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14 years old got arrested after 2 weeks of MJ use, and about 2 years of religious confusion. Then, my parents sent me to a “Troubled teens” boarding school/rehab. I got there the day before my 15th birthday It was a brainwashing place though, even my parents agree now. I was not “programmed” though (as we called the kids that got sucked in to the “Program”. That's literally what it was called) Got out 8 months later. But when I got out I had to start probation and alternative school. Both for around 6 months. During boarding school I had gotten into “Shamanic” and Eastern type religions, and during house arrest and alternative school, I did a lot more research on a lot of religions, and cultures.

I got arrested again when I was like 16 for doing some stupid stuff while blacked out on some Benzos (Very short phase for me, didn't like forgetting). And got the same P.O. I ended up going to some Psychologists, who all said I was “Manic”, I am a legal “Maniac”…My frontal lobe works faster than “normal” people. They actually used to labotamize us. One Psychologist said, “He's getting in trouble because he doesn't have enough to do, put him in college” So my P.O. talked to a judge, and got me into Community College, and set up for a G.E.D. test when I was 16. I started classes…But, I failed a drug test and turned myself in…

And before my probation revoking court date I got drunk and had a “Psychosis” in an abandoned mall while chillin there with 2 friends drinking, one guy was in the army, and we had gone there to shoot his gun. I don't really want to go into detail with the psychosis… It's…weird…and kinda scary I blacked out, crazy shit happened, and ended up being put against my will in the back seat of a truck (While STILL blacked out, but awake and doing things) I busted through the truck window with my elbow, and jumped out and started running.

Some how next thing that happened, my mom's car was wherever I was, I was laying on cement somewhere, and she put me in her car. I was bleeding like crazy from my arm, and she took me to the hospital…

When I got there the doctors did a blood alcohol test, and it was like 3x the legal limit, and I was like 16. They stitched up my arm, as I sang through the pain with Rick Ross “I'm the Boss”.

Then they put me in a “rehab/crazy house” for like drug using, and suicidal teens and stuff. Everyone there was prescribed Ceroquell, I talked to an onside, mandatory psychologist and he prescribed me 300mg in the morning and 300 at night. It makes you a zombie.

I ended up being in that rehab place during my court date, so they got mad. And when they found out WHY and WHERE I was missing the court date, it wasn't any better.

I got a female proby officer and she was pretty bad ass. I just talked with her once a month, and some dude did my drug test since she couldn't go in our bathroom. And it was WAYYY better than the old Proby Off. He was a big black dude that would stand at the urinal RIGHT NEXT TO ME, TALK to me, WHILE holding his dick taking a piss. Then he would ask: Why can't you pee?

So I started getting into something called “Gnostisism” which is like… The FULL Christianity… Not just Emperor Constantine's Christianity, and there's some weird stuff involved with Gnostisism.

My old black probation officer took on my case… Then I ended up failing a drug test and DIPPIN out to the eastern part of my home state

My probation officer always said, “I can't let you go for a minute, or you'll be in Mexico”

They couldn't find me, but my mom did, and told them where I was. The county I had gone to sent out 2/4 cops, that were on duty (That is including the Sergent on duty) and they took me to the police station until me step dad, and dad could come to pick me up. And take me too… JAIL Once my parents left I stated bitching about weed being a sacrament to my religion, and that it was against my constitutional right to freedom of religion to be jailed for a piss test.(And I was kicked out of college classes by my P.O. ) My P.O. came to visit…Not only insulted me, but my mom's parenting. He told me he wanted to send me to TYC (Kids can be jailed there until they are 21), but I never got any felonies so he couldn't send me there. But could put me in county juvy for 6 months, and DID.

So I went there for six months and spoke my confused, researched religious thoughts with all the bigotous guards, and christianly confused inmate children. And eventually they banned religious talk from the “Pod” I was in. But I still did plenty of “Planning for the future” with people there…

I was a Junior when I got there. I read fiction novels, and encyclopedias for the first half of my time there. But after 3 months I noticed all the kids who were GRADUATING were getting RELEASED. So I started working, and graduated in just under 3 months, with there “Self pace” schooling. So I graduated at 17, and got released from juvy

The day I got out my sister took me to get some bud, and ended up getting valium too, and giving me some. A couple days later my mom told us we could have a couple people over to drink. While in jail I had been prescribed a bunch of different things, and the long term being forced to take these pills (Felony to refuse, or keep. Since you may sell to other kids) Made me get WAYYY to drunk on like…3 shots. I was throwin up, and stumblin ALL over.

