Galactic United Nations

The Galactic United Nations (G.U.N.) is a civilisation of the Galactic Milieu, represented in Freeciv representation by the United Nations.

The Galaxies Online project, an ambitious plan to begin colonising distant galaxies with robotic mining colonies, was not something the core civilisations of the Milieu was eager to leave entirely to commercial enterprises such as General Mining Corp and General Retirement Corp.

Thus the Galactic United Nations was chartered and established on a planet at an undisclosed location, a planet intended to serve as a galactic diplomacy planet. (See CrossCiv. See also the planet known as D5.)

The Galactic United Nations issued its own blockchain-based currency, United Nations Scrip.

The actual timelines of the establishment of the Galactic United Nations and of the establishment of its currency, as compared to other timelines within the Galactic Milieu, has not yet been established. Presumably though it happened some time after both the British of the planet known as B29 and the Canadians of the planet known as C29 began establishing interstellar colonies using warp-capable starships. It seems likely too that the Martians were involved, thus that the Martians were by then in contact with both B29 and C29.

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