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Aspirations are a major source of satisfaction points for your Sim’s, which in turn will allow you to choose from a catalog of additional traits to enhance your Sims, from growing less weary to no longer loosing hygiene when working out. Although these additional traits that can be purchased with aspiration points are indeed traits, they are not the same ones that are available in the create a Sim mode, and so they do not perform the same functions such as creative or foodie. Mostly these purchasable traits, or reward traits, will lessen the rate of decay on certain needs, or eliminate them entirely, literally rewarding your Sim for successfully completing objects by spending effort and time on them, which will in the end allow your Sim to spend more time on things they enjoy, or endeavors they wish to pursue, by not having to visit the toilet three times a day, or even hit the bed for several hours a night. Partying all night could literally be a thing for your Sim, should they accrue enough aspiration points - four thousand to be specific - to be able to acquire the never weary reward trait.

Not all reward traits eliminate the maintenance of needs though, others influence how many children your Sim will have when giving birth, such as triplets, or will increase the quality of plants harvested.

When you first create your Sim, or when they age up into a teenager from a child (as children have a different subset of aspirations) you are able to choose your Sim’s first aspiration. This is usually what your Sim will foremost specialize in, such as their career. Like Master Chef for cooks or Painter Extraordinaire for artists.

Choosing a specific aspiration in itself will grant your Sim a special trait unique to that aspiration. Contrary to how it may seem, you do not need to complete the whole aspiration before you acquire this unique aspiration trait. On top of the large sum of satisfaction points your Sim earns from completing all the goals of the aspiration, there is also a reward trait. This reward trait has a similar bonus to that of the trait given with the aspiration uniquely, but at a more fine-tuned degree. These reward traits are balanced, but not inherently equal with one another, and make completing an aspiration well worth the journey.

There is a further reason to completing an aspiration for your Sim though, beyond just the large sum of satisfaction points and the two special and unique traits earned. Upon completing an aspiration, your Sim is able to freely choose from any other aspiration, beginning the journey anew but on a different road tuned to another skill and walk of life. Your Sim can theoretically complete every single aspiration out there, but without artificially prolonging their life with a cow plant or turning off the aging feature, it would be a challenge to complete just one aspiration for your Sim on the normal lifespan setting, while you could feasibly complete three with the lifespan of the aging feature set to long.

There are multiple categories to aspirations, and within those categories can be a couple to a few aspirations to choose from. Creativity has diverting branches after all, funneling into painting, writing, and music.

There is athletic, which has bodybuilder; creativity which has painter extraordinaire, bestselling author, and musical genius; deviance which has public enemy and chief of mischief; family which has successful lineage and big happy family; food which has master chef and master mixologist; fortune which has fabulously wealthy and mansion baron; knowledge which has renaissance sim, computer whiz, and nerd brain; love which has serial romantic and soulmate; nature which has freelance botanist, angling ace, and the curator; and finally popularity which has joke star, friend of the world, and party animal.

In the Sims 3, aspirations were once lifetime wishes that encompassed some part of a Sim’s life in a goal format. They were not as extensive with their requirements as the Sim’s 4 aspirations, and neither as fine tuned to the expansiveness of a Sim’s skills. Whereas you have aspirations revolving entirely around the growth and reach of a Sim’s skills, or part of their life such as with riches or socialization, in the Sims 3 you had vague lifetime wishes to reach level ten of the journalistic career branch, or the lifetime wish to see the ghost of your rich and deceased spouse. Many lifetime wishes were added to the Sims 3 over the course of expansion installments, as they added further aspects to the Sims 3, but in the Sims 4 the aspirations are well rounded to encompass much of what Sims can possibly do. Hopefully there will be more aspirations added in future expansions, regarding what skills they will add to the game, and what kind of activities your Sim can do, but it may not be as far reaching as Sims 3’s added lifetime wishes were because Sims 4’s aspirations already cover so much.

Please keep in mind that this page, and guide, is still a work in progress, and more of the aspirations will be added to the game as they are researched.

Friend of the World

Found under the popularity aspiration selection, friend of the world comes with the gregarious bonus trait if selected when your Sim is first crafted in create a sim mode. The gregarious bonus trait will speed up the rate in which your Sim develops and strengthens friendly based relationships, whether they are families or just neighbors. The gregarious bonus trait can be exceptionally helpful in completing any of the popularity aspirations, and will continue to facilitate your Sim cultivating a greater number of relationships than he or she could otherwise in a shorter period of time, requiring less time overall in order to maintenance those friendly based relationships, so your Sim has time to spend on other things, should your Sim wish to.

The friend of the world aspiration focuses on building a large repertoire of friendships, from best friends forever, to twenty five total friendships with other Sims, which is basically the whole town. Although this can be one of the most time consuming and difficult aspirations, the reward trait is well worth it, as the reward trait is Beloved. Beloved will eliminate the presence of the game mechanic that slowly decays the relationship strength with other Sims over time, which in unbuffed gameplay, pushes your Sim to maintain and keep up those relationships, ‘less your Sim and their friends fall out of touch, just as it would be in actual life.

The total satisfaction points gained from completing Friend of the World is four thousand and eight hundred, enough to buy even the most expensive traits in the game.

New in Town - First Milestone

  • Introduce self to ten Sims: Seventy five satisfaction points is received from this one.
  • Make five friends: Seventy five satisfaction points is also received from completing this one. Frankly whether or not your Sim has the friend of the world aspiration, having around seven friends is actually an agreeable amount of relationships for your Sim to have and maintain, however for some players depending on the number of Sims per the player’s household, this number may be too much to maintain regularly as relationships do in fact decay over time. Despite that, a Sim that is pursuing the friend of the world aspiration probably will not find having a wealth of friends disagreeable, and will furthermore be necessary to proceed even past the first milestone, called new in town.