Some time after this I got into Islam for a little while, due to a strange experience, and my Muslim friends and their mom kinda saved me…

But then I just decided who my own gods were, and what people in history had the same kind of ideas as me. So I stopped being Muslim, and started making my own decisions.

Then when I was 18 I was raided with barely anything at my house, and the police had no warrant. I was only in jail for 11 days, but got like 9 months probation. I failed a drug test about half way through, and decided to not go in to talk about it. Instead I stayed with various friends across the state, then moved to California, with plans to live in a national forest, and grow poppies .

But when I got there, some friends ended up saying I should really just go live with them, so I did. But never got to grow poppies

I stayed there for about 4 months until I got fired from the job I got there, and couldn't pay for rent with the people I was staying with…

So I moved with family in Colorado. And got my medical license I plan to soon go to Mexico, and have MANY MANY plans for the future, and to help the people of the world…The WHOLE world

I had PLENTY of time to do PLENTY of thinking in cages, and with Shiva

FinShaggy's Life Story

This is the detailed version of my life story, cut into sections that are easier to read than just a big block of text.


I was born in Dallas Texas in 1992, and lived the first 2 years of my life in Mesquite Texas. I do not remember the house from that time, but I have been there since then. My sister was born 16 months after me.

We had a grey dog named Maggie that ran away, I remember Maggie. I remember we had a satellite dish in the backyard.

My mom says she made my dad move because there were too many gunshots in that neighborhood.


Me (and my sister's) childhood was split between our mother and our grandma (dad's mom). He worked and dated all the time, so he didn't have time to come get us until about 6-8pm every night. We never ate dinner with him on a weeknight, unless he didn't have work. We felt like we should just be at mom's house, but our grandma was avidly against letting mom take us on “dad's weeks”. A big reason we hated our grandmas house is because we had to help her baby sit babies all day, so we didn't even really get to do anything ever. We didn't even get to see our parents, let alone have friends come over or go to friends houses.


I don't personally remember this event in my life, but I know what my mom has told me. My parents got divorced when I was 5. My mom tells me it was the first day of school, and you can tell by looking at my school picture that something bad happened. No expression, watering eyes.

Because of this, we were in the middle of a court case as children. Then again in Middle School when my mom sued for custody. Both cases my mom got through by calling our dad an alcoholic and getting us to tell the judge about times he had been drunk, or times that he had not been able to drive us to school because he couldn't use the breathalyzer in his car (and even made us try it sometimes, but our lungs were too little)

Art Teacher

I had an art teacher in kindergarten who remembered who I was, and was my art teacher in 10th grade. When I was in highschool she talked to me about smoking hash in Germany and stuff, I don't remember her much from kindergarten, but I do remember her.

Indian Guides

Up until 3rd grade I was in something called “Indian Guides” with the YMCA (which is like boy scouts for younger kids) and my sister was in the female version of the program. We would go on camping trips with our dads, and they would get drunk and make a camp fire and tell us not to throw stuff in it all night. This is where I met my best friend (until 7th grade) Ryan Jordan, my name is also Ryan, so we instantly were friends (another good friend I made through Indian guides was Matt Walsh, and my dad even worked with his dad last I heard, since all our dads became good friends through Indian guides). And we went through some pretty funny stuff. One time I got him to drink beer, and a cop pulled up and we had to tell the cop that we thought it was soda, and our dad's had to talk their way out of it. One time Ryan drank a soda that had been sitting out, and it had a bee in it. He swallowed it, it freaked him out, and he spit out its skin. We were “Indian Guides” So we made it part of our chant. “We are the fish catchin', deer chasin', bee eatin' Caddos. And sometimes my sister would come with us on our camping trips, so one night all the boys were sitting in a cabin playing gameboys, and my sister comes up behind us and kicks the window right behind everyone's head. She kicked it WAY to hard and shattered it all over us. One funny thing I remember is I sat RIGHT on a cactus once. I was complaining about hiking, because it was hot as fuck and I was little. Then I sat on a rock and it turned out there was a cactus growing out of it.

More Beer

On the topic of tricking people into drinking beer, one time I tricked my sister into drinking some (and something that I NEVER EVEN REALIZED ABOUT THIS STORY UNTIL JUST NOW) We were sitting in our car seats and our parents had just gone in someone's house real quick (I feel like it was our aunt), and there was an open beer in the cup holder (this is the part I never realized before, my dad must have been drunk driving). So I told my sister it was apple juice, and tricked her into drinking some.

Tae Kwon Do

I was also in Tae Kwon Do, where I stayed until about 3rd grade also, I made it to red belt (and there is only 1 belt between red and black, called “red-black” and it's half and half). My sister wanted to do it, so she joined. The teacher flirted with her (jokingly. He was over 20 and she was in like 1st grade) so she quit. I also tried Karate for a short time before Tae Kwon Do.

