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The following article is a walkthrough of the fourth part of the campaign of Watch Dogs for PC. Though there can be some randomized elements, much of it is instanced, but also dependent on the time it takes for the player to move from point to point. Usually this walkthrough will describe where and when the player should move, as the main character Aiden Pierce, the fictional hacker and vigilante.

Campaign, Act IV - Someone’s Knocking


  • Location: Hideout.

Enter into the Hideout from the secret entrance in the storage container.

  • 1. Enter into the Bunker to analyze Iraq’s data.

Approach T-Bone and Clara by the monitors and cutscenes will ensue. Soon enough, a hacking will occur into the bunker, and you’ll need to push them out – and do a poor job of it at that. There will be three hacking puzzles to complete, while the pipes will jumble sometimes and the screen will flicker with the face of a rat. Ignore the timers for the most part, and just focus on one part of the puzzle a time, tackling the left side, unlocking the goal piece there, and then doing the same on the right.

This mission is quick and will award you with 3,000 experience points.

Campaign, Act IV - In Plain Sight

  • Location: Mad Mile, near the L-strain station. Approximately 2,400 distance from mission initiation.

There is a hideout to the east of this mission checkpoint. You can fast travel to that if you wish, hop onto the L-train that takes some driving to get to, or else cruise the way in a car handpicked from the app.

True to the name, Aiden is exposed in plain sight after an altercation with Damien. On the giant monitors mounted on the buildings, Aiden is revealed in incriminating acts as the vigilante and the news runs with the information. As a result, or at least the focal point of this mission, is the high threat level – four levels of it.

  • Take out the fixer.

You’re in immediate risk of discovery, as many of the citizens around have the ability to detect Aiden and make a call to ctOS. Don’t stick around, and move quickly as that won’t accelerate the detection rate, get into the vehicle you took to get to this mission to begin with and follow the location of the fixer. You do not have to concern yourself with civilians who are sitting, as for whatever reason they do not have a detection reaction.

So long as you don’t keep to civilian scattered areas, you can jog along the street until you do actually find a decent vehicle, but you must hurry before that, so you do not get seen prematurely.

Chase after the red, satellite topped van, and break open a steam pipe in the street with the right timing – if you forgot, it’s when the flashing, half turned square completely closes around in the inner symbol and it changes to ‘neutralize’. The fixer will jump out of his vehicle, likely take cover, and resort to firing at Aiden. Just mow him over with your vehicle and keep going.

The key is to not linger, as ctOS scans will be hounding you. You will be hard pressed to not be caught, but at least manage some distance across the bridge. Take out the heavy duty police vehicles as you can with the hackable traps, like another steam pipe along the way. Thinning their ranks will heighten the odds of Aiden making it out. And unlike normal high speed chases with the police, if you perish, you will fail the mission. Fail once, and you’ll lose the vehicle you drove to the mission start, and there are few nearby cars for you to choose from, let alone one of a choice pick.

Once the police have track of Aiden, a helicopter’s laser mounted sniper will be breathing down your neck, an ever present threat. You can take so much damage, so quickly, with the SUV police and the sniper, that your vehicle will catch flame and the engine will die out. And if you have to get out of your car, while under that sort of fire, you’re not going to make it to another vehicle.

To make matters worse, you can’t retaliate without taking massive infractions to your reputation. It’s already difficult as is to not hit pedestrians as the police SUVs are trying to force you off the road, often right onto the sidewalks.

The key to reasonably making it out of this heated police chase is to keep mobile, avoiding any crashes and stalls, like getting wedged by a SUV and a wall. That is just the background to what is necessary however. You will need to take out a couple cruisers as you speed along, and then trigger a blackout with the craftable device. Though the helicopter isn’t directly affected by the blackout, the helicopter then only has its search light to rely on to spot you. The helicopter will lead the rest of the police force to Aiden, but if you can get away from the helicopter just enough, they’ll lose track of you and the detection radius will turn grey. This is best achieved by swerving onto the highway. Even if your vehicle is battered and smoking, you can still get away like this.

Altogether, you’ll gain 3,300 experience points from this mission. 300 from a successful police evasion, and 3,000 from the mission itself.

