Funhouse Season 2 Episode 13

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This is the final episode in the second season of The Sopranos. In Funhouse, Tony deals with a series of delirious dreams brought on by a serious bout of food poisoning, and Tony and his crew learn that Big Pussy Bonpensiero is an informant.

Episode Recap


Mama Has to G

Tony and his sister Barbara show up at their mother's house to figure out her living arrangements. They want her to either move in with Tony and Carmela or move in with Barbara, but Livia refuses. Angry, Tony warns her that she needs to leave permanently and gives her two flight tickets to Arizona. The tickets are for her and Quintina, his aunt.

Restaurant Disaster

Tony, Big Pussy and Silvio are at Artie Bucco's restaurant eating while discussing a credit card scheme that Tony has come up with. Prior to eating at Artie's restaurant, Tony had eaten at an Indian restaurant. That night, Tony wakes up from a vivid and troubling nightmare with severe diarrhea and vomiting. Tony dreamed that he'd met up with his friends on the boardwalk to inform them that he'd been diagnosed with terminal cancer and he'd come to accept it. However, his friends tell him that rather than suffer through the agonizing pain and slow process of cancer, that he had decided to kill himself and they commended his bravery. Tony drenches himself with gasoline and Paulie lights a Zippo. Just before the explosion, Christopher wonders if the doctors were wrong about the diagnosis, but it's too late.

More Feverish Dreams

Carmela thinks that Tony received food poisoning from Artie's restaurant, but none of the other guys got sick from eating there. Tony realizes he got food poisoning from the Indian restaurant and contacts the doctor. He has a dream about having sex with his therapist, and he has another dream about watching himself play cards with Paulie. In the dream, Paulie says something and Tony shoots him dead. At Dr. Melfi's, Tony is very irate and tells Dr. Melfi about his sex dream before storming out of her office.

A Prophetic Dream about Big Pussy

Locked in yet another feverish dream, Tony is talking to Big Pussy who is a fish. The fish version of Big Pussy hints at the fact that he's working for the government. The fish version of Big Pussy also mentions the clichéd expression about sleeping with the fishes. Later in the episode, Tony and Silvio search Pussy's room and find a piece of incriminating evidence: his wiretap.

The Boat Trip

Silvio and Tony invite Big Pussy on a boating trip with them. They meet up with Paulie Walnuts and set sail together. Tony asks Pussy how long he has been flipping information as an informant. At first, Tony tries to deny it all but when they put pressure on him, he admits to being an informant but says he never gave the Feds any major information. Pussy asks for a drink, and Paulie pours them all a drink. They have some light chitchat while Big Pussy throws back shot after shot. Overwhelmed by the situation and starting to feel the buzz of the alcohol, Pussy asks if he can take a seat. He doesn't want them to shoot him in his face, so Tony, Paulie and Silvio kill him without shooting his face. They bind his body and toss him in the water.

The “Fun” Continues

Not long after Big Pussy's murder, Livia phones Carmela because she's being detained at the airport for possessing stolen tickets. Shortly after, FBI agents raid Tony Soprano's home with a search warrant. An agent searches Tony's car and finds the stolen airline tickets. They arrest Tony and take him in for questioning. During this particular run-in with the law, Tony almost falls from weakness and tells the officers that he has food poisoning. He contacts his lawyer who is able to quickly get him out on bail.

Meadow Graduates

Tony is released from jail just in time to make it to his daughter's graduation the next day. The season finale ends with the families celebrating Meadow's success. Many images play across the screen during the celebration, various images of the illegal dealings of the mob boss and his crew.

Special Occurrences

Livia's sister Quintina makes her first appearance on the set, as well as Patsy Parisi. Big Pussy Bonpensiero is killed on a boat trip when Tony and his crew uncover his true identity. This episode garnered much attention with Time ranking it #9 out of all The Sopranos episodes, A&E granting it a viewer's choice award, and James Gandolfini winning an Emmy for his performance in the season finale.


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