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Sims’ Careers

A large part of a Sim’s life and advancement is through their elected career. It largely defines who they are, as it strongly influences the player to shape the given Sim’s skills to meet the needs and wants of that career. A super spy is going to need to be in good shape after all, strong enough to fight, and a painter will of course need to be well versed in the careful strokes of a color dripping brush. To further emphasize that, as well as accentuate it, there are numerous objects and interactions specific to that career which are periodically unlocked as the ranks rise through that career. This could be as simple as a conversation topic between two Sims, such as color theory or discussing aesthetics.

Since skills now lack challenges that tracked everything that a Sim did for that skill, such as how many plants harvested, and offered rewards when reaching prominent milestones that enhanced that proficient skill, the careers in the Sims 4 serve as the major source of progression by way of increasing income, in order to build and expand the Sim household’s home, and by unlockables. Unlockables tend to be objects that have emotional auras that will instill moodlets upon Sims in the nearby vicinity of that room to influence them to take on that emotional state. For example writers will get a stack of books that can be placed on the mantle of a fireplace, which should its emotional aura be enabled, it will instill inspiration in the writer when they are nearby. By placing that stack of books near their computer, which they pen their novels at, it will influence them to be in an inspired mood, so long as there are no other emotions that are stronger than the inspiration value the stack of books offer, and that there also is not any other moodlets contributing to the emotion of inspiration as well. By being inspired, writer Sims will create higher quality novels, and speed up the time it takes for them to increase their skill. Similar benefits are seen from emotions pertaining to other skills and careers, such as confidence for rocket science and focus for programming and gaming.

All of these things together will construct a richer, more diverse lifestyle for your Sims, and will shape them after the persona of their chosen career. Choosing a career is not a lifelong decision, however ingrained it may seem to be for that Sim, as the Sim can deign to quit the job at any time, but unlocked interactions will be lost upon doing so. They would no longer make much sense, would they? Another career can be chosen, but at least those unlockables will not be lost for that game file. It is not likely a player would wish to switch jobs even once unless there is a dramatic change of heart for that Sim, as it takes a very long time to rise through the ranks and promotions to reach the tenth level of a career, which offers a grand amount of simoleons in its pay per hour, and often skill related benefits that can accrue revenue outside of work hours.

When you first create your Sim, they are unemployed, but this is not a strike against them whatsoever. They just have to start from the beginning. To be able to find a job, select the Sim’s phone, and choose the interaction “find a job”. Your Sim will pick up their cellphone and call some ambiguous but all seeing service that will bring up a menu for you, the player, to look through. It will look like the below.

Likely whatever your Sim is going to be will have been decided from the create a Sim mode, which lets you choose your Sim’s traits, physical appearance, and clothing styles, along with their gait style, their aspiration, and their voice. Certain traits will benefit particular careers, some more than others. The benefit is not as direct, and sometimes not as prominent as it used to be in the Sims 3 when traits were a lot more specific with their purpose and utility, such as angler and born salesman. Though angler no longer exists in the Sims 4, as it did in the Sims 3, the trait Geek will influence the fishing skill to be able to catch higher quality fish, since the Nerd trait influences the collection of goods and items.

Under each career the daily task, the ideal mood, and suggested traits (if any) will be listed, along with information detailing the work hours, the pay per hour, the in game description per career rank, and the requirements to be able to be promoted to the next rank. Just from reading the description of each career level will give you the player a better idea as to what role your Sim is serving in the world, and how they are progressing along in their walk of life.

Be careful not to queue up too many interactions when your Sim is due for work, as they will not automatically cancel them, nor interject the ‘go to work’ action in the queue. This will cause your Sim to be late, and if they are two hours late, their boss will call, which will hit them with a dramatic work performance loss. Work performance is one of the primary ways in which your Sim is able to progress through the career levels, on top of the requirements for the promotion, such as having level two of a certain skill related to the career.

Without having that bar all the way into the green, they will be unable to be promoted, even if they have fulfilled all of the promotional requirements. And if the bar goes too far in the red, then your Sim is liable to be fired, or be depromoted. The rapid decay of the work performance can be mitigated with a reward trait from the aspiration points, but it is a substantial amount, and should be waited on if a reward trait like steel bladder is preferred, considering how very frequently these Sims need to use the bathroom in the Sims 4. The decay of the bladder need is not reduced while they are sleeping either, as of the most recent patch with pools, although a developer has mentioned that they intend to adjust this, or at least would like to.

  • Note: This page is very much a work in progress because of the large amount of careers to choose from in the Sims 4, coupled with the two branches per career. This page will be continually updated as more is researched.

Secret Agent

Turn your Sim into a clandestine hero or a mastermind villain with the secret agent career. Skills that will be needed through the secret agent career will be programming, charisma, and fitness. Some socialization will be needed too, with your Sim requiring the bonds of friendship with several Sims, while some of them will need to be investigated as part of the job.

  • Daily Task: Browse Intelligence. It is possible to get a moodlet that lasts a couple days from this interaction at the computer, under the web category, that lasts for a couple days and adds a point of emotion to focused. Not particularly helpful early on, but necessary in order to improve work performance.
  • Ideal Mood: Confident. For once the pervasive focused and inspiration moods are not needed in a career, as confidence is the forte of the secret agent career. It will however shift to focused when the branch turns into the villain, should the Sim go down that path instead of the diamond agent branch. As your Sim climbs the ranks, more and more objects that have the confidence aura will be unlocked, which will be helpful for whenever they are around them. However when they are heading to work, once they leave the vicinity of those confidence imbuing objects, your Sim will fall out of the confident mood should they have no other moodlets contributing to confidence. Finding moodlets that contribute to confidence, with a set duration, will enable them to be confident when they go to work, which heavily contributes to the work performance meter. Having your Sim brush their teeth, or psych themselves up in front of the mirror, will both grant confidence long enough for them to head to work and get the boost to their work performance.
  • Suggested Traits: It will really depend as to what branch your Sim ends up going down, as they differ in what they specialize in. Confidence is the primary emotion of the Diamond Agent branch, whereas Focused is the primary emotion of the Villain branch. Prior to being able to choose between the two branches, the ideal mood will just be confidence. So the self-assured trait will help with that, giving a randomly occurring moodlet of confidence, but it is not necessary, even though it does boost the charisma skill which is used extensively in this career. Similarly, the Genius trait will also be of use for the villain branch, which is ultimately what your Sim will be, so that is most important in the long run. Geek will produce confident moodlets often by collecting gemstones, but will also produce focused moodlets from gaming and programing, so it is of use for both branches of the secret agent career. However most traits will not directly influence the secret agent branch too strongly, and will serve to more flesh out your Sims personality, in order to be more profoundly connect with other Sims and have an easier time of bonding.
  • Level One: Agency Clerk

“Before your Sim can conduct international espionage and eliminate targets, he or she’s got to process some expense reports. And answer some phones. The occasional bagel run… Exciting stuff!” The pay of the secret agent career starts out at a mere seventeen simoleons per hour. Your Sim will work from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, until finally Friday. Days off are the weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Hours are from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, so this is a fairly pedestrian workday. Requirements for the next promotion: Perform the browse intelligence database on a computer interaction just once, an incredibly easy threshold to pass when that is also the daily task for this career.