You’ll want to take a rest in a hideout after this, as your threat level will be at tier four still.

Campaign, Act IV - The Rat’s Lair


  • Location: Mad Mile. At the lower edge, middle of the sector. Approximately 900 distance away from nearest hideout of previous mission.

Pick out another vehicle from the car on demand app, like the Vespid 5.2 for example.

Turnaround from the café, and cross the street beneath the bridge. To the right is the access point Aiden is looking for. After a hacking puzzle, you’ll have to get T-bone out of trouble. Stride up the stairs, and wait for the call to end between Aiden and T-Bone. Just above will be a restricted area, but you needn’t venture into it just yet. Hack into the camera at the post beyond the stairs.

It’s a little less than clear what you need to do here to begin with. While the mission objective is to escort T-Bone to safety, you have full control of Aiden. You do not need to engage them though. First, locate T-Bone by the camera across the light sculpture dotted plaza. There are several fixers here, looking for you and T-Bone.

All you need to do is distract the fixers by the car on the stand to the right, then command T-Bone to take cover a couple times to the left, sneaking him by. The car alarm will be short, and the fixers will go back to wandering. Hack back into the original camera, the one closest to Aiden. Then just tell T-Bone to take cover by the nearest light sculpture, and he’ll run to safety.

Despite the lack of detection, the hacker Defalt will stick the ‘hounds’ on Aiden, and the mass of fixers will converge on your location. If it is night time in your gameplay, use a blackout device and dart into the upper floor, where you just guided T-Bone through. Covered by the dark, prey upon each fixer swiftly. They might notice Aiden, and get a shot or two off, but you’ll take minimal damage and won’t be found out. The blackout won’t last long though. Make use of Focus to find a cover spot that isn’t exposed on a side or two to gunfire. If your spot is exposed, you’ll likely fail. They will move in from multiple locations, so you’ll have to keep going from cover to cover. Keep in mind, that if a frag grenade is thrown, you cannot use these sculpture cover to protect you from it.

Try to ignore the flashes of defalt’s rat mask over your screen. They are visual only, and are indicative of nothing but a distortion to distract you.

If your gameplay is not during night, or you’re having difficulty with the blackout method, then proceed up the stairs and cross the bridge to the left as the call is ongoing between T-Bone and Aiden. Place two charges of IEDs, one at the intersection, and another on the street adjacent to Aiden. Take cover behind the cement post, and wait for the fixers to converge on your location. You’ll have at least one vehicle take down here, by triggering the intersection or a steam pipe. If you’re lucky, you’ll get both, and that will greatly reduce their numbers.

Trigger both IEDs, and if you’re fortunate, you’ll blow up two sets of vehicles each, taking out eight of their number. The rest you can pick off with gunfire, or lobbing grenades. If their numbers remain too dense, you run the risk of them flushing you out with grenades with traditional gunfire from your own, which will force you out to somewhere exposed to their gunfire. The damage quickly racks up here, so its best you avoid that.

You can, of course, also run, but you won’t earn as much experience points.

Upon completion, another 3,000 experience points is awarded.

Campaign, Act IV - The Defalt Condition


  • Location: The loop. General middle, near the upper tracks of the L-train.

The mission begins just across the street from a dance club, and the hacker Defalt is expecting Aiden.

  • 1. Enter the Ambrose Theater discreetly.

This part can be surprisingly annoying without some instructions. Cross the street, staying towards the right of the building. Open up your profiler, and look along the wall past the low fencing for a hack panel. Hack it, and look around for a single door to unlock. This door is located past the door the bouncer is tending, and is NOT the door he is at. Immediately after unlocking the door, zoom in with the camera on the bouncer, and hack his phone to distract him. Whether it’s a bug, or just the increased accessibility the camera has, you cannot hack this bouncer’s phone any other way.

Do not get startle the guests, such as brushing past the person being interviewed by the conspicuous camera, pull a gun while near the line of guests, or come into view of the bouncer, as this will result in an automatic failure. The game treats this area, despite it being in a blue zone, as restricted, and there is a copious amount of people to detect you, they just don’t detect you in the typical sense.

