Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcave Review

Our three year old son is a huge Batman fan. This year for Christmas we decided to buy him his first batcave. We searched the internet and we found a batcave toy that seemed appropriate for a three year old. We decided to purchase the Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcave. I ordered it online and went to the store to pick it up. The Batcave is 21 inches across by 15 inches high and five inches deep, not counting what folds down. It seems very sturdy so I believe it will be quite durable, but that is better evaluated over time.

The Batcave comes with Batman and Robin figures, as well as a motorcycle with moving wheels. There are no lights and no noises, so you don't need batteries, but there is plenty to keep our son busy. You can move Batman and Robin up and down the yellow pole, and the jail door opens and closes. We also purchased a Two-Face figure to go with the set giving the jail an occupant. A gun stand folds down in the back, and three missiles are included.

There is a red disk on each of the three levels which can hold either Batman or Robin. By turning the red disk on the top level, you can raise the yellow stand that holds a bat suit which clips out of the stand. Turning the red disk on the middle level opens the doors to the control center and moves walkways on the right and left on that level. The walkways are black with turquoise marks. The red disk on the lower level lowers the back ramp so the motorcycle can be driven in and out of the batcave. I really like that this allows our son to use his imagination to make the noises of the motorcycle and come up with scenarios of seeking out bad guys.

The feature that I liked most about the Batcave was the free Imaginext Batcave app for the iPhone. Our son loves technology. He especially loves playing games on both the ipad and iphone. The Batcave app really brings the Batcave toy to life. It contains activities that work with the batcave that kept our son entertained for hours. The app even contains a Batman cartoon episode featuring the Joker.

The only negative I found was the packaging was poor and no instructions were included with the Batcave. Initially this would have made setup and use smoother. Overall I would say this is an excellent product. I highly recommend it for any young Batman fan.

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