  • Level Two: Intelligence Researcher

“Your Sim’s security clearance is pretty low, but your Sim’s still learning some cool secrets. Since he or she’s been analyzing intelligence, he or she has learned the real speed limit, a code word that allows him or her to use any employees-only restroom, and the truth about the moon landing in the 30’s.”

When your Sim becomes an intelligence researcher, they will be making another two simoleons per hour, making it a total of nineteen simoleons per hour. A bonus of three hundred and forty nine simoleons is received upon promotion, the swiveler object is unlocked and given, while the intelligence research on the computer interaction is now available for the Sim. Days worked are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, while days off are Saturday and Sunday - a fairly typical work week. Hours are from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

The swiveler is a desk chair with a high comfort rating of seven along with an emotional aura of confidence with two strength. The swiveler desk chair is one of the more appealing computer chairs in the selection, as it does tend to match and complement a more modern look, or even science fiction style. The comfort value of the swiveler also is only bested by one other chair in the game that looks more suitable to be in a posh manor, than sitting in front of a computer desk. Sims that follow a writing career will likely take that chair, the arrrmed dining chair (it has three r’s in the game for its name) over the swiveler, but any other Sim such as a programmer or a gamer will likely take to the swiveler more.

Requirements for promotion: Reach level two of the programming skill. More of this skill will be needed in the future, and it isn’t a bad skill for your Sim to have either, as eventually once your Sim has a high enough skill in programming he or she will be able to hack their work performance to boost it up, or make mobile app plugins and get some royalties.

  • Level Three: Agent Handler

“Run. Duck. JUDO CHOP THAT BAD GUY RIGHT NOW. Your Sim loves giving orders. His or her agents will feel safe in his or her capable hands, and he or she can feel fulfilled being able to live his or her spy fantasies vicariously through their adventures.”

The pay per hour rises an additional two simoleons, making the total per hour to be twenty one simoleons, a paltry amount but expected for such a low level of a career. A bonus of three hundred and eighty four simoleons is given upon being promoted to this rank, while the reconnaissance workstation is unlocked and given and the tranquilizing handshake interaction is now available for your Agent Handler Sim to use on other Sims. Days worked are not changed from the previous two ranks, being Monday through Friday, with Saturday and Sunday off. Hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, a fairly standard workday.

The reconnaissance workstation is actually a pricey desk, coming with the price tag of almost six thousand simoleons, but since one is handed over to your Sim upon promotion, the first one does not cost anything. And yet unlike most career unlocks, the reconnaissance workstation does not have any kind of emotional aura, but it does contribute to the aesthetic value of the environment, with five points contributing to it from this object.

Requirements for the next promotion: Reach at least level two of the charisma skill, and have at least three friends. These likely are already gained by your Sim, especially if in conjunction with the spy career the Friend of the World aspiration was chosen, which pushes your Sim to be social and make lasting relationships.

  • Level Four: Field Agent.

“According to movies, as a field agent your Sim should immediately expect to go undercover to infiltrate a religious cult, street racing ring, or beauty pageant. Until then he or she’ll be interviewing a lot of tinfoil hat-wearers about the radio transmitters implanted in their teeth. Allegedly.”

An additional sixteen simoleons per hour will be earned, bringing the total per hour pay to be thirty seven simoleons. A bonus of four hundred and twenty two simoleons will be handed over upon being promoted to this rank, field agent, while there will not be any objects unlocked or even interactions. Days worked are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, while Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are off. The work day starts at 10:00 AM and ends at 6:00 PM.

Requirements for promotion: Reach at least level three of the fitness skill, and do intelligence research for a couple of hours.

  • Level Five: Lead Detective.

“Running major cases is just like running any mid-size organization. It’s all about managing personnel, budgets, and the bottom line. The big difference is that if your Sim fails, the world blows up. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same.”

Your Sim will make an additional ten simoleons per hour, making the pay per hour at the lead detective rank to be forty seven simoleons. When promoted to this rank, your Sim will also be given a five hundred and ninety nine bonus, along with a nerves of steel desk lamp unlockable, and the investigate on the computer interaction. The nerves of steel desk lamp is fairly small, but it gives off a confidence aura of two points, with an office-like style. Your Sim’s workweek will start at Monday and end on Thursday, with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday being off. The work day for your Sim will start at 10:00 AM and end at 7:00 PM, so it is fairly long. The work outfit for this rank is trim and professional though, black with a striped tie, instead of looking like he or she is going to be sitting inside of an office cubicle all day from the previous ranks.

Requirements to be able to promote to the next rank: Reach at least level four of the charisma skill, and have at least five friends. You should be able to acquire the additional friends your Sim needs while skilling up their charisma, just select the social interactions on another Sim that have the shaded glasses, as those invoke the charisma skill and have the ability to slowly increase it. Multitasking is an important tactic in the Sims 4 to make the most out of your Sim’s time, and inevitably - even though grimly - their lifespan, even if it is set to long.


Whether your Sim dreams of being a master chef, or a skilled mixologist (in another words a bartender), the culinary career is the job to pick. It’ll be some career levels down the line until the culinary career branches off into chef and mixologist. Both skills are important aspects for social events, as each one has a role that can either be fulfilled by one of your Sim’s friends or just some Sim that can be hired, so by pursuing this career, your Sim will be able to show off their skills and make the party even better by tossing drinks that have a fire blazing at the lip, or make a memorable wedding cake that everybody takes a piece of.

Culinary actually has four skills that can end up being used, as there is a gourmet skill of both cooking and mixology, which will be focused on depending which branch your Sim goes down. There are several unlockable rewards from becoming either a chef or a mixologist though, but becoming a chef will outfit the kitchen of your Sim legacy in sleek style with copper pans and silvery appliances that are coveted enough to hurtle a Sim down the path of a chef.

There are not many ways to make money off this career when at home, but there are always other hobbies to pursue to make up for that, which will not distract from this career, like programming, writing, painting, and even gardening. Gardening will match the best with this career though, as herbs, fruits, and vegetables that are harvested from your Sim household’s garden can be mixed into their drinks and meals to make even higher quality meals, which will give your whole Sim household even stronger moodlets to their happiness.