1st Grade, New Little Brother

When I was in 1st grade my dad went on a vacation to his home state of Illinois, where he hooked up with an old girl friend who was at this point a bartender. He got her pregnant, and brought her back expecting a child, as well as with another child she had that was our age. So I was now sharing a room with this kid that was kinda my brother, except he was half black. He loved Batman, and had TONS of batman movies. We became friends very quickly, but when my mom came back my dad kicked his girlfriend (Irene) and my kinda brother (Alex) and my baby brother (Nathan) out of the house. And I have never seen Nathan since, but I have spoke with him on Facebook a few times. Irene was no good though. One time she threw my sister by the hair down a hallway, and another time she tried to drown us (not actually, but she did want us to feel like it was happening) at a public pool. She would tell us to swim through her legs, then she would lock them on us and trap us. Also in 1st grade, the mayor of our town's daughter (he was a lawyer then, but now he is mayor) used to spend the night at our house.

Mom Leaving Again

My mom only stayed with my dad for a few months, then one day I was playing with a bouncy ball in their room. My ball bounced into a drawer, and when I went to get the ball I expected to see clothes. But when I opened it, nothing was there. So I asked dad “Why is this drawer empty?”, and he wasn't sure. And our mom had moved out.

2nd Grade Teacher

My second grade teacher (Ms. Eldridge) was awesome, and she followed us from second grade to third grade. But she smoked cigarettes, and only a few weeks into 3rd grade she died. But we held a memorial for her, and there is now a tree growing in front of my elementary school for her.


My mom put us into modeling for a short time as children, I am pretty sure it was around kindergarten and first grade. I don't know where any of that money went, I never saw a dime. I remember a bald guy that came with the cameras once that read a dinosaur book to us, and we thought he was funny because he had a “balding” head, and when he got to the dinosaur with the skull head, he compared himself to it. I also remember goats at a farm type place one time, with big trees with autumn leaves all over them. I remember seeing my mom in a batwoman costume in a Toys-R-Us magazine. I remember playing with helicopters while cameras watched, and being confused. I don't remember much else from that.

Parents Dating

Dad's Girlfriends

I can't remember their names, but I can remember 2 of his girlfriends. One drove a Lexus and we went to a small party at her house once, and I saw a wasp sting a locust, the locust fell out of the tree. Then the wasp came and picked up the locust, carried it about half way up the tree. Then flew across a lake to some sand and I'm guessing took the locust in some kind of ant hill for wasps.

Another one of his girlfriends had hair past her waist. And she told us a joke about a wide mouth frog once. Here it is:

So there's this wide mouth frog, and he is hoppin around. He comes to a farm, and he sees a pig, he goes over to the pig and (You HAVE to open your mouth really wide when you tell the frogs lines, it's part of the joke) “HI I'M A WIDE MOUTH FROG, AND I EAT FLIES. WHAT ARE YOU, AND WHAT DO YOU EAT?” the pig replies “I'm a pig and I eat slop”.

So the frog continues on to a nearby field, where he finds a horse. He hops up to the horse and says: “HI I'M A WIDE MOUTH FROG, AND I EAT FLIES. WHAT ARE YOU, AND WHAT DO YOU EAT?” the horse replies “I'm a horse, and I eat hay.”

So the frog continues along until he gets to a lake, and he sees an alligator. He gets close to the alligator and says: “HI I'M A WIDE MOUTH FROG, AND I EAT FLIES. WHAT ARE YOU, AND WHAT DO YOU EAT?” the alligator replies “I'm an alligator, and I ear wide mouth frogs.” The wide mouth frog then replies (now with tiny lips as if sucking through a straw) “oh really?”.

Mom's Boyfriends

  • Bill- I don't remember much about Bill, except that he had a boat. We called him “Wiggly-Woggly-Worm”, I have no idea why. And he had a daughter named Ashley that was like 5+ years oldeer than us. I remember that we lived in a pink apartment complex in Dallas when mom dated him, and we had to drive REALLY far to get to school, because we were still going to our same elementary school in our dad's town 45 minutes away.
  • Jim- He lived in an apartment complex in my home town. I don't remember much about him, but the apartment complex had a crazy amount of frogs. I remember him playing a skateboarding game with me on playstation once, and another time we went to a cabin in oklahoma or something, and I had to use a nebulizer, but the nebulizer had a huge black ant in it, and the ant got in my mouth and I freaked the fuck out.
  • John- He was a fat rich guy, he had a big house and clap lights. That's all I remember.
  • Clay- My mom almost married him. He was a dick, and wouldn't let people walk on carpet without socks on. We lived with him in a condo, and in a house before my mom dumped him.