Well Liked - Second Milestone

  • Make a best friend forever: Two hundred and fifty satisfaction points are received from completing this one. There isn’t technically a best friend’s forever request that can be made of another Sim, as once your Sim becomes good friends with another Sim there will then be, so long as the relationship is of sufficient strength, an option to become best friends. Make sure this interaction completely goes through, and this goal will be completed.
  • Meet someone new in five different locations: Three hundred satisfaction points are received from completing this goal. Just about any location that is separated by a zone, or loading screen, will count towards this goal. Your Sim’s home lot will also count towards it, but for only one. Pick a time when every other Sim in your household is either asleep, or at work, and this won’t bother the rest of the household much at all by hopping around to different places.
  • Be friends with at least two neighbors: Two hundred satisfaction points are received from completing this goal. If your Sim, or some other Sim in your household, hasn’t already met your neighbors, it is necessary to do so now, try picking sometime around 3 PM in the afternoon to make the chances high that your neighbors will not be out at work or asleep when your Sim visits them at their door. It is fairly often that your neighbors will be wandering about on the neighborhood street, but some of them just seem to be shut ins. However if when your Sim visits a neighborhood home, or knocks on their door, and the interaction is grayed out with the statement ‘nobody is at home…’, then you will need to save your game and select the manage worlds option from the menu after hitting ESC during live mode. From there you can either create your own Sim household to be your family’s neighbors, or you can move in a preexisting household into the homes in the area. Make sure that there will be an actual home for your neighbors to move into though, and that at least two Sims will be moved into the neighborhood, just in case there is only one other lot available there. The neighborhood sections that have the fifty by fifty lots only have one other lot on the street, so it is likely that actually is the case. And once you are finished, be sure to check the option to disallow aging except on Sims in your active household, should you wish for your town to not inevitably have Sims dying off in droves.

Musical Genius

The musical genius aspiration can be found under the creativity aspirations, and if chosen from the create a sim mode, your Sim will step into life with the muser bonus trait. This is an essential reward trait for any Sim that will pursue creative endeavors during their life and career, as it boosts the influence inspiration has over creative skills, such as writing, painting, and cooking.

However the musical genius aspiration itself has its own reward trait upon completing all of its milestones and goals. This reward trait is named Piper, within the game the trait Piper is described that the piper knows an arsenal of songs that have significant power over others. Unfortunately it is somewhat underwhelming, although unique in its own way, as under the piper interaction menu your piper Sim can compel other Sims to become tired, to clean the house, to leave, or to just change into formalwear. It is amusing if anything, even if not as powerful as reward traits for other aspirations.

Tone-Deaf - First Milestone

  • Practice Music for Six Hours: Seventy five satisfaction points. Your Sim is just beginning their skillset for music, so they are going to naturally need to spend several hours strumming their instruments, learning the ebb and flow of the songs as they climb the skill levels of the violin, the guitar, and the piano.
  • Listen to Music for Four Hours: Fifty satisfaction points. Your Sim is going to be more compelled to immerse themselves in the environment of any genre of music from a stereo, or a fellow musician that happens to be playing their instrument nearby, if they have the music lover trait. With the music lover trait, your Sim is going to get strong moodlets from listening deeply to music, and will receive a greater amount of fun from listening to it as well.

Fine Tuned - Second Milestone

  • Achieve Level Six in an Instrument: One hundred and fifty satisfaction points are awarded from this. This will take some many hours for your Sim to achieve, so it is better to focus on just one instrument, rather than spreading your Sim’s time across all three. Any instrument is a solid choice, however if your Sim is climbing the ranks of the musician branch of the entertainer career then most immediately your Sim is going to need a high level in the guitar, so that would be an optimal selection.
  • Earn 100 Simoleons Playing for Tips: Three hundred and fifty satisfaction points are gained from this. This too ends up being a requirement for the entertainer career too, but the two are less likely to coincidence with each other, and the tracker for the entertainer career is not retroactive, unlike how the game tracks information and tallies for aspirations. Try taking your Sim to a park, a bar, or even a social event where there will be a lot of Sims milling around, so that your Sim has the greatest chance for other Sims to watch your Sim playing their instrument and offer some tips. Your Sim will need a few skill levels in their instrument to begin receiving tips in decent amounts though.
  • Serenade a Sim while flirty: Two hundred satisfaction points are gained from this. This is easiest achieved while on a date with a Sim that is a romantic interest of your musician Sim. Simply choosing romantic interactions with your Sim’s date will eventually push the two of them into a flirty mood, although all that is required for this goal is that your own Sim is in a flirty mood. Be careful to not tread the waters too boldly, as coming across too strong on a romantic interest will turn the conversation to awkward, or even horrendous, as it may offend your Sim’s date. This is less likely to happen though if the two of them are on a date, and are already each other’s romantic interest. Anything less than that, and the chances are high that the conversation will turn either awkward or offensive, which will not push either Sim into a flirty mood. There are also some other ways to push your Sim into a flirty mood, such as eating those flirty cookies, trying on outfits in front of the mirror, watching romantic television, and even reading a romance novel.