  • Daily Task: Prepare food. This hardly comes as a surprise that a chef to be is going to need to cook every day in order to regularly increase their work performance and fly through the ranks, however either your Sim household’s fridge is going to be overflowing with several servings of each meal, some of it inevitably going to waste, or your Sim will just need to make half sized, or even single serving meals in order to not overstock the fridge. Generally each time your Sim completes a meal, he or she should get some kind of moodlet, helping them along in their day, but it would be beneficial to cook prior to going to work, while also giving them enough time to eat so that they also get a good moodlet from a nice meal too.
  • Ideal Mood: Cooking and mixing is a creative endeavor, and so inspiration does influence this career. While having your Sim be in an inspired mood, or a very inspired mood, while mixing drinks or cooking meals will increase their skill gain rate and raise the chances of having a higher quality meal, it is important that when heading to work your Sim is already in an inspired mood in order to get a boost to their work performance, which will bring them to the next promotion quicker.
  • Suggested Traits: Since cooking and gourmet cooking are both influenced by inspiration, and the ideal mood for the career is also inspiration, the creative trait will be helpful for an aspiring chef as it will bring about random spouts of inspiration. However other traits that can bring about inspiration will also be useful, even if they have no relation to food or cooking, such as Art Lover and Bookworm, but Art Lover is the superior of the two, without considering how it adds to the Sim’s personality at all. Sims with the bookworm trait will end up learning skills from books faster, but most of the skills in the Sims 4 can be trained just by engaging in the activity, even if it might be faster at times to do so from a book. The most closely fitting trait in the Sims 4 for culinary would be the foodie hobby trait, which causes Sims to enjoy just about everything to do with eating, but will receive a great amount of displeasure when consuming low quality or spoiled food. Most of what the foodie trait will do though is give your Sim tremendously strong moodlets from eating high quality meals, sometimes as high as four to the happiness emotion, which will automatically strengthen any other predominant emotion, and in this case that would be inspiration, making it a great boon for a chef.

Since making meals is creating an item, the perfectionist trait also applies to cooking meals and the chef career, although the perfectionist trait generally awards the Sim when goods are created of sufficient quality moodlets that contribute to confidence, which is not the ideal mood for this career. However, provided the moodlets of inspiration are strong enough for your Sim, having a higher value than any other affecting emotion, then the confidence moodlets received from creating high quality goods (in this case meals) from perfectionist will just strengthen your Sim’s overall mood, possibly pushing it into the desired very inspired.

The geek trait can also be of use, but not too directly to cooking and mixology, as the geek trait influences the quality of collected items, such as gardening, gemstones, and fish. However both gardening and fish can be used in the meals your chef makes, turning your Sim into a more well-rounded character, even if it may be a little odd that your Sim is a geek and a foodie as they become a better chef, or mixologist.

  • Level One: Assistant Dishwasher

“Time to do the work of a common household appliance! Your Sim will be scrubbing plates, ensuring crystal glasses have no leftover lipstick residue, and striking up conversations with Sims who couldn’t pay their tab!”

The pay for the first level of the culinary career track starts out at a measly fifteen simoleons per hour. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are the work days, while Tuesday and Thursday are off. Hours are from 4:00 PM to 1:00 AM, making this an extremely long work day.

Requirements for promotion: Clean dishes three times. A chore that is inevitable when making even just one large family meal, as each time the meal is eaten from, a single dish is made. Space that out and this will be done in an afternoon if your Sim household has multiple Sims, or else it may take a couple days if you do not have your Sim invite some of their friends or neighbors over to take part of the meal.


The entertainer seeks to bring joy to others, with the comedian branch being much more exact to that goal than the musician, but both ply to a similar way of life in that they strive to appease and appeal to the audience. They are sources of entertainment, by strumming a guitar or by stringing out some jokes before a microphone, whereas the painter and writer careers create products of media that entertain Sims. As such the entertainer career involves creativity no matter the branch that is taken, despite how disparate from each other a comedian and a musician really is.

This career will not end up being as glamorous as the player might like them to be, but through their accrued skills, they get some unique socialization, such as a musician lulling a child to sleep with their guitar, or a comedian being so very charismatic that he or she makes a barrel of friends, able to make just about everybody laugh. Being a comedian can be somewhat difficult though, as it is one of the few careers and branches that has some risk of becoming overloaded by emotion. There is a mechanic in the Sims 4 that if a Sim is too overcome by emotion, and for too long, they will actually perish from that emotion. Comedians get a wealth of moodlets from telling jokes, which can easily push them into hysterics, the third tier of playful. The Sim will, if not calmed down, actually die from laughter. The problem is not so much the moodlets from telling jokes, but the number of moodlets that the comedian could already have from eating a satisfying meal, from having pleasant surroundings, and from even taking a shower. Those normally do not push a Sim that far, but with the amount that a comedian would get, they can easily. So it can make them more difficult to play.

  • Daily Task: Since the two forking branches of the Entertainer career are fairly distinct from each other in terms of their activities, the Sim can either write jokes or practice music, depending on whether they are going to be a comedian or a musician. It would be a good idea to determine what your Sim is going to be long before they reach the seventh level of their career, as honing their skill at comedy or mastering the strings of a guitar are rather different talents.
  • Ideal Mood: Inspired. The Entertainer is another creative based career like the writer and painter careers are, and so it will benefit from the creative trait. The ideal mood does affect most of what a comedian or musician does do, but having your Sim in an inspired emotional mood while at work will boost their performance. It can be difficult to keep them in an inspired state, especially if the interaction “Work Hard” is chosen as that will claw away at the Sim’s needs, and most likely will result in the Sim returning from work tense and stressed out, wanting to calm themselves down in front of the mirror or play some games to work out their worries.

Taking a thoughtful shower will grant an inspiration boosting moodlet for a few hours, which can be an easy way to head to work in an inspired mood so long as your Sim’s needs are moderately taken care of.

Changing the entertainer career to the comedian branch will alter the ideal mood to playful though. Telling jokes is an easy way to get a playful moodlet, but so is taking a bubble bath.

  • Suggested Traits: It particularly depends on what branch your Sim will end up taking. Those Sims that will follow the musician branch will take well to having the music lover trait as they have more interactions available when listening to music, and get additional moodlets that other Sims do not pertaining to music. It can be really easy to stack up inspiration moodlets just from deeply listening to music with this trait. Having the creative trait is also ideal for the musician branch, as they will get spouts of creativity which will improve the rate in which they learn instruments, as at least two will need to be risen high in skill tiers. Art Lover and Bookworm will also assist in inspiration moodlets by proxy, even though they do not directly influence the skills the musician is going to be using the majority of the time. Art Lover is superior in that regard because it takes a lot less time to admire a masterpiece of art, than it is to analyze a book, and your Sim is not going to be much short on their fun if they are playing instruments all the time and are a music lover.

For the comedian branch of the entertainer career, the goofball trait is particularly useful since it will randomly give them a playful moodlet, as early on it is not as easy to stack up playful moodlets as it is comparatively to inspired. It is not ideal to stack any other emotional traits in general, but particularly so for the comedian, as overriding the random playful moodlet can be disruptive. There are not really any other traits that influence comedian too heavily, but there are some that complement the career path, if even just for your Sim to be more ‘in character’ with their career choice. Outgoing is a good choice, as your Sim is more socially inclined, but also more socially needy as their social need decays more rapidly than other Sims. Childish is also somewhat appropriate, and only useful with other children in the household. Ambitious will also help, but that works for most careers anyway.