Parents Re-Married (not to each other)



Mason & Carson

Middle School

I Was The Only One From My School

Confirmation Class

Boy Scouts

Matt Phelan

Ending the Friendship with Ryan Jordan & Dating Angel

First Year of Highschool

Nick Speight

First Time I got High

So I'm 14, and I'm at a friends house…

Before this week, I thought I would die if I smoked ANYTHING, because I have asthma. But I found a pack of cigarettes, opened, but full and unharmed on the side of the road, with the foil part still closed

Once I smoked that, and weed was offered. I was SOO ready to smoke weed So I was at my friends house, and his mom an brother (that was the rest of the family) went to sleep. He started looking around for something, searching in drawers, behind books, everywhere…

I asked what he was looking for and he said “My Mom's weed, it's in a little baggie” So I started helping him look. We ended up finding it in the drawer in front of/under the computer. It was a little baggie, with about 7g of Reggie in it…He pulled out maybe .1-.2

We both tried out best to roll a joint out of it(Using Christmas bag stuffing paper that his mom had cut perfectly shaped sitting with the weed, and ended up smoking his joint which we declared was better, but still was shitty. He had smoked before, with and without his mom. But I had never ever smoked before at all. So he told me to hold it in, and how long it was going to take and everything.

I didn't really feel anything, so we went and got a little more weed(like .3 this time), and used an Eclipse tin, gum container, with holes in strategic places, instead of a joint.

So after about 10 minutes it REALLY started to kick in I was just laughin, and watching him play Zelda (The Twilight Princess). He was at the part where you sumo wrestle the mayor…There are three options while fighting…It's like slap, grab, sidestep. And it's essentially rock, paper, scissors. But he didn't know that, and he kept losing the match, and once I notice it was Ro,Pa,Sc I told him ” … is paper … is rock … and … is scissors.“ He said “Here, you do it.” So I tried, but I never play Zelda, I watched my 10-year-older-than-me step sister play when I was little, but I had never really played Zelda. So when I tried it, I lost too.

But I explained it to him again, and told him to do it. So he did, and won. After that we played Time Splitter, and everything seemed like it was going is slowmotion, which made me REALLY good at sniping

After that we went to sleep, because it was already pretty late when we smoked

2nd or 3rd Time I got High

So we smoked in the woods, before our walk to Wednesday youth group at the church We smoked a couple bowls, and were properly toasted, so we decided to start our walk (Me and one other friend)

We were walking through the very suburby neighborhood, and as we were walking. It felt as if we were walking, but the houses were staying still. As if we had a treadmill in the middle of the street, and no matter HOW fast we ran, or how weird we jumped, there was no way to out run it. And we were both just being weird, trying to make the houses move as we walked, but the wouldn't. It felt like were weren't moving at all…

By finally we made it to the fence by a golf course we had to cross. We hopped the fence, and started walking…. All the sudden I stepped in quick sand, I was sinking. Then I realized, it was just a sand trap…

Then my friend yelled as if something crazy were happening, and I said “It's just a sand trap.” So he stopped freaking out, and we laughed about it…

So we finally got tot he other side, and jumped the fence. When we jumped, I looked and the neighborhood we were in was THE SAME one as before, we never even went on the golf course… But then I realized we HAD gone on the golf course, and this was another neighborhood, that just looked the same to me as the other one.

My friends jumped the fence right after me and was like “WHATTT?!?!” And I told him, “It's a different neighborhood, it just looks the same.” And he says, “That's like the second time, you can read my fuckin mind ” But then I told him the same things had just happened to me moments before, and we laughed.

Then we got to the church and met up with another friend. Him and the friends I had came with, noticed a jacket laying int he middle of the parking lot, and decided to go get it. But I didn't want to walk that far. But then sitting there, it felt like it had been 10 minutes, so I went to catch up with them… I was kinda jogging across a semi constructed new part of the church, when all the sudden I died… In front of me was black, beside me on both sides was back, and I assumed behind me was black. But I was trapped, and didn't even have enough room to turn my body or anything… Then I looked up

I had fallin in some kind of ditch in the construction site, that was really thin because they were probably just going to bury a pipe there or something. But I climbed out, and met up with them… We got the jacket went to church, and that's it…