Stroll, with as direct as a path as you can take alongside the railing keeping the line of guests ordered, past the bouncer and to the door you unlocked. Just hop the fence there. You can only do this while the bouncer is distracted by his phone.

Once inside, the environment will dramatically change. On the screens, Defalt the hacker openly admits who he is and that this is his party, evidently he is quite the connected and powerful man.

  • 2. Profile guests to get to Defalt.

There might be some randomization as to who is the target here, but try looking to your left with the profiler open (it still should be) and scanning a man with a pixelated face. On his details, there will be obvious hints to follow him, or rather just hack him. Defalt has even gotten into the profiler app. Anyone you view through the profiler app here has taunting messages to Aiden. Continue to browse through the clumps of dancing bodies, hacking into those that have the blurred out face, until Aiden can trace Defalt’s servers.

You’ll be tempted to find the stairs and go to the second floor, as that’s where the internal server is, but there’s no physical way up. Instead look overhead to the railings, on either side there will be cameras. Follow the path of cameras, from that side of the room, to the one camera on the pillar across from the internal server. From there, you can hack in, and then intrude in on the literal server rack, where there will be a hack puzzle.

There’s no rush on this puzzle, such as being caught, but it is more complex than the usual puzzle. The number of connections is larger, and it is more ambiguous as to what you need to unlock first, adding to what you have to figure out. For a suggestion, you should unlock the middle one first, and then the one below and to the right of that. Though there are parallel blue feeds coming from below, they are only distractions as they serve no purpose to aiding you in solving the puzzle, so you’ll have to lead the blue feed from the blue square over to where you need it.

Ultimately your goal is to unlock the center piece. Once you get that tube on the right unlocked, it becomes easier from there. To solve it, the image shown at the beginning of this mission is what the formations will need to look like.

Unfortunately, solving this section, will bring up another that will have a chance to get caught. This only happens if you keep the blue feed up on the red outlined pipes. Sometimes this is necessary to unlock the pipes, but only momentarily.

Finally, you’ll find Defalt, but he’ll notice you peering at him through the camera. A blackout will ensue.

  • 3. Chase Defalt.

Do not waste any time. Keep sprint up and hurry across the dance floor, and up the stairs that have opened up. Climb the stack of crates, go across the bridge, and jump onto the ladder.

  • 4. Fight your way through the rooftop.

Emerging onto the roof, after some explosions, gunfire will press you down. Take cover to the left or right before you take too much damage. The gunmen will try to flush you out with a grenade, likely, so move along the left side of the cover. Arm yourself with something quick firing, engage your Focus and dispatch the two gunmen down below with some timed headshots. You should have a clean enough angle if you press Aiden to the side of the cover on the left, so that you are perpendicular to the gunmen, instead of wedging the cover between you and the gunmen.

Look above, at the railing where two more gunmen are perched. There is a hackable explosive there. Provided you were quick enough, exploding that will dispatch both gunmen.

  • 5. Chase Defalt and keep him in range.

Sprint onwards. There are still some gunmen around, but they are on the periphery rooftops or not in your way. Take cover to interrupt the red detection triangle, and then keep going. Once you get down the stairs, leap off to the landing, awkwardly rolling off the ventilation boxes to avoid damage, and leap off again to get to the ground. You’ll notice Defalt is moving fast, and that’s because he’s in a vehicle. So get to one as quick as you can before you lose him. You can try going forward, where there should be a car waiting in the alley, but this will take you farthest from Defalt. There might be one to the left, which will be in closer proximity to the direction Defalt will take.

  • 6. Download the data.

If you’ve already done some fixer contracts, this objective may be familiar to you. You will need to get close to Defalt’s vehicle, and stay close, to hack his data. This takes some time, so it is necessary to keep close until it is completed. When the progress bar is white, it isn’t downloading anything, and when it is blue it is. Tail him with liberal use of Focus to handle the turns cleanly. You can run Defalt’s vehicle off the road, but he’ll just get out and make run for it, with some intermittent gunfire.

