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The following article is a walkthrough of the third part of the campaign of Watch Dogs for PC. Though there can be some randomized elements, much of it is instanced, but also dependent on the time it takes for the player to move from point to point. Usually this walkthrough will describe where and when the player should move, as the main character Aiden Pierce, the fictional hacker and vigilante.

Campaign, Act III - Hope is a sad thing

Location: Pawnee, upper north west sector of the map. Over 1,300m away. The streets through Pawnee are winding and long. Considering the distance and terrain, you’ll want to scroll through the Car on Demand app to find a sports car with a high rated handling, like the Carrozza.

  • 1. Hack the computer terminal to find Kenney.

Across the street is the aging computer. Aiden cannot push open the door, but on the opposing side is a window that you can look through to access the computer. Aiden will fumble the job, and will have to find who received the password reset code. In the highlighted blue area, a man sitting on a bench will not have the code despite the option to hack him, but walking down the steps, there is another man leaning against the railing that will.

  • 2. Enter a new password into the marina computer.
  • 3. Infiltrate the ctOS tower.

The tower is far away, through some winding roads, so take either the sports car you drove here, or pick up the nearby motorcycle. The ctOS tower isn’t like the ones you find to unlock additional notices on the map. There are large satellite dishes, and a high cement wall blocking access. Look up and there will be a camera there. Bounce off that one and unlock the gate door impeding your progress by the terminal on the wall.

  • 4. Activate the station to access the data.

Things start to get more complicated here. Entering inside, and proceeding to where the mission marker guides you leads you to a locked gate door, teasingly right in front of the ctOS tower. Though there is a camera hackable inside, and a panel that can be intruded into, the unlock terminal you can hack into inside that hall opens a gate deeper inside the tunnels. This is necessary for later, so do not skip this step.

Backtrack and jog to the back of the site, to where the land slopes up and a pair of stairs lead you onto a platform half circling the satellite dish.

Here, you will have to sort your way through a small puzzle between the half circle platforms attached to the large satellite dishes, the cameras perched on their backsides, and unlockable terminals to gradually progress to the other side of the ctOS site. There is another set of stairs that lead down into the tunnels over there, that are blocked from the ground by a wall. The antenna in the middle, if you have not already noticed, is hackable. Every time Aiden triggers it, the satellite dishes will turn.

First, step onto the platform from the original stairs. Hack the antenna, so that the half circle meets the stairs leading down. Hack the antenna again, and hack into the camera overhead of Aiden, then hack into the camera perched on the backside of the satellite dish across the small building you are trying to get into. This will get you a clear view of the unlock panel for the gate. If you had not triggered the antenna before doing this, the camera will not get a clear enough shot of the unlock panel to be able to access it. Scale the yellow ladder, trigger the antenna again, and walk onto the half circle platform from the satellite dish.

Trigger the antenna a couple more times so that the platforms attached to the two adjacent satellite dishes meet, and then move as far as it can go next to the scissor lift. If you weren’t curious earlier, and activated it, do so now, so that Aiden can climb inside. Trigger the lift, and then simply hop down near the stairs. Aiden will emerge into that hall from earlier, with the door you unlocked. Optional: Turn away from the locked door by you, and sprint across the tunnel to find an audio log here. There’s a hackable laptop here that gleans more information from the story.

Look beyond the gate door, to a hackable explosive on the wall. Trigger it, and swiftly hide into the adjacent and earlier stairs. The explosion will shake the tunnel, and burst the pipes. Trailing down the line, nuts and bolts will burst from the pipes and steam will escape. If you do not hide, Aiden will stagger and receive damage from this. Hack the unlock panel from here, and exit through the convenient door to return to the earlier area.

Finally, activate the ctOS tower. You’ll unlock a new hideout from this, which is just down the road. Investigate it if you want another audio log. It is easier to reach this hideout by stopping on the road nearby, climbing over the fence and approaching it from there, instead of following the small road directly to it. Unsurprisingly, it is yet another storage crate, despite Panwee being a rural area. There’s even a shack right beside it. Talk about conspicuous.

  • 5. Look for Ray Kenney at Jed’s bar.

