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Froyo's Adventure: Part 3

Amazing Gifts

Besides the fact that they were expecting amazing gifts, the Jayshus were also excited to here that Gandlaf would be doing standup comedy at Bilbro’s party. Gandlaf was a nuclear physicist, who spent most nights at a Poetry Slam at Waterdell. He was known for his limerick, ‘My Breath for the Wind’. Although the people of the Jayshire did not especially like his comedy, they knew he always went out with a bang.

Froyo, son of Drono

The nephew of Bilbro, Froyo son of Drono, was taking a leisurely stroll in the lush forest of Mindbore. He was awaiting the arrival of Gandlaf, the Turquoise Wizard. He bit into a large apple as he walked towards the cobblestone path.

The Large Apple

The large apple was like the fruit of a genetically overgrown tree. Its outer skin was as red as a tomato. The inside was as sweet as a piece of Turkish Delight. The stem was longer than all the other apple stems in Center-Earth. It was absolutely disgusting!

To be continued...

Details of the party are forthcoming!

Short Stories

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