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The ninth episode of the second season of The Sopranos is entitled From Where to Eternity, a title which plays on the well known novel and movie From Here to Eternity. The episode focuses on the effects of the attempted execution of Christopher Moltisanti, and the effect his near death experience has on the rest of the members of the DiMeo Mafia family.

Episode Recap


Christopher's Near Death Experience

Christopher Moltisanti is close to death in a hospital bed, his close family and associates from the DiMeo family wait in the hospital for him to wake after a life threatening surgery following his shooting in the previous episode. After waking, Christopher does not want to see his Mother or girlfriend, but instead asks for Tony Soprano and Paulie Walnuts. Christopher claims to have been in hell, which to him was an Irish club where former associates Brendan and Mikey gave him the message “Three o clock” for Tony and Paulie. Tony brushes off the message, while Paulie insists Christopher found himself in purgatory instead of hell.

Paulie's Reaction

Tony manages to largely ignore the ghostly message brought to him by Christopher, unlike Paulie who finds himself waking each night at three in a cold sweat. In a bid to discover the truth behind the message, Paulie visits a psychic using the name Ted Hughes to try to protect his identity and reputation. His attempts to find solace are undermined by the psychic claiming the spirits of those he has killed follow him throughout his life, which only goes to add to the feeling of nervousness Paulie feels. Upon leaving the psychic, Paulie finds a priest and explains he has made large donations to a local Church in an attempt to make up for the bad acts he has performed for the DiMeo family. At this point, Paulie Walnuts appears to lose his faith in the Church and claims he will make no more donations if his well being in the afterlife cannot be guaranteed.

Carmela's Fears

Carmela Soprano plays a key role in this episode, she begins From Where to Eternity by sitting alone in a hospital room before Christopher wakes and asks for the help of God to assist Christopher in finding the right future path. Carmela also attempts to avoid any shame being brought upon her family by asking Tony to have a vasectomy, this is in response to news that another member of the Dimeo family has a baby with his mistress. Tony initially refuses, claiming he has not had a girlfriend in months, but later relents if Carmela wants him to have the medical procedure. During the discussions over a vasectomy, Tony accuses A.J. of eating too much before claiming he may need to have another child as A.J. is his only male child. After Tony apologizes to A.J. for his actions by sharing junk food with him, Carmela admits she may want to have a third child as A.J. and Meadow are growing up and will soon leave home.

The Execution

Big Pussy remains nervous throughout the episode about passing information to the FBI, until he is told to do something to gain Tony's trust again. Pussy tracks down Matthew Bevilaqua, the man responsible for attempting to kill Christopher and executes him with Tony. The pair then travel the short distance to an Irish steakhouse they ate at when Tony committed his first murder and tell stories about their shared history.

Special Occurrences

Although From Where to Eternity focuses on the moral battles each member of The sopranos cast undergoes in the aftermath of the shooting of Christopher in the episode Full Leather Jacket one new character is introduced. During his hospital stay Christopher Moltisanti is attended by his mother Joanne. This episode also sees the death of Matthew Bevilaqua, who had appeared in a number of episodes as an associate of Christopher Moltisanti.


Throughout this episode the Otis Redding song My Lover's Prayer appears on numerous occasions and is played over the closing credits. As Pussy looks to regain the trust of Tony he is told the whereabouts of Matthew Bevilaqua as the song Used Ta Be My Girl by the O'Jays is played. Adding to the eclectic use of music in this episode in Metallica's King Nothing, which is played as Paulie and Tony discuss life and the afterlife in the Bada Bing! club.


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