Fixing the Los Angeles Lakers in 2014

The Los Angeles Lakers is a storied franchise. Some of the greatest NBA players ever including Magic Johnson and Jerry West have been stars for this team. This past season was a disaster for the franchise. Not only did they miss the playoffs, but their record was 27 – 55 good enough for last place in the NBA’s Pacific Division. Despite this there is hope. With the right changes the Los Angeles Lakers can become contenders again. This free agent crop is impressive giving a team that makes the right moves an opportunity to improve themselves greatly. There are also some quality available coaches that are available for coaching jobs. Below we will discuss some steps that I believe will help the Los Angeles Lakers become contenders again;

  • Hire a strong Head Coach - This team needs a strong coach. Very few teams are successful without a good head coach. Two names come to mind; Byron Scott and Mark Jackson. Scott is a former Laker and understands the Laker tradition. He also has had some coaching success in the NBA. Mark Jackson has also had some coaching success in the NBA. Both coaches I believe would be respected by the team. The respect factor and their coaching abilities I believe would lead to success.
  • Don’t sign Lebron James or Carmelo Anthony – Both of these players are elite stars. They both want to be the leader. They would be joining a team with Kobe Bryant who is still an elite star that is the leader of this team already. It is highly unlikely that Lebron or Carmelo will want to play the role of Robin to Kobe or Batman. It is even more unlikely that Kobe will relinquish the leadership role to Lebron or Carmelo. Some players are never meant to be together on the same team. This is one of those cases.
  • Acquire Greg Monroe – He would be the perfect center for this team. This past season He averaged 15.2 points per game 9.3 rebounds a game and 1.1 steals per game. He produces on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. Teaming him with the team’s first round draft pick power forward, Julius Randle would not only solidify the Laker front court for years to come, but enable them to effectively compete with the front courts of the top contenders in the NBA’s Western Conference.
  • Acquire Paul Pierce – Paul Pierce is from California so getting him would be a home coming. He is also a player that still has some gas left in the tank. This past season he averaged 13.5 points a game. I believe he’s still a double digit a night scorer. Teaming him with Kobe Bryant and Greg Monroe makes for a nice big 3 that could compete on most nights with any team.
  • Sign Chandler Parsons – I would recommend making this move only if you can’t acquire Paul Pierce. Parsons is an up and coming Small forward that has a nice game. Parsons averaged 16.6 points a game this past season. He has a nice jump shot and can pass averaging 4 assist per game. Parsons, Greg Monroe and Julius Randle gives Kobe a nice young nucleus to play with. That team could make some noise in the Western Conference.

The chances of this happening is probably not high, but it does provide a blueprint for the Lakers to be a better team next season.



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