Don’t bother going to the back, as the double doors won’t open. Enter from the front and go to the back, where a cutscene will trigger. Aiden will be forced into a drinking game. If you haven’t already played it, every time Aiden takes a sip you will have to navigate the mouse across an angle, a zigzag, or randomly appearing series of several bubbles and press corresponding, random keys to pop them. The mouse will be sluggish and drift in sporadic directions.

  • 6. Follow T-Bone.

The guy Aiden gets a fight, Ray Kenney, begrudgingly teams up with him. He’ll show you his lair, and grants Aiden the ability to trigger his metal sculptor traps. The one shown off spins around, shooting bullets, but be careful of triggering any of the other ones without ample distance. The spider-like one triggers an electrical field that sets off the surrounding propane tanks, that will one shot Aiden if close enough.

  • 7. Steal back T-Bone’s truck.

Before sending you off, T-Bone will offer you a sniper rifle that you’re free to pick up, if you hadn’t purchased that model from the gun shop already. Sprinting out of the lair, following the wide dirt road, you will find a motorcycle parked to the side. Hop on and speed after your mission marker. Take a shortcut by driving off the side, across the outcrop rock and sloped dirt, just before the bridge. The bridge will take you to a needlessly longer route.

If you clicked on the mission marker, the blue line trail will lead you around the restricted area, to the opposite side. Ignore that, and approach the restricted area directly, marked by the wood frame off the paved street onto the dirt road.

Quickly dismount your motorcycle, activate your profiler if it is not already, take a few steps and look overhead to the water tower. There is a camera perched on it, obscured by the top of a tree, but visible regardless. Use the few cameras in the restricted area to scope out the place. These men are labeled militia, and you’ll find a sniper that patrols a rooftop. He might not be visible right away, but he will walk over to the edge of his building, in scannable range by the farthest camera in the area. And there is a sniper in the water tower, if you missed him.

Apparently Aiden does not like how much danger he’s walking into, and directs you to find higher ground. The water tower is climbable, by a set of three yellow ladders. Do not sprint here, as on the upper metal platform there will be the sniper overlooking the camp. Use a silent takedown on him, and now you have a glorified sniping position. Quite the opportunity, as such a clear and high angle of all the guards is exceedingly rare. Select your preferred sniper rifle and take as many as you can out. Because of the distance Aiden is at, although every shot of the rifle will alert the militia guards, they flash with the red detection triangle but it doesn’t fill up so long as you pop back under the cover on the top of the water tower.

A couple of the militia guards will be too much of a hassle to get a shot at up there, so just climb down and seek them out on foot. They do not even get drawn out by the car alarm on the parked van. It is better to ensure they are all taken out before hopping into the target truck. Once you do, more militia will converge on your location. They might come immediately, or they might not be any sign of them until you are a ways down the road.

Drive that sluggish boat as cleanly as you can, and trigger a steam pipe along the way if you get lucky in their vehicle placement. The mission marker will guide you past one of T-Bone’s metal sculptures, a landing overlooking the dam. Stop the truck there and hide behind some cover. The militia will follow after you and begin to volley gunfire. Heedless of the sculpture, they will take cover near it. You can trigger it as many times as you like, and it does not matter how many militia you take down with it, they will be entirely unaware that the sculpture is killing off their allies.

It’s mission complete once you’ve defeated the militia units. Turn around, and take the boat across the lake to find a city hotspot if you want it. It is on the side of the dock barn.

Campaign, Act III - A pit of paranoia

  • Location: Pawnee, northeast of the sector, approximately 1,700m away from previous mission end.

Starting from where the last mission left off, and if you picked up the city hotspot, there will not be any viable vehicles around. Use the car on demand app, and pick either a sports car or a motorcycle of your preference for these winding roads.

  • 1. Tail the helicopter.

Activating the mission will cause – aside from the cutscene phone call – a helicopter to fly by. It’s your goal to tail this helicopter. Hopefully you actually took that sports car or motorcycle with you, as you’re going to need it. Chase after the helicopter on the roads, and slow down when you’re near it, as your vehicle is faster than the helicopter. That’ll be over quickly, as the helicopter passes over water and high rock. Keep close to the roads, and if you fall behind too much, cut through the hills and trees. Be mindful of the trees though, as they will throw Aiden from the motorcycle if you clip them, which will be more difficult to keep up from than just sticking purely to the roads.

You will be led to a restricted area.

