I've lost the feeling of thought

The spark to ignite the flame

And I lay numb to the core

Thinking of past moments

Brief flashes of happiness

Few seconds of joy

And the contents do not matter

And the names are of no importance

The only thing that remains is I was there

I was there

Like a black and white film with no sound

Im smiling

Twirling about in a dress, my body so tiny

I was happy then

When did it change?

When did I begin to know the altering effects of joy?

And now I sit in pity

Pitiful for I am selfish and always questioning

Why am I like this?

I may hold out my hands palm up

To god maybe

To an emptiness

To myself

And I know I will not get an answer

But still I pray

I do not believe in hope

And yet I wake an interesting cycle

A vicious one

Where if I wanted to be at peace it would be a sin

And instead I must wait in misery until my end

Interesting way of life we have

Where we are born with free will

Yet, must obey so many rules

Is it a free life if we had no choice to be brought here?


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