Fruitful Mission In Jordan



Population: 4,100,709

Ethnic groups: Arab 98%

Principal language: Arabic (official)

Religions: Sunni Muslim 92%, Christian 8%.


Area: 34,342 sq. mi.

Location: In W Asia

Neighbors: Israel on W, Saudi Arabia on S, Iraq on E, Syria on N.

Capital: Amman


Type: Constitutional monarchy.

Head of state: King Hussein I

Head of government: Prime Min. Sharif Zeid bin Shaker

CFC was established in Amman, Jordan with 5 couples, 8 SFC and 1 HOLD (total 19 persons). All are Filipinos. Jordan is our 78th country.

Our return trip to Amman was a breeze. The trip took only eight hours with minimum border formalities.

More pleasant news was in store for us. As we were having a late lunch with our hosts, we learned, to our great joy, that the requested CLP had been scheduled to begin the following evening at the Pontifical Mission Library.

Our spirits were raised further by the addition of another couple to our mission team. Aside from the original team of Nolet Ladrido, Belen Anota and Chito Lagunas, we now had Boy Parungao and wife Oyie as facilitators. Having been called for home consultations, Boy decided to join us in Amman.

After paying our respects to the Secretary of the Nunciature, we started the CLP the following evening. The participants were Filipinos working in Amman, some as nurses, some working with the Philippine Embassy including Ambassador Tong and Linda Dizon and a couple working with the Amman royal household. The weeknights went so fast that by the end of the week, we welcomed new brothers and sisters into the community.

During the day, we turned into tourists. We discovered the Holy Land sites of Jordan; Mt. Nebo from where Moses was allowed to view the Promised Land; the Baptism site area where John the Baptist preached and baptized; Jerash (Gerasa), an ancient Roman city during the time of Christ (still intact but partially excavated); Petra, a Nabatean city carved out in 2000 BC from the mountains of Jordan and the Dead Sea area from where one could see Israel. Israel was only a bailey bridge away but a visit to Israel at this time was not to be.

It was time to say goodbye to our new brothers and sisters in CFC, SFC, SOLD and HOLD. The Lord, however, still had one task for us. During the noontime break on the day of our departure, we managed to hold a Household Heads Training as well as an Orientation session for new households. We were supported in the task by Brandon Pabuna, a household head on vacation in Amman. How generous the Lord is!

God's wondrous work did not end there. En route to Manila, who would we meet at the Dubai airport but two CFC congressmen - Allen Quimpo and Gener Tulagan- returning to – Manila from a congressional mission.

God's time also allowed us, after the fruitful mission in Amman to join CFC's anniversary celebration at the Marikina Sports Center. Truly the Lord is good. All the time! – Nolet Ladridu

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