Free sync and backup applications that you probably haven't heard of

In recent years, as storage becomes cheaper, and more websites and new services arise, we are getting easier ways to store our data, sync our data between our computers, and share our data. Below is a list of services and applications that do just this, but they are not “Dropbox” for “Google Drive”, these are, most likely, services and applications you probably never even heard of, but offer great functionality and space for free. These are in no particular order.

1. Bittorrent Sync

From the creators of the ever popular and first created torrent application, comes a new form of file sharing and syncing between devices. It is fully decentralized and encrypted with “Advanced Encryption Standard 128” keys, end-to-end, so prying eyes cannot interfere with it or your business, the way it should be. Files are stored on your devices instead of in a centralized “cloud” data-center. You will need at least 2 devices such as a mobile device, or pc, in order to use this, then it syncs between them. You are given a “secret” which can be re-generated and given out in order to share your file/files with other parties. You can connect many, many devices simultaneously creating a “mesh” network. There is no limit on the data you can store/sync. Just make sure you have enough Hard drive space for it. Sync is available for almost every device you can imagine, Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows phone, NAS devices and even Amazons Kindle.

Link: Sync

2. OziBox Cloud Storage

OziBox is relatively new to the storage and syncing scene, but it packs a nice punch. For free you get 100GB of online space, which is one of the biggest available in North America for free. Other than that, it is just a regular cloud storage site/software that you can use to back your files up and share them if you want. One thing that does set it apart from others, is its emphasis on “community” based development, and free services. So it feels welcoming to use.

Link: OziBox

3. SyncThing

SyncThing is Bittorrent Syncs open source counterpart. It is 100% free and open source. Instead of using an application based GUI (Graphical User Interface) that you have to install, SyncThing uses a small standalone, portable app that you launch, and then access its interface through your web browser. Some may find this inconvenient, but it is quite nice actually. It is available for most operating systems, just like Bittorrent Sync, such as FreeBSD, OSX, Windows, Linux and Solaris. You can sync as many folders as you like, and sharing your files are pretty much the same as Sync's. Just give your “secret” to whomever you want to share with, and boom. Syncthing is being actively developed, and is available on Github and as of writing this, has 228 forks. So there is no shortage of activity.

Link: SyncThing

Source Code: Source

4. WireOver

WireOver boasts a nice set of features. It allows you to send files and transfer files completely encrypted and completely peer-to-peer. The free package includes unlimited transfers, unlimited file size, unlimited speed, delivery receipts, transaction history and even email support. Of course you can upgrade to paid services which give you “StrongSecurity”, “CloudCache” and centralized billing. But in my opinion, you only need the free version. It is available for OSX, Windows and Ubuntu.

Link: Wireover

5. SparkleShare

Sparkleshare is another open source and 100% free file sharing and file syncing service. It has client side encryption, file synchronization, self hosted, tracking files, you can revert a file to any point in its history, to name a few. It states on its site that it is not good for full computer backups, storing your music or photo collection or massive binary files that change often. Sparkleshare is available for OSX, Windows and Ubuntu.

Link: Sparkleshare

These are just a few among many that are out there. I will list some others to check out below.






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