  • Level One: Amateur Entertainer

“If a joke is told in a comedy club, and nobody’s there to hear it, does it make a sound? As an amateur entertainer, Violet is about to find out. At least there are no hisses or projectiles!”

The pay per hour starts out at an honest amount of twenty three simoleons per hour, while the days worked are Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday being off. Just one hundred and eighty four simoleons are made per day, but every Sim has to start out somewhere, don’t they?

Requirements for promotion: Reach level two of the charisma skill. The charisma skill is a rather useful skill for any Sim to have that will socialize even a cursory amount, but considering that this is the entertainer career, your Sim is going to need a lot of friends down the road, and the charisma skill will help your Sim in bringing a band together just to have that.

  • Level Two: Open Mic Seeker

“Your Sim was born to perform. It’s written in the stars! Of course, with the stars as her only reference, open mics are your Sim’s only viable path to discovery and fame. The hardest part is suffering all these amateurs who can only book open mics!”

An additional thirteen simoleons per hour will be made, so the total simoleons per hour will be thirty six. A bonus of four hundred and fifty one will be received when your Sim gets promoted to the open mic seeker rank of the entertainer career. Also the porcu-pro business card holder object will be unlocked. This object is just another clutter item that will add some detail to your Sim’s rooms, but it doesn’t offer any emotional décor like most unlockable objects do, and instead just adds two points to the environment of the vicinity. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday are the work days. Wednesday and Thursday are off. The work hours start at 5:00 pm and end at 11:00 pm.

Requirements for promotion: Have four friends. Your Sim should already have at least a couple friends at this point from practicing their charisma, and preferably at least one that is not in your Sim’s household already. Make sure to keep these four friends in the long run, and while it is important to spread your Sim’s network, make sure to befriend every Sim in the household unless their traits are starkly incompatible, like one Sim has the good trait and the other has an Evil trait, even if they are siblings. It is generally easier to maintain relationships that are inside the household since the Sims do not have to be summoned from the outside and are both controllable by the player, provided the player does not neglect these relationships by keeping their Sims too busy without socializing them with each other through normal means or social events held at the home. More friends will be needed in the future as well, so keep building up relationships when your Sim can.

  • Level Three: C-Lister.

“C-List is better than no list at all! Why, your Sim is even starting to book a few gigs. At this point, her ability to shamelessly promote herself may be a greater asset than any true talent!”

A mere four more simoleons per hour will be made per hour at this promotion, turning the pay per hour to forty simoleons. Upon promotion to C-Lister, a bonus of five hundred and forty one simoleons will be received along with a Sim Idol Rug unlock. Rug objects usually add to the atmosphere and detail of a room, but the Sim idol rug is fairly minor as far as rugs go since it is fairly small sized, being just a square. Yet again this does not have any emotional décor, but it does add two to the pleasantness of the environment, which not many rugs can claim without being so oversized some rooms cannot even fit them.

Days worked are Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Days off are Tuesday and Wednesday. Hours are from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Requirements for promotion: Achieve level three of guitar skill, or comedy skill. Since both are not required in order to advance, just select one that your Sim is going to specialize in, which is either to be a musician or a comedian. To be a musician, the guitar skill is pretty much mandatory, but level three is hardly much of a cliff to reach the top of.

  • Level Four: Opening Act

An additional fourteen simoleons per hour will be made, totaling fifty four simoleons per hour. When your Sim is promoted to Opening Act, five hundred and ninety five simoleons is given as a bonus, along with rock of ages retro stereo object unlock that has an energizing décor of two points, but a fairly low fun and reliability rating, making it less than desirable for optimal use, even if it has a unique looking model. Days worked are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with hours from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Days off are Sunday and Thursday.

Requirements for promotion: Earn 100 simoleons from tips. Sounds easier than it is, your Sim is going to need to visit a bar or some other public place and strum their guitar to attract other Sims who will hopefully, and gradually hand over some tips. It’s not common that Sims visiting your household’s plot will tip your Sim playing music, so this is the best way to go, but unfortunately is also the cause as to why it can be difficult to earn income outside of working hours for this career. In the Sims 3 you used to be able to just stand on the sidewalk and attract Sims, or else go into the subway rabbit hole and get an endless stream of tips in huge sums.

Musician Branch

The entertainer career brings up the fork in the road as what specializing branch will be walked down earlier than most, as usually that comes at the seventh or eighth career level, as opposed to the fifth seen here. Likely the reason being that being a comedian and a musician are quite different walks of life, and so the branch is enacted sooner than later. It would have been difficult to instill defining personality amongst the career if this was not done, as the further your Sim would go down that path, the more ambiguous it would become as to exactly what they are achieving at their career, and perhaps even how competent they are becoming despite being promoted a multitude of times.

Now no longer is there any option to write jokes for the career’s daily task, not that your Sim would really be writing jokes anyway if they were set to pursue the musician branch of the entertainer career, and instead it is solely to play an instrument. Whatever kind of activity that does involve any of the three instruments will fulfill the requirements of the daily task, and since musical instruments are going to be what your Sim is specializing and focusing on anyway, this daily task is easily forgotten to maintain. Not that it is not actually maintained, but your Sim easily performs the daily task by doing what they were already going to do in order to become more skilled at the craft of their life - musical instruments.

  • Level Five: Jingle Jammer

“Who needs name recognition when everyone recognizes your song? Your Sim will be busy creating jingles that lodge themselves into people’s brains so tightly, it would take highly invasive surgery to get them back out. So what if they’re about cat food, or toilet cleaner? No one can flush them away, not ever!”

An additional thirteen simoleons per hour will be made upon rising to the jingle jammer, bringing the total to be a modest sixty seven simoleons per hour. When your Sim is promoted, a hefty bonus of nine hundred and thirty seven will be received, along with a single rose object unlock, which is unfortunately just yet another clutter item with no emotional décor value, but at least it does add two points to the environment rating for such a small item. Days worked are Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Days off are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Hours are from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Requirements for promotion: Achieve level four of either the guitar skill or the violin skill. Achieve level three of the piano skill, and write five jingles. Jingles are a decent source of income when not sitting at work, and while they are written they will also raise the skill of that instrument if it is not mastered, which it probably is not for your Sim at this point in their life. However your Sim needs to have a few skill levels to even be able to begin writing jingles.

  • Level Six: Serious Musician

“Your Sim has always known that she or he is more than just a pretty face. He or she’s got TALENT. And the instant his or her fingers touch the keys of a piano or the strings of a guitar, everyone in the room knows it. These days, he or she’s even got gigs to prove it.”