Harmonious - Third Milestone

  • Achieve level eight in the skill of any instrument: Five hundred satisfaction points from this. This is just a step up from the previous milestone’s goal, so it should be easy to achieve just a couple more levels in the same instrument that level six was reached.
  • Write four different songs: four hundred satisfaction points from this. Your Sim is going to need to reach level eight in an instrument before they have access to the ability of writing any songs, in which they can do from a menu that is available on the instrument itself. Your Sim is only able to publish one song a week, for whatever reason, so by writing four songs in a row will create a backlog worth of a month, but your Sim is not restricted to only writing one per week, it’s just for publishing it through the mailbox - which is where anything written is published, such as books.
  • Earn one thousand simoleons from licensed songs: five hundred satisfaction points from this. Your Sim is going to need level nine in any of the instrument skills in order to actually publish the songs they have written, but likely by the time they have completed the other two goals, they will be able to do so. The royalties received from a song licensed through the mailbox will be received every day, so it may take a while until this goal is fulfilled. This is one of the largest stopgaps that your Sim will meet that they cannot directly influence by brute forcing through concentrated effort on an activity, since the amount of simoleons received is restricted by the game’s mechanics.

Musical Genius - Fourth Milestone

  • Achieve level ten in an instrument: One thousand satisfaction points from completing this one. It is possible that your Sim will have achieved this prior to even reaching the fourth milestone, should they have concentrated mostly on just one instrument, either the violin, the guitar, or the piano.
  • Spend one hundred total hours playing musical instruments: one thousand satisfaction points from this one. One hundred hours will seem a lot more than it actually is, as it takes just about that many in order to master a skill, and perform all the other needed tasks your Sim has to do in order to rapidly raise their work performance and fulfill the requirements for promotion at their entertainer career.
  • Mentor others in music for fifteen hours: Seven hundred and fifty satisfaction points from completing this one. Having your musical genius Sim mentor others in the art of music will probably be the only goal not already completed prior to reaching the fourth milestone, as unless your household has a bunch of children running around, there is not many reasons to push your Sim to teach others in the ways of the piano. At least the hour requirement is not as stringent as how many hours total need to be spent playing musical instruments in general, but again by the time your musical genius Sim reaches the fourth milestone, they likely will have already wiled away more than one hundred hours on the violin, the guitar, or even the piano.


The only athletic aspiration there is actually is Bodybuilder. Since there are no other skills that revolve around exercise in some way, such as swimming, one can see why this is so. By choosing this athletic aspiration, bodybuilder, from the create a Sim mode, your Sim will have the reward trait called high metabolism. This reward trait, high metabolism, will lessen the requirements for your Sim to improve their health, shape, and physique. Unlike in the previous installments of the Sims franchise, the actual foods your Sim eats will influence their weight, either be increasing it or by keeping it off.

Sooner than you know it you might notice that your Sim is packing on the pounds, most particularly when they do not engage in any kind of exercise every few days and most of what they eat is fatty foods like fried foods, tiered cakes, and ice cream. For some players that doesn’t matter at all to them, but it will not maintain their appearance as they were originally created, and there can be quite the span of diversity in what weight levels Sims can maintain. So with the high metabolism reward trait, your Sim will be able to eat just about anything to their heart’s desire, and rapidly work off those pounds while maintaining a perfect figure. Although just because your Sim does in fact have the high metabolism reward trait, doesn’t mean that they can neglect regular exercise if they are consuming cakes daily.

From completing the bodybuilder aspiration, your Sim will receive a total of five thousand and fifty aspiration points, along with the reward trait long lived. Although your Sim is going to need to spend close to a hundred hours exercising over the time it takes to complete the bodybuilder aspiration, your Sim will in the long run live a longer life due to the reward trait long lived. However the reward trait long lived is not going to protect your beloved Sim from any accidental deaths, such as from starvation, or laughing themselves to death when in the hysterical state, the third tier of playful that comedians can fall prey to most particularly.

Basic Trainer - First Milestone

  • “Work Out for 8 Total Hours”: A mere fifty satisfaction points are earned from completing this goal. Anything that is considered some form of exercise will contribute to this tally, even if it is just a burst of pushups on the ground.
  • “Own 2 Pieces of Workout Equipment”: This goal also awards fifty satisfaction points. Starting out a new game with your Sim family will really put this goal, and there for its whole aspiration on the backburner as workout equipment does not come cheap. The punching bag only cost 160 simoleons, but there isn’t much use in having two, as there would be use in having a treadmill and a weight lifting machine. Still losing just 160 simoleons isn’t much, so if you want to push this aspiration ahead on an early game without having to sink the simoleons into a treadmill or weight lifting machine, you can. However later on your Sim is going to need to use both of those machines anyway, although the gym can be visited, albeit frequently which can be an inconvenience.

Exercise Demon - Second Milestone

  • “Go Jogging for 10 Total Hours”: Three hundred satisfaction points come from completing the first goal. This is exactly where bodybuilder starts to slow down. Spending ten hours total jogging takes longer than it really seems like it would be, because your Sim will not jog indefinitely until they become exhausted, or simply just do not jog as long as they will exercise while kickboxing, running on the treadmill, or even lift weighting, despite that lifting weights should be much more exhausting in a quicker span of time than jogging is. But there is nothing stopping you from queuing up multiple instances of jogging. It is important to start rising your Sim’s fitness skill early on though, as it is one of the slower rising skills if your Sim is not athletic, so keep them in an energized mood by taking brisk showers, brewing a pot of run oolong from the tea magic personal brewer appliance, or even drinking an energy drink if your Sim chose bodybuilder from the create a Sim mode, which is found by clicking on your Sim and selecting the interaction.

And despite how it may seem, using the treadmill will not count towards the jogging tally, as technically it is running as opposed to jogging unfortunately.