First Time I got Arrested

I had only smoked once (the story is written above). But we were going to spend $90 on our first sack. Me and my best friend, got some of our Christmas money together, and I talked to my friends dealer. I gave him the money, and he said he would have it to us later that week (looking back that was a stupid, dumbass, dipshit move. But it ended not going bad ) So we waited The next day he came up to me and handed me a sack. He said somebody else had given him $20, but then not showed up to school. So he needed to get rid of it, and gave it to me. I had some paper that I could use as joint paper, and used it to roll up a joint, and hid it in my jacket. I was going to smoke it on the way to the outdoor classrooms, in portable trailer type things. But I got to math class, and showed the sack to a couple of friends who were long time stoners, and one of them told me “Smoke a bowl.” (Out of a metal 'Eclipse' gum container I had, that was rigged to be a pipe) I said “No, were in class.” But he kept saying “Smoke a bowl… …Smoke a bowl… …Smoke a bowl… …” And I kept saying, “I'm in a classroom… …We're taking a quiz… …NO… …” But finally I was done with my quiz and he said, “Smoke a bowl. I'll sit on your desk, and you can use your backpack to block the side.” So finally I gave in. He sat on my desk, and I put my backpack up, to create like a wall. I broke up some bud, and put it on the holes poked into the side of the gum container. I flicked the lighter, and hit it once. My friends SLAMMED his hand down on my desk, and confused, I went to take another hit. He slammed his hand down again and said, “He's coming!” And I hid the pipe and lighter beside me RIGHT AS the teacher was walking up… He looked at me, and he said, “That was obvious.” Me and my stoner friends in the class each grabbed a bottle of Ax cologne, and sprayed it as we ran out of the class…I hid my weed, and freaked out the rest of the day. But nothing happened.

Later that week I was in History(with the sack on me), the classroom door was open, and the Principle walked in the doorway, and began to scan the classroom. His eyes stopped on me…He pointed his walkie talkie, and said “Have a nice day.” But I freaked the fuck out, and the girl next to me said, “You look like you just saw a ghost.” Later in that SAME class period I got called down to the office. I asked the girl next to me to hold the weed, and she did. Then I went to the office. When I got to the office I knew I was fucked, I was just fucked. They told me, “Go to the assistant principals office.” I went in, and my friend was sitting there. Earlier that day, she had decided to wear her slippers, and had given me her shoes to hold in my backpack, so that she didn't have to carry them around all day. The teachers didn't want her wearing slippers, and needed me to give her her shoes. Fuckin RELIEVED. … … Then a couple days later, I fell asleep in my 3rd period class. I woke up. And the assistant principal was in my classroom, he said ” (My name) come with me.“ And I asked, “Should I bring my backpack?” He said, “Yes.” When they say “yes”, that means they want to search you…So I knew I was fucked, I had the weed on me… We went to hos office, and a cop came in. They went through my backpack together and found nothing. Then asked me to empty my pockets. I had a couple lighters and said, “I found those.” They said, “You aren't supposed to have them.” and I apologized…

Then the ass. principle ( ) says, “Let me see your phone.” I said, “My phone is right there.” He said, “Then what's that?” I said, “My belt buckle.” He said, “Take off your belt.” And hidden behind my belt buckle, was THE TINIEST little sack of weed. Like, you could curl your pinky around it. And it fell to the ground… The cop said, “What's that?” I said, “I don't know.” But he of course, already knew. So he took me to jail…

Boarding School

First Impressions

Rules & Daily Routine

Orange T

Seminars & Facilitators

School, Educational Videos & Reading

The Dream Team

Runaway Plans & Going Home

Sophmore Year Highschool


First Time Drunk & Losing Virginity

Drinking on Probation

Kaitlyn Mazzerella

Ms. Kesler

Learning to Roll a Joint

So, I used to hang out with this kid. It was the first time I really got into smoking with dro/dank/seedless, and when I was taking a lot of mushrooms, and making a little hash with Acetone and alcohol. He “taught” me how to roll a joint, but I could never figure it out. Because the way he “taught” me, was by saying “Here's how you roll a joint” then he would roll a joint really fast. So I wasn't learning anything. Then one day someone else taught me how to roll a joint. I was smoking a lot of reggie again, because I could get it for 180 a QP, and someone taught me how to roll up like nice whole gram joints. What you do is (I'll make a video eventually) take the first paper, and roll a SUPER sloppy joint, like not even just sloppy, put SO much bud in it that you can't seal it. You just close it like a baby diaper. Two little pieces holding it together at each end, but the middle of the licky part of the joint will still be open. Then you take a second paper and roll it around that, and it comes out as a clean, huge motherfuckin joint. Then eventually I got King Sized joker papers, and just learned how to roll normal joints, but with 1-3 grams in them. So, then once I was in California and Colorado smoking small joints, I was able to roll those up.

But that's the process I went through to learn how to roll joints.