When Defalt gets out, the objective will change to ‘Take Defalt down’. You can try to, but he’ll just get away, and you’ll have to find his car that somehow is nearly 500 distance away. There might be some variability in how this plays out, but once you reach that car, the mission will be completed, rewarding Aiden with some vigilante reputation and 3,000 experience points, along with a vehicle and a song. The vehicle is a Rosewood, under the Performance section. It actually is Defalt’s uniquely modified car, so even if you total the one left over from the mission, you can use it again. Hop into Defalt’s car if you like, as it has some interesting mouse effects on the back. It drives surprisingly well, with high handling.

Campaign, Act IV - Little Sister.

  • Location: Brandon Docks, southwest within the sector. Around 2,500 distance away, depending on the outcome of the last mission.

T-Bone cleaned up the audio of the file Aiden gave him, and together they’ve found out where his sister is held hostage. If you still have Defalt’s car, just take that, as it’s a unique ride at least. If you don’t, pick something to your choosing from the car on demand app. If you do not want to drive all the way there, there is a hideout north of the mission start point. Just don’t try to cross through the shipping container yard, as the path is cumbersome and leads you through a throng of pedestrians.

  • 1. Hack the Network to find Nicky.

There is little risk of detection before you access the panel. Cross the yard, leaning right to keep away from anyone around, and enter inside the parking garage. Hacking into the panel will give you view of Nicky. Pan the camera to the right, and hack into the laptop mounted camera. Hack the explosive on the wall, to take out the guard, and then hack the phone laying on the table. This will connect Aiden with Nicky.

  • 2. Guide Nicky to a car.

This section will be like previous escort missions. Look through the open doorway, after Aiden has talked to Nicky to explain what is going on, and bounce through the cameras until you see an elite gunman. To his left there is a forklift. Activate it, to lure him towards it, and then trigger the explosive near the forklift. This will take him out.

Patience is rewarding for this. You will notice that to the left, across the water, there is a car for Nicky to get into, but there are fixers scattered throughout the building. To effectively deal with them, and not have to bother with the risky chances of the escort system, continually lure these guards out. Some of these fixers will investigate the noise from the elite fixer you defeated. One of them will have another explosive on them. Continually lure these fixers near the soda machine, as there is a forklift and a control panel on the ground that you can hack. There is a camera on a post in the approximate middle of the structure that gives you a flexible enough vantage point. It is unlikely you’ll get more than two of these fixers close enough together to take out with the explosive device on one of them, but taking out two at a time is enough. There is a camera on a post in the approximate middle of the structure that gives you a flexible enough vantage point.

Another wave of fixers will be drawn out by the next explosion, and yet another one of them will have another explosive device on their person. Just wait, like before, for two of the fixers to be close together to trigger the explosive device.

From all of this, you’ll have drastically thinned out their number, and have gathered the fixers far enough away from Nicky that there is hardly any risk of getting her across the way to the car. There will be a patrolling sniper on the catwalk above, and he might sporadically start to detect Nicky, but even if she’s stationary, the red detection triangle disappears quickly.

  • 3. Escape the Area.

Presuming you took on the strategy suggested, and didn’t physically go inside the building, escaping is as simple as walking away. No one is going to notice Aiden. You could take the conspicuous white delivery truck and still not be remotely noticed. But nobody wants to drive something as sluggish and boatish as that, so just hop into the car you drove here and the mission will complete, earning yet another 3,000 experience points.

Campaign, Act IV - Ghosts of the Past.

  • Location: Parker Square, south in the sector. Approximately 1,700 distance away from last mission completion.

You might still have your vehicle from the last mission, and unless you’re an expert driver, it does have some damage. Ditch it and find another one, ideally from the car on demand app. Though Aiden freed Nicky, his family isn’t safe yet.

  • 1. Leave Town. Avoid the police.

Damien has tipped the police about Aiden, so the threat level is at tier 3. The mission checkpoint is all the way north into Pawnee, 2,418 distance away from the start. It’s a long stretch of road across Parker Square, with a couple of sharp turns at the end, with a tail of winding road. The car you take is provided for you automatically by the mission. If you get noticed by the police just once, the mission will fail. The red detection triangle can appear, and if you gain enough distance away, it will disappear and it won’t result in failure.