  • “ Push the Limits for 1 Hour While Energized”: Two hundred and fifty satisfaction points are earned from completing the second goal. Your Sim is just going to need to sufficiently exercise until they are starting to get worn out, but the tricky part is that they need to still be energized, or else pushing the limits while working out just will not fulfill this goal. Try drinking coffee if the moodlet has worn out, as that should push your Sim into an energized state, and then push the limits while working out as much as your Sim is able to, and it should complete this goal.
  • “Work Out at 3 Different Lots”: Three hundred satisfaction points are received from completing the third goal of the second milestone. The game considers any different, separate place your Sim can travel to as a lot, so naturally your Sim’s own home and street will be considered its own lot. It doesn’t particularly matter where your Sim travels to in order to get his or her work out, but choosing the gym would be a natural choice. Exercising at the gym is not necessary though as your Sim can jog anywhere they like, even do pushups and sit ups that will be considered part of an exercising activity. To get a boost to your Sim’s energized mood, or even to compel them into the emotional state, click on your Sim and have him or her consume an energy drink that will give an energized moodlet for a few hours.

Fit to a T - Third Milestone

  • ”Achieve level six fitness skill.” Five hundred satisfaction points are rewarded for completing this goal. If your Sim doesn’t already have the skill at level six by the third milestone, they are likely just a point or two away, so just push your Sim into an energized state and then ply away at an exercise machine. You could strike up some conversations while doing this, especially at the gym, so they can make some friends while doing so, as after all multitasking works well in the Sims 4.
  • ”Show off for fifteen Sims.” Three hundred and fifty satisfaction points are earned from this goal upon completion. This goal can be a little bit more tedious to complete, as it requires that you use the ‘show off muscles’ social interaction, which can be uncommon to find. Pushing your Sim into an energized state, and engaging in social interactions with your targeted Sim that involve exercise or enthusiasm that is highlighted by the neon green of energized will help the ‘show off muscles’ interaction to be more frequently available. You can at times navigate through the whole friendly interaction web and not find it at all. What makes it really worse is that you cannot reuse this social interaction towards the same Sim. It has to be fifteen different Sims, which can get annoying. Call over as many acquaintances as your Sim has and make a mental note as to which ones your Sim has already shown off his or her muscles to. At least there will be an added bonus to strengthening your Sims relationships with others. Once you’ve run out of acquaintances your Sim has, especially if your Sim was never particularly social or has a small family, visit other entertainment lots during the day when there are more Sims about. Eventually you will get this done with persistence.
  • ”Spend fifty hours total exercising.” Five hundred satisfaction points are gained from this goal. This sounds worse than it is, but eventually your Sim is going to complete this by spending a week at it total.

Bodybuilder - Fourth Milestone

Not to be mistaken with the name of the athletic aspiration itself, bodybuilder is also the fourth milestone of this aspiration. This is the last threshold before your Sim gets that reward trait.

  • “Mentor Fifteen Sims in fitness at the gym”. Seven hundred and fifty satisfaction points from this. What can be easily overlooked is that your Sim is going to need the maximum level of the fitness skill in order to have the social interaction of mentoring another Sim to even begin to complete this goal for the fourth milestone. However one of the other goals requires that your Sim reaches level ten anyway, so this certainly will not be the first goal your Sim is going to complete, but it will be the most inconvenient and annoying since your Sim is going to need to spend the entire time progressing on this goal at the gym, but at least there will be no shortage of Sims to mentor fitness as at least a handful no matter the hour are going to be struggling at the work out machines, sometimes falling on their faces even at the treadmill.
  • ”Achieve level ten fitness skill.” One thousand satisfaction points from this. Eventually your Sim will get this, so long as the time is spent at it. Having your Sim be in an energized state while exercising will increase the rate in which the fitness skill is raised, but having the athletic trait that is chosen from the create a Sim mode will also influence that too. At this point you cannot change that though, unless you use some cheats in order to get the full functionality from the create a sim mode.
  • “Reach Sim’s maximum body.” One thousand satisfaction points from this. This likely has already happened by the time your Sim reaches the fourth milestone, but it is possible that if your Sim has taken an exorbitant amount of time to reach the fourth milestone, by being inconsistent with their training, that they will not already be at the physical peak of their body. This includes both weight and muscle density. However having the high metabolism reward trait by picking the bodybuilder aspiration from the create a Sim mode will shave away any difficulty this might have.

Painter Extraordinaire

This is the aspiration you choose if your Sim is going to be an artist, no matter what kind of style they will master in. Since the painter extraordinaire is a creative aspiration, by choosing this aspiration from the create a Sim mode, your Sim will get the reward trait Muser, which magnifies the influence inspiration has over their creative skills - not just painting. The reward trait from completing the painter extraordinaire aspiration is what is most appealing though, which is called expressionistic.

Your Sim with the expressionistic reward trait will be able to create any emotionally charged type of painting without being under the influence of that kind of mood. This personally imbues the emotion of anger, sadness, flirtiness, playfulness, and confidence into the painting that your Sim creates. However neither the size of the painting can be directed, nor exactly how strong the emotional ambiance is. Excellent paintings tend to have six emotional ambiance, and masterpiece paintings tend to have nine emotional ambiance. In general, this is a very strong emotional décor for an object to have, and furthermore it is something that does not take much floor space, let alone wall space because they are basically small sized paintings. Unfortunately the emotions that an expressionistic Sim can create are not of the full scope of the spectrum, as happiness, energized, and focused are missing. That is somewhat strange as mathematical diagrams, which can be drawn on an easel when a Sim is in a focused mood, will have a focused ambiance.

Completing the whole Painter Extraordinaire will award your Sim with five thousand satisfaction points.