An additional eleven simoleons per hour will be made when risen to the serious musician rank, totaling to seventy eight simoleons per hour. There will be a bonus of one thousand, one hundred and sixty five simoleons when promoted, and an off the charts music award object unlock. This is a small, bronze trophy that qualifies as another clutter object, but has a strong energizing décor or five points. Good for dancing, and working out, but little else. Days worked are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, while hours are from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Days off are Sunday and Thursday.

Requirements for promotion: Achieve level five of the guitar or violin skill, achieve level four of the piano skill, and have at least seven friends. Only a few more friends are needed since your Sim needed four to be able to rise through the ranks earlier on in this career, provided your Sim did not let those relationships decay into acquaintances. It will be a quicker path to rise the guitar skill to level five, than it would be the violin skill, but your Sim should pursue what they as a character have an interest in.

  • Level Seven: Professional Pianist

“From posh private parties to shopping mall foyers to weddings for the web-date weary, your Sim is in high demand. Whether your Sim’s client wants guests to dance, buy hopelessly expensive trinkets, or pipe down until they say their vows, your Sim’s got the tunes to get results.”

An additional nine simoleons per hour is earned, bumping the pay per hour to eighty seven simoleons. Upon promotion to the seventh level of the musician branch of the entertainer career your Sim will receive a bonus of 1,282 simoleons, and unlock the classical genius antique piano. Even though your Sim may actually have a low amount of skill in the piano, and say has mastered the guitar, this career rank is still named as if your Sim made their career out of their talented pianist fingers. The days worked are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with Sunday and Wednesday being off. The hours are from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Requirements for the next promotion: Achieve level five in the piano skill, and play the piano for at least ten hours. These are all goals that will push your Sim towards becoming more a pianist, so even if you had no interest in anything but the guitar or the violin, in order to actually progress in the musician branch your Sim must become moderately proficient at the piano skill and immerse themselves with the flurry of the white and black keys before the bench of the piano in whatever way you deem. Just about any activity involving the piano will contribute towards the ten hour total necessary. Furthermore that counter is not retroactive, meaning that whatever amount of time your Sim previously spent at the piano will not be counted towards the meter, much unlike the trackers embedded in the game for aspirations, as very nearly anything achieved during the Sim’s lifetime for the whole spread of aspirations will be tracked, said aspiration just needs to be switched to in order to tally it and reward.

  • Level Nine: Symphonic String Player

“All the world’s a stage, and your Sim has earned his or her place upon it. He or she is still putting bread in his or her jar playing weddings and private parties, but the guest list and grub is getting better every time, and he or she occasionally lifts his or her spirits with satisfying stints in lesser-known symphony orchestras.”

An additional forty three simoleons per hour will be earned, bringing the total per hour pay to one hundred and thirty simoleons, a somewhat decent increase of around thirty percent but still fairly low compared to what it could be. A bonus of one thousand, five hundred and seventy five simoleons will be received upon being promoted to symphonic string player, with nothing else at all being unlocked or awarded, much to the disappointment of the player. The days worked are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with only Sunday and Wednesday being off. The work day starts at 2:00 Pm and ends at 9:00 Pm, which makes sense considering that your Sim is probably doing concerts.

Requirements for the next promotion: Achieve at least level six of the piano skill, achieve level six of the guitar or the violin skill, and have at least ten friends. The number of friends is probably the largest bar for your Sim to squeeze through, as likely your Sim already has high guitar skill, and so violin is far from necessary, but there is not really a reason to neglect the skill at the same time, considering that your Sim is a musician. The problem lies in that a musician does not make much money during the hours they aren’t working, as they can only sell one song a week, and the jingles that they can write are low paying when they even do sell, as more often than not nobody will be interested in purchasing them. In the end, it does appear that your musician will either move off to another career, or pursue a wealth of other hobbies like gardening and woodworking.


Painter is one of the few careers that your Sim can earn a great deal of simoleons while not physically at work, like self-employed. This is done simply by painting at the easel, and selling off the creations. There are a variety of paintings that can be done in style and emotion, but by signing up for the painter career, your Sim is able to access the sell to the art gallery interaction which offers around twenty percent more simoleons per painting sold. Furthermore later on in the career your Sim will be able to negotiate with their agent to get a donation, or seemingly contract a buyer for the next painter. The painter career actually offers a lot of interactions that tend to give your Sim some inspiring moodlets, which will dramatically boost their painting speed, quality, and even their chances at making masterpieces. The only downside to being a painter, particularly just when not at work, is that it is time intensive, and so your painter is not going to have much room for hobbies or other means of income, but your painter Sim will be making loads of simoleons this way.

The two branches either go towards realism or arts, with realism offering the desirable easel that has a higher painting quality than the regular one, but having far less hours and days to work. Patron of the arts gets a unique, high level bed, but it isn’t superior to what is already available for purchase in the game, but it does get some unique décor. Regardless, with little actual differences between the two branches, master of the real does seem to be the better choice for a savvy player.

  • Daily Task: This will always be to paint paintings, regardless of what rank your Sim gets, or what branch they select. This is after all what the career is about, but it is an action that your Sim will so frequently choose in order to make more simoleons that it will be easily completed, progressing the work performance bar every single Sim day.
  • Ideal Mood: Inspired is the desired mood for arriving at work with for your painter Sim. Fortunately for your Sim, there are a lot of ways to get inspired moodlets, from listening to music, to admiring art as an art lover, painting masterpieces, to something as simple as taking a thoughtful shower in order to get those creative juices flowing. You’ll find that your Sim will get a great number of different whims when inspired, from planting a fruit, to cooking a group meal, as all these things are influenced by inspiration, though with the exception of gardening for some reason.
  • Suggested Traits: Since inspiration is both good for a painter’s work performance and influences the painting skill, the regular assortment of creativity oriented traits will mesh well with a painter Sim. The creative trait will work well, giving random bouts of creativity, but it really won’t be necessary if the painter has just one trait: art lover. They’ll be able to admire art and get moodlets from that, and will generally enjoy what they’re doing. Combine that with perfectionist, and the Sim will be making high quality paintings for oodles of simoleons while commonly sliding into the very inspired emotional state with relatively little effort on the player’s part, especially if they have a good cook around the house, even if it is just them.
  • Level One: Palette Cleaner

Your Sim’s pay starts out at a mere twenty one simoleons, with the days worked starting from Monday and ending at Friday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday are off, while the hours start at 9:00 AM and end at 5:00 PM. Just starting out as a painter your Sim will immediately have access to the sell to art gallery, which will give your Sim even more simoleons when selling their paintings.

Requirements for promotion: Reach just level two of the painting skill, and view or admire three different works of art, whether they are paintings your Sim created from their easel, something placed from buy mode, or some of the masterpieces in the art gallery out in the town.

  • Level Two: Art Book Collator

“Saving up for art school supplies means working at the art school library. Unfortunately, the books must be re-shelved by number, and no one sees the genius in your Sim re-shelving them by complementary color. Visionaries are often misunderstood.”

