Family Secrets and Treasure Maps

I'm going to create an adventure for my children/grandchildren/great grandchildren/etc to go on.

At first it will be like “Care packages” and “Treasure boxes” being buried/placed/sunk/etc around the globe, as I travel. To save just in case…

But then eventually, once everything is stable, I will start leaving things with clues, and leave trails, and riddles, and landmarks, and all kinds of shit…

Then make TONS of maps, and some family heirlooms (rings, belt buckles, books, etc) pass them down for generations, and I'll leave codes, or riddles. And the riddles will go along with the maps. Then depending on how many are kept, and how many people pay close attention, it could take 10-1000 years for a family member, or some RANDOM person to stumble on the clues (or enough clues to get started).

And some pretty cool stuff/secrets/items can be left. Like a…Time capsule..But, bigger, and MUCH cooler

Maybe even try to get other families involved, so our ancestors can tell stories to each other, about their fathers/grandfathers/Great Grandfathers/etc Like everyone could TELL their kids about the other people, and tell them they may meet the other ones one day, and what they may want to hear about

Like I REALLY want to leave my family an adventure full of secrets, random treasures, and old family friends

FinShaggy's Dreams

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When I was younger (like 8 ) I had a crazy weird dream that I still remember today:

I was walking through a city of cement sky scrapers with graffiti everywhere. I was a little kid, I seemed to know where I was going though. I walked inside a building with no door, and inside it was still made of cement. On the walls there were like posters with little lights around them, the way movie theatres have the “coming soon” posters for new movies, it was like that. And in the middle of the hall (the building seemed to be a giant hallway) was cement cylindrical pillars, and between the pillars were benches and trash cans. The whole hallway was just “movie style” posters on the left, and cement pillars/benches/trash cans on the right.

So I started walking down the hallway and it seemed to go on forever. Then I got to door (not a door just a door frame in the wall) and when I looked in, it was a staircase. So I walked up the stairs, and the next floor of the building was the EXACT same as the floor I had just been on. So I continued down the hallway, until I got to another staircase, then continued to another and another etc.

Eventually I entered a room. There were lots of kids my age (8 at the time), and the were all standing in a mob listening to a kid that looked to be in his 20's. He seemed to be instructing or leading them in some way, so I decided to listen to him too (this is what school teaches your children. It's called “respecting random authority” and it's wrong, what if this was real life and this guy was a pedophile getting kids together.) and suddenly he ran off into a circular tubular hole in the wall. We all followed him until we reached a room full of different colored tubular holes in the wall. It was like Orange, Blue, Red, etc. And we all broke off into groups of 2 so we could search in all tubes at once. Me and one other kid were left, and we couldn't find a tunnel that another team hadn't gone in. So we looked around and in a corner there was some elementary school style fold up cafeteria tables. You know the ones, they are like 30ft long but they fold up, then they have wheels on the bottom. There was a bunch of those, so we moved them and found a maroon tube in the wall. So we went in it.

As we walked in the tube turned into cement walls, then the walls came narrow to lead to a staircase. We were about to walk up the stair case when we heard a sound above us. We looked up and some kind of vampire thing lunged at us from the ceiling. And I woke up…

FinShaggy's Real Life Ghost Stories

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I was standing in my room talking on the phone with a girl I knew who was Muslim (that is important to the story kinda). I was just bored walking around my room talking, and she was getting ready to go to the mall in like an hour.

I randomly looked in the mirror, then started staring at my face REALLY closely… And I felt like the image in the mirror was a “fake” reflection. So I asked the girl on the phone “Do you ever feel like the person in the mirror isn't you?? Like they are thinking something that you aren't?” (I have had this feeling maybe 5 times in my life, and it's a strong feeling. Like the person in the mirror has a different personality than you, you just never see it.)

When I asked her that, she replied “No, but our house is protected by all kinds of Muslim symbols and stuff, like we have this scroll on the wall in the living room with the symbol of…” I would continue describing, but I honestly don't remember the specifics of their protective “talismans”. But basically her point was that their house was safe. Then she told me “Maybe the thing in the mirror in a Djinn (which is a Muslim angel or demon. Usually if it is fucking with a human, it would probably be a good guess that it was a “bad djinn”.), and she told me that they are not very good at taking human form, so to check the reflection for hooves or a tail or any strange things.

I was starting to get worried, so I went to get some White Sage. And I told her “I am going to get some stuff to create a ward”, but she is Muslim (and they don't like magic, only prayer) so she told me “No, don't try to do magic, that will make it worse.”. But I really just wanted whatever it was to go away, and white sage smoke is meant for clearing ceremonial places of bad spirits. So I burned some White Sage and started creating a ward. The way I was “trained” to do it was to focus the colors, “black, white, black, white, black” into 4 corners of a room to create a seal of “positive and negative” energy. Then you close your eyes, and whatever you see is the spirit guarding that space. When I closed my eyes, all I could see was the after-glare of light from looking out my window. So I told the girl on the phone “Close your eyes and tell me what you see.” She said “A window.”. So I thought, “That must somehow be the form of the guardian”.

Then she said “Get the fuck out of your room!”, I didn't hesitate a second, I got the fuck out of my room, and asked questions AFTER I got to a safe place. So I went like half way across our house, and sat in a chair. I asked her what she had seen and she told me “I was standing in a room” at this point it is important that I tell you she had never been in my room, and she was able to vaguely describe it on accident. “I saw a bed in front of me” When I had been talking to her I was standing by my bedroom door, facing the bed. “a door to my right” which is where my bathroom door was, “and light coming from the left” where my window was. “But standing between me and the bed, standing directly in front of me, was a hooded figure. I couldn't see it's face but it had a big head, and I know it was looking in my direction, and I know that means it was looking at you.” I freaked the fuck out. But my phone beeped. It was about to die. I had to go back into my room to get the charger.

So I walked back to my room and put my hand on the door knob. I was scared as shit, so I opened the door slowly. As I opened it, cold air rushed out. It was like 20-30 degrees colder in my room than I had left it. I freaked the fuck out, ran in my room, ripped the charger out of the wall and ran back to the room with the chair. But this time I sat in the corner next to the TV and a wall plug. I was freaking the fuck out, so the girl on the phone started telling me Muslim stories, like Mohamed split the moon in half, and travelers from miles around were documented coming into town for days, saying they had seen it even miles and miles away. Which is, she said, a far greater miracle than any preformed in the Christian Bible.

There was a piece of paper sitting in front of me, and no fan in the room. But the piece of paper was laying flat on the ground, and started to lift up slowly, as if a fan had started blowing from the ceiling and was kinda pulling a corner of it off the ground. It started lifting a little, then the piece of paper lifted half of itself off of the ground. But it didn't do it to itself, there was wind that shouldn't have been there. And as I stared at this piece of paper, scared as shit. I blinked. And in the single SPLIT second that I blinked my eyes I saw an image in my mind, almost as if it flashed in front of my eyes while they were closed. In this image I was standing in my room again, staring in the mirror closely. And standing behind me was a creature. It was extremely thin, and stood like a human with bright yellow skin. But it was taller than a human because it had a long thin neck. It's head was slightly larger than a humans, but it had no face. In place of facial features, it had what seemed to be paint. It was as if it had taken green paint on one hand, and smeared it across the bottom of its face to create the illusion of a “mouth”, then covered two hands in red paint and smeared it sloppily on the top of its face to create the illusion of two eyes. It stood behind me, hovering over my shoulder, looking at me in the mirror.

I freaked the fuck out, and ran out of my house and the girl asked me if I wanted her mom to pick me up, because they were going somewhere anyways I said sure and she said they would come soon. I ran down the street and stopped at a small field that I sat in to meditate while I was high in highschool (this happened when I was in highschool). When I got to the small field there were two kids standing on the balcony of a nearby house. I told the girl on the phone that the kids on the balcony were there, because they were staring at me and not doing anything, so it was really freaking me out. I asked the girl on the phone what to do and she said to try waving at them. I waved, and they did NOTHING.

They picked me up and we went to the mall. Then after wards we went to their house and their mom did a bunch of Muslim prayers over my head, and taught me some to say. And they taught me a lot about the Quran and some stories and prayers in it that night and in following months, and I actually considered myself Islamic for a very short period. That day was crazy though.