  • 2. Hack the chopper to find 2 security chiefs. Stay undetected.

On the belly of the helicopter is a camera. Use this to look over the home of the militia to find the two security officers. One will be standing between two trailer homes, off near the two guards keeping post at the entrance. The other, more conspicuous one, is standing by a car inside a gated inner area. He is as far back as the restricted area gets.

  • 3. Take down both Blume security chiefs.

Jog up to the restricted area and find the high, rock ledges parallel to the middle. The rock has a metallic sheen to it compared to the rest of the rock in the area. It is right behind some picnic tables. Aiden can climb up this, and will get into the restricted area by scaling both ledges. Press against the trailer home, headshot the lone guard with a silencer pistol, then cross alongside the road by bouncing through the cover.

Maintain an awareness of where the helicopter is hovering overhead, as the helicopter is able to detect Aiden if he is exposed in sight of it. It cannot see Aiden from the tail end, as the pilot inside is the source of the potential detection, and not the camera. Keeping to the cover of a building will prevent it from seeing Aiden. Frequently you will have to wait by a building’s cover for the helicopter to eventually pass before weaving through the buildings again.

You really are not going to want to be caught by the helicopter, as there is a unit onboard with a high powered sniper rifle. There is scarcely any way to defend yourself from the sniper rifle if the helicopter is already bearing down on Aiden. The helicopter’s angle nullifies any protection cover holds for Aiden in such a situation, even buildings. It’s not like they have overhanging roofs.

It’s no longer mission critical that Aiden remain undetected, but to be caught would be a needless hazard and hassle. And when you’re detected by one of the security chiefs, vehicles full of militia will plow in, with no backup call to jam.

Another option is to make the helicopter your first priority. The sniper inside is actually sitting out on the open in the helicopter. If you can get a sufficient parallel angle, and distance, you can headshot the sniper and the helicopter will fly away, no longer hassling you. The game will alert you that enemies are in pursuit, and they will search in the general direction you attacked the helicopter at, but this is not a full detection.

Regardless of how you handle the helicopter, make your way carefully to the left of the restricted area, and take out the two guards maintaining a post at the entrance by approaching them from behind. One will see you, but you can be quick enough to take him down also without alerting any other militia gunmen. You will be close to the first security chief now. There is a sniper that patrols the rooftop that has view of this security chief’s corridor between two buildings. Wait for his back to be turned before you take down the security chief, and then headshot the sniper with a Focus powered silencer headshot.

Now path your way further left, taking out the lone guard there, and keep to the edge of the restricted area on the out skirting road. There will be two enforcers between you and the next and last security officer. At this point, so long as there is not a helicopter close to Aiden, you can dispatch these enforcers simply with a sniper rifle headshot. The other militia gunmen are so few and distant that – while they could get suspicious – will not detect the shot. At least one will be at the opening to the fenced area. If two are standing together, headshot, activate Focus, then headshot the other.

Sneak your way into the fenced area, while keeping out of sight of the security chief. You do not want him to see you and call in reinforcements. He will even go so far as to find himself a vehicle – one is noticeably nearby – and drive away. If instead, the surrounding militia gunmen do get suspicious, then you will have to take them out one by one, keeping to cover. Likely the security chief officer is going to leave the safety of his fenced area and seek you out, which makes things easier on you.

When you’ve taken down the security chief, hack into his device.

  • 4. Kill all militia members or escape.

Now, the reinforcements that would have come if the security officer saw you, will now. Hide behind some cover, place down a IED, and wait for their cars to drive up. Detonate it, and you will take out a decent portion of the reinforcements. Lob another IED near the same spot, and likely another car will drive up, easy prey for your IED. With that done, you can more freely choose between running away, or hunting down the remainder of the militia gunmen. If you attack the rest, make use of the multiple corridors that the trailer homes make, and the natural blockade the pile up of smoking cars make.

Campaign, Act III - Unstoppable Force


  • Location: Pawnee. Approximately 700m distance from previous mission end.

Hop into any of the cars in your vicinity, or else pick up one from the car on demand, preferably a motorcycle as that is better at dodging cars in the narrow, winding lanes of Pawnee. Right next to the mission marker is a pawn shop, so make a stop there if you need any crafting supplies or want to sell off your found loot.

