Froyo's Adventure: Part II

Present Day

Now, we come to the present day, year 2029 in Jayshire-reckoning. Old Bilbro, an elder of the Jayshus who had been on many wonderful adventures, was having his one forty-fourth birthday. The one-hundred forty-fourth birthday is very significant to the Jayshus, due to their love of logicality and mathematics. The number one-hundred forty-four is a perfect square, the square of twelve, as well the twelfth Fibonacci number. It is also a Harshad number, for it is divisible by the sum of its own digits. Jayshus are very fond of mathematically significant numbers.


Bilbro, who is a well known and rather wealthy Jayshu, has been preparing for his one-hundred and forty-fourth birthdate party for one-hundred and forty years of his awareness, hence the sign outside his house saying, “no admtnc unles on prty bzness”. He had written the sign when he was just five years of age, when Internet Slang 3.0 was created, and he was too lazy to change it for the next 139 years of his life. His fellow Jayshus scolded him for using such improper language. To Bilbro, grammar was irrelevant, leading him to be dictated as an extremely strange Jayshu, or, as Bilbro would say, “a ubrstrng jshoo”. He would, in formal writings, correct his grammar, but otherwise he would use Internet Slang 3.0.


The Jayshus, however, were able to overlook this minor detail, in order to be a part of what was to be considered, as Bilbro put it, “the gr8st prty uv evr seen.” The people of Jayshire knew how much effort went into this party over the course of his 140 years of life and expected as much. They were most excited for the gifts. People of the Jayshire received gifts on other peoples birthdays, rather than the men’s selfish traditions of getting gifts. However, it was expected that you give everyone the most expensive gifts you can think of, which helped make the Jayshire economy thrive, and led to everyone having nice things. Usually, Jayshus were rather disappointed in the gifts however, due to the fact that when this tradition started, quality sports equipment was the most expensive thing available, and has been ever since. They knew this, of course, but they also knew that Bilbro was planning of giving them a brand of math objects known as ‘Weapons of Math Instruction©’, the highest grade math objects known to Jayshus.

To be continued

Details of the party are forthcoming!

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