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First Galactic Repo

First Galactic Repo (FGR) was the first of the Galactic Rep Corps.

The intergalactic mining operation it was created to repossess was the one whose “homeworld” - its initial startup colony - was located at [3:1:8] (Galaxy 3, System 1, Planet 8) in the Galaxies Online family of galaxies.

As of this writing (Mon Dec 30th, 4:23 AM AST 2013), the Corp remains indebted to the Brits to the tune of over 428,000 United Kingdom Britcoin (UKB) and to the United Nations to the tune of more than 420,000 United Nations Scrip (UNS) and its operation comprises six planets:


This is the “homeworld” of the operation; the planet upon which the original colony ship initially set up operations.

Like all the initial colony aka “homeworld” planets, it is of size 163. However thanks to multiple levels/waves of terraforming, its effective size is currently 194.

It boasts metal mines of level 29, crystal mines of level 28, and deuterium refineries of level 25.

Thus its current production rates is approximately 13,880 metal, 8,115 crystal and 2,818 deuterium per hour.

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