Fox News Minority Hiring

For years Fox News has used the slogan “Fair and Balanced”. I’m a regular viewer of the Fox News Channel and recently wondered what does it take for a popular African-American other than Juan Williams to get hired by the network? Recently the Fox News Channel hired two popular African-American figures as contributors. In October of 2013, Fox News announced the hiring of renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson as a contributor and in May of 2014 Fox News announced the hiring of actress Stacey Dash as a contributor. Both individuals are well known within the African-American community. My next question was what qualifies them to be news contributors on a major news network like Fox News? Dr. Carson has written several books, but he’s mainly known for being a neurosurgeon and humanitarian. Stacey Dash is mainly known for her acting in several movies and television series over the last 20 plus years. Neither individual has a background that would lead you to think they would be excellent news contributors. They do have one thing in common. They criticized in public on a national stage the current President of the United States and his policies. For an African-American with name recognition and prestige to do this is fuel in the fire for Fox News. Fox News has earned the reputation of disliking for the most part non-Republicans and non-conservatives. Having two African-Americans with name recognition on the Fox News payroll to continue fueling this fire is a no-brainer. So how does this benefit Dr. Carson and Stacey Dash? Dr. Carson recently came out with a new book “One Nation”. The extra exposure will undoubtedly help sale more books and increase the value of the Dr. Carson brand. For Stacey Dash it is a chance to reboot a career that was on the decline after most recently leaving the show “Single Ladies”. Are their positions wrong? No. There is such thing as the freedom of speech. They both saw an opportunity and took full advantage of it. Perhaps they both could have used another avenue to express their opinions, but that’s their choice.

Will Fox News ever become a Fair and Balanced network? The answer is probably not. Why should they? Fox News is the #1 rated cable news network and has been for more than 12 years. They have their committed viewers who enjoy the programming on the network. Fox News has found a formula that speaks to a certain niche. There is no need to change that formula. If one day Fox News decides that they really want to change and become Fair and Balanced, they should hire two popular African-Americans as contributors that praises the President of the United States and his policies. In my opinion that would be Fair and Balanced.



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