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I was chilling with my girlfriend (X now) and my sisters best friend (at the time) one night and we were watching a movie. When the movie ended my sisters friend was asleep and me and my girlfriend were talking. When my sister walks, her ankle pops, it's really weird. But we heard a popping and walking sound behind us, so we thought my sister had walked in the door behind us. I got up and turned around and said something as if she were there because I thought she was walking, but she wasn't there.

So me and my girlfriend continued sitting there talking when we started hearing more walking noises. I got up to see what was making the sound, or to see if maybe my sister was hiding somewhere in the room, and there was nothing. There was NO reason for the popping and walking noises. So I went back to sit with my girlfriend and she started hearing walking noises that I didn't, and they were closer to the chair than the ones were heard before (according to her). Then she started hearing whispering. I didn't hear anything and she was freaking the fuck out. She said it was getting louder and louder and freaking out and told me she didn't want to listen to it, and she was scared as shit. I told her to try to listen to it since it was only talking to her, because I figured she should see if they just want something. She was too scared and freaked out more. Then it stopped, and we decided to leave the room. But my sisters friend was asleep in there and we didn't want to leave her in there with whatever it was.

We looked at her and she had a blanket over her entire body. She looked like she was in a body bag. We were both freaking out now, and I thought when we pulled the covers off of her face she was going to be dead or some creature or something. But we pulled the blanket off and she was just asleep. So we woke her up and told her to come with us, we went to my sisters room and she was asleep, but she was down to be scared with us (because our house was haunted and we all knew it) when she woke up. We all started gathering like salt and pepper and a mandrake plant I had and rosemary and white sage. Then me and my sister went downstairs to get our mom, because we knew she would know what to do.

So me and my sister went down stairs and when we walked towards my moms room there was a TV. And in the TV we saw the shape of a person, the TV was not on and does not have a image of a person burned in the screen permanently. There was some kind of being that we were either seeing the reflection of or seeing stand in front of the TV. So we ran in our mom's room and she came upstairs with her Ouija board. We asked the thing questions and it fucked with us, so we knew it was a bad spirit. After a while my mom went to bed, and we decided to go to bed too. But we all 4 got in my sisters bed.

While we were trying to go to sleep, our computer which is in the hallway outside my sisters room, suddenly started playing music. For no reason. No one was in the hall. My sister went and turned it off. Then her friend had to go to the bathroom, she came running out of the bathroom crying saying that her reflection in the mirror flipped her off. And she started having a panic attack. We finally got her calmed down, then we all went to sleep scared as shit.



I'm not a vegetarian or anything. But we're a race of animals that kills other animals, strips the organs from the body and the muscles from the bones. Enjoys the flavor of the “juices” that come from the meat (“broth”), and eat the meat after cooking it in a way that we would be horrified to be put through ourselves… I bet aliens look at us like we used to look at Indians… Uncivilized savages. If we ever started settling deeper in the stars, we'd probably get quarantined… Or maybe that's where we are now, in a quarantine. And they probably already tell “Ghost stories” about us to their children.

What if aliens came to Earth a long time ago, but like a really long time ago. And they met the inhabitants of the planet, and were like, “Fuck these giant lizards trying to eat us.” So now they just never come back, because they think this is a planet full of dinosaurs or something…

It's possible that we “evolved”/adapted, from forest/jungle/hunter gatherer life, to become what we are now. By planting seeds we learned to farm, by farming we learned to domesticate, etc. (And speaking, grouping, civilizing)… So one possibility is that we are a species of monkey, from the planet Earth, that found it's way into deep consciousness…

Another possibility. We might be aliens. We committed a “Sin”, or great crime against a space traveling species, or union of species. Or they realized we're violent, and stupid. And now have been left to our own devices (to rot) on Earth. Because of the crimes of our fathers, and farming and talking wasn't too hard to start with our jump start from the stars.

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What if life didn't evolve on planets, what if some or all life got its start at the big bang, or beginning of creation or whatever. And what if there was a lot of new life forms just flying through space, in the right conditions. Slightly growing and waiting to crash land to begin true adaptation. What if space is just like a huge ocean, like the empty black of the universe is like water, and the planets are like bubbles or dust. Now what if there are giant fish, swimming through this giant ocean. Eating other giant space sea creatures and gobbling up planets in one bite. These fish would have evolved while flying through space, so they could have some how developed a way to manipulate or handle the thrust in a single direction and eventually manipulate in in to multiple directions. It would be more similar to deep sea glowing fish than regular fish, as it would be evolving in an unforgiving environment with a very different adaptation need than most things. What if we have already been eaten by one of these fish. What is our galaxy, and all the other galaxy's that we can see are just the meals of a giant space fish. Our universe could be the inside of a stomach, and how would we know any better?