Ill at Easel - First Milestone

  • ”Start three paintings while inspired.” Seventy five satisfaction points from completing this goal. To push your Sim into an inspired mood prior to painting, just have them take a thoughtful shower, your Sim is going to need to take care of their hygiene anyway.
  • ”Paint for five hours.” Seventy five satisfaction points will be gained from completing this goal. Your Sim is going to need to spend several hours painting away at an easel anyway, so this is far from a demanding goal to accomplish, but then the first milestone of any aspiration rarely is, isn’t it?

Fine Artist - Second Milestone

  • ”Achieve Level Five Painting Skill”. Completion of this goal will award your Sim with three hundred satisfaction points. Having the muser trait, and being in an inspired mood, which is fairly easy to achieve for a creative Sim, will have those five hours fly by when painting. Hopefully your Sim has chosen the painter career too, so that some of their progress also goes towards their career so that they will eventually unlock superior easels and inspiring décor objects.
  • ”Sell 10 paintings to collectors or art gallery.” Two hundred and fifty satisfaction points will be awarded for completing this goal. Your Sim only gets access to the ‘sell to art gallery’ option when they are in the painter career, even if it is only the first level. Provided your Sim started out as the painter career when you began the game with them, then your Sim should already be a couple levels into this career. The option to ‘sell to the art gallery’ will always grant a higher amount of simoleons for selling your Sim’s artwork, than selling to a collector will, even if your Sim negotiates with their agent and your Sim gets an offer to sell their artwork, as the extra simoleons your Sim ends up getting just comes in that donation your agent gives, for whatever reason.
  • “Complete three emotional paintings.” Two hundred satisfaction points is awarded for this goal. Your Sim does not need to paint three separate emotions, the three paintings can all be the same painting. The easiest emotional painting to etch out would possibly be the confident one, as all your Sim needs to do is brush their teeth at a sink or psych themselves up in front of a mirror. A flirty painting is also easy to do, as that can be achieved by some romantic interactions with a spouse, or by freshening up in front of a mirror to get a flirty moodlet.

Brushing with Greatness - Third Milestone

  • ”View or admire thirty paintings.” This can be quite the time sink, as your Sim is going to need to view or admire thirty **separate** paintings. This can either be ones your Sim paints, and then immediately sells off once they’ve admired it, paintings that are purchased from buy mode, or those found in the art museum in oasis springs and willow creek. Make sure to have the walls visible during your gameplay when visiting neighbors and the art museum so that you can find all of the pieces of artwork for your Sim to admire in quick succession.
  • ”Complete ten excellent paintings.” This one is just a matter of time, but be sure to keep your Sim in an inspired mood so that they have a higher chance of making excellent quality paintings. Coincidentally, painting masterpieces will also work, but are far less likely to happen at this stage.
  • ”Have twenty five paintings on display.” Your Sim is going to need to increase their painting skills anyway, and will need to continually create paintings in order to fulfill the ten excellent painting criteria, so there is little compelling reason to purchase paintings from the build mode. Perhaps you would anyway in order to decorate your Sim family’s home, but usually with a Sim painter in the home, their paintings do well to adorn much of the walls with some particular paintings that cannot be found by a Sim’s brush on the easel. This can be completed alongside of the view or admire thirty paintings goal, but will take a long time to do.

This goal is retroactive, so whatever is already up on display will be contributing towards the tally, however it is unlikely that with a new Sim family that this will be the case, as frankly works of art hanging on the walls are far from a necessity for a Sim family’s needs. To facilitate acquiring this goal quickly, electing to paint only small paintings will work, as small paintings take drastically less time to complete than larger paintings, and even medium paintings as one would guess. To further speed this along, and increase the skill gain rate for your Sim’s painting, make sure the Sim is in an inspired mood. This is easily achievable with the couple of objects progressing through the painter career gives, which by the time your Sim is on the third milestone for the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration your Sim should have at least two if they started their job when they started their painting.

Painter Extraordinaire - Fourth Milestone

  • ”Achieve level ten painting skill.” One thousand satisfaction points from this goal. Your Sim will inevitably reach this, so speed it along by staying in an inspired mood. A lot of simoleons can be made from the painting skill, and reaching level ten is instrumental to achieving those stacks of green.
  • ”Complete five masterpieces.” Seven hundred and fifty satisfaction points. This is just a matter of time, just like the excellent goal from the third milestone, however there is a reward trait that can be purchased with aspiration points if your Sim is diligent enough in completing their whims. It cost two thousand aspiration points, and is named creative visionary. This reward trait directly influences how frequently your Sim will produce masterworks, so even if this wasn’t a goal for a milestone of the painter extraordinaire aspiration, it would be a reward trait well worth the aspiration points it takes to get it.
  • ”Have sold 15,000 simoleons worth of art to collectors or art gallery.” One thousand satisfaction points will be received by completing this one too. This sounds like quite the goal to tackle, but it really isn’t so long as your Sim makes a few paintings a day, even if they have other hobbies sprinkled in, even something as pointless as flipping through the channels on a television. However all those paintings that you had your Sim adorn across their home can be sold off en mass, and even though they may all be small sized paintings, they will rack up the simoleons which will get your Sim close to completing this high satisfaction point awarding goal.

Master Chef

One of the two aspirations under food, Master Chef is for Sims who want to make high quality meals for their friends and family, while soaring through the ranks of the culinary career. Be warned that in order to complete this particular aspiration, Master Chef, your Sim will indeed need to sign up for the culinary career and reach the fifth level, or else your Sim will not be able to progress beyond the third milestone and will be locked from gaining the reward trait and the huge amount of satisfaction points that can be earned from the fourth milestone.

