that they will trigger before they can inflict harm to you. Damien isn’t omniscient, so not every blocker you pass will be out to get you.

  • 3. Gain entry into the central ctOS building.

You won’t reach your previous mission marker before the objective changes, and you must travel farther, into the Mad Mile sector up north, just past the bridges. As you get closer, take the underground pass and you will circumvent multiple steam pipes and traffic lights. Damien will continue to trigger them, as Aiden’s vehicle comes into proximity, but there’s nothing underground that can touch you. Towards the end there is a bridge Damien will hack, but just drive over it at full speed. It’s almost too bad Damien can’t trigger any blockaids, as they would cause more hassle, and potentially more damage to your vehicle, than anything else. It makes his efforts to take Aiden out halfhearted.

  • 4. Upload T-Bone’s viruses into ctOS.

You can’t get past the firewall, evident by the impossible to solve hack puzzle inside the building. Quickly before your call ends with T-Bone, reference the city map to see where the three mission checkpoints are. You might think you can do that at any time, but soon the game will populate the map with more, and at random spots. Those will be fakes. There’s one to the west, another to the east inside Mad Mile, and one to the south in the Loop. Their distance ranges between 900 and 1,100, making them nearly equidistant. For simplicity’s sake, travel from west to east, then finally south.

Quickly Damien’s halfhearted efforts are forgotten, as he’s honed in on Aiden’s plan. Glitches will play across your game screen, appearing either as jumbled words pointing to fake mission checkpoints or flickering the whole screen like the Defalt hacker did. Damien’s deceptions are distracting to say the least, but he hasn’t distorted the blue dotted line that leads you to your custom checkpoints. So go into the map mode, and select each mission checkpoint, so that you can follow the distinct blue line to your destination, while more easily ignoring the sporadic glitches. It may seem like the dotted blue line will wildly change directions, and it can, if you select one of the glitched checkpoints. On a true checkpoint this will not happen.

If you checked the map earlier, before the glitches started to occur, you’ll know which ones are fake. Another way to discern is to repeatedly check the map, waiting for the checkpoints to change in between. By doing that, you can eliminate those that haven’t been there before, or are changing positions, and see which ones that aren’t moving. Of course, that method takes more effort and is more time consuming than just checking before hand. If you fail, at some point during this, you’ll start again at the firewall panel inside the ctOS building and have another chance at seeing the geniune checkpoints, but only if you fail before you complete the upload at the first checkpoint.

Aside from all that, even while Aiden is on the call with T-Bone, you’re going to want to sprint out of the building and find the nearest, most decent vehicle, and speed after your first checkpoint. If you’re lucky, you can find one of the vehicles in the muscle category, which will have greater durability and be better suited for this mission. Hurrying out like this will reduce the total amount of time you have to contend with the distracting glitches, which is also then followed by a copious amount of ctOS scans. Around five will cluster on your position when they appear, their empty circles filling with yellow at an accelerated pace. You can try to outpace them, but eventually, they’ll catch you. It is better to assume that you’ll be caught here. It won’t cause the mission to fail, but an aggressive police force will be sent after you, at a tier 3 of threat.

A helicopter will shortly be on you, with a sniper firing away. That helicopter is your personal bane in this mission, above all the glitches and all the police cruisers. If you get out of your car, and you’re not far away from it, the helicopter will be so far above you just can’t get it into view to retaliate with gunfire or hack it to disable it briefly. In regular instances, that isn’t so much a problem, but it is in this mission because you have to linger around the checkpoint buildings to upload the virus. The virus upload mechanism is similar to hacking into a fixer’s moving vehicle, albeit it is at a faster rate. So, this requires that Aiden needs to devote about half a minute at the upload sites. That makes you vulnerable to the ctOS scans in general, as you’ll have zero acceleration to get away, and then worse to the incoming police force.

You can try to dart back and forth, but this will just lengthen the amount of time you have to endure it all. You might escape some ctOS scans, but its better to repeatedly encircle the building in your vehicle, so that you’re a moving target, until its done, and then you can more rapidly speed off without having to reaccumulate all that acceleration.

You can get away from the police in this section of the mission more quickly than usual, but it’s not something to be relied on. However because you need to keep moving as much as possible, it is integral that you minimize the degree of damage dealt to your vehicle. If you’re caught out in the open by that helicopter, Aiden will be swiftly cut down. Perhaps on a lesser difficulty, this isn’t as much of an issue. To facilitate keeping your vehicle in tact, and running, make aggressive use of Focus to achieve tight, clean turns. You should have a high stock of Focus Boost medicine to keep your reserves up.

