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Franko has caught my attention recently as a crypto currency so I thought I would make an article based on what I know about Franko (FRK). The coin is currently as of Feb 6th 2014 worth $3.10 per coin with a total market cap of $335,745 according to This coin is similar to Litecoin because it is scrypt based. Below are the details of the coin.

Franko Details

  • 11,235,813 FRK will be created over the next 500 years
  • Franko has a block time of only 30 seconds
  • The block reward for Franko is only .25 coins currently
  • Franko uses scrypt not SHA-256
  • The slogan for Franko is “Franko is Freedom”
  • Block reward will reduce by 50% every 22,471,626 blocks
  • Franko coins are a now using the Kimoto gravity well

Franko is an interesting coin with a growing community of users and miners. It appears to be heading towards $5 per coin, but I am not one to speculate much on the price of alt coins, so do quote me on that. I own no Franko coins and do not play to ever buy any, but I did notice the growth it has had and also the cool symbol they use to display the coin which I think is neat.

Franko Vs. Every Other Coin

So I am bound to have someone ask why is Franko better than any other alt coin out there? To answer that question honestly from my perspective it quite frankly (pun intended) isn’t any better. I think that all alt coins that do not have specific benefits or communities of people trying to accomplish something important will eventually all plummet to a very low price in the long run. However, it is not the long run yet, and people are going to place bets on whatever coins look the best, sound the best, and give them the best peace of mind. For some people that is FRK and that is absolutely fine. I personally am more interested in BTC, Devcoin, Litecoin, and a few other new and improved alt coins because I feel like in the long run the ones that will win out are the first movers like BTC and LTC as well as ones with a specific purpose such as Devcoin.

Demand for Franko Compared to Supply

One thing I find very interesting about Franko is that is only has a block reward of .25 coins which is 100x less than Bitcoin currently. This means that 100x less coins are being produced each day in FRK than in BTC. If there was one thing that I would admit would propel Franko to new highs in would be the short term demand spikes compared to the extremely limited supply of the coin. BTC as a comparison has 21,000,000 coins in total. Franko has a little over 11,000,000 and the important thing to note is that BTC is already at 12,000,000 coins and producing 100x more coins daily than Franko which only has around 110,000 coins in total. That means in terms of scarcity of the coin Franko are going to be far more scares that BTC in the coming years and forever, but specifically in the next 10 years.

This scarcity does not necessarily mean value of course because 42 Coin and Unobtanium both have a very limited amount of coins in circulation, but if nobody wants those coins it doesn’t matter if there is only 1, it is still worthless. The coin is only worth what someone is willing to pay you for the coin, so the real issue with defining a price for crypto currencies right now is that nobody knows what they are actually worth. They could be worth millions or they could be worth pennies, nobody knows for sure. What I like to think about when looking at crypto currency to sort of root my expectations are 3 things:

  • 1. Is the coin truly unique in some way being that it is the first of its kind or the first one to offer some specific benefit
  • 2. Is the coin some cheap knock-off clone of some other coin and what does the community feel about this
  • 3. Is the coin growing and are merchants accepting he coin going up, are more people trading the coin with one another and do they give it a good value

If you look at these 3 things you can clearly see why BTC and LTC are the best coins right now and why they have the highest value as a result. They are both the first of their kind, have huge communities, and also are being accepted at many merchants which is growing daily.

Most other alt coins are not doing this and so I feel like at the end of the day they will end up more or less worthless or worth pennies each. Yes, they are still limited, but so is the amount of my fecal matter and yet you still do not see me jarring that up and selling it as a currency unit. The important thing to take away from this article is an understanding of what Franko is as a coin, and a better picture of alt coins in general. There are a virtually unlimited number of alt coins and more being made every day. Who is to say which ones should be worth anything. Everyone is going to have to form their own opinion on this matter and I have formed mine. With the thousands of alt coins people have created and will continue to create. I am only placing faith in the first movers and the innovators.

I hope this article has helped you guys out. I know information about specific alt coins can be a pain to find, so hopefully this was informative for you.


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