  • 1. Take out the convoy before it reaches Blume.

Aiden needs to make trouble in Pawnee, to draw away numbers of guards from Blume’s facilities in Chicago. The first thing to be done is to tackle the convoy snaking through Pawnee. Adjacent to Aiden is a vehicle suitable for this mission. Take it, drive forward between the two buildings, then make a hard turn to the right or left, it doesn’t matter. Like usual with convoys, you do not want to be caught out in the open in the middle of their train. You’re going to either want to smash into a vehicle, take it out, and keep on, to circle back and do it again, or attack them with gunfire.

Turns out you only need to defeat one target to progress the mission to the next step. Bumping into any vehicle in the convoy will cause them to hunt you down. Some will try to ram you, but the armored car’s occupants will step out and start firing. One of them, the enforcer, is your target. Although the game alludes to only a takedown to be acceptable for the enforcer, this isn’t the case, and would not be possible anyway if you do not have the unlockable skill to be able to take down enforcers. You can catch the enforcer with your vehicle with relative ease, speed on, and find some cover to retaliate against the rest of the convoy on your terms, rather than theirs.

If you have no interest in engaging with them, aside from that lone enforcer, then you can speed off along the winding roads.

Campaign, Act III The future is in Blume


  • Location: Pawnee, marker is in the east of the sector. Approximately 600m from previous mission end.
  • 1. Reach Blume

The curving road leads to just one place. A fortress-like secure Blume facility, with domes and satellites. Don’t drive right into the place, as the mission objective will shift to…

  • 2. Infiltrate Blume unseen.

Ditch your ride and sneak off into the grass to the left. Stop a couple feet before the barbed fencing and look around for a camera perched on the black building. It is at a higher elevation than the fence’s height. Standing out in the open by the glass part of the fencing won’t have Aiden spotted by the patrolling elite guard inside, even though he should be in view.

Bounce through the camera onto that elite guard’s camera, and unlock the side door. Then continue to explore the facility through the multitude of cameras scattered around the perimeter, as is the tendency to be the case in Blume related structures. In every outpost, the smaller buildings separate from the two main ones, there is a laptop and a lock panel you can trigger. Some of the guards here have triggerable explosives, or can have their communications interfered, so while it is tempting to use those hacks, your chances are better off with the guards not suspicious of anything. Keeping out of sight is your priority here as you infiltrate the facility, as getting caught is instant failure.

In all, there are ten guards outside the facility, ranging from veteran to elite. Most of them are on the surroundings, while there are three inside the enclosure. Two are up on the roof, by the solar panels, while two are by the device in the center. They patrol independently, so you can safely headshot the one standing in front of the mission marked device without the other seeing. Always use a silencer pistol here, this will attract the least notice out of all the weaponry in your arsenal.

Cover here is ample, from the parked white vans, to the marble, square sculptures. There are some noise attracting devices around that you can use to lure guards to needed places. After you’ve unlocked every door that you can find, exit out of the cameras and pass through the side door on the fencing. You do actually have the option to enter from elsewhere, because of how much you unlocked, but this is ideal and those are temporary escape routes if need be.

Hide behind the cover, and either wait for the guard’s back to be turned or lure him with the noise trigger by the wall. Use a takedown on this guard and proceed to the right. Headshot, as mentioned, that guard standing in the open, and wait for a clean shot for the other in the area. Most of these guards are elites, but their ranking has no merit when faced with a headshot, or even a takedown. Sweep your way counter clockwise around the facility grounds, headshotting guards you come across. The glass of the outpost windows are not bulletproof, oddly, so they will not impede a headshot. Use the Focus ability liberally, as you want to minimize any opportunity the guards have of detecting you, and how long they will begin to notice you as you pop out from some cover to headshot them with the silencer pistol.

Without a ctOS scan, you will not have noticed the guard standing against the wall at the very back of the facility grounds. His armor blends into the surroundings, so keep an eye out for him and headshot him as quick as you can, as he hardly has a blind spot.

If you at any point miss, or headshot a guard in view or hearing range of another, the guards on the base will become suspicious and begin searching for the intruder. This will make swift dispatchment of them more difficult, but will also draw them out, particularly that guard that leans against the wall in the back. Continue to move counter clockwise of the facility, making your way around the back furtively, and climb up the steps behind the two remaining elite guards standing watch by the solar panels.

