Focus On Our Vision

Coming from our difficult moments, let me start by saying that I deeply appreciate your sincere efforts and hard work to deliver milestones. Amid diverse challenges we have gone through together these last years, we have emerged even stronger, as a Company and as one committed team.

While we have seen the path to business recovery, we must nevertheless stay focused on our vision and pursue the many improvements in our operations to their fullest potential. Your personal and collective contributions add vigor and stability to the long term growth of this Company. Let us also cherish the timeless lessons on perseverance and humility from our pioneers who planted the first pineapple seeds in Bukidnon and who saw, through all their hardships, a brilliant horizon.

No doubt that what we do everyday shapes the future of many families, especially those living around our farms and production facilities. Their support have brought us to where we are today. Please take time to reach out and share your blessings with our neighbors.

May I also take this opportunity to thank our business partners who share our values as an organization and help us send gifted children to school. May our joint effort continue to create ripples of hope among all those whom we have helped, so they too may help others. On behalf of DMPL Board Chairman Rolando Gapud and our Board Directors and as I have said many times before: Thank you so much for taking good care of our Company, our people and our valued customers. As we plant seeds of success in our own homes and at work, and with God's grace, may the year be another great start for all of us!

Del Monte has been honored with the highest award of the Singapore Stock Exchange, Asia's leading financial house whose roster includes nearly 700 international member-companies with total market capitalization reaching US$ 250 billion.

DMPL was awarded the Gold Medal in the Best Managed Board category for Companies with $300 million to less than $1 billion in market capitalization. DMPL Board Chairman Rolando Gapud received the Award during the Singapore Corporate Awards held at The Ritz Carlton in the City State. Gold medalists in other categories are conglomerates Keppel Corporation Ltd., Sing Tel Ltd. and Qian Hu Corp. Ltd.

The Singapore Corporate Awards recognizes member companies and officers instrumental in raising corporate disclosure standards and corporate governance among Singapore-listed companies. The Best-Managed Board Award honors business leaders who help create long term shareholder value and highlight the effectiveness of a winning Company's Board of Directors through transparency, accountability, performance and good practices.

This prestigious Award comes from breakthrough performance delivered by DMPL, including its subsidiary in the Philippines and key business segments including export operations, S&W in Asia-Pacific and joint venture company FieldFresh in India.

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