An additional two simoleons an hour, making it a total of twenty three simoleons per hour while at this rank. A bonus of 422 simoleons is received with this, along with picture perfect art lighting and research art reference on the computer.

Hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Sunday and Saturday are off.

Promotion Requirements: Reach level three painting skill, and successfully research art reference twice. Your Sim must interact with a computer capable of browsing the web in order to research an art reference, as the research submenu will appear within the browsing the web menu, and from there the research an art reference will be there. On a tight budget computers can be costly though. There is also an inherent limitation in being able to complete researching an art reference back to back, as it is reliant upon the moodlet it grants your Sim. After successfully completing the research an art reference, your Sim will gain an inspiring moodlet with one point of strength that lasts for at least eight hours. It would be wise to research an art reference immediately upon receiving the promotion, and then research an art reference yet again after your Sim has had a full nights rest and eaten a meal from the fridge. That should amount to enough time that the initial moodlet will disappear, and then your Sim will hopefully meet the requirement to be able to promote the next time they visit. Of course it will still be reliant on the progress bar of their performance, but doing this before they even go back to work one time will not prevent them from progressing should they actually have their performance meter reach green all the way.

  • Level Three: Hungry Artist

“Being a hungry artist isn’t about literal hunger. It’s about your Sim's burning passion to create an artistic expression that can change people’s lives! (It’s also about literal hunger).

Three more simoleons per hour will be made, making the pay per hour to be twenty six simoleons. The Sim will receive a bonus of four hundred and sixty four simoleons and a study of the human form object. Works from Tuesday to Sunday, with Saturday and Monday off.

Promotion Requirements: Reach level four painting skill, and create three different sized paintings. There are only three different sizes of paintings in the game, so it will just be one of each to fulfill the requirements.

  • Level Four: Watercolor Dabbler

“Your Sim is now a working artist! At least she’s working a booth at a local art fair, where patrons are haggling down the price of her watercolored landscapes. But the words “work” and “artist” are coming closer together. And that’s a good sign!”

An additional three simoleons per hour, total of twenty nine simoleons per hour. Upon promotion your Sim receives a bonus of five hundred and ten simoleons, along with an easy-breezy easel unlocked object and the critically assess paintings interaction. Days worked are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday and Thursday are off.

Requirements for the next promotion: Reach level five of painting skill, and create just a single excellent painting. Hardly much of a hurdle for your Sim to overcome, because if they already have the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration they eventually have to create ten different excellent paintings.

  • Level Five: Canvas Creator

“Your Sim has landed a spot in an elite local painter’s group, and her or her portfolio is growing quite large! Maybe he or she should try building her portfolio with photographs instead of the original paintings…”

An additional six simoleons per hour, making it a total of thirty five simoleons per hour. When your Sim is promoted to the canvas creator there will be a bonus of five hundred and eighty seven simoleons, with an unlockable object called the Painting Canvas Storage Rack and two interactions, Gather Inspiration from art and Hire Agent from phone. Days worked are Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Days off are Monday and Thursday.

  • Level Six: Imaginative Imagist

“Your Sim has boldly painted his or her way into a career in studio art-mastering still life, figure study, interior space, and the fine art of disdain for anyone living in mainstream society.”

An additional nine simoleons per hour, total of forty four simoleons per hour. Bonus of eight hundred and forty four simoleons. Vase of sunflowers unlocked, along with some parts in the Create of Sim. The vase of sunflowers is a décor item that has an environment value of two points, and it is small enough to fit on dresses and desks, but not so large as to be suitably placed on the floor. Days worked are Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Monday and Tuesday are off. The work hours start at 9:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM.

Requirements for next promotion: Reach level six of painting skill, and sell five different paintings to the art gallery. Hardly what your Sim wouldn’t already be doing.

Master of the Real Branch

  • Level Seven: Artist En Residence

“Winning this artist residency is a true honor! Not everyone gets to work in an unheated barn loft for free. What a great way for your Sim to experience a slice of life he or she would never actually choose!”

The pay per hour will rise by twenty one simoleons, so the pay per hour will be sixty five simoleons. A bonus of one thousand and eighty eight simoleons will be given upon promotion, along with an artiste supply taboret object. This object is sized like a tall end table, except it has some art supplies on top and some drawers haphazardly pulled out. This is a valuable object for its inspiring décor aura, as it has a strength value of eight should it be enabled. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday are the days worked. Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday are off. Hours are from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Requirements for promotion: Reach level eight of the painting skill, and create a single masterpiece. By the time your Sim gets here, he or she should already have their painting skill capped, and creating just a single masterpiece is only a matter of painting at most five works of art, especially with the creative visionary reward trait.

  • Level Eight: Professional Painter

The pay per hour will rise by seventy five simoleons, totaling one hundred and forty simoleons per hour. When your Sim is promoted they will receive a bonus of one thousand, three hundred and ninety nine simoleons and the highly desired Deluxe All-Season Easel as an unlocked object. This is the easel that is the compelling reason to choose the master of the real branch, as the easel has a painting quality of nine, the highest in the game so far. It doesn’t have an inspiring décor aura, but there are many other objects that can offer that, whereas none others can offer the higher painting quality which will increase the intrinsic value of all paintings made on the easel. The patron of the arts branch will in fact get an unlocked easel, however its painting quality is only seven, even if it does have an inspiring décor aura of four. Days worked are Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Days off are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Hours are from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Requirements for promotion: Paint an excellent quality work of art for each of the six styles of painting.

  • Level Nine: Illustrious Illustrator

“Professional illustrator is a challenging role. Your Sim controls the final visual, but does not control the subject matter. Whether it’s a famous historical figure or a cartoon squirrel, he or she is up to the task!” One hundred and forty more simoleons will be made per hour, so the total pay per hour will be two hundred and eighty simoleons. When your Sim is promoted to the illustrious illustrator, they will receive a bonus of one thousand, six hundred and seventy eight simoleons, along with a premium prima ballerina unlocked object. This is a metal casted statue, one third the size of a young adult Sim, that has an environmental rating of nine, which is fairly high for an object. It is appropriate décor for an artist’s room, or a young girl’s. Days worked are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while the hours are from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Days off are Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Requirements for promotion: Max the painting skill to level 10, create and sell three masterpieces, and describe aesthetics to a group of Sims.

  • Level Ten: Master of the Real

“Students now flock to your Sim, hoping to glean even a bit of the technique that has made his or her artwork so popular. Time to pass on what he or she has learned to the next generation, or just wave his or her paintbrush and sigh, ‘Hopeless!’”

Finally reaching the maximum rank of the painter career, your Sim will now make a whopping additional two hundred and twelve simoleons per hour, bringing up the total per hour to be for hundred and ninety two simoleons. The bonus received upon promotion is two thousand, nine hundred and thirty seven, while the flegel studio floor lamp item is unlocked and some new items can be used in the create a Sim mode.