You are going to need to keep an eye on your map. Though if you try to track the mission checkpoint, you’ll be tempted to follow along the blue line. You should only use this as a guideline, while you take roads away from the police and circumvent blockades. The helicopter that spawns south, almost on your heels, will compel you to speed along, which might force you into a trap. Just keep enough distance, and that’s all that will be needed.

Head north, cutting an angle onto the street turn to your left, passing beyond two police cruisers. Keep going up until you reach the street adjacent to the pier, and dive right onto the pier. Take the launching ramp off the pier, and ram through the chain-link fence beneath the bridge. Keep to the dirt road cutting between the trees, and you’ll avoid multiple blockades and cruisers staying away from the paved streets. Likely before you’re off the whole of the dirt path, the police will have lost you.

Take a left at the tunnel, as the tunnel will lead you away from your destination. Soon enough, you’ll get to the checkpoint, and after the somber cutscene another 3,000 experience points will be earned.

Campaign, Act IV - No Turning Back.

  • Location: Mad Mile, the Merlaut Hotel, approximately 2,155 distance away from last mission completion.

The identity of the man who called the hit for Aiden’s family is finally found out, and despite the heat on Aiden’s tail, he’s off to find him. Inside the Mad Mile there is a hideout close to the mission start point. It’s quite the trek from Pawnee from where you are, and you can order a car from the app after using the fast travel. Usually there’s a car right by the hideout shipping container though.

  • 1. Reach the Merlaut Hotel.

Approach the hotel, keeping off the sidewalk to avoid notice. The hotel itself is a restricted area.

  • 2. Eavesdrop on Quinn’s party and find him.

Walk past the red news satellite van and hack the panel on the wall. A politician is doing a speech on Quinn’s generosity. Wait for the speech to end, and hack across the plethora of cameras to the other side of the building where both Quinn and the politician disappear into. Before the speech is over, the panel won’t be accessible. Just wait.

Inside the room, beneath Quinn’s hand, is a hackable phone. Hack that, and then bounce into the camera overlooking the pair. Angle to the right, and hack into the camera there. The interaction can sometimes not appear when looking at the camera directly here, so just view close to it. Inside that room, disregarding the two individuals to the left of the room, is an audio log on the long, business table. When the conversation is done between Quinn and the mayor, a panel to the right is hackable. A puzzle opens up, barring your access. This one is simple, requiring you progress from the lower right to the upper left to complete it.

  • 3. Infiltrate the hotel.

This part requires Aiden to physically enter the hotel. Though there are several gunmen spread throughout the hotel, the whole of them aren’t much of a challenge to warrant spending time on trying different hacks on them through the cameras. No matter what, entering through the front door is going to get you noticed. You can lure the gunmen at the glass doors away with a car alarm, or bluntly headshot him with a silencer pistol; but those inside will be quick to spot you and start firing, even with people around. Regardless, at the front desk there is an audio log belonging to Malcolm.

There is another option however. Stride around the right of the building, alongside the dock lined with speed boats, and there will be a door you can hack to unlock. Walk up to the stairs, and if you want get a look around through the cameras inside. If you haven’t already, pick up the audio log at the front desk. Wait for the guard patrolling in the hall to have his back to you, and headshot him quickly with the same silencer pistol. Using that weapon in this section will help to not draw additional, unnecessary attention. Too much gunfire and too little optimal cover for as mobile as Aiden is here can lead to death quickly.

If you want to avoid additional confrontation with the guards, you’ll have to tediously bounce across their person-mounted cameras and the cameras in the hotel to get to the other side of the door, and open it. The angle was too steep in the surveillance room earlier to get a look at the panel. If you assault the guards swiftly though, they aren’t difficult or costly.

You will need to cross through the front room somewhat even taking this side path, because of that locked door. Quietly, and quickly, dispatch these guards in the front room in the same manner, then cross into the stage room. You might get caught here, but so long as you make full use of Focus, you can dispatch them swiftly. It is advisable to use a Focus Boost before firing into the stage room. Path in a curve, and reach the elevator.

  • 4. Reach Quinn’s office.

After hacking the elevator panel, step aside and wait for it to open. A guard will come out. Use a take down on him before he can get a shot off. Once the cutscene ends, promptly hit the take down key, and then headshot the guard across the room with the automatic Focus.