Now back to the car question from the very very very beginning of this thread. The cars may be different in that, they discovered flight before friction. What if there was an animal that evolved, using another animal for flight and they lived in a very cliff filled setting. And when they went to construct the first thing to transport items or themselves from place to place, they may begin by trying to figure out their flying animal friends and discover flight before wheels. Now, what if there are slug people. No feet, kinda like a snake lower body, but even less maneuverable. They would need some kind of car using a sphere in the floor for them to roll over and guide the vehicle. Or at least something cylindrical that they can crawl in, and make tilt and roll in certain directions. And what if there were fish people, that either remained under water, or came above water at some point. They would probably have vehicles that had more visually moving pieces, like anything flowing through water. Or they might just have technology based more for the ocean, but adapted for land and air later when they came out of the water. And what if there were gas bag people. Like people just filled with a gas that was lighter than the gs that made up most of their air. They would first off be farty and nasty all the time, but it might not smell bad. They would probably utilize some kind of wind transportation. Either like hover craft half bowls, with fans on the bottom going all possible directions blowing them to where they need to be, or something that actually blew air towards them and pushed them. Like a sail boat. And what if there are plant people. Like they just eat the sun, don't move much at all except for water or something they need that the sun isn't giving them. They would have probably harnessed solar power VERY early on and their vehicles would probably be unimaginable in our world since that is a way to harmonized environment (plant people) for us to imagine correctly as humans. So the “Greys” that everyone sees with the grey skin, and big heads is very very far from what aliens will look like. It is a very slim chance that the aliens will look that similar to us, that would almost be like a miracle. If they do look like us it would be more likely that it is because it is us from the future, either evolved freakishly, or mixed with another race. Now, think about the differences between Texas and New York. Those two places seem almost to not even be in the same country with accents, and relations. But they are. Two people's, so diverse, but still all in the same country. Now things about Mexico. How different is New York from the culture of southern Mexico(Oaxaxa). Texas is actually more similar to it than New York is, but Texas and Mexico aren't in the same country at all. And think about how diverse Texans are from Chinese, or Russians. And all this is on earth. Think about how diversified aliens must be from us. Now think about animal relationships. Animals in an area can barley communicate any more, and there is no way for animals all around the world to communicate with each other. But they all act similar to each other, no matter what section of the world your in as long as it's the same species. I think everything on earth is essentially from the same family tree, and it just branched of different ways. Everything lives similarly to each other in ways. Think about the relationships animals have had with humans throughout time. There are (Native American) Indians that believe they are ancestors of wolves, and their are other tribes that revere the wolf for teaching them to hunt peyote, as they hunt deer. And from that stems a huge spiritual bond. We may have learned how to perfect pack mentality simply by watching the best animals do it. Now think about plants relationship to everything. Plants seem to be the lowlyest of the multicelled life forms. But they are far from that. Think about it, we breath out CO2 from Oxygen, plants do the exact opposite, we eat them they eat us. I believe at some point, life on earth (for animals) began as a side effect of plant life. And plants may have conscientiously made this decision knowing that they needed something that breathed the opposite of them, and could die to become their fertilizer. They may have also noticed the advantage of mobile bodies. Plants may be the masterminds behind the entire animal world. They could be pulling the strings and guiding everything and we would never know. We have only had electricity for about 100-200 years. We don't even have any idea yet what putting a thin layer of electromagnetic activity at the crust of your planet does. But we do it anyways, because we don't even think about it. We rushed so fast into the discovery of electricity that we kinda dropped the ball with this whole thing. We have fallen so far due to electricity, that we can't even begin to imagine what the next discovery of that magnitude will be. A huge percentage of the planet is too busy deciding what apps to buy for their smart phones. No one knows how to think anymore, a couple smart people have been pumping out some smart toys for everyone (gps, smart phones, etc.) and the general population believes they are the genius's because they've figured out how to play with them. I bet only 1% of the planet could put a smart phone together if every single piece and tool was in front of them, and I bet about 25% of that 1% is sweatshop working foreign children. But basically, aliens should be nothing like humans. Humans are the scariest animal on the planet in my opinion. Animals at least give you some warning before ripping your face off. A human will deceit you all the way tot he bullet in your face. And do you feel safe talking to a bear??? There may be a few rouge aliens, who (against rules) visit earth and the other craziness planets. But if there are rules for planetary discovery, or travel. I'm almost positive we aren't going to be considered a “tourist destination”. What if there are planets that were similar or different than us (doesn't matter, as long as they can do the things I talk about here), but they had different time frames for their technological advances. Like say there was a planet, where they discovered conductivity of heat before or at the same time as fire, and began working with that knowledge right away. What if there was a race that discovered batteries super early. They have found something they have dubbed “The Pakistan battery” I'm pretty sure. It was a battery made like 500 years ago, but they don't think that the people new it was a battery. Batteries are simple, and electricity could have easily been jump started by a society this way. What if there is a planet with no titles or jobs, you just do what you do to survive, and other than that it's only important to communicate with the rest of your people. What if there is a planet with no race difference. Everyone is equal and treated as equals, they would get SO MUCH done. Imagine a planet with no human and animal cultural barrier. They didn't pass down a book to ingrain in their heads that they were “better” than other animals, and helped other animals evolve at faster paces and helped them communicate and everything. Basically humans and animals living 100% side by side. Now, what if there was a planet with no human animal barrier. Where any species can reproduce with any species. What about a planet with no human plant barrier, and the humans pollinate the plants or vice versa. Like women evolved into plants, and men stayed animals. And they met somewhere in the middle. Imagine a whole new branch of Etymology. Like not plants animals or single celled stuff. A whole new genre. What if Transformers happened? it's possible. A planet begins to run out of resources and famine is killing off it's people, but have abundance of something like oil. They have to change their bodies to survive. They replace their veins with tubing and wiring, there nerves with wiring, bones with metal, lungs with airbags, heart with pump, etc, etc. They have now build themselves into a robotic race, and as long as they keep the reproductive system alive in some way they could continue. What if there was a super conscious planet. Like they tapped completely into Quantum Physics or something equally universe bending that we haven't discovered yet. Like they live at peace and at one with their planet, and it is a battery and a guide to them. Not a resource. Now think about spirits and ghosts. Like we only see a certain spectrum of light, and there are many forms of waves that we can't see. What if spirits are just not solid bodies. They exist on a plane between the act of thought and actual consciousness, but not in a body. On a spectrum of light that is not visible to our eyes or machines. Right in front of us, just invisible in that aspect. Now this is a form of “Alien” that could come from our own planet. Imagine that during the blotting out of the dinosaur sun. Some of these cold blooded creatures tried to reach the center of the earth where the heat is, so they could lay their bellies on hot rocks. Now what if down here these animals evolved, and gained cognitive action. What if they are smarter than us, but racist against surface dwellers. They would definitely want their planet “back”. And when these reptilians came to the surface, we would most likely consider them aliens. And this is another possibility for the greys. There is evidence that something smarter than us has been here. First off, the Hindu text called the “Rig Veda” contains stories about massive ships that flew over holy cities blasting them with things equivalent to the Hiroshima bomb. They spoke of many crazy things, I'm surprised more people don't know about it, it's the first human writing, talks about all this stuff. And there is glass in the sand as evidence of these blasts. On this planet Western Civilization ha become the rule of the day. This has a very long history, that altered at any point being changed would have drastically changed history. It started off, as far as I know, with Judaism. The Jews decided that they were going to only support each other (the chosen people) and everyone else was fodder. From here the ideas of Rome were next. It became the most prominent idea of the day (became an empire) and a series of wars and rulers shaped its history. Then the Jews and Christians had their dispute, and took over the Roman empire soonish after. Which then spread to America. Imagine if the Hindus or Muslims, or an alien religion or organization became the Judaism of that day. We would not be the same at all. Imagine Khan had taken over Rome. Again, history would never be the same. These individual events shaped our planets history, and any wrench in any part of the machine would have had differing end results. What if their are two planets that have merged their histories. One at about the feudalism era, one further along than our planet. The evolution, technologies, and languages of both would change DRASTICALLY. What if that already happened on earth, a small group of greedy humans are in league with aliens sharing technology. But maybe it's a test of greed. Maybe they're just greedy too though. The Nazi's were actually said to have been working with aliens. There are literally quotes from their scientist before and after coming to the American team, about having been helped by aliens. During world war two, the Nazi's made unimaginable technological advancements. At the end of WWII America had a program called project PAPERCLIP. This project took German scientist from Germany and pardoned them of heinous war crimes in exchange for their scientific mind. And you can look it up, people are literally quoted as saying they were helped by aliens. In and out of America.

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All over the planet (Native Americans, Egyptians, etc) say that we were brought here by star people. Now, some people think that “Maybe these rituals and beliefs come from visitors.” “Maybe the confusing human desire for 'more' stems from wanting them to return.”

I was thinking about this, and it started to make sense. Humans have been questioning our purpose on Earth forever. We have stories of gods, angels, demons, ghosts, aliens, and much more, and we try to pull meaning from them. What if there isn't a magical after life that makes everything better. What if aliens haven't been visiting and UFO sitings haven't been about a “First encounter”

What if the story of first sin, and stories similar to it, are about our ancient family leaving us here. We have been marooned on earth, because our ancestors broke some code within the space traveling humans, or within a union of alien species. We were part of something bigger, but we fucked up and it came down on us full force. They left us here, and now all we want is to go back to the stars, and we don't know why. And it's been so long we can't even understand the old messages we left for ourselves. All we can do is continue on this ball floating through space hoping one day we will understand what happened, and how to fix it. Or that one of us will guide out of this isolation on our own.

Drug War

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A friend of mine (closer to my sister, but I've known this girl forever) posted on Facebook about how she is sober now, and she now knows who her real friends are, and it makes her life so much better. I wanted to reply, to tell her the reason she never had real friends while using drugs. But I didn't want to bring her down off her “new to sober”-high. It's important to point out that she was crazy with drugs. Like not just smoking, and tripping and thinking. She was drinking a lot, starting (maybe before then, but this is when I met her) when she was about 12 years old. Like heavy party drinking, and dating 25 year olds and shit. I'm assuming she had a “candy-kid” phase, and maybe even some worse drugs. And I'm almost positive she was a “Bar Baby” (REALLY into Xanax) for a while. Now she's around 20 yrs old.

But here was the reply I wrote, and didn't post (I didn't want to bring down her mood, or be a bitch by bringing up the past): “This is why they say “If you're scared go to church”. Not everyone can handle being thrown into the middle of a war, and that's what it is when you do anything classified as a drug. It's a drug war. You don't constantly try to get higher and higher on heavier and heavier stuff. And you don't look for friendship in war, friends are fair whether fans. You look for brotherhood. The guy that would take a bullet for you, and you for him. Not just the people that help you get high/drunk, because they want to get high/drunk too. Those aren't brothers or sisters, those are just friends. Even a Federal agent will try to get high with you for years, just to bust you in the end.”

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“Arrests for drug law violations this year are expected to exceed the 1,663,582 arrests of 2009. Law enforcement made more arrests for drug abuse violations (an estimated 1.6 million arrests, or 13.0 percent of the total number of arrests) than for any other offense in 2009.

Someone is arrested for violating a drug law every 19 seconds.”

These people are real. They don't go to jail, and all get out and forget about what happened.

Some of them join existing cliques, some create cliques of their own. But not all of them are getting out, going to rehab and getting a job… It's creating a whole world of guns in drug use, and drugs being “gateways” to other drugs… The “Drug users” are being lumped in to one category, and that starts a sense of unity. To push groups away at the same time, is to push them together.

Drug War, Civil War, and WWIII-spotlight-mexican-immigrants-april-2008 There are millions of illegal Mexican's in this country. Allowing for business' to “come up” with cheap labor, allowing a whole group of lower class to have a work force, and become middle/upper class. And these people are feeding there families in a country that has civil unrest. And if we continue to push them away, and treat them as if they aren't people. They are just going to keep coming, and coming, because they have no other option. And without our help they will cause civil unrest, if not civil war. In Texas Whites are now a minority, people like my family, which is White/Hispanic mix, is now the majority. And one day, the white people won't be making the rules in these places anymore. There will be new ideals, new people, new happenings.