By choosing the master chef aspiration from the create a Sim mode, when your Sim is first being crafted, your Sim will come into possession of the essence of flavor reward trait. The essence of flavor will natively increase the quality of both food and drink that your Sim makes, which will increase the strength of the moodlets any Sim ingesting the food that your Sim makes receives, which will in turn boost any emotional state that Sim is in, including even your own Sim. Should your Sim be in pursuit of becoming a master chef, the essence of flavor reward trait is well worth it, as the quality of the food they make does make a big difference, unlike how it used to be in previous installments of the Sims franchise because of how the emotional state system works in the Sims 4.

By completing the master chef aspiration, your Sim is going to receive a total of four thousand, six hundred and seventy five satisfaction points. Although this is lower than the average, each milestone can be considered of below average difficulty in terms of effort and time taken by your Sim, however that requirement of having level five in the culinary career will prevent most Sims from completing this aspiration after they have already completed their first, second, or even third ones, much to the displeasure of players who enjoy making their Sims a master of just about everything.

However the reward trait from completing the master chef aspiration is perhaps just as valuable as the reward trait is for picking master chef from the create a Sim mode to begin with. The reward trait for completing the master chef aspiration is fresh chef, which will augment the kind of food your chef Sim creates. The food your chef Sim creates will always be of high quality, and so no Sims will ever be disgusted by the food your Sim makes, and the food your Sim makes will never become spoiled, even if left out for days, weeks, even months. Usually any group meals prepared have to be put away promptly, or they will spoil in a matter of precious hours if they do not find sanctuary inside of a chilled fridge. This can take out a lot of the hassle of food preparation, and yet at the same time allow your Sim to create a whole motley of dishes for your Sims to choose from inside the fridge, or even outside, making a very appealing appearance for your kitchen with the enticing models the meals have as they glitter on their white plates.

Frankly a cook is necessary for a well-played game in any Sim household, so one of your Sims is going to need to learn this skill regardless for those powerful moodlets, so unless your Sim is compelled to follow a different career path, choosing the master chef aspiration is well worth it.

Aluminum Chef - First Milestone

  • Cook Five Excellent Meals: Seventy five satisfaction points are awarded for this. Early on this can be a slow going process because your Sim probably has next to no idea what they are doing in the kitchen, and you’re keeping a close eye on that fire alarm as you’re expecting that any moment now your Sim is going to set fire to the whole kitchen and it is going to end just horribly. Surprisingly, that doesn’t happen too often, so long as you do not let your oven or stove break and keep using it. When an oven or stove breaks, it actually starts to leak a tiny stream of fire, which is rather alarming. As of yet in the game, there are no firemen, so…your own Sims are going to have to handle the fire, and your neighbors are not likely to rush to you raid. Too bad there aren’t any dorm rooms yet where several Sims will start screaming and dancing in front of the fire, while the only one with any sense in their head starts to extinguish the fire long before the firemen ever come to the rescue…
  • Make Five Large Orders of Grilled Cheese: Fifty satisfaction points are awarded for this. If you cannot find the grilled cheese meal to make when cooking under dinner or another type, just select ‘cook…’ when clicking on the fridge, as that will circumvent the meal type restrictions based on the time of day, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even though they will likely eventually spoil, just make the large meals back to back, preferably in one sitting, and keep an eye on the oven breaking. You don’t want your kitchen to go up in flames after all. Try making five large orders of grilled cheese before working directly on the five excellent meals, it is possible you could get lucky and all five orders of grilled cheese end up excellent.

Captain Cook - Second Milestone

  • “Achieve level five cooking skill.” Three hundred satisfaction points is gained from completing this goal. So long as your chef Sim remains inspired, this should be achieved in short order, but since your Sims are only going to consume food so fast, some of it may end up spoiled if you try to push through this goal too quickly. To stop that from happening, just host some social events and your guests will gobble up all the food in short order. You won’t have to hire a chef either, so that helps too.
  • “Cook ten meals while inspired.” Two hundred and fifty satisfaction points is gained from accomplishing this one. This may already be completed by the time your Sim gets to the second milestone, but since it is so early on, it may not be. Generally your Sim should always be in an inspired mood while cooking so that the quality of the meal they create is higher. If you are having trouble keeping them in an inspired mood, just have them take a thoughtful shower or analyze a book if your Sim is a bookworm. There is also a cooking show on the television to take advantage of.
  • ”Earn silver at a dinner party event.” Two hundred and fifty satisfaction points is awarded from this goal. Since your Sim is a chef anyway, they will be able to excel at hosting social events. Their exceptional skills at cooking can even be an excuse to hold an excessive amount of social events too. Social events are rated from bronze, silver, to gold, and have a limited amount of time in order to fulfill enough objectives in order to earn those medals. For a chef Sim it shouldn’t be difficult at all to achieve the silver rating. The most influential aspect over the medal score of the social event is the major goal, such as have the host socialize with guests fifteen times. It is fairly randomized though, so it will not always be the same thing, and some objectives are slower to achieve, or more difficult to achieve than others. Just make sure there isn’t a small number of guests and it should go fine.