  • 5. Fight your way across the rooftop.

Didn’t Aiden just do that a couple missions ago? Yeah, he did, except this is less of a chase across a rooftop and more of a strategic fight. This is the game’s way of saying to follow after Quinn. An enforcer is going to march right up to that doorway. If you have the upgrade, slide to the wall cover beside the doorway, and use a take down on him once he steps in proximity. Otherwise, blast him apart with a high star shotgun, headshot with a strong sniper rifle, or lob a grenade at his feet. If you take the shotgun or sniper rifle route, buff Aiden with Focus.

In the open area beyond, where the speech previously took place, there will be two perched snipers, an elite gunman, and a shotgun hauling gunman on the terrace above, with another gunman tucked away out of sight. You can disrupt their comms, if you have the upgrade, but this lasts briefly. Though you might be tempted to take them out all at once, dodging cover to cover, this will inevitably expose you to a helicopter that comes in shortly.

That enforcer was the only pressing concern. Now, Aiden can hide against the wall, or the cover just outside the room, headshotting the gunmen that try to approach like the enforcer did. Once those are gone, you can hack through the cameras with Aiden safe inside the room, activate some explosive panels on the ground and take out a couple gunmen, and activate a couple explosive devices on some more. This will thin their ranks enough, and then you can focus on the helicopter. Just angle your camera up at the helicopter while it hovers overhead, and hack it to disable it. This might not be necessary, but it helps. Have Aiden step out of his protection of the room, and headshot the sniper sitting inside the helicopter. Using Focus here can be marginally cumbersome, so you can just use a sniper rifle and a single shot, if you miss, should be strong enough to defeat him. It won’t reward as much experience points, by around 20, but it’s a small price to pay to avoid the damage.

The stragglers can be approached almost carelessly, with the aid of Focus. With the cover position you were taking, they will most likely be taking ‘cover’ against the wall of the building, which by approaching from the stairs that lead up to the terrace they are on, will have them utterly exposed to you.

  • 6. Find Quinn.

Entering inside, there will be an audio log to the left. It will merely add to the foreboding touch it has, as you may have seen from the scattering of hackable phones around. Aiden is forced to a slow walk here, but you don’t have to go far. Stroll into Quinn’s office, and face his desk. By the locked drawer, you can hack something. A camera will overlook Quinn. Hack the shutters.

  • 7. Profile Z Quinn.

Though a glass wall still protects Quinn, he has a pacemaker.

  • 8. Escape the hotel.

As soon as Aiden has finished downloading the file from the computer, sprint out. You’ll have limited time to escape the building. Do it quickly. Hopefully it is night time for your gameplay, as this provides great cover. The mission goal will switch quickly to escaping the police.

A massive police force will be on the scene, complimented by an odious helicopter. Holster your weapon, as you will not need it and it will only draw attention to yourself. Look up and hack into the helicopter, then trigger a blackout. Sprint to the right, across the rooftop, until you can’t go any further and are forced to jump off. It’s quite the height, but Aiden will survive the fall with some damage. Continue to sprint around the hotel, keeping close to the walls and in the shadow. When you cannot go any further again, leap into the water, keeping close to the wall and swim into the pier. Climb into the nearest boat, and wait in the dark. Though the helicopter can come close, it won’t spot you. If need be, trigger another blackout just to be careful.

  • 9. Race to save Clara.

Something has happened to Clara, and Aiden needs to race across the town to save her. Though it seems like the mission should have ended, and progressed into the next one, it didn’t and prevents you from using fast travel from getting over there. Reference the map to get an idea as to where you’re going, as the mission marker is in Parker Square, off in the graveyard specifically.

There’s no literal limit as to how quickly you need to get there, but a tense atmosphere is made by the drumming music. Aiden will step out of his car before he drives fully into the graveyard. A cutscene will trigger. Aiden will be boosted with Focus automatically. If you take too long to dispatch all the hitmen from the tombstone cover, just use another Focus Boost to finish them. You don’t need to leave from cover. After it’s all done, you’ll be rewarded with another 3,000 experience points and a somber, grim turn of events.

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