Frying Chicken At Home

My family and I love different types of foods. We will try almost anything once. We also love traditional America cuisine. One dish that our family loves is good fried chicken. When we desire fried chicken it is common for us to contemplate paying the high prices for restaurant fried chicken. We also consider frying chicken at home. Several of our friends who love fried chicken look at both of these options as well. One day my wife and I were talking to another couple about this topic and the wife who is a professional chef asked us the following questions;

  • Do you like fried chicken?
  • Would a cheaper way to get tasty fried chicken interest you?
  • Would you be interested in healthier more tasty fried chicken?

We answered yes to all three questions. She then said, if you replied “yes” to those questions then chances are that frying chicken at home is the perfect option for you. My wife and I thought for a second and realized what she said was absolutely correct. If you really are looking to save money on fried chicken, then frying chicken at home is the best option.

Our next project was to fry chicken at home successfully. We know this isn’t easy especially since we’ve fallen in love with some of the fried chicken that comes from national chains. We were determined to come up with a strategy that would lead to a heightened level of success. We considered some preparatory things one must formulate before looking to fry chicken at home. Before frying chicken at home for the first time, we evaluated and made certain frying chicken at home was a good fit for us.

Prior to starting what is typically required to prepare for frying chicken at home, we did and recommend zeroing in on some measures that everyone should consider before getting started. Besides, frying chicken at home truly is a voyage. It makes perfect sense that you prime for this project before beginning.

Below are some tips on preparation to start you off:

  • You should enjoy frying

One of the most critical oversights that anyone can experience when it comes to preparing to fry chicken at home is ignoring this important consideration. If you do not enjoy frying, it will be harder to succeed. That is how dependent this is on successfully frying chicken.

  • Loves trying different frying methods

You should be willing to try different frying methods. This is an integral element of the equation that everyone looking to fry chicken at home should consider. There is no perfect way to fry chicken as people have different tastes.

  • Buying quality ingredients

An integral piece of the puzzle that is required to prepare for frying chicken at home involves buying quality ingredients. When you buy quality ingredients, it gives you an edge in preparing the best product possible. These quality ingredients include;

  • Flour: This will help you get friend chicken that’s crispy.
  • Marinade: Gives your chicken a juicy flavor
  • Fresh chicken: Getting chicken that is fresh from a local butcher or grocery store produces the best results.

Ultimately, frying chicken at home involves slightly more than getting up one day to say, “hey, I am going to fry chicken at home.” Perhaps that can be an initial step. However, doing these things will prepare you to be in the best position to accomplish the final goal of frying chicken successfully at home.

Frying Chicken At Home - A Look Back

You likely already know that you are not the first person in the world that has the goal of frying chicken at home. As a matter of fact, there are millions of people all over the world that share your desire to fry chicken at home. The real truth is that only a handful of people will actually move forward and do it.

You have already asked the question “Do you like fried chicken?” There is a basis behind why you had to ask yourself this question. Those people that had answered no to this question will be incapable to even take the first step to actually make frying chicken at home a reality.

You also asked yourself the question “Would a cheaper way to get tasty fried chicken interest you?” You would not have gotten to this if you had answered no to that question. The truth is that it takes a certain personality type to want to do something, and a completely different personality to actually do it.

It is good to know that there are people that take the bull by the horns as opposed to just wanting to take action. By reviewing the initial questions to see if you have the right mindset to fry chicken at home, you already have an idea of what is needed to make it to the end.

Frying chicken at home has a physical and mental aspect to it. Yet any activity that you prepare for in advance mentally will yield better results. It is like the power of your mind will bring you to a successful outcome.

If you study people who have done well in frying chicken at home either lately, or going back a long time ago, you will find one thing similarity as a pattern among those who have succeeded. They were aware of what was involved in order to prepare before they dove in, and they understood what personality type is most likely to achieve success. When you know what type of person it takes to really fry chicken at home, and you know that is the kind of person you are, there is nothing that stands in the way of you and your success!

Don't think of paying high prices for restaurant fried chicken. You now have a better option. Frying chicken at home requires someone to be determined. We already know this. Now we are primed to investigate the steps involved with frying chicken at home so that we can realize our effective future success.

Getting started

Frying chicken takes time. I recommend setting aside one hour for the actual frying. For our project we used a skillet and poured some olive oil in the skillet and turned the burner on. We marinated the chicken overnight to get the flavor through the chicken. We thoroughly covered each piece of chicken with a generous amount of flour. After the oil was warm we place the chicken in the skillet. We fried each piece of chicken for 15 minutes or until they were thoroughly cooked. For our project some pieces cooked faster than others. The entire length of the project lasted 55 minutes. With our fried chicken we had a baked potato, a fresh salad and a cold beverage to drink. We took our first bite out of the chicken and it was thumbs up. The chicken was extremely juicy and full of flavor. Our family agreed that this chicken tasted better than the chicken we were used to eating from the national restaurant chains. We left that table not only with full stomachs, but convinced that frying chicken at home is the best option all the way around. Next time you have the desire for some good fried chicken. We recommend the option of frying your chicken from home.


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