Take cover at the apex of the stairs, and hack into the camera above the outpost there. Turn the camera down, and hack into the audio log on the counter to unlock another Malcolm one. Beside that audio log, is a noise lure. If you want to draw them away from your position, use this. Otherwise, just taunt them by triggering the solar panels to swivel directions. They will start to investigate, giving you a clean shot if you use Focus.

  • 3. Profile Z the ctOS box.

With the base empty, and the code uploaded, follow the mission marker into the cafeteria. Profile the box, and go over to one of the tables where there will be an audio log belonging to Damien.

  • 4. Find and activate the ctOS boxes.

There are two ctOS boxes to unlock. Head back to the solar panel area, and into that outpost. Down on the wall, by the inaccessible door, is one of those ctOS boxes – just like the other unlock panels. If you can’t find it quickly enough, keep your eye on the static, translucent line leading to it. To find the other one, head to the back of the facility grounds and enter through the opened, green tarp fencing that protects the transformers. Beside the yellow ladder is the ctOS box.

5. Break into Blume’s network unseen.

With no guards around, it’s no challenge to return to the original ctOS box and hack in. There will be a current puzzle to solve, and then the software will be uploaded.

  • 6. Locate Damien’s meeting.

But there’s something else going in in the facility, and as reckless as it is, Aiden wants to investigate.

  • 7. Exit Blume.

Something tripped the alarms and there are reinforcement guards, several of them, although you didn’t actually have a backup call happen. The requirement to not be detected is dropped for this part of the mission. Leaving is a simple matter. Turn around in the direction away from the incoming guards, to the solar panel area, hurry up the steps and go down the other steps that lead towards the front of the facility grounds. Slide along the wall, and head to the door you first entered the facility grounds to begin with. Sprint to the mission marked motorcycle, take off, and the mission is complete.

Campaign, Act III – Mission 5 - For the Portfolio


  • 1. Hurry to T-Bone’s junkyard.

From one end of Pawnee to the other you go, but at least you don’t have to bother with finding a suitable ride. This trail has some dirt bike jumps, but be careful not to crash into any fencing, as that’ll smash up the bike and send Aiden rolling down the outcrops.

Somehow, the militia Blume sent are already there. Hug the right wall, and any cover you find along the way, picking off the unaware militia. Use any weapon you want, but keep the dispatches quick so the militia doesn’t pinpoint your location. Leave them suspicious and searching while you continue to dwindle their numbers. Trigger the scorpion trap in the way, while Aiden is behind some cover, and go up the stairs to take out the sniper on the platform. This spot is a good vantage point to take out some of the guards. Most of these are elite as well. There aren’t too many, and they’re fairly cowardly. You can take them all out from that spot.

  • 2. Regroup with T-Bone.

If you’re feeling you’ve missed why Ray Kenney is named T-Bone, then you’re not the only one. Head to the mission marker, which is T-Bone.

  • 3. Follow and defend T-Bone.

Now you have to protect him. As far as escort quests go, the ones in Watch Dogs aren’t too bad, as the NPCs don’t take on large amounts of damage. T-Bone is heedless of frag grenades however, and won’t bother to move when one comes by, even if Aiden rushes away. Already there are more militia in the lair, and though you can trigger the Gatling trap, it’s inaccurate enough to not even hit the militia standing at its feet. They’ll just scatter, ruining potential clean shots at them, and alerting them besides.

Do not run out of cover without it being clear, as an assault rifle volley from one of these militia will nearly kill Aiden.

  • 4. Defend T-Bone.

This is where things get intense. Militia drive in, and surround the octagonal platform on all sides. Before the dialog even finishes, you should place IEDs around the perimeter at pivotal locations where the militia gunmen will gather. One at the double road leading in, another to the left on the road by the scorpion trap. Spin around, and toss one on the road beneath the platform, then turn left and toss one between the cover there. Now, you can stop from being overwhelmed by gunfire by exploding any of those IEDs.

You’re going to need something stronger than the typical pistol here, like a sniper rifle. There will be at least one enforcer. Headshot him quickly, as he singles out T-Bone and doles out damage on him. Trigger the scorpion trap to the left to take out a few of the militia, then headshot each gunmen one by one as you bounce from cover to cover to minimize exposure to gunfire.

