For A Short While

A quiet night, I roam the halls
While everybody snores
The janitors are at their work
The guards check all the doors
The marble in the lobby
Reflects lonely times at hand
There’s just canned music in my ears
Not even a real band
As my thoughts wend their way between
Raw lust and nuclear fission
That’s when I spy the Lady fair
A true feminine vision
She asks if I know of a place
For her to get some smokes
I tell her, “In this town at night,
All you will find are jokes”
Her face assumes a sorry cast
My knightly urges rise
I offer her some of my cloves
Gratitude in her eyes
I tell her that they are upstairs
Upon the seventh floor
We enter the plush elevator
Watch the closing door
She watches me as I begin
To tell her of my brand
How some like them, others do not,
That’s when she takes my hand
She thanks me in advance for how
Terribly kind I am
I start to get the shakes and sweats
My hand feels like a clam
Reluctantly she lets me go
And waits for my return
I notice as I leave the car
Her smoldering eyes burn
I hustle back with a new pack
Of Djarum’s in my mitt
She jumps on me – it’s plain to see
What I’m thinking – “Oh, shit!”
Our kisses build in that small box
To passion, Heaven knows,
That’s when we take a pause and then
We both shed all our clothes
The night is calm and quiet
And the marble lobby shines
Outside the crickets sing their songs
Clinging onto the vines
I watch her as she walks away
A final turn, a smile,
And life goes on, but this time ‘round,
It’s good for a short while


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