Froyo's Adventure: Part 1


This book is largely concerned with Jayshus, an ancient people who love to immerse themselves in intellectual activities such as deriving the quadratic formula, simplifying multivariable calculus equations, and mastering the piano. The elders of the Jayshus were masters of engineering and technology, the first race to derive NanoArmor from carbon plates as well as the first to harness the power of geothermal energy.

The Mesozoic Era

Those days, the merry Mesozoic era of Center-Earth, are now long past, and the lands where the Jayshus dwelt were shaped into modern-day Jayshire. A love of mathematics, logic, music, and especially the piano was evident in the Jayshus. Despite their skills, these large, humanoid creatures- 6 feet tall on the short side- were shy of the little people of the world. For example, they stayed clear of the Preppers, who dwelled in brightly lit steel caves, for the Preppers had predicted the end of the world, or as they called it, Doomsday.

The Menzes

The Jayshus were once related to the Menzes, who are scattered all over the lower eighth of Southwest Center-Earth (the continent in which our story takes place). They shared the same language, which is now called Commonmouth, although the Jayshus took more care to perfect their speaking and writing through grammar and mechanics. The Menzes were more careless in their speech, and when the internet was invented and they developed internet slang, the Jayshus were forced to leave as their ears bled due to the horror of improper speech. Later, a subspecies of the Jayshus would become known as the “Grammar Nazis,” but that is another story for another time. Jayshus do not smoke, as they fear greatly for the health of their lungs. More than 66.6% are born with asthma, leading to what is considered a disadvantage at athletics. They make up for it in their “mathletic” ability.

Colonies of Jayshus

Despite our tale’s focus on the Jayshus of the Jayshire, there are other colonies of Jayshus in the villages of Gleunay, Asiatique, and Diurnus. Still, the Jayshire remains the most prominent colony of Jayshus. More information on these colonies can be found in Appendix A.

Neutron Explosives

Many years ago, 1945 in Jayshire-reckoning, the first neutron explosive was tested at the Black Sands, the Jayshus nuclear testing zone, about 100 leagues outside of the Jayshire. The blast caused widespread destruction and chaos, especially to the nearby Menzes settlement. The Jayshus attempted to keep the weapon secret, to keep it out of bad hands, and it did for a long while, but in 1997, Jayshire-reckoning, a Red Lordian hacker gained access to the Jayshu’s mainframe. It copied the technology and the Red Lord’s nuclear physicists eventually developed a prototype. The Jayshus were trained in the art of hacking, though, and managed to compromise the Red Lordian database and destroy the weapon remotely, but that didn’t stop the Red Lord…


To be continued…

Short Stories

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