T-Bone will move away from the octagonal platform once you’ve dispatched that group of militia, he’ll place a bomb by the gate door, and you’ll have to dispatch some more militia. Then, the two of you will rush out of the lair, meeting head on with more militia gunmen. A sniper is among them. A sniper rifle is key here, specifically the Destroyer. Using Focus the entire time you are aiming and shooting, take out the gunmen. Use a medicine once your Focus runs out, and keep using medicine for as long as you need it. You and T-Bone can take a lot of damage here if you don’t dispatch these militia gunmen swiftly.

  • 5. Follow T-Bone to the boat.

The lair gets blasted to bits from the bombs T-Bone setup, with the mission title finally making sense. If you don’t get it, then T-Bone takes a picture of the explosion, and claims it’s for his portfolio. Hurry through the woods and leap into the boat. Even though T-Bone gets there first, you’re still saddled with the responsibility to drive the awful boat.

Not for long though, as Aiden’s work has paid off and T-Bone is finally free, and perhaps more importantly grateful for the help. The game fades away to the Bunker, for once not requiring you to travel there yourself.

Campaign, Act III – Mission 6 - By any means necessary.

  • Location: Wards, rough middle of sector. Approximately 1,300m away from previous mission drop off.

Finally out of Pawnee and back to the bunker. Select your vehicle of choice from the car on demand app, as there isn’t any need for the handling from a motorcycle or a sports car here. If you want a suggestion, how about a Pavero. Just don’t smash into anything along the way with this delicate performance car.


Pretty sure mine lacks an engine block at that point. Yes, it still drives.

  • 1. Enter Rossi-Fremont.

Remember that fortress you had to escort Bedbug through? You’re there again, and this time Aiden is going in personally. There’s no use in a car here. Sprint through the alley and across the street, hanging left. Jump the fence, then turn towards the restricted yard and hop that fence. Switch into jog mode, so that you aren’t sprinting inside the restricted area. Hide behind the cover, and headshot the nearby Viceroys with the silencer pistol. Do not pop out from cover while one of the Viceroys is looking in Aiden’s direction and is right near the fencing, as they will detect him very quickly and retaliate with surprising, and tremendous damage.

Move along the cover of the perimeter, then weave through the crates and hurry into the open storage container. Take cover beside the single closed door, then dash to another piece of cover inside the restricted area proper. Another Viceroy will be in your way, so headshot him with the same weapon. There are two snipers in three story high nests that are habitually searching the restricted yard. Keeping to cover will stop them from noticing you, although you can feasibly snipe them with a rifle of your own. They will be hard to see with normal eyesight, but with Focus they will be highlighted enough for you to headshot.

An enforcer will be between you and the door. Take out the two snipers before you tackle the enforcer. A sniper rifle will make short work of him, but will draw the attention of the other guards. Dispatching them all will accrue hundreds of experience points, so keep to cover and take them out with whatever weapon you please. Jordi will assist you during this, but he’ll actually miss sometimes.

  • 2. Reach Iraq’s server room.

Don’t question why there is a shattered toilet in the graffiti strewn antechamber. Aiden will inexplicably slow down to a stroll when he passes through the double doors. Scramble to some cover, activate Focus, and headshot the two guards standing on the level above, behind the railings, with a silencer pistol.

Stash Aiden behind the cover of stacked wood to the right, and wait for the elevator to open. You can either swiftly headshot each guard inside the elevator with the silencer, with some sparing usage of Focus, or you can wait behind some cover for the guards to step out of the elevator and trigger the explosive device on the wall, just inches away from the opening. This might not include all of them in the blast, so be prepared – if you choose this option –to dispatch the remainder of them. Your Focus meter will low from this burst of usage.

Evidently, Iraq, the gang leader, knows you’re here. Go into the elevator, and take it up. There is going to be a Viceroy standing right in the hall, facing the elevator. There will also be another Viceroy, pacing by the railing that is perpendicular to the opening of the elevator. When you walk of the elevator, at least one of these Viceroys will see Aiden, if not both, at minimum one is armed with a shotgun.