Culinary Artist - Third Milestone

  • “Become an Adult”: For an inexplicable reason, this goal is also completed when your Sim is a young adult too, although that may just be a bug so this could be a temporary occurrence. You could forcefully level up your Sim if you need to by baking a cake. It is hardly much of an achievement, unless your Sim is incredibly accident prone, and usually that is only by the player pushing them to do dangerous things, such as repairing an electronic while under the dazed emotional state which subjects them to lethal harm should an injury occur while repairing.
  • Reach Level Five in the Culinary Career: Five hundred satisfaction points are gained from this one. This is the goal that is the largest roadblock in the entire master chef aspiration, which prevents Sims that are not dedicated to the art of cooking from completing it if they do not want to quit their jobs that take an incredible amount of time to rise through the ranks for.
  • Create Eight Types of Excellent Food: Five hundred satisfaction points come from completing this goal too. Your Sim needs to create eight different types of excellent food, so they cannot be eight dishes of bacon, lettuce, and tomato. They can either be single serving, family size, or party size, which it is doesn’t matter. There are far more than just eight different types of dishes that can be made, so you may as well just click down the list until the goal is completed. Even if you do put away the meals though, you can still check their quality to see if your Sim has made an excellent quality version of that dish yet or not. Just be sure this doesn’t go on too long, or you may lose track of which dishes your Sim has made excellent quality versions of already.

Master Chef - Fourth and Final Milestone

  • “Cook twenty excellent large meals”: By the time your chef Sim has reached the fourth milestone of the master chef aspiration, likely your Sim has already made twenty excellent quality meals, but it is more the subject of question if they are large serving sizes. Generally there is not much reason to actually not make large serving sizes, even though they do cost double the amount in simoleons, twenty five simoleons really is not that much different versus twelve simoleons, especially when your Sims actually are making a living wage from their careers. If your Sim hasn’t though, just make sure they are inspired to increase their chances at making good quality meals, and that none of their needs are low, so that they are not at risk of being uncomfortable. And if your Sim is going to need to make several dishes at once, be sure that there is another Sim at the home, even if it is just a Sim visiting, in case a fire breaks out so that they can be extinguished. Having your Sim catch on fire suddenly can be quite the alarming experience.
  • “Achieve level five gourmet cooking skill”: The gourmet cooking skill involves dishes that are generally fancier and higher class, so it is like having access to a whole new slew of dishes that the regular cooking skill just doesn’t have. Getting your Sim’s gourmet cooking skill at least up to five is good so that they can get stronger moodlets from cooking, and serve dishes that are more to your Sim’s family and guests satisfaction, and consequently your Sim’s own since he or she does get satisfaction points from this too.
  • “Cook five gourmet dishes at a single event”: Since there is a limited amount of time that any event is going to last, it may be a better idea for your Sim to not be the host of this social event should there be any other Sims a part of your Sim’s household that can be the host instead, so that your Sim can dedicate all of their time to just cooking out an assembly line of gourmet meals for all the guests. Your chef Sim, should he or she be stuck as the host or hostess too, can always just ignore the goals of that social event, because it is not necessary to even get a silver rating to be able to complete this goal for the fourth milestone of the master chef aspiration.

Freelance Botanist

The freelance botanist is one of the three nature aspirations in the game that comes with the collector reward trait should this aspiration be chosen from the create a Sim mode, when your Sim is initially designed from scratch. The collector reward trait increases the chances your Sim is going to find rare collectibles, so perhaps this isn’t the most wanted of reward traits when choosing an aspiration as it influences items like gemstones, figurines, frogs, elements, and fossils. For filling out the collectible catalog it would be though.

The freelance botanist doesn’t have a matching career as of the patch in November, as December is due to release additional unnamed careers, but gardening is more of an at home hobby anyway, even though it used to be an influencing requirement for the scientist career track. Gardening can be its own kind of career though, as some of the produce can be high value, particularly when combined with certain reward traits that amplify the amount of simoleons goods are worth. Blackberries in particular are a high value plant, which can be found in the park at oasis springs, once they have grown enough to either be grafted or harvested. It will take some time while inside the zone of that park for them to do that though, so it can be a hassle.

By completing the freelance botanist, your Sim will earn four thousand, nine hundred and twenty five aspiration points - slightly lower than the average for aspirations, but not by much. The trait your Sim is rewarded with by completing every milestone of the freelance botanist aspiration is called naturalist. Perhaps not what many players would be expecting, the naturalist reward trait makes your Sim immune to any source of fire, and is subsequently fearless of it. They would basically have reason to be fearful of it, but just because your Sim is immune to fire, doesn’t mean everything else isn’t, such as the tiles, the rugs, the couches, and even other Sims in the household. They will be the ultimate protector in this regard, but it does seem to be highly irrelevant to gardening. It is not as if plants spontaneously combust into flames, nor are there any meteor showers that might crash into the garden, also setting them aflame in the wreckage. The only major, if even the only possible sources of fire are from ovens and fireplaces. Perhaps this just would be the only place that could potentially make some sense in gaining an immunity to fire, and purchasing the trait for an immunity for fire may seem unbalanced, but it is a stretch.

Naturewalker - First Milestone

  • “Plant something ten times”: Fifty satisfaction points are earned from completing this first goal. The best way to get your Sim’s gardening skill up is by tending a garden, and to first begin to do so, your Sim must plant some things. To do so, you either need to purchase some seeds from a garden planter box which can be found in the outdoor plants section under trees inside of the build mode, or you can harvest from wild plants naturally found in just about any zone in either of the two towns. There are even some plants in the nearby area of your Sim’s own lot and home, but if you have not been in the area too long then the plants will not be ready to be harvested. To begin planting, drag over the item from your Sim’s inventory once they have already harvested, collected it, or opened the seed packet, and place it in the spot that you desire to physically plant it. Each garden planter box can take up to four different plants, or just one tree, since trees are much larger in size. Trees only count as one plant, as you may be better off trying to plant a bunch of vegetables, flowers, or herbs.