Player be made aware that the Master of the Real entails vastly less work hours and work days, enabling your Painter to receive all the benefits of being the maximum rank of the painter career while also being able to focus on painting as much as possible to earn additional revenue. Days worked are only Mondays and Thursdays, while the rest of the five days of the week are completely off. Hours are from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, but being as your Sim makes almost five hundred simoleons per hour, the pay per day actually worked is high. But because so few days are actually worked, future raises in pay will have a diminished effect compared to the other branch of the painter career, just because that branch has more days and hours worked.

The game can be lacking on floor lamps at times, and while receiving a floor lamp is not too spectacular for the unlock at the maximum level of a career, that special unlock item was already received a few career levels ago for the realism branch. The flegel studio floor lamp has an emotional aura strength of three inspiration, and as usual that aura must be enabled once the item is first placed. This floor lamp differs from most others in its item family because it has an abnormally large floor space requirement, because the object contains more than just the literal lamp. Packaged in the object is a wooden chair draped with a loose cloth, with a small stack of boots heaped on its seat with a bottle of pink champagne, some decorative leaves, an apple, and some green grapes inside of a low rimmed bowl. The lamp isn’t exactly for regular lighting, since the bronzed lamp is angled and casting light onto the chair, as if this was something your Sim was going to paint on their easel, being the Master of the Real after all. It is certainly more of a decorative peace that will fit well in a painter’s easle room.

Tech Guru Career

The Tech Guru career is a new path to the franchise of the Sims, where your Sims are now able to program and code on the cutting edge of the technology, or throw themselves full throttle into the world of professional gaming, honing their skills and besting their rival opponents. The tech guru career has two branches, start up entrepreneur and esport gamer. Start up entrepreneur will focus on the programming skill, where making mobile apps and creating video games rake in revenue, and esport gamer will focus on live streaming and gaming tournaments that trickle in the simoleons. Video gaming is now a skill in the Sims 4, and so is programming obviously, but no matter what branch your Sim ends up with, they will have to become proficient in both programming and video gaming in order to progress through the levels, even if they do not intend to program or game ever again. Chances are your Sim is going to continue to game though, even if they do become a programmer, because it is one of the strongest sources of fun in the game, next to that of books and television - both are far less interactive mediums.

The tech guru career will train your Sim in being able to make some money while not at work, an aspect most careers cannot call claim to, as programming lets your Sim sell their plugins, apps, games, and even hack certain places to take simoleons.

  • Daily Task: Use Computer. Sitting down for a few Sim time minutes won’t be enough to complete your Sim’s daily task, but thankfully the computer is capable of a whole assortment of activities, from browsing the web, playing videogames, looking up pickup lines, and much more than just that. You can easily be filling up your Sim’s fun bars just by using the computer, which after a long day of toiling away with the interaction ‘work hard’ your Sim will immensely benefit from. Since you can do such a variety of tasks on the computer, the tech guru career certainly will not be a boring career choice for a Sim looking for a lot to do, unlike others that have poor options for being able to make income while at home.
  • Ideal Mood: The emotion of focused is what will enhance the tech guru career when heading to work. Just researching the simpedia on the computer is enough to bring up a focused moodlet, but so is playing a game long enough, provided your Sim has the geek trait. Studying anything, such as an uncovered gemstone, will also provide a focused moodlet.
  • Suggested Traits: No matter which career branch will be chosen down the line, the Genius trait will benefit them both, as it will give random moodlets of focused emotion. The case is similar for the geek trait as that makes your Sim inclined to video games, needing to play them periodically or else they’ll get tense and stressed, and will also allow them to gain boosts of confidence from collecting rocks. The collection part of the geek trait will not be put to much use if your Sim does not end up gardening or gathering things out in the world though, which is independent of the tech guru career. That leaves just one more trait to choose, so it should be something that rounds out their personality, and does not interject into the emotional category. Even if the geek trait wasn’t already useful, it does complement this career path very well, regardless if they end up a professional gamer or a programmer. Since traits have such broadly reaching aspects, like good, bro, or loner, there isn’t much that directly complements the tech guru career, but that is not to say that any of the traits in the game will not make your Sim a more fully fleshed character. Loner may even be appropriate, but your Sim does not necessarily need to be a loner to match his or her career of being a tech guru.
  • Level One: Tech Guru

“Welcome to Babysitting 101! Your Sim will be using his above-average intelligence for hours of gentle guidance and virtual handholding, exploring brave new limits on just how thinly one can veil sarcasm.”

Your Sim starts at thirty one simoleons per hour, with hours being from 10:00 AM to 6 PM. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are worked, while Monday and Sunday are off.

Requirements for promotion: Play Video games for 4 hours. Hardly a chore as your Sim will get a lot of enjoyment and skill increase by spending just a few hours on gaming, but the first requirement for promotion is never that steep.

  • Level Two: Quality Assurance

“Your Sim has entered the exciting world of QA, the unsung heroes of software development. It’s the perfect job for people who feel like they break everything they touch! But hey, better than they break it than the customer, right? Right??”

The pay for the quality assurance rank rises by seven simoleons per hour, making a total of thirty eight simoleons per hour. Your Sim will get a bonus of three hundred and seventy five simoleons along with a stainless steel auto-pot. The stainless steel auto-pot is not exactly a rare object by any means, as there are three different ways in which it can be unlocked, as it can also be unlocked by reaching the third culinary level or by receiving a gold medal rating on a dinner party. However the stainless steel-auto pot is at the top tier of the coffee machines in the game (as there are no espresso machines unfortunately), which when drunk will give your Sim a strong energized moodlet, which is useful for rising the fitness skill quickly, and to keep away the encumbering fatigue.

The work week goes from Monday and ends on Friday, with the weekend being off. The work day starts from 10:00 AM and ends at 7 PM.

Promotion requirements: Reach level two programming skill, and practice programming for four hours. Regardless whether your Sim is going to head into the e-sports career, he or she is still going to need to learn the programming skilled strongly associated with this major career.

  • Level Three: Code Monkey

“Congrats to your Sim! Now, instead of risking life, limb, and job pointing out the gaping holes in someone else’s code, he gets to put all semblance of a life aside to program code based on someone else’s deadlines. At least there’s a benefits package!”

An additional nine simoleons per hour will be earned, bringing it to a total of forty seven simoleons per hour. Your Sim will receive a bonus of five hundred and six simoleons and a computer hard drive object. Works from Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday off. 10:00 AM to 7 PM are the hours worked. The computer hard drive is a clutter-like decoration object of a haphazard stack of computer cases and thick drives as if they were meant for floppy discs. This object has an emotional aura for focus at a value of two, should the aura be enabled.

  • Promotion Requirements: Reach level three programming skill, and make a plugin on the computer. Making a plugin is just an interaction within the menu of programming. If you cannot find it there, then your Sim does not have high enough programming skill in order to start making a plugin. Most skills do unlock interactions over time, and programming is no exception. Just raise the skill a little while and it should appear soon enough.
  • Level Four: Ace Engineer.