16 years old in College

Running Away

When I was sixteen, I was on probation, and wanted to leave my town. But I knew I couldn't just go hide somewhere IN town, or ONE town over…That wouldn't work. So I had to find a way to get WAY further. So I started planning with an X girlfriend of mine, we would go to her dad's house in East Texas. I just had to get a little money, and someone to drive us

So I made phone calls every night, and had no luck. I saved up a little money from work, and had like $120.

I couldn't find a ride, and it was THE day the plan was supposed to be happening…

I was taking classes at the local community college, and asked someone in my Philosophy class “If I pay for gas, and smoke you out the whole time, will you give me and a friend a ride?” And he said “Yes”

So after class I got in his car, and we went to my house to get my stuff. I texted my X girlfriend (I'm gonna call her “Lo” from now on) and told her we were coming to get her. Lo skipped to get out of school, and came with us. We went to her house, and she got some clothes and stuff. Then grabbed a big jug of change her parents had. And we went and coinstarred it. Then we went to the drivers house, and he called a dealer, so that we could get some bud, and leave.

We got the bud, got some papers, filled up the tank and left headed East

We went about two hours, till we were in the middle of “Bumfuck nowhere” as they called it. “The Boons” Or “The Sticks” to most people. Lo called the house her dad lived at, and his girlfriend came to get us. Lo hadn't told them that SHE, OR that I was coming. She told NO ONE, and didn't warn me that she had told no one we were coming. But her dad's girlfriend came and got us, and within ten minutes of meeting her, told us she was inbred.

“Your daddy is real excited to see you…He's told me so much about you…Most of my family is inbred…”

So we got to the house, and decided to chill outside for a little while, and smoke a joint. While we were outside her dad got home(Who had no idea I was there, and hadn't seen his daughter in 10+ years), and wanted to smoke another joint of what we had. He had NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER seen weed without seeds…EVER

So we blazed that, and that was just one toke over the line for me… We had blazed the WHOLE car ride, we had blazed RIGHT before this, and we were blazing RIGHT then. I just got sick, and threw up in the sink, then went outside and started throwing up more.

Lo's dad had some new babies (3 of them), and Lo's girlfriends mom was the one that owned the house. She didn't smoke but she rolled ALL of our joints for us, and played pac man on her TV ALL day, and I would play with her sometimes. She was 50 somethin, and I was only like 15-16, but she was cool as shit.

This house is where I met Danny, who told the monkey stories that are written above.

We would just chill and blaze all day, and I did lawn work on their 2-3 acres, in exchange for food, and to stay there. Lo's dad got us an RV, and we were going to get (she and her dad eventually DID get) electricity and plumbing to it, and we were going to live in it.

We would always tell her dad “We're going to go clean the RV” And it was a stinky RV, so we would smoke, and considered that to be a form of “Cleaning”.

Her dad tried to get mushrooms for us one night, but the people that went and picked them got in the truck, and all night the guy called, and they said “We're in the way” EVERY TIME But they never came. The next morning, they came by and said “Sorry, we ate a bunch of mushrooms while we were pickin, and we got in the car, and thought it was moving. Hours later, we realized, there weren't even keys in the car. And then we decided we weren't ok to drive.”

One day Lo's dad took me to a friends house and told him “I need you to hold a package for me.”

He thought it was going to be guns, or heroin, or something CRAZY. (Lo's dad USED to be a crazy fuck) But it was just me When I got there, he told me “I just got out of the pen, don't fuck with me. Don't try to fuck my old lady(wife), and we'll be fine.” Then we just sat around and watched a “That 70's show” marathon ALL day.

At one point this guys older son, hit the younger son in the face. The dad told him, “Go stand in the corner.” He got PISSED, but knew not to fuck with his dad, and went to the corner. Then the dad turned and said to me, “That boys gonna end up in jail.”

A week into my stay in East Texas, the police found out where I was. They came to the house one day, and we were smoking RIGHT by the front door, RIGHT by a window (On 2-3 acres, in the boons) and they may have seen me. But I ducked under the table, and crawled in the back room. They knocked, and asked some questions.

Then a couple days later, the police came back and I was asleep in the RV, the threatened to take the families children, and they brought them to me.

I woke up to some knocking, I went to the door, and looked out the little window, I saw police. In my head I said “Shit” out loud I said, “What?” They said “You need to come out.” I said, “I don't want to.” Then they told me they couldn't leave without me, and that I had to come out, or they would come get me. So I came out.