Lastly… We've been fucking around for hundreds of years. America has done some bad shit, to the wrong people…

And now we just got done robbing the Cradle of Civilization…For its oil… They invented farming, math, and all kinds of stuff… I'm sure their Secret Societies have been around longer than ours, and know more about life itself than ours… And that's just what we've done in the past 10-20 years…Think about the past 200…

Everything must pass. America can not stand on top forever…




Unit… …


We have been Unit-ed, by the government. Not Solidified, not Bonded, not anything that sounds nice, or simple in terms of togetherness. No…We are “Unit-ed”. Like a shipment. Or soldiers. A Unit, we're a Unit. We should be Nationalized, Nationated, Nationafied. I don't care if the word doesn't exist. We shouldn't call ourselves “Unit”-ed

There are probably all kinds of other words that are magically fucked up in some unnoticeable way, that has altered history.

Language is “magic”. Being able to speak out will into reality, and have that mean something, is a powerful “magical” skill that only we as humans posses. This has been important throughout history, and in all religious and magical texts. Will is even “The Secret”. But what if you had a limited, or bias vocabulary, compared to what the rest of the worlds languages contained??? And therefore a limited, and bias willpower?? But a language that was able to bend to accommodate any slang word, or new invention such as “Computer” instantly after it's invented, or even before, and without assigning gender. Welcome to America.

The American Revolution

I think everything that has gone on through history is a little glorified. Since it is the past, we add magic to it. Mystery has always had its benefits in the public eye (The wizard behind the curtain), and History answers mysteries while offering them too.

So George Washington and a group of friends (I don't know specifics, so I'm gonna say…100 friends) were pissed off about taxes. So they sat around, and got drunk, and bitched about it. Like, “Why do I gotta grow the weed/cotton, then send it to them for sale. Then I also pay them for luxuries from home?” They all got wasted and were making their points, when Thomas Jefferson chimes in with, “You know…I can write this shit REALLL fancy. And make it sound REALLY good. Then we can all sign it and send it to the king. They all agree, and are like “Hell Yeah!” and the meet continues, then they went home. Jefferson writes for DAYS. And eventually comes back with the finalized Declaration of Independence. Everyone was excited the other day. But now they're like…“I don't know man, I mean the king has an ARMY you know.”

And John Hancock was just like “FUCK the bullshit.” Walked up to that piece of paper and was just like “BAM!!”, signature.

So they all signed, and sent it off to the king. Now, there was no email. No phones, no textin, no anything. So when the king reads that “The Colonies” are rebeling. He “assumes” that the colonies are rebeling. BUT it's really just Washington and his friends. Not EVERYONE. But the king doesn't know that. So he sends an army. This army gets to America, and it's like. “Pay your taxes in which case maybe be considered a trator by your countrymen, and could die. Or fight, don't pay the taxes. And stop feeding these ass holes living off your household while the kill your friends.” And Paul Revere and probably others, didn't help. Running around yelling about murderous red coats invading.

So it became a fight for America. I think history was made by regular people. Not mythic idols. No one is born known as a legend. you gotta earn that. And that's all they were doing. They wrote the right letter to the wrong guy, and ended up starting the 'greatest' nation on earth.

Johnny Appleseed

Ok, no one has ever eaten an apple, and been like, “Oh my god, the entire world must know about this. I must allow everyone to taste this god fruit.” It doesn't happen, it's apples. So, I think Johnny was smokin some MJ one day. And he was like, “Woah, I'm spreadin this around, everyone's gotta try this.” (makes more sense right?) So he went oh with nothing bud a fat potato sack of seedy seedy buds and a pot on his head (as I was always told by teachers and parents.) I think for cooking, as he could mix the seeds with anything and make it more nutritious because it's a super food. But he went on his way planting seeds, and was called a “pot head” for the pot on his head. But stupid people were like, “You mean like because he smokes weed?” Or maybe people followed along with him and were all called pot heads and it stuck. But doesn't that make much more sense??

Joke about Heaven

There's this guy. And he's supposed to be at work, but he thinks his wife is cheating on him. So he goes back to his apartment. He gets there runs up the flights of stairs to get to his floor and charges inside when he gets there. He's screamin at her and runnin through the house looking through bathrooms, behind curtains and everything. Then he hears a sound, and looks at the open balcony door. He sees two sets of fingers holding onto the railing from the other side. So he gets excited. He grabs a hammer, and goes over to the balcony. Then, SMASHES the guys fingers and sends him flying down into the bushes below. The man looks down over the balcony, and see's that the man in the bushes is extremely injured, but he hasn't died yet. So he goes to the kitchen, unplugs the refrigerator and pushes it over to the balcony. He begins to struggle and have a heart attack, and with his last few breaths he pushes the refrigerator into the bushes below crushing the man, and breaking the refrigerator into a million pieces. So in heaven St. Peter has a line of people. He asks the first man in line, “How did you die, and do you believe you should be allowed into heaven?” He replies, “My wife was cheating on me, so I found the guy, smashed his fingers. Then pushed a refrigerator on him, and died of a heart attack.” Saint Peter saw the honor in defending his marriage, and let him in.

So, Saint Peter says to the second man, “How did you die, and do you believe you should be allowed into heaven.” The man replies, “So I was doing cartwheels in my apartment. I accidentally went to far, and FLEW over the railing of my balcony. But luckily I grabbed the rail of the balcony below me. But then some crazy guy came up with a hammer, and started smashing my hands. I had to let go, and fell into some bushes, and thankfully I survived. But then this crazy guy pushed a refrigerator over the railing on top of me.” Saint Peter is just like “Well, I'm sorry about all that. Come right in.”

Then, Saint Peter turns to the next man in line. And the man says, “So I was hiding in this refrigerator…”

FinShaggy's Life Story

14 years old got arrested after 2 weeks of MJ use, and about 2 years of religious confusion. Then, my parents sent me to a “Troubled teens” boarding school/rehab. I got there the day before my 15th birthday It was a brainwashing place though, even my parents agree now. I was not “programmed” though (as we called the kids that got sucked in to the “Program”. That's literally what it was called) Got out 8 months later. But when I got out I had to start probation and alternative school. Both for around 6 months. During boarding school I had gotten into “Shamanic” and Eastern type religions, and during house arrest and alternative school, I did a lot more research on a lot of religions, and cultures.

I got arrested again when I was like 16 for doing some stupid stuff while blacked out on some Benzos (Very short phase for me, didn't like forgetting). And got the same P.O. I ended up going to some Psychologists, who all said I was “Manic”, I am a legal “Maniac”…My frontal lobe works faster than “normal” people. They actually used to labotamize us. One Psychologist said, “He's getting in trouble because he doesn't have enough to do, put him in college” So my P.O. talked to a judge, and got me into Community College, and set up for a G.E.D. test when I was 16. I started classes…But, I failed a drug test and turned myself in…

And before my probation revoking court date I got drunk and had a “Psychosis” in an abandoned mall while chillin there with 2 friends drinking, one guy was in the army, and we had gone there to shoot his gun. I don't really want to go into detail with the psychosis… It's…weird…and kinda scary I blacked out, crazy shit happened, and ended up being put against my will in the back seat of a truck (While STILL blacked out, but awake and doing things) I busted through the truck window with my elbow, and jumped out and started running.

Some how next thing that happened, my mom's car was wherever I was, I was laying on cement somewhere, and she put me in her car. I was bleeding like crazy from my arm, and she took me to the hospital…

When I got there the doctors did a blood alcohol test, and it was like 3x the legal limit, and I was like 16. They stitched up my arm, as I sang through the pain with Rick Ross “I'm the Boss”.

Then they put me in a “rehab/crazy house” for like drug using, and suicidal teens and stuff. Everyone there was prescribed Ceroquell, I talked to an onside, mandatory psychologist and he prescribed me 300mg in the morning and 300 at night. It makes you a zombie.

I ended up being in that rehab place during my court date, so they got mad. And when they found out WHY and WHERE I was missing the court date, it wasn't any better.

I got a female proby officer and she was pretty bad ass. I just talked with her once a month, and some dude did my drug test since she couldn't go in our bathroom. And it was WAYYY better than the old Proby Off. He was a big black dude that would stand at the urinal RIGHT NEXT TO ME, TALK to me, WHILE holding his dick taking a piss. Then he would ask: Why can't you pee?

So I started getting into something called “Gnostisism” which is like… The FULL Christianity… Not just Emperor Constantine's Christianity, and there's some weird stuff involved with Gnostisism.

