Gain A Learning Edge

What propels one executive to succeed while another, equally capable, is left behind? It all boils down to the ability and passion to learn.

The best learners are the most valuable managers in their companies. The manager who demonstrates both stronger skills and the ability to learn at an accelerated rate is the person most often selected for promotion.

No one enters management's ranks with all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

Competence must be cultivated from experiences throughout the course of a career. Learning from experience may occur over time. It is intentional learning, however, that puts one a step ahead.

Personal Learning Strategies. To make the intentional learning process easier, a model with five interlocking steps was developed: Select, Map, Review, and Target, or SMART.

The first step is to select a goal that's vital to you and your company. Look into the future and decide the necessities for the company's success and your proficiencies to keep up with it

Once you've determined where you think your company is headed and what proficiencies you need, you are ready to pick a learning goal. Your learning goal should be as clear as possible so that you can formulate specific action steps and measure your accomplishments.

You must have a learning map or a detailed plan so that learning becomes deliberate and measurable. Identify the action steps needed to reach your goal. You should have at least one action step that can be accomplished at the end of the week. List down the resources you can tap for learning.

The third step is to act on your plan. Start immediately. Within the first week you should accomplish the first task you set for yourself in the action portion of your plan.

At the end of each month, write a paragraph on what you accomplished and how much you learned.

Review and evaluate what you have learned. We rarely take time to reflect on our experience in a way that helps us become even better at it.

Lastly, target your next learning goal, making conscious use of what you have recently learned. Once your new learning has been incorporated into your activities, you can begin the goal-setting process again and approach that you can use for the rest of your career.

In A Whole New World Of TQM

After completing separate four-day Total Quality Management-Continuous Improvement (TQM-CI) education courses, Makati-based supervisors are now in the process of organizing themselves into Natural Management and/or Work Teams.

The supervisor participated in workshops conducted at the Holiday Inn. Serving as facilitators for both training were TQM facilitators Juan Gabriel Sison (Director for Sales) and Eric Ong (Group Product Manager).

During the closing rites for these workshops, President and Gen. Manager George A. Error encouraged the participants to actively take part in our ongoing corporate effort on continuous improvement for customer satisfaction. Marketing Vice President Alejandro T. Castillo and Corporate Secretary and Treasurer/Jaime W. Ong, both members of the Makati Senior Steering Team, also urged the supervisor-graduates to use their newly-learned TQM concepts in achieving their respective department work goals.

Senior Manager Bonifacio D. Quiaoit, TQM Coordinator explained that the education process for all Makati-based supervisory and non-supervisory employee were completed.

As members of Natural Management/Work Teams in their respective divisions and departments, the new supervisor-graduates will regularly meet and begin to implement Total Quality Management procedure. To provide full support in this undertaking are the newly-trained Makati-based 50 monthly-salaried workers and 21 managers and senior executives.

The Makati Senior Steering Team, which had been organized earlier, will provide focus for the implementation of continuous improvement projects throughout Makati’s various offices. These include the Marketing, Tax, Legal and Insurance, and Makati Administrative Services groups.

Fidel V. Ramos was Del Monte's most honored guest. Like many guests before him, Ramos discussed business with our management team, played golf at our championship course and stayed the night at the Lodge. Fidel V. Ramos and Assistant for Mindanao Paul Dominguez get a firsthand briefing on Del Monte's business from George A. Error. Business dialogue, Ramos exchanges business views with Del Monte's management staff. A golden moment, Cannery Director Isabelo V. Dejos, Employee and Community Relations Director Adrian C. Pabayo, Fidel V. Ramos, Mrs. Normita Error, DMPI Pres. and Gen. Manager George A. Error, Plantation Director Ronald E. Lorton, Corp. Engineering Group Manager Godofredo D. Arinzo, Finance Group Manager Domingo R. Capistrano, TQM Coordinator Bonifacio D. Quiaoit, Finance Vice President David J. Brennan, Corp. Personnel Senior Manager Severino V. Tabasuares, Logistics Director Francisco C. Elicaiio and Assistant for Mindanao Paul Dominguez. Golfing buddies, Assistant for Mindanao Paul Dominguez, former Phil. Ambassador Emmanuel N. Pelnez, Manolo Fortich (Bukidnon) Mayor Johnny Albarece, DMPI Pres. & Gen. Manager George A. Error, ace golfer Frankie Miiioztl, Fidel V. Ramos, Philippine Tourism Authority Gen. Manager Eduardo Joaquin, Philippine National Bank Director Pedro Nisperos, Presidential Adviser for Military Affairs Gen. Carlos Taiiega, Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Leonardo Quisumbing, DM Golf Club officer Rey Cuerdo, Finance Vice President David Brennan and ECR Director Adrian C. Pabayo.

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