They were super nice, I expected handcuffs (Probation Runaway) but they said, “You aren't under arrest, we just HAVE to go get any underage runaways.” Told me to get my bags, and drove me to the Sheriff station. There we watched Obama on TV, and recordings of DWI arrests

My dad, and step dad picked me up. And took me to the juvenile detention center in my home town…

Danny's Monkey Stories

When he was younger, Danny's dad's job for some reason involved him talking to a bunch of people with strange animals, that they could no longer afford, or were no longer allowed to own… So he would brings some animals home sometimes. He said they had had pet rabbits, deer, armadillo, but the funnest of all, and the type of animal he continued to love and raise when he got older was monkies

So he used to have a spider monkey, this was when he was like 20something, that would stand on his shoulder, with a chain around it's neck, that he held as a leash. He had long ass hair, and one day he was walking somewhere, and passed a construction site. All the Mexicans at the construction site were fake flirting, and making fun of him for looking like a girl. But he ignored them…

But he had to walk past them later that day. The Mexicans did the same thing again, except this time one of them came up to him as if he was going to try to fight him or something. The dude got in his face, and he let go of the chain. The monkey jumped on the Mexican, bit him in the face, and jumped back on Danny's shoulder, as the Mexican ran away yelling. That shit would hurt like shit…

Ok, monkey story #2

So Danny at another time in his life, had a monkey called a “Kinkajou” (May be spelled wrong) which is a nocturnal bear/monkey… It has a Bear face, Monkey hand, a monkey tail, and a little bear body. It's up ALL night… So this thing liked to wrestle right, it would wake him up in the middle of the night, and he said it was like having a little room mate that wanted to play all the time But it would wake him up all the time

But one day, he came outside, and the neighbor came outside, because the neighbors dog was barking like crazy… The dog was barking at the monkey, and the monkey was freaking out too. The neighbor yelled “You better keep your monkey away from my dog” (A German Shepard) And Danny said back, “You better keep your dog away from my monkey” And they each took their animals inside…

Then one day, the monkey was in a tree…And these things don't eat meat, but they have natural predators, and they have to protect themselves. Now, what they have is like bear claws, on monkey hands… So they go for the kill….

The monkey was hanging in a tree… The dog, unsuspecting, walks under…

The monkey dropped down on the dogs back, ripped its throat out with its hands… And walked away, maybe into the tree again…

The Baby's Tater

Another story from East Texas

It is important to know that the family had babies, one of which was walking around…With a potato in his mouth… We were sitting in the kitchen smoking a joint…When my friends dad noticed the potato in the babies mouth … … So he yells to his girlfriend/wife “Honey, I thought we were outta taters!!” She yells back, “We are!” And his response is “Then why's he gotta tater in 'is mouth!!??”

Highschool Again

Mushroom Hunting #1

So, mushrooms in the Dallas metroplex go for 10-15 a G. I don't like to pay that, that's bullshit.

So I decided to call out to East Texas. I asked if I could come out there with some friends, and go on a hunt and my Xgirlfriend “Lo” (from the last East Texas story) said “Yes”, she would set it up

So we waited for the humidity to be PERFECT, and went out to the little town in East Texas. When we got there, we met at a place I had never been (It seemed like a car garage, but was about 2 acres back on some land, but I saw no other structures anywhere, or on the way to it…) Lo, her dad, her grandad, and some of their friends were there.

Lo's Grandpa was a REALLY drunk, crazy old man, and told her, “Put your hand in my pocket.” She turned to her dad and said, “Should I?” And he said, “You know DAMN well not to put your hand in that mans pocket.”

So she came with us (Me, and my (both girls) friends M, and J) M was driving, and Lo sat in the passenger seat, and me and J sat in the back.

We went to the RV that her dad had bought for me and her, and it now had electricity, and plumbing. We had to wait until like…3-4am to go mushroom hunting. And Lo got bored sitting in the trailer with nothing to do…

So she started calling people to get beer, because her dad wouldn't buy her any…(He told her that we should just come in and drink with him, which would have been BAD ASS) So we found some Mexican guy that would buy it, and went to where he lived. We chilled at his place, and smoked with some other people that lived there, while we waited. They came back, and we went back to the house, inviting them, and whoever they wanted to invite.

So TONS of people came over to that little RV, and beer ran out fast. But we were sitting around playing drinking games when all these kids (from the boons) started talkin about a “mansion” with a pool. And we were thinking, a “Mansion, out here?” So we got there, and it was a big ass house, with a BAD ASS pool.

