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Focused Chi is a website dedicated wholly to enlightenment. It can be found at For now, it functions as a blog, but it plans to expand into a bookstore, as well as a forum. The website is run by Ruben Fisher, and was founded in June 2014.

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Royal Flushing

The world is designed to make you want to fold. From the flop to the river, society will seek to convince you of it’s pocket aces, the government lets slip it’s flush, and your owners will openly tell you they have a straight of some kind.

The key is in understanding that yes, you are in a game, but no-one delineates the rules here. Many who come to this same realisation decide of the extreme; to refuse to play. These are the helpless, the ones who invert their own new games to play. When does it end? If God, your family, and all your kinsmen were to invite you into a fresh deal would you then refuse to be dealt in? Eternally; would that be your decision?

So then we come to the matter of playing. To win more than you lose you must know which hands are worth playing — when to allow oneself to be incensed by conviction. Sitting out hands to observe, folding when the game isn’t worth the candle, and leading your fellow players to the point where they too must be truthful in action. These are the attributes of an individual who plays, rather than simply being played.

The game of materialism is won when you are playing and winning on your own terms, for it is consuming of time, body, and energy. How often do you do something you hate as ‘means to an end’? Surely things should only end once?

The Eclipse

What is it that blocks you? What brings about eclipse in your understanding?

Consider how many angles there are at which to view something such as an eclipse, and how many star systems are in our galaxy alone. An eclipse quickly becomes a constant phenomenon — don’t you find that no matter how far you have come, there is always an obstacle to the next step? This is the eclipse manifesting in your reality.

Like the hermetics of old said, the key here is in transcending of the eclipse. How good are you at solving problems? Are you in midst of multiple eclipses at once often? Perhaps you need a new point of view on aspects of your thinking. Remember, if you perpetually stand in darkness, there can be no understanding of light.

A simple way to check as to how well you are doing at the time, or how many eclipses you are facing, is to ask yourself how much your plans are adhering to reality. Do things pan out as you expected them to? When and why? Where you are not seeing, an eclipse is present.

Sometimes the way forward is simply patience alone, no matter where you ‘sit’ in your thinking, there will always be something blocking something. But as things oscillate around you with the changing of time, the occlusion shifts, and pathways are made clear.

And sometimes, it’s just nice to be occluded.

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