Freeciv "gold" (Galactic Milieu)

Most civilised planets within the Galactic Milieu are represented and, at the strategic scale, run using Freeciv.

It is important to note though that in the context of the Galactic Milieu the wealth measure refered to in the Freeciv software as “gold” is taken to be somewhat abstract rather than as representing actual physical stockpiles of actual gold.

In the Galactic Milieu, the so called “gold” tracked by the Freeciv system is taken as a generic abstraction of wealth, influence and favours pertaining to a specific world and not transferable from world to world. One does not ship this so called “gold” from world to world; rather one builds freight or caravans or cargo or some such unit in order to transport wealth from world to world. This so called “gold” is thus rather reminiscent of the “local currency” the Digitalis D'ydii Cluster software attributed to each populated world.

Interfacing this so called “gold” of the Freeciv system with other scales of play and with other goods services and currencies presents some problems in terms of game design, such as those mentioned in the Private sector (Galactic Milieu) article. However as the Freeciv system provides mechanisms for transferring it between players it is technically, and thus naturally, possible for players to engage in trading it for other goods services and currencies. This implies that in principle the “Freeciv gold” of any planet of the Galactioc Milieu that is represented using Freeciv could be featured in various markets; it is just another of the many in game items available for people to speculate upon, invest in, trade with and for.

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