M, and J are both drunk. Somehow Lo's grandad was with us, (He told us to call him “Dickweed” he had it tattooed on his chest) And he was a drunk old pervert. He was sittin in the pool, drunk as shit. Shoutin shit at all the girls. Then M got naked, and eventaully started fuckin the ONLY black guy there, IN the pool. While EVERYONE was in view, including a 14 year old boy, and Dickweed watched (Approvingly)

We finally left there, and got to the first mushroom field. We had some trashbags, but we realized…We had brought NO flashlights… …SO…We had to use our cell phones for hunting…

We walking through the field in a line/wall, and the boon kids showed us all how you tell if the mushrooms are good or not (besides tanish color) You squeeze the cap, like so one finger is on top, and one is on the gills. When you squeeze, if the juice is purple, it's good. ANY other color, bad. A piece of paper would be good for testing this

Everyone got a good trashbag full, but Dickweed didn't even make it over the fence. So when we got back to the car, he payed someone to give him some of theirs.

Then we went to the second field, and got more. Then went back to the RV.

When we got back, Lo said it would be a good idea to make “Mushroom tea” We only had a microwave on hand, so we used that and made some nasty mushroom juice.

But somehow it didn't work. The microwave somehow zapped the psylo or something…I have no idea what happened, I just no NONE of us felt it EXCEPT Dickweed, and he just ate his…

Then at like 6-7am we left, M drove. And we went home…

Mushroom Hunting #2

Me and my friend (a guy) K, decided we would go to East Texas, and go find ourself a good mushroom field, we'd spot out some cows, and poop around 10pm, chill, maybe make some friends, and come back at 3-4am to do some mushroom hunting.

So we started driving around, and decided we were going to try to find Lo's dad (Lo is in the last 2 stories, who she i, is described in the first one) so we went to a random gas station, and I went in and asked, “Do you know (his name)” And the lady behind the register said, “No”. But some random kid in the store said, “Did you say (his name)” And I said “Yes” and me and this kid started talking and went outside, he told me to text Lo, so we did, and we ended up meeting up with her, and never getting to see her dad…

But we chilled with this dude who knew Lo, at a park, until Lo came, and then we got some bud, and went to roll a blunt. Then we went and hung out with a bunch of dudes I had never met, and smoked out of a steamroller.

eventually it was late/early enough, and we went out to the SAME field that we had gone to first, last time. We parked in the same spot as the first time (which turned out to be stupid) and jumped the fence, into the field.

The way the field is shaped, there is a hill. You walk down, and there is a small valley, then another hill on the other side, and a fence, and a treeline to some woods. We were walking across the valley part, using flashlights, and being pretty loud (not yelling or anything, but loud).

All the sudden we heard dogs…Then a gun shot…Then a drum…It was scary as shit.

We ran up the hill at the back of the property and to the fence, when we got to it, someone said “What do we do now?” I said “Jump the fence, get off THAT GUYS property!” So we jumped the fence and started running, one dude stopped to go pee, and his friend stopped too. Then Lo went back for them, then K lost sight of me, and went another direction.

So I was alone in the woods. My cell phone was in the car. And I could hear the dogs.

I ran BACK towards the car, but not onto the guys property. And I got to a “lake” which was like waist deep, and had TONS of trees growing out of it. But I walked through it, scared AS SHIT that I was going to get bit by a snake… I finally made it out of the water, but when I made it out the land around it was just sticky, gucky, shitty, mud. And it sucked my shoes into the mud, (but that was ok with me, I went barefoot everywhere at the time, and had only worn shoes for the hunt ) So I took the off, and carried them as I ran. There was no trial, but I ran in a straight line, moving big branches, and just braking small ones on my arms, getting caught on all kinds of briar thorn vines and shit.

I finally got out of those woods. And into a field, as I ran I noticed (because I didn't have my shoes on) that the field was full of little pear cactus's, and sticker plants :S So I put my shoes back on, but the stickers the got stuck in the shoes were hard to get out, and hurt MORE than the ones that were just in my foot, not getting pressure pushed on them. So I took off my shoes, and ran barefoot again. Trying to dodge prickly pear cactus, in the dark.

Finally I saw some headlights, and it looked the were doing donuts. So I thought, “That must be my friends, trying to show me where to go.” So I got closer (about 1-200 yrds), and noticed that the car was a cop car. So I ducked in the tall grass, and moved behind a pineish tree. I watched the cops and the farmers talk for a while, then eventually. The cops left, so I decided to walk down the street. But realized that it was a dead end, but didn't realize that the cops hadn't left, they just went to this dead end, and to the house that was at the dead end. Once I realized it was a dead end, I turned around, and went to the car to get my phone.

A tiny dog heard/say me, and started barking, and chasing me. I ran to the car, grabbed my phone, ran about 2 properties down, and hid in some bushes, in front of the 2nd property. The farmer came out with his truck, and got another farmer to come out with his truck, so they were shining their lights both ways down the road.

Then the cops came back, and brought dogs… I thought, “Shit, I'm fucked” The dogs sniffