Food Items That Will Not Let You Have The Best Skin

“Do not go out in the sun”, “do not rub your face too hard”, “do not go for use hot water while taking a bath”, etc, etc. – these are some protocol Don’ts that people would advice whenever you are making an active effort to take care of your skin. While these Don’ts sure do make some sense and it would not be unworthy to give it a try, but apart from these what will possibly be more effective is if you could alter the food habit of yours.

Food And Skin Are Inter Connected

The food that we daily consume contains many items that either causes potential damage to the skin or it aggravates some skin condition to make it even worse. It is not possible to know exactly what all food items will cause what kind of damage, but basis studies over years, medical experts have chalked out a list of certain food items which has been found to bring about skin damage.

As a part of skin care therapy while you should know what kind of food items you should consume daily, it is also very important that we know about the ones which we can do away with. Here is the list of those unwanted items.

Make it less salty please!

While salt is the most important ingredient in any kitchen, it is not so in the skin care kit. It has been proven that too much salt in food results in the retention of additional fluid inside the body which brings about swelling and puffiness of the skin. This results in swollen face and fingers. Even iodized salts can lead to breakouts on the skin hence it is important that you add only that much salt in your food which is required to excite your taste buds.

Break Your Bond With Coffee/Caffeine

A surprising fact about caffeine is that it enhances the production of cortisol in the body. Cortisol or Hydrocortisone is a steroid hormone that is responsible for thinning the skin, thereby accelerating the ageing process. The wrinkling of the skin happens at it gets dehydrated because of caffeine which is a diuretic and brings about dehydration of the skin cells. Your heart may cry, but possibly you will have to sacrifice that extra cup of tea or coffee or that extra bar of dark chocolate if you want your skin to be smooth and taut.

Say NO To Alcohol

While the subheading may sound like a command from the rehab center superintendent but the reality is that alcohol has to be said goodbye if you want a perfectly smooth and normal skin that will glow. Alcohol serves as a dehydration agent as it brings about vasodilatation where excess water is lost through the skin. A dry skin is the root cause for skin disorders like psoriasis or even acne. Additionally giving up on alcohol will also let your liver stay healthy and that will also get reflected in the texture of your skin.

Sugar Makes You Look Old

While the taste of sugar is sweet, it does nothing sweet to the skin. As a matter of fact, sugar is believed to bring about a series of biochemical reactions in the cells which triggers the ageing process. The ageing of skins happened due to the fact that sugar bonds with the body proteins and disables the collagen to make the skin los its resilience and flexibility. Additional to this, excessive sugar consumption may lead to hormonal misbalances which can cause excessive production of sebum thereby causing acne breakouts on the skin.

Aerated Drinks Are As Bad As Caffeine

Beverages that contained aerated stuff are a strict no-no for a good skin as these drinks contain good amount of caffeine and we have already discussed the ill effects of caffeine in the earlier section of this article. The diet cokes which are available in the market are supposed to contain very less amounts of caffeine hence those can still be tried, but it would be the safest thing to bid goodbye to aerated beverages in the bargain of getting a glowing skin.

Milk Is No More Wonderful

Medical studies have proved that milk and other dairy products are responsible for causing various skin troubles like pimples, whiteheads, blackheads etc. This happens because the hormones present in milk and other dairy products tend to stimulate the sebaceous gland for excess production of sebum, which leads to clogging of the skin pores thereby causing acne breakout on the skin. If you have you have to get a good skin, it is important that you do away with dairy products especially milk. Oat milk can serve as a good replacement of cow milk and can be tried.

Food Items With Glycemic Load On The Higher Side

There are many food items whose glycemic load is on the higher side due to which they increase the blood sugar level to drastic heights after the consumption. Excessive consumption of such food items (like baguette or watermelon) can cause fluctuations in the glucose level of the blood. This fluctuation would lead to excessive secretion of androgens and insulin during the low and high levels respectively. This will in turn result in over production of sebum as well trigger the division of cells of the skin thereby making the skin more prone to acne. You would certainly not want an acne prone skin after all the efforts that you have put to get a perfect skin.

Getting the skin that will be spot free and will have a radiant glow is not an easy task and will require a lot of sacrifices from your end. These sacrifices would be in the form of giving up of food habits as mentioned above. It will be a bit difficult initially, but gradually as the texture of your skin becomes smoother, the sorrow of giving up these food items will be overshadowed by the ecstasies of the feeling of being the proud owner of the most beautiful skin of the evening.

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