“Wielding a rare combination of technical and political skills, your Sim is carving his or her way up the ranks at last! While innovative work is still a faint glimmer on the horizon, it’s finally in view, and not everything Vergil does is totally mind-numbing.”

An additional sixteen simoleons per hour will be made when your Sim is promoted to the ace engineer rank, raising the total per hour to sixty three simoleons. With this promotion six hundred and thirty three simoleons are given as a bonus, and the object The Sentinel is unlocked and handed over. Days for working are from Tuesday to Sunday, with Sunday and Monday off. Working hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM. The sentinel unlocked object is a wall mounted, slim clock in white and bluish black with a focusing aura of two. While it is a decent looking décor object, because of how the wall visibly in the game works, it can be easily forgotten.

Requirements for the next promotion: Reach level four of the programming skill, and mod two games. The option to mod a game can be found under the programming category when clicking on a personal computer. Your Sim is going to need at least a few levels of programming skill in order to access it though, but this isn’t out of your Sim’s way at all as they need four skill levels in programming anyway.

  • Level Five: Project Manager.

“Your Sim has finally achieved the glory of middle management! He gets to drive the schedule, squeeze hundreds of programming hours out of each week, work magic with budgets and play the jerk everybody else gets to whine about.”

An additional ten simoleons per hour will be earned, so total of seventy three simoleons per hour is what your Sim will make as a project manager. A bonus of seven hundred and seventy simoleons will be given, and the hipster hugger object, a three seat wide, unadorned and plain couch suitable for gaming in front of a living room television will be unlocked. It has a comfort value of three, and a focusing aura of two. Days working are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Days off are Sunday and Saturday.

Requirements for next promotion: Reach level five of the programming skill, and make three plugins on the computer, all of which will offer a sum of simoleons which gives further incentive.

  • Level Six: Development Captain

“Your Sim’s got real power now. He or she doesn’t just manage measly one-off projects, he is in charge of the development process for several groundbreaking products. Aye, aye, this is going to be fun!” An additional five simoleons per hour, bringing the total to seventy eight simoleons per hour. A bonus of eight hundred and seventy four simoleons will be given upon promotion to this rank, and your Sim will also receive the Innovator’s Award for Excellence in Science object, a trophy suitably sized for being put on the desk. It does not contribute any points to the environment, but it does have a strong focusing aura of four should the aura be enabled. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are working days. Sunday and Saturday are off. Working hours are from 9:00 AM to 5 PM.

Esports Gamer Branch

Either your Sim went with the start up entrepreneur, or the esports gamer branch. Gaming is all about skill and professionalism, and far less about programming once this branch is chosen, so that skill can be all but forgotten if the player so chooses, but there is nothing stopping them from continuing to take advantage of the perks programming has, such as being able to hack work performance to speed ahead in the career ranks.

The ideal mood remains focused.

  • Level Seven: Esports Competitor

“As an amateur cyber athlete, your Sim’s world is about to change. After a lifetime of training within the dimly lit confines of bedrooms and basements, your Sim is ready to travel the world and go head-to-head in dimly lit indoor stadiums. His or her time is now.”

An additional forty three simoleons will be earned upon being promoted, bringing the total to one hundred and twenty one simoleons per hour. A bonus of nine hundred and thirty three simoleons will be given, and a stack of CDs clutter object will be unlocked, which has a focusing aura of two points without any environment contribution. Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are work days. Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are off. The hours worked are from 2:00 PM to 11 PM.

Requirements for next promotion: Reach level three in video gaming skill, and place in a video gaming tournament. Your Sim can be third, second, or first in order to fulfill the requirements for the meter to be able to be promoted. Placing first or second is going to earn more than third though, but there is little that you as the player can do to influence your Sim’s placing, other than increasing their skill and making sure they are in a good mood, particularly focused without being exhausted or ravenous.

  • Level Eight: Pro Gamer

An additional seventy three simoleons per hour will be earned, totaling one hundred and ninety four simoleons per hour. Finally there starts to be some decent pay from work for your Sim, and it will only get better from this point onward. A large bonus of two thousand, one hundred and seventy seven simoleons is received upon promotion, along with the “Revanne” Poster object that has a massive focusing décor aura of nine, and the brag about skills interaction, which is just yet another social interaction option talking about gaming. Days worked are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Days off are Saturday and Sunday. Hours are from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

  • Level Nine: APM King

“With practice comes speed, and your Sim’s real-time strategy skills are living proof. With APM climbing past the 400 mark, your Sim has been known to assemble an army, equip it, construct an impenetrable base and annihilate at least one other race in the time it takes most people to tie their shoes.”

An additional sixty seven simoleons per hour, making the total to be two hundred and sixty one simoleons per hour. A bonus of two thousand, seven hundred and twenty one simoleons is taken upon promotion and the coveted top secret computer object is unlocked, one of the predominant reasons for choosing the esports gamer branch. It has a focusing décor value of eight, on top of being one of the top tier computers to choose from. Days worked are only Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, while hours are from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Days off are Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.

Requirements for promotion: Achieve level nine in video gaming skill and have at least 30,000 fans from live streaming. Suddenly your Sim is saddled with having a live streaming fan base, something there wasn’t even a clue of before. Thirty thousand may seem like a massive amount, but the numbers quickly rack up. Chances are though, even without reading this guide, your Sim probably explored some live streaming already in order to earn some extra simoleons, even if it didn’t make much. If you do read this guide beforehand though, it would be a good idea to start live streaming well before your Sim reaches the ninth level of the tech guru career, as the tracker is sort of retroactive in the sense that your Sim’s live streaming fan base is not going to suddenly drop to zero upon being promoted, and so the next time your Sim finishes a live stream session whatever number of fan base your Sim has will be counted towards the promotion requirement.

  • Level Ten: Champion Gamer

“WOOT! Your Sim is now rolling in dough, and he or she doesn’t have too many complaints about being famous either. Sponsors are picking up tabs left and right, there are Simoleons to be made by streaming his or her practice sessions, and the tournament prizes are nothing to sneeze at. This is the dream of gamers everywhere!”

An additional sixty seven simoleons per hour will be earned, bringing the total per hour to be three hundred and twenty eight simoleons. Upon promotion three thousand, one hundred and twenty nine simoleons will be handed over, while the unique and desirable unlockable for this career branch will be earned, the prioperfection motion sensor game mat. The days of the week worked will now be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday being off. The hours working start at 4:00 PM and go until 10:00 PM.

The prioperfection motion sensor game mat is one of the compelling reasons to choose the professional gamer branch to begin with, as it is a version of the gaming mat that is unbreakable. It has a more high tech appearance with more muted, metallic colors and acrylic panels of lighting. For whatever reason, the fun rating is just a point lower, so this can be fairly underwhelming, but the gaming mat does break at an abnormal frequency, so that unbreakable feature alone is appealing. The gaming mat will not let your Sim live stream though, despite that they get fun from doing that anyway, so it is more suitable for gaming tournaments.

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