My old black probation officer took on my case… Then I ended up failing a drug test and DIPPIN out to the eastern part of my home state

My probation officer always said, “I can't let you go for a minute, or you'll be in Mexico”

They couldn't find me, but my mom did, and told them where I was. The county I had gone to sent out 2/4 cops, that were on duty (That is including the Sergent on duty) and they took me to the police station until me step dad, and dad could come to pick me up. And take me too… JAIL Once my parents left I stated bitching about weed being a sacrament to my religion, and that it was against my constitutional right to freedom of religion to be jailed for a piss test.(And I was kicked out of college classes by my P.O. ) My P.O. came to visit…Not only insulted me, but my mom's parenting. He told me he wanted to send me to TYC (Kids can be jailed there until they are 21), but I never got any felonies so he couldn't send me there. But could put me in county juvy for 6 months, and DID.

So I went there for six months and spoke my confused, researched religious thoughts with all the bigotous guards, and christianly confused inmate children. And eventually they banned religious talk from the “Pod” I was in. But I still did plenty of “Planning for the future” with people there…

I was a Junior when I got there. I read fiction novels, and encyclopedias for the first half of my time there. But after 3 months I noticed all the kids who were GRADUATING were getting RELEASED. So I started working, and graduated in just under 3 months, with there “Self pace” schooling. So I graduated at 17, and got released from juvy

The day I got out my sister took me to get some bud, and ended up getting valium too, and giving me some. A couple days later my mom told us we could have a couple people over to drink. While in jail I had been prescribed a bunch of different things, and the long term being forced to take these pills (Felony to refuse, or keep. Since you may sell to other kids) Made me get WAYYY to drunk on like…3 shots. I was throwin up, and stumblin ALL over.

Some time after this I got into Islam for a little while, due to a strange experience, and my Muslim friends and their mom kinda saved me…

But then I just decided who my own gods were, and what people in history had the same kind of ideas as me. So I stopped being Muslim, and started making my own decisions.

Then when I was 18 I was raided with barely anything at my house, and the police had no warrant. I was only in jail for 11 days, but got like 9 months probation. I failed a drug test about half way through, and decided to not go in to talk about it. Instead I stayed with various friends across the state, then moved to California, with plans to live in a national forest, and grow poppies .

But when I got there, some friends ended up saying I should really just go live with them, so I did. But never got to grow poppies

I stayed there for about 4 months until I got fired from the job I got there, and couldn't pay for rent with the people I was staying with…

So I moved with family in Colorado. And got my medical license I plan to soon go to Mexico, and have MANY MANY plans for the future, and to help the people of the world…The WHOLE world

I had PLENTY of time to do PLENTY of thinking in cages, and with Shiva

THC and Human Evolution

Ok, so Cannabis has been around since god knows when. I believe the first reference to it is in the Hindu original text, which is also the first know Human text, The “Rig Veda”. Cannabis lived only in the land of the gods, and Shiva was walking through the desert. Shiva became hot, and tired and rested under the shade of a plant. This was the Cannabis plant, and upon rejuvenation Shiva granted the plant the gift of being sent to grow all over the human world. So not only are we denying ourselves rights, right now. We (the authorities really but I say we because I mean humans) are literally blocking Cannabis from a god granted gift, we are denying the gods and slandering the universe. So, Cannabis has been in human experience for as long as we have been recording our words. It has also served as a major food staple for humans, which is why I believe noone dies from it. There were probably(Maybe) people who died from OD on Cannabis before, because it only makes sense that there would be. But we have been harmonizing and evolving with this plant, and accepting it's chemical message for so long. That we can now tolerate an amount that is greater than is possible to intake without passing out, (unless you know some chemistry, have a lot of money, and feel like committing suicide very very expensively, and maybe unsuccessfully)but they all died. We NEEDED to grow Cannabis, so the Cannabis intolerant bodies had no choice but to add Cannabis to their diet, and may not have had any idea what “intolerance” was and may have died without even knowing why. But this may be why we can't get too high, evolution and adaptation. We adapted to our needs, and our need was to learn how to accept this beautiful chemical message. Plants don't have words, or sign language. The only way a plant can talk is with its chemicals (Poison: Don't touch/eat me, THC:Stay away from my flowers water!/What's up animals?) And we have been evolving side by side with Cannabis for…How long? It is saying somthing to us. That only a plant can understand. And plants probably comunicate through their roots ALL DAY LONG. The plants probably have such a large collected knowledge, that we can't even understand. They probably have ideas and systems together. The plants are the key to animal life on earth. They use evaporation as a tool to harness energy, and we only exist as a side effect to plant life. Because the plants were able to become multi-celled, and make use of energy, we were able to hitch a ride to life. We literally NEED them to breathe and eat, and some of them clean our waters. We need to allow these plants the freedoms they have been given by the gods, and allow them to purify their message. The message right now is probably a mix of SAVE ME!!/I love you/What the fuck??? And we can't understand 3 combined plant messages. ONE IS HARD ENOUGH. We have been evolving with this plant forever, and we shouldn't stop now because Nancy Reagan said so. She thinks she can talk to dead people. But anyways, if you LOVE WEED. Plant the seeds you get EVERYWHERE. Save up every year. Whether you plan on helping those seeds grow, or even not ever looking at them. Collect your seeds. Plant them everywhere. This plant cannot fight the injustice that is the side effect of its life (us). So we have to help it, and in the end, it will help us. This plant has been alive and communicating with the world FAR longer and far better than we have. Let's see what it has to say, and if we know what it's saying better than anyone else in the world. We will have knowledge that no one can gather from reading ALL THE BOOKS IN THE WORLD. Please help this plant gain back its rights around the world. It doesn't deserve to be persecuted.

First time I got arrested

I had only smoked once (the story is written above). But we were going to spend $90 on our first sack. Me and my best friend, got some of our Christmas money together, and I talked to my friends dealer. I gave him the money, and he said he would have it to us later that week (looking back that was a stupid, dumbass, dipshit move. But it ended not going bad ) So we waited The next day he came up to me and handed me a sack. He said somebody else had given him $20, but then not showed up to school. So he needed to get rid of it, and gave it to me. I had some paper that I could use as joint paper, and used it to roll up a joint, and hid it in my jacket. I was going to smoke it on the way to the outdoor classrooms, in portable trailer type things. But I got to math class, and showed the sack to a couple of friends who were long time stoners, and one of them told me “Smoke a bowl.” (Out of a metal 'Eclipse' gum container I had, that was rigged to be a pipe)

I said “No, were in class.”

But he kept saying “Smoke a bowl… …Smoke a bowl… …Smoke a bowl… …”

And I kept saying, “I'm in a classroom… …We're taking a quiz… …NO… …”

But finally I was done with my quiz and he said, “Smoke a bowl. I'll sit on your desk, and you can use your backpack to block the side.” So finally I gave in.

He sat on my desk, and I put my backpack up, to create like a wall. I broke up some bud, and put it on the holes poked into the side of the gum container. I flicked the lighter, and hit it once. My friends SLAMMED his hand down on my desk, and confused, I went to take another hit. He slammed his hand down again and said, “He's coming!” And I hid the pipe and lighter beside me RIGHT AS the teacher was walking up…

He looked at me, and he said, “That was obvious.”

Me and my stoner friends in the class each grabbed a bottle of Ax cologne, and sprayed it as we ran out of the class…I hid my weed, and freaked out the rest of the day. But nothing happened.

Later that week I was in History(with the sack on me), the classroom door was open, and the Principle walked in the doorway, and began to scan the classroom. His eyes stopped on me…He pointed his walkie talkie, and said “Have a nice day.” But I freaked the fuck out, and the girl next to me said, “You look like you just saw a ghost.” Later in that SAME class period I got called down to the office. I asked the girl next to me to hold the weed, and she did. Then I went to the office. When I got to the office I knew I was fucked, I was just fucked. They told me, “Go to the assistant principals office.” I went in, and my friend was sitting there. Earlier that day, she had decided to wear her slippers, and had given me her shoes to hold in my backpack, so that she didn't have to carry them around all day. The teachers didn't want her wearing slippers, and needed me to give her her shoes. Fuckin RELIEVED.

Then a couple days later, I fell asleep in my 3rd period class. I woke up. And the assistant principal was in my classroom, he said ” (My name) come with me.”

And I asked, “Should I bring my backpack?”

He said, “Yes.”