Prioritize the Viceroy who sees Aiden first, or the Viceroy that is perpendicular to the elevator entrance, by activating Focus once Aiden is past the threshold of the elevator, so that you will have a clear view on both sides while in the time dilation of Focus. Headshot both with the silencer pistol.

At this point, there is just one more Viceroy on the same level as Aiden, who is standing or crouched by an explosive device on the wall. Wait to trigger this. On the level above there will be another Viceroy looking down. Immediately hide behind the cement cover built into the railing, on the side that puts the cover between Aiden and the remaining Viceroys. Those two Viceroys are heavily armed, so by getting behind cover minimizes the damage. The pause to trigger the explosive device on the wall is enough to take some bullets. Trigger the explosive, and wait if you need to for the last Viceroy here to discharge his weapon before raising out of cover and headshotting him.

Circle around the metal and cement railing, to beneath the slant of cement that acts as stairs. Unlock the ctOS panel here, and then scale your way up a floor. Just as you reach the apex of the cement slope, Aiden will be ambushed from behind. This will be two viceroys, one armed with a shotgun and the other with the rapid patter of an assault rifle. Duck behind the cover immediately adjacent to the cement slope, wait for the next discharge of their weapons, and return fire, aiming for their heads.

Follow the mission marker into the next area, where the walls are crumbling and bare, exposing their wood and support beams. Iraq will taunt you over the com’s, but there will be an audio log resting on a red chair by another red couch to the left. Beyond that, is a ctOS panel to unlock. On the radar you will see two Viceroys in the nearby room.

The short hall here will be exposingly bright. Take cover to the left of the opening, as the two Viceroys inside the illuminated game room will notice Aiden. One is an enforcer, and the other accompanying him is an elite. Deeper inside is another elite, that you can catch by hacking into the camera at the back wall, and triggering the explosive that the elite passes by on his hunt for Aiden. Do this in a timely manner, as the enforcer or elite may become audacious enough to approach the opening and cross through, ready to take Aiden out.

Switch to a heavy hitting weapon and take out the enforcer first, unless the elite tries to get into close quarters with Aiden. Tread deeper into the game room, and be mindful of the shadowy corners. Into the next room, there will be another elite hiding. Find him immediately, take cover, and dispatch him. Do not risk a take down, unless you’re caught off guard in close proximity to this elite.

There are two more viceroys on the level above, that the yellow ladder leads to. You can lure one of them out either by waiting, or making some noise down below, so that you can headshot him unaware from between the exposed metal in the ceiling. The other viceroy, an elite as well, will be made aware by this and is likely to duck behind the table cover beyond the broken cement wall. Take cover at that cement wall, and clip this elite with a headshot when he pops out of cover.

Hurry through the door to the left, and find cover in the hall by an alcove on the left as well. Iraq will taunt you again, giving you the suggestion that the danger is high here. Without skipping a beat, an enforcer will come striding down the hall, pelting away at Aiden’s position with an assault rifle. It makes little difference to this enforcer that Aiden is protected by the wall. Hack into the camera in the hall, up at the ceiling. You have the possibility to disrupt his comms, but you do not need to. Wait until the enforcer is by the explosive device on the wall, in clear view and angle of the camera, and trigger it when his helmet is about to be beside it. Speed is necessary for this to work, or the timing just will not be right and you’ll have missed your opportunity to easily take out an enforcer.

Two elites, further down the hall, will be backing up this enforcer. By taking the enforcer out with the camera and the explosive device, you will not notice them until you’re done with him. Activate focus while these two elites are both exposed out of cover, and clip them with headshots. The one on the left is farther than the other, and may be more elusive to a precise bullet. If you have trouble with him, hack into that camera again and trigger the explosive on the right wall near him. Pan the camera as far to the right as it can go to be able to see the explosive device.

Move onward. In the following room, there will be another audio log beside the small television sitting on a wood rack. Reaching the next mission marker, in the open room just beyond the audio log, will conspicuously trigger another group of viceroys to generate at two floors above with yet another taunt from Iraq. They will be already looking for Aiden, but will have no inclination as to where he is. There is nothing else left of interest on this floor, so proceed forward and into the bathroom on the right. Turn left, and there will be a faded ladder to climb, and then another. The longer you linger here, the more disparate the Viceroys above will be in their positions, often leading to your disadvantage if they clump up.