And while Damien couldn’t trigger the blockaids before, he now can, which becomes a severe hassle and a great risk. Slamming into one can nearly total your vehicle, if you come at it at a high speed. If a row of blockaid pops up underground, you don’t have to turn around, you’ll instead need to wedge yourself onto the sidewalk between the metal support beams. It’s narrow, and if you’re in a truck (which you shouldn’t be, they’re too slow and unwieldly, even though they’re armored) it’ll be grinded heavily, and barely fit as well. Even if you do have to wedge yourself into that sidewalk, the damage you take is most likely better than turning around and driving into the chasing police force, as they’re all too eager to force you off the road, and you truly do not want to double back on the helicopter, as inevitably you will be forced into the open with the number of blockaids underground.

Traffic stops that had seemed tame are now greatly dangerous, as speeding cars pass by at just the wrong angles for you to have a collision with. You, usually, can survive a collision and keep most of your speed, but it will knock down your car’s durability. Having the durability upgrade for your car is a must for this part of the game. Often times the car AI behaves like they’re not at all aware of the presence of your vehicle on the road, as if the absence of functioning traffic lights drains them of all their driving skills, rendering them tantamount to a babbling child behind the wheel that has a knack for following some painted lines. So, even if you’re not at a traffic light, they tend to angle just right to hit you anyway.

This mission can be difficult, as so much is happening so fast, with scarce reprieves. Often loosing your car can lead to an immediate death from the helicopter. If you fail multiple times, just keep trying, eventually you will get it. It helps that your progress is saved at this section after each completed upload. If you fail after completing an upload, the police won’t be on your tail anymore, so that’s a legitiment strategy, if somewhat cheap, if you so choose.

When your car starts to smoke dark grey, be on guard for the engine to stall or die. There’s no sound que that tells you it has happened. Your car will just take a little too much damage, and cease to move. If that happens, you’re in a death trap. Either the car will be soon to erupt in flames and explode, or the police will be bearing down on you with so much gunfire, with you as a stationary, easy to hit as a target practice dummy. It’s not easy to survive from such a situation, but if you get out quickly and scrounge for some cover, you might.

On the second checkpoint, the one to the east off on the water, there is an overhang that can protect you moderately from the helicopter’s sniper gunfire. Hacking the shutters there only causes them to raise, exposing you more to view. If you check the map shortly after completing the checkpoint, the glitch checkpoints may be gone from the map, leaving only the real one behind.

At the third check point, the one down south at one of the earlier blume buildings you forayed into, you will need to leave your vehicle to hack the panel on the second floor. You will need some distance between you and a helicopter to do this. Once the virus is fully uploaded, there is difficulty in getting out, as most of the exits you turn to will be covered by police, unless you were lucky enough to not have any on your tail at that point.

  • 5. Lose any pursuer’s before hacking into ctOS.

With all three virus sites fully uploaded, Damien won’t be able to hassle you with glitches any longer, and the city won’t be out to get you. This objective will only appear if you have any police in pursuit, so lose them quickly. Take a train if you can, as one is nearby. Dying here will not automatically escape Aiden from the police.

  • 6. Shut down ctOS.

A true blackout is aimed for here. Ditch the vehicle you have, and don a brand new one off the curb.

  • 7. Use a boat to reach Damien.

Quite the view you had from the satellite. Damien is located off in the east waters, on a tiny island with a lighthouse. Navigating in a city cloaked in darkness is easier with the headlights of a vehicle. There will be a boat at the pier, most are covered in tarps but one towards the end at the left isn’t. Though the whole city has a black out, the island with the lighthouse does not. Inside the barbed wire fencing there is a hackable lift that you must use to get higher.

  • 8. Find Damien.

Once you do, proceed fluidly through the quick action cutscene. Fail to act promptly, and Aiden will perish, and you’ll get to play that whole cutscene all over again.

And now you’ve completed the game. This mission was the most difficult of them all. There is heavy foreshadowing for another game installment in the Watch Dog series during the initial credits, but there’s been no official announcement as of yet. With the mission done, the city of Chicago is open for you to explore, although there won’t be any companions left for you. The Bunker is empty, with a heavy air of loss.


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