When they say “yes”, that means they want to search you…So I knew I was fucked, I had the weed on me… we went to hos office, and a cop came in. They went through my backpack together and found nothing. Then asked me to empty my pockets. I had a couple lighters and said, “I found those.”

They said, “You aren't supposed to have them.” and I apologized…

Then the ass. principle ( ) says, “Let me see your phone.”

I said, “My phone is right there.”

He said, “Then what's that?”

I said, “My belt buckle.”

He said, “Take off your belt.”

And hidden behind my belt buckle, was THE TINIEST little sack of weed. Like, you could curl your pinky around it. And it fell to the ground…

The cop said, “What's that?”

I said, “I don't know.” But he of course, already knew. So he took me to jail…


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I stepped off the GreyHound in San Diego. And my phone was dying. Had my phone been charged enough to find a place to stay, what happens, wouldn't have happened at all… But I stayed at the Greyhound station for about 30 minutes with my phone plugged into the wall, and when it was charged I left. Thinking “I need to get a bike.” So I asked the guard at the station “Where is the nearest place to get a bike?” He pointed me in a direction, and I went outside, and started walking that way.

So I got to a stoplight, and a crosswalk, and there was a guy standing next to me. He said, “do you have a cigarette?” And I'll bum even my last cig, to a friend, so I gave him one. And I asked him, “Do you know where the nearest place is to get a bike?” He said “I sell bikes!” Now THIS was convenient. Nothing could go wrong. Right? So he tells me he just got out of jail, and I'm not one to judge because in Texas I have been judged quite a bit, based on my favorite flower. And have had to do more than my fair share of time. He asks if he can borrow my phone to call his girlfriend, tells me I can stay with them, I accept and he tells her to meet us a couple streets down. He says he's broke and just got out of jail, and wants to know if I can get him like a soda, and a cookie at the convenient store. So I go in and get him something, and I got some more cigs, and gave him a pack. His girlfriend picks us up, and the car is so full of…Clothes, camping stuff, I feel like there was a chair, and a guitar in there…But we fit me in the back somehow, and he sat in the passenger seat with some stuff where his legs went, AND on his lap.

So we go to Motel 6 and they show me a bike. They tell me I can ride it around to test it out, and they need a minute to talk inside. I ride it around for a while and it's a pretty nice bike, and when I go back I gave him $100 for it. I ask him if he can get any bud, and he says he can. But he has to call some people. His girlfriend is weird. He's weird. I knew somethin was up with them. But they were chill. So he starts calling people, and using code words. And I notice he's saying “Blue” as a noun a lot. The girl says something about “You should be quiet” referring to me being able to hear. And he says “He knows what we're talking about.” But I had no idea what they were talking about. I had an idea though, and I didn't like that I had bought a bike from them.

So they leave for a while, and come back with a sack of meth, and ask if I want some. I told them no, (I have had a bad experience, I'll share it here one day if I haven't already) and that I just would get some bud whenever I could. So they smoked/shot that, and after a couple hours, the girl fell asleep, and the dude disappeared. And I fell asleep. (Whenever she was awake both days she would talk about how meth made her tired, or at least more calm )

I woke up in the morning and they were gone. I freaked out a little, but nothing was missing, and all there stuff was still there. So I figured they hadn't just left completely. The girl came up with some doughnuts and stuff on a plate. She said she got it downstairs, and that they had been at the pool. And it looked like she had been at the pool. The dude came back, and we watched TV all day. While they shot up. And he described to me that the needles get dull, and after a while it's like trying to get a pencil in your vein because the tip isn't sharp anymore, it's just flat. He left at one point, and traded some guy outside in a van a phone charger for a Wal Mart card, and expected it to have money left on it, when he check. It didn't. Duh. Then later during that day he asked if he could take my bike, with the other bike they had and his girlfriend, for a ride to the gas station or something. I said sure, and they left for about a half hour, and came back with no bikes. He said they had run into a guy that he owed money to, and the guy took the bikes. I was in a “foreign” state, with very little money left, no where to go yet, and my bike had been lost by meth heads. I was pisssssssssed off, and the dude could tell. He said something, and I said “If I was going to hit you, I would have already.” I just knew that wouldn't solve anything. But I had to punch the wall outside, and that hurt like shit.

So they said they would fix it, and not to break anything, and left, at about 10pm. I fell asleep around 1:30am. They came back around 3-4am and woke me up.

They were wet as shit, and it was raining outside. The guy disappeared as soon as they got there, but the girl handed me a cigarette box, and told me to look inside, and there was about a gram nug of weed in there. I was SOOO happy And I had papers and everything. She told me he had got me a bike, but was locking it up outside, but inside somewhere out of the rain. He came back, and said I could come see it. He took me to the laundry room, and was locking it on the coke machine. It was WAAY shittier than the other bike. Like 1/3 the gears. Skinny tires, instead of big ones. Bullshit.

But I had no other option. I went inside and smoked some weed. FINALLY

So we watch TV, I smoke my joint, and they slam their meth, and he took the LOUDEST, nastiest (most likely meth induced) shit, I have EVER heard in my ENTIRE life.

I wake up in the morning, and their gone. The phone is ringing. So I answer it. It's a man. He asks who I am, and I made up a name. He says he's the girls babies daddy, and to tell her that she needs to come see her baby. And I tell him that I'll tell her, no problem.

So she comes in, and I tell her. She calls him, and starts yelling and shit. She gets off the phone and is silent. Like rocking back and forth. Eventually she says “He's coming here.” And I asked “should I leave?” She says “Probably”

I got all my shit that minute. That had promised to drive me to the city where I had a friend that I could at least hang out with. But now I just strapped all my shit to my shitty new bike, ask which way was north, and WENT.

Eventually I got tired as shit. I slowed down, and was eventually walking my bike. A full school style back pack, and two smaller bags strapped to a bike, are heavy as SHIT.

I started asking people how to get to the city I was going to, and eventually I heard enough of “You should take the trolly” to consider it, and asked someone where it was. They pointed me in a direction, and I came to a station/stop. I bought a ticket, and the first trolly that came, I wasn't fast enough for with my bike and everything. I almost got caught in the door, and I just had to go back and wait. I got on though, and was told to go to what they call “The coaster” which is like a faster trolly. I went there, and bought a ticket to go like 50 miles away. We got there in like 20 minutes for $2. And while I was on it, I texted a ssecond friend in Corona, who said I could live with him, so I decided to go there.

I got there, and met my friend up a fuckin hill, which would have been considered a mountain in Texas. At AmPm, which when he said “Meet me at the AmPm” I was like “What the fuck is ampm?”

We met, and went to a friend of his' house. He had some medical bud, I bought it (Katana), and we smoked, and chilled for a while. Eventually it was getting late so I went back to a city that almost everyone I met said would be chill (Ocean side). I stayed at a little hotel, and my mom got my a GreyHound ticket online for like 6 in the morning.

I made it to the station ontime and everyhting, but the only people there were bums. The station wasn't open, so a bus never came, and I never got picked up. My friends worked near Oceanside so they just picked me up, and the Greyhound ticket went to waste.

Then we went to Corona… I guess I could have ended that story in a better place… But yeah

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We were just about to leave to go to my room mate's mom's house a couple towns over. But as we were getting everything, and ourselves in the car, this tweaker girl that my room mates chilled with pulled up and asked “Can I have $5 for gas.” My Room mate is ALL over this girl(Even though she's dating his tweaker friend), so of course he says “Yes” and goes in to get the money. I'm chillin in the car, and he comes out. They start talking, and it seems like it's gonna take them a long time to talk. So I go back inside the “house”(trailer). I chilled inside for a minute when I smelled some crazy walkin up the drive way (I heard yelling outside) The tweaker girls, tweaker boyfriend is here, and mad. They apparently got in a fight, and he got out of the car, and she left him. So he walked to our house…

My room mate is smart (kinda) and says, “Ya'll need to take this inside”, as they are yelling in our driveway… So they go inside, at which point tweaker dude says, “I've got 2 Cheena's (Chinese girls) with Choppers (AK-47's) on their way over right now.” Because she had “Stolen” the car…That he bought FOR HER. So this tripped me the fuck out. I went and grabbed my bandana tied to a big padlock, came back out, and told him “Hell no, this is their GRANDMA'S house” (Used to be, but she can't take care of her self, but it was full of her decorations and stuff) “That shit isn't going down here. I'll beat the shit out of you first”

So he called his girls and told them not to come, and they left. Then we went to my room mate's mom's house. Luckily she had some dank ass dinner and some Corona waiting for us at her house

Colorado to Mexico

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I came into Colorado from Cali, after I got fired for not being Mexican (They had to pay me more). I took a Grey Hound through Vegas, and Utah. Some people on the bus had NEVER seen snow before, it was hilarious, grown men were freaking out making videos to send to their family. They had lived in Southern California their whole lives.