As soon as Aiden has fully climbed that ladder, slide into cover below the broken cement wall to avoid detection, and the bullets that would have been soon to follow. If you reached this spot quick enough, and weren’t caught, you can bounce into the cameras and trigger the explosive device on the wall behind one of the guards to take him out, without drawing the whole group’s attention to Aiden’s location. Keep aware that to the right, and behind, there is an open doorway that these Viceroys can come flooding through. These viceroys will be a mixture of elites and veterans. Maintain as minimum detection as you can by weaving through headshots and cover with spurts of Focus. Done optimally, you will have taken out five here, and the rest will be deeper in.

Vault over the table in front of your cement shortwall cover, and take cover by the next thing in front. Clip the next two guards. Proceed forward, and unlock the ctOS panel on the wall by a door when Iraq taunts Aiden yet again. Push through that black door and pick up the six hundred or so in bills, and then pick up the audio log to the left on the table.

Step out and continue to unlock ctOS panels impeding your way through the black doors. After a few times, Aiden will have finally found the server room.

  • 3. Download all the server data.

Keep going forward, unlocking the doors, until you finally see the gunmetal black server racks and the interactable server to hack into it.

  • 4. Leave Rossi-Fremont.

Go back the way you came in. Simple enough, right? Quickly the directive changes to…

  • 5. Follow Iraq.

After the revelating cutscene. A hole will have been blasted through the wall. Hop down into an area with haphazardly placed cargo and crates. Pilfer your way through the ammunition, picking up anything you’re missing, from bullets to IEDs. There are four to five IEDs here. One is directly behind Aiden, after he has dropped down, by the ammunition case. Another is on the opposite side of the building’s top, by the white plastic lawn chair. Turn left, looking amongst the L shaped, metal beam pile cover for the glinting shape of the IED, and then turn left again, looking for the next.

Do not get impatient here and think you can bullhead your way through the dialog. There is no way out just yet, so do not try to ‘safely’ leap from the edges of the building. You will only find Aiden’s death at the bottom every time. You didn’t take a wrong turn either, as there is no way to climb back in. Instead take this time while Iraq rambles on and Aiden mocks him to spread out some IEDs on the ground, in-between cover points that are closer to the edges of the building’s top along the broadest side and the far side, and then find yourself a spot that gets the widest view. The L shaped piece of cover by where Aiden first dropped down is ideal, but not perfect. Take cover on the stubby side, so that you can have a direct line of sight to the broad edge of the building’s top, but be prepared for a guard to spawn on the far side with an open view of Aiden. If that happens, quickly take cover on another side of the L shaped piece of cover. That is the versatility in this type of cover, in that it can handle multiple angles of attack, and that is also the trait of this encounter. The enemies that spawn on this building’s top vary in placement, and seem to adjust as to where Aiden is taking cover.

You will have to take down one wave, picking them off one by one. Keep a close eye as to where your explosives are placed, and do not trigger them too soon, as the lighting and viewing angle from Aiden can be deceptive, making it seem as if a guard can be taken out by an explosive while he is actually not yet close enough. Also don’t be surprised if one of the guards actually steps up onto some cover, even those as tall as Aiden, and shoots down at you from his perch. This does greatly expose the Viceroy, but gives him a dangerously clean angle to Aiden, circumventing the protection of his cover.

  • 6. Take down Iraq.

Once that wave of Viceroys is done, quickly take shelter on the far side of the building’s top, against some stacks of wood cover that is just as tall as Aiden. You only have time enough to pick up one unused IED, possibly two. If you do that, toss the IEDs towards the area of the building’s top where you previously took cover, and where Aiden first dropped down at. When the wave comes this time, it will be headed by an enforcer. You will either have to whittle his health down, while taking excessive amounts of cover, or get a swift, Focus fueled headshot with a high rating sniper rifle.

You’ll expect more guards at this point, maybe even two or three enforcers at once, but instead it will actually be Iraq, whom is rated as an enforcer by the opaque shield emblem. This is as close to a boss battle as the game has gotten thus far, but Iraq provides little difficulty when struck with a sniper rifle headshot, presuming he doesn’t catch Aiden first.

Once Iraq is defeated, the mission will be completed, rewarding Aiden with 2,000 experience points and a reputation increase for “Vigilante Intervention”.

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