Make sure to keep tending to those plants that you put down for this goal, as you will need them in the future for the freelance botanist aspiration.

  • “Weed or water ten plants”: Seventy five satisfaction points are earned from completing this second goal. Weeding and watering is a habitual process of tending to your Sim’s garden, so this will be achieved in no time, though if you or your Sim has just about no interest in doing any of those things, the garden will soon perish, so your Sim would be better off choosing another aspiration, as nothing stops him or her from doing so.

Garden Variety - Second Milestone

  • “Achieve level five gardening skill”: This will take some time to do, probably more so than other skills because there is only so much that can be done to the garden in a set period of time, since they need time to grow, to need to be watered and weeded, but getting to a higher level is necessary in order to access the additional activities a part of gardening. Should you wish to boost your Sim to a higher level of gardening quicker, there are some alternatives than just tending the garden directly. Harvesting from the garden too soon, even if they appear to be ready, will also result in smaller yields, as the longer the plants are in a harvestable state, the more produce they will have to offer until a set point. You can visually see how large the yield is on the plant by looking at it, to a degree.

Your Sim can either purchase some gardening skill books to read, to slowly rise their skill, they can talk about gardening a little bit, or else they can prune a bonsai tree that will raise their skill gradually. The bonsai tree needs to be periodically trimmed. Alternatively you could just make the Sim’s garden excessively huge, but this will soon enough become too large for your Sim to handle, as a garden is a time intensive thing to take care of in general, but all plants eventually die off as they can only be harvested from around ten times anyway, so the overlarge garden can be essentially be pruned in this manner while also offering the quickest avenue of raising your Sim’s gardening skill. Try to have your Sim focused while gardening as this will increase the rate in which their skill rises, even though it has usually been regarded as a creative skill, even having your Sim in a creative mood tends to bring about whims to plant something or harvest something oddly.

  • “Evolve ten different plants”: Your Sim can only begin to evolve plants once they have both reached a high enough skill in gardening and the plants in the garden have been sufficiently taken care of long enough, and have been around long enough too. Evolving a plant will increase the quality of the plant, and ergo the quality of the harvest it will offer. It can take some time in order to evolve that many plants, as each one has to be physically a different plant, but fertilizing the plants will shorten the time it takes for a plant to be ready to be evolved. You can tell visually when a plant is ready to be evolved when it startles to visibly sparkle like it is a vampire from twilight.
  • “Harvest from twenty different plants”: Your Sim will probably already have this goal completed, and if not, it will be shortly in the struggle to complete the other two goals in the second milestone of the freelance botanist aspiration.

Nature Nurturer - Third Milestone

  • “Achieve level eight in the gardening skill”: This will be slow going, but possible with a large garden that is persistently taken care of. That is the key to gardening overall, consistence and persistence. Make sure your Sim doesn’t forget his or her garden, but also doesn’t over harvest it, or the plants will perish prematurely without as large as a yield as they could have. However that does not matter too greatly pertaining to your Sim’s skill, and waiting for actual full harvesting yields may just slow down the process overall.
  • “Graft onto ten plants”: Grafting is only accessible at higher skill levels, just like evolving. It is a crucial aspect to gardening, again just like evolving, as your Sim can create new species of plants that cannot be found in the wild this way, such as the enigmatic and rare cow plant. It doesn’t particularly matter what your Sim literally grafts onto a plant, but it will change the quantity of yields if the plant does not transform into a different species of plant, as it will be growing two different types of a plant at once. Some species of plant still cannot be obtained by grafting and splicing though, such as the U.F.O plant that can only be found from explorations in space from the rocket ship, used by the rocket science skill - completely separate from gardening coincidentally.

Some suggested plants to create are the dragonfruit, which can be created by grafting a strawberry with a snapdragon, an orchid which is created by grafting a snapdragon with a lily, and also a death flower which is created by grafting an orchid with a pomegranate. The death flower will make your Sim immune to death while they have one in their inventory, and it can also be used to make the ambrosia recipe which can artificially and temporarily lengthen the lifespan of your Sims, another way that expends effort in order to make your Sims live longer, instead of just setting the lifespan setting to long - which makes it an absurd amount, so much so they may as well never die.

The cow plant can be created, other than being found during an exploration mission in a rocket ship, by grafting dragonfruit with snapdragon.

  • “Fertilize ten plants”: A necessary but crucial part of gardening, fertilizing a Sim’s plants is going to increase their quality and shorten the time needed to be able to evolve them. Most plants can be used as fertilization, but so can fish and frogs. Fish is generally the best source of fertilization, however it does require cultivating another skill. A Sim with the nerd trait excels at fishing.

Freelance Botanist - Fourth Milestone

  • ”Have Ten Happy Plants at Once.” One thousand satisfaction points is gained from this. Likely if your Sim has been tending to his or her garden over the weeks they already have well over ten different plants that are long since happy, but if your Sim has been neglecting his or her garden, even if infrequently, then the plants may be in a sour state. Keep tending to them, and they should recover, especially with watering, even if it does take a lot of your Sim’s time, that is just what gardening incurs.
  • ”Evolve ten excellent plants.” One thousand satisfaction points. This can be the more difficult goal to achieve, as it takes a while to get plants into such a high quality. This is similar to having ten happy plants at once though, in that it takes persistence to achieve.
  • ”Achieve level ten gardening skill.” Five hundred and fifty satisfaction points from hitting the maximum level for your Sim’s gardening skill. Every true gardener Sim is going to want to do this, so that they can make loads of simoleons from gardening, better than a musician would really.

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