When I got to Colorado my sister was there, living with my mom and little brothers. They had all moved from Texas about 4-6 months before that. When I got there my mom started talking about getting a medical card for me, so I couldn't get in trouble smoking there. A couple days after I got there, we went “Snow tubing”, which is like sledding, but on an intertube that is meant to be dragged behind a boat. And since it's Colorado, you go up a mountain, and they have a huge slide made out of snow. It's crazy. This is the first place we got bud in Colorado, while living there (I had visited for 2 weeks once, and met a patient that hooked me up, but that was just vacation). There was a guy working at the slide, and we asked him “Do you know where to get any bud around here”, and he said “yeah, my friend can get it, when I get off work give me 10 minutes, and I'll come meet you” So we waited for him to get off, which wasn't long. We just went and ate, and got something to drink. Then we saw him coming down the ski lift, and he left and came back with a quarter of some dank. We went home and blazed (my mom didn't join in).

About a week later, my mom came home with all the paperwork saying she could (at that time, laws are different now) walk into the dispensary and buy bud. She still had to wait for her official “red card” in the mail, but she was allowed to buy bud legally using the paperwork she had. So she got an eighth from a place called 420 Wellness. About 3 days later, I went into the same Doctor and got my medical card. I never, ever, EVER thought I would walk into a weed STORE. But that's exactly what I was able to do. With that card I was able to walk into stores, and say “I want an 8th of (ANYTHING)” and the normal price was 200-250/oz.

Over time I went to a bunch of different dispensaries, and eventually found Trenchtown. That, in my opinion, is one of the best dispensaries in Denver. BEST for trim, GREAT for bud, GREAT for edibles, OK for hash (but you can make your own with their trim). Their ounces are (drumroll) $150 EACH, and if you bring back the containers you get your bud in, for them to recycle, you can get free joints and blunts. And their budtender, Rose, is awesome. She hides the best buds that don't have much stock, so you have to ask for them. And she gets opinions from people about the buds (and she smokes them), so she can tell you what to expect before you smoke.

Eventually I met my friend, I'll call C, he was the one growing Agent Orange, Flo, and Purple Urkle, and all those. They came out amazing, and smoked great. Purple Urkle was some DANK shit, we took about an Oz of it to the smoking movie theatre one time. THERE WAS A SMOKING MOVIE THEATRE. About once or twice a month, there was a movie theatre, which on these special days you paid $10 and they would put on Fear and Loathing, or How High, or Dazed and Confused, and all those movies. And you could SMOKE while you watched the movie. It was so awesome, we went to almost every one they had the 3-4 months before I left.

That's really a little more than just entering Colorado, so I'll stop there. Maybe I'll get more into Colorado stories another day.

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I left Denver with 28 joints, a couple eighths of dank ass bud, a couple bags of hash, and everything I needed to go to Mexico. The night before I left I stayed at one of my friends houses in Denver, and we blazed hash all night and all morning before I left.

When I left I headed west, to Telluride Colorado. I had never been there before so I had no idea what to expect in the town, the only place I had really been in Colorado is the Denver/Boulder area, but I knew two girls that I could stay with out there. Before I got to the town gas was getting more and more expensive, and was at around 4.15 when I got into town, and got to 4.20 while I was there (prices go up in the mountains). I got to the town, and waited at the park to meet up with one of the girls I was staying with, because she wanted to go mountain hiking. When she walked up to me, she said “Are you ready for some tedious hiking” or maybe “Strenuous hiking”, I don't remember. But I took her warning very lightly, and decided to go with them with jeans on, and a backpack with a video camera, a backpack, and some other shit.

About a mile in shit was getting steep as fuck, and we were going higher and higher so the oxygen was getting thinner and thinner. But I hadn't smoked in a while, so I asked if she wanted to smoke, and stopped to roll a joint. We blazed, and then continued. About a quarter mile later, I was forced to realize: I have asthma, the air is getting thinner, I just smoked, and if my breathing gets worse I'm gonna have to be carried down. So I just went back, and went somewhere to eat. She continued up, and got some crazy pictures from way way up. And she said there was a point where the air was so thin she was just fuckin heaving for breath.

After I ate at some burger place, her roommate texted me and told me I could just meet her at the room since the other girl was climbing. So I walked over to their complex, and brought all the bud out of my car. I was already out of hash from smoking on my drive out there, but I had plenty of joints, and the eighths left. One was Pink Jasmine, and I forgot what the other one was. But when I came in to town I went to their headshop, called Dahlia or Dalila, and got an eighth of some shit called Blue Dragon. So I went to their complex with all the bud, and we blazed. They had a bong, a volcano, a pipe, and I had joints so we were blazin everything. Then I told them about a research chemical that happened to be nearby that night. So the next night we watched The Wall, which was some crazy shit. Especially at the end, that's some powerful shit. The little kid dismantles a Molotov cocktail, not even knowing what it was. Then we watched Alice in Wonderland, which I haven't seen since I was like 7, so I realized what Tweedle dee and Tweeedle dum were saying for the first time. We took more of the RC the next day and took a hike about a mile out into the woods around the town, then we came back and blazed. Then walked to the park and laid on the ground looking at clouds and stuff.

We blazed and chilled, and a couple days later I left. I still had some joints left, but I was out of buds, and hash. There was a kid, older than me I think, hitchhiking in my direction, and I picked him up and we smoked on the way to the edge of his town. Then I headed to Arizona, where I got a speeding ticket for 80 in a 65. But it was like a highway that stretched like 100 miles, and 60 just isn't fast enough for such a long highway. And the ticket came in handy while I was in Mexico. I ended up in Tucson (Which I still pronounce wrong) and found a public storage to keep my car at, and a bus that could take me out of the country. I got on a bus to Hermosillo, and that's where the next story starts.

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Before I get into Mexico I want to describe Telluride better. Because the transition from Telluride to Mexico made something VERY clear. The answer to why mexico is “struggling” economically.

This was my experience within my first 30 minutes of entering the town. There's a couple highways that go through the mountain, and this town is almost all alone in the corner of a small mountain valley. As you come in there are mountains surrounding you, all capped in snow. And pine trees everywhere. There's a round-about where the speed limit hits 15, and passed that round-about the speed limit stays 15. And the only exit from this 15 mph cage is that same round-about. So there's only ONE road in and out of town. The main part of the town can't be bigger than 3 miles across, probably more like 1-2 miles across, and the main road was under construction when I got there. I stopped at a dispensary called “Telluride bud co.” and got a joint, and when I walked in, it was the SMALLEST dispensary I had ever been in. This was a SMALL ass town. Tiny as fuck. But it had a ski couple ski lifts, and tons of apartments, and a few hotels, and a main street full of business', so it seemed like a bigger town than it was.

The bad thing about the town though. Above the ACE hardware store (on the 2nd floor), there was a freemason lodge. And when I saw it I realized why the town was so successful, and why the construction on the streets was happening, when there was plenty of highways around there in the mountains that should have been getting fixed instead. And not only was it a freemason lodge, there were three or four other symbols that I didn't recognize on the same flag as the freemason symbol was, and one of them was an upside down star with some letters on top, another was a crown with something. And that's some creepy shit.

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I got to the bus station in Tucson, and the lady behind the counter didn't speak any English. But I got a bus ticket to Hermosillo, and waited to board. I expected the border to have dogs, and a passport check (We went through Nogales). But all we had to do was press a button, attached to the button was something like a traffic like. When you pressed the button, the traffic light lights up green most of the time (EVERY passenger on the bus I was on got green), but sometimes it turns red. The person who pressed the button and got a red light has to get searched. That was the ONLY border security when entering Mexico. After that we got back on the bus and drove the rest of the way to Hermosillo.

I got to Hermosillo in the middle of the night, and asked a taxi for a ride to a hotel. Not a SINGLE person spoke English, I'm surprised I was able to communicate with people as well as I did while I was there, because I don't know ANY Spanish. But I got to the hotel, and went to sleep. The next day I decided to try to meet some people, so I went to a Tecate cantina. There were a bunch of people there, mostly college kids (Hermosillo has a very large student population) but not many of them spoke English. I sat at the bar and got a beer (this was my first time ever getting a drink at a bar, I'm still 20), and while I was drinking it, one of the guys at the bar started asking me questions in English, like “where are you from”, etc. I had a Texas rangers hat on, and probably a Cookie monster or Ninja Turtle shirt, so it was obvious I was an American probably. I hung out with them for a while, we got drunk, and someone told me that there was a city with beautiful beaches, and some people living there from America even though it was still mostly Mexicans, and they told me I should go there next. So the next day I got on a bus to Kino Bay (Bahia de Kino).

I got to Kino bay and I found a hotel to stay at, then I started walking around looking for someone to get bud from. I could buy alcohol at any convenience store, so I just needed some bud now. I started walking around, and saw a man that looked like he was in his 50's walking around. I walked up to him and asked “Mota?”, turned out he spoke kinda okay English, and he told me to follow him. So I followed him about 30 ft to his house. He went inside and came back out with a pipe and some bud. Just reggie, but it was legit. We smoked and he asked where I was staying, I told him I was staying at the hotel right by his house, he asked how much I was being charged, and when I told him he told me I could stay in his spare room for 50 pesos a day, roughly 5 US Dollars. So I told him I would come back the next day since I had already paid a night at the hotel.

The next day (brought my stuff) I went back and asked if I he knew anyone I could buy bud from. He took me to an RV park and the manager there said he could get bud. So I gave him 100 pesos (roughly $10) and he brought back about a quarter of some reggie. We smoked and drank that night, and ate good. Every night in Mexico we made some dank ass stew, or some huge ass fish. The next day he took me to meet an American family that lived there, and whom he fished with regularly. That night we played spades with them and got drunk as shit, every night we got drunk as shit.

Then, when I ran out of bud I asked the guy at the RV park if he could get more, and this time when I gave him $10 (actually less than $10, because it was 100 pesos) he came back with a half oz. Then later that day we were chillin at the RV park drinking, and two cops came up on four wheelers. I thought something was wrong, and something bad happened. They walked up to us, neither of them spoke English, and the guy I had got my bud from HARDLY spoke any English either. So I was confused at first, but then the RV manager told me it was ok to smoke in front of them. So I rolled up a joint, and blazed. Neither of them smoked, but they drank some of the beer we had, and gave me some money to go to the store to get more beer. It was THE chillest experience with police that I have EVER had.

That weekend a bunch of people came together at the RV park, the manager started a fire and we all drank and ate crazy good that night. I couldn't understand a word anyone was saying (except for the guy I was staying with who spoke kinda ok English), we were all just drunk as fuck. We blazed, someone had a guitar so we all listened to him for a while, and it was a chill night. Everyone brought food, so there was tons of all kinds of Mexican food, I had never even heard of or seen some of the shit before. And did you know tacos in Mexico are all made from tongue, brains, and cheek meat. They call them “Tacos de Cabeza”, there's always a sign wherever they sell the tacos.

On fathers day, the man who I was staying with had family members come through all day. I met his daughter, and her boyfriend, who is a rapper in Mexico, he gave me a CD. And a group of kids that I'm not even sure was related to him, but they stayed to drink and smoke for a while.

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Nothing else really happened in Kino bay, and a few days after fathers day we went to Hermosillo to visit a friend of the man I was staying with. He kept calling the guy we went to see “Danny Boy”. When we got to Hermosillo, we stopped went in a restaurant and there was a table full of people. I had no idea before I went, but it turned out it was Danny's birthday, and he was a geologist and had just got paid. So he was buying all kinds of food, and beer for everyone. They made me eat some like grilled octopus. Not “Kalimari”, this shit wasn't fried, or breaded. Just straight up cooked octopus tentacles.

After we hung out there for a while, we went to a bar, and bought us drinks all night. At the bar there were some young kids, with polo shirts on, and some older guys with laptops and bluetooths in. And Danny assumed right away that these were “PANistas” (supporters of an opposing political party, Danny's party is PRI or PRE. I forget). So he started yelling things at them in Spanish that I couldn't understand. There was a juke box, so he kept putting on Bob Marley songs and singing them. He HARDLY knew any English, but he was singing entire songs in English. I'm pretty sure he didn't even know what he was saying.

We went back to danny's house, and he gave us rooms to stay in. At night, directly across the street from his house, at a basketball court. About 100 girls would come out and do Zumba, which is like dancing and working out at the same time. We just chilled during the day, and at night about 5-15 people would come (I was there for about a week, so each night was different). One night they all did coke, and had offered me some. But one of them told me the dealer made it pure by “Mixing it with cut, then boiling it into a rock, and breaking it back down”, which really means they were all snorting crack. And I didn't want any part of that, so I just drank and smoked my weed. I couldn't understand what any of them were saying most of the time (except one guy), so it was a little weird at times. We just chilled there for about a week, and after that I got on a bus back to America, can't wait to go back with more money so I can rent my own place.

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Now that I described both Mexico, and Telluride I want to explain a few things about Mexico that I didn't get into, then let you guys see/understand what the difference is. It's not because they have brown skin, or because they are lazy, or because they don't have factories.

Mexico: In big cities (Like Hermosillo), there are power/telephone cables going back and forth between the buildings. Like, if you had a 18 wheeler that was too tall, it could potentially wipe out power for multiple city blocks, just driving down the road. Water in the Houses, there is no “city grid” for plumbing in most places. They might have areas that have grid, but there was no strategic planning in their towns. They weren't meant to get as big as they are, or support as many people as they do. So most houses have a giant tank of water underneath, and you pay a company to come fill it up. And water is getting more and more expensive there.

But the main difference, the CAUSE of all of this is even more obvious when you compare Mexico to Colorado. EVERY house along the highway has a small shrine, with the virgin Mary or Jesus or both, or even other figures, candles, crosses, beads, everything a catholic might pray with. Each town has statues, and shrines on top of hills, some have three crosses with Jesus and the thiefs, some have just Jesus standing, some are shrines like described in front of the highway houses. The focus of the country is pilgrimage, and Catholicism. I was talking to one man who spoke kinda ok English, and he told me that the reason Mexico city is so populated is, it is the goal of EVERY Mexican to go to the big Catholic church in Mexico city, it's like going to the Vatican without crossing the ocean. They feel closer to god. But they each pay 10 pesos (roughly 1 US Dollar) to get in, and EVERYday about 2-10 Million people pass through that church. So everyday the church in Mexico city is collecting a minimum of 2 Million dollars, and sending that back to the real Vatican. Not to be used for Mexicans, or Mexico. But for the catholic church.

The difference between Mexico and Americas economy is, we are protestant, we don't rely on or pay tithes to the Catholic church. But we do rely on the people that planned our cities, made our water grids, and run our political, religious, and entrepreneurial systems. The families that made money when capitalism was young, and decided to secure their wealth by keeping it within their bloodlines. Our money stays on American soil, but over time we have still put it all in the hands of the few “industrious” families of the past. So it isn't much different from sending our money over seas to the Vatican, except that it's harder to see the effects of it on the poor families, since they are living in the same cities and states as the ones that have been collecting all the money.

Like they build roads, and buildings for us. Then call us ok. But some of America is no different in terms of wealth than Mexico, and I don't mean on a city wide scale, I mean neighborhood by neighborhood.

Learning to Roll a Joint

So, I used to hang out with this kid. It was the first time I really got into smoking with dro/dank/seedless, and when I was taking a lot of mushrooms, and making a little hash with Acetone and alcohol. He “taught” me how to roll a joint, but I could never figure it out. Because the way he “taught” me, was by saying “Here's how you roll a joint” then he would roll a joint really fast. So I wasn't learning anything. Then one day someone else taught me how to roll a joint. I was smoking a lot of reggie again, because I could get it for 180 a QP, and someone taught me how to roll up like nice whole gram joints. What you do is (I'll make a video eventually) take the first paper, and roll a SUPER sloppy joint, like not even just sloppy, put SO much bud in it that you can't seal it. You just close it like a baby diaper. Two little pieces holding it together at each end, but the middle of the licky part of the joint will still be open. Then you take a second paper and roll it around that, and it comes out as a clean, huge motherfuckin joint. Then eventually I got King Sized joker papers, and just learned how to roll normal joints, but with 1-3 grams in them. So, then once I was in California and Colorado smoking small joints, I was able to roll those up.

But that's the process I went through to learn how to roll joints.

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