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A lot of people love the outdoors and enjoy doing things such as going camping, fishing, hiking, and boating. Even though it can be a lot of work, for the most part it is also good fun.

Out there enjoying the wilderness one can't help but wonder how it would be possible to make a living from something so much pleasure can be derived from. There are many careers involving fishing, most of which are well known to anyone with access to some form of media.

Conservation Officer - Has the duty of knowing, obeying, and enforcing conservation laws in order to protect wildlife and their natural habitats. This јob is only for someone who can handle all sorts of people and situations.

Professional Tournament Fisherman - Participates in many fishing tournaments, usually with the assistance of sponsors. Sponsors can provide money, fishing gear, watercraft, clothing, and any other gear an angler might need. Finding and keeping sponsors depends on networking and tournament success.

Fishing/Outdoor Article Writer - Submits fishing and other articles to newspapers, websites, magazines, newsletters, and more for publication. With enough research and hard work a person could even write their own book on fishing.

Fishing Show Employee - Lots of employees are required in order to run a successful fishing show. A few of the people involved in making a fishing show are the host, camera crew, editors, and sound people. Lots of spots to get a foot in the door.

Fishing Guide - This person performs the task of taking clients to the best known locations for whatever fish are being caught. They also maintain the fishing rods, change bait, assist in the catch, and ensure customer safety.

Sales - Can pretty much cover anything from selling fishing gear, outdoor equipment such as tents and sleeping bags. It could even include selling boats, life jackets, and other accessories. This is a broad career topic and is only limited by what one's mind can come up with.

Marketing/Promotion - Means the creation of any advertisement including television and newspaper ads that promote any kind of fishing services or merchandise. This is another topic that has a wide variety of available options.

Although some of these fishing careers are more of a part time, casual position there is money to be made. If involved in more than one of these endeavors, it could be possible to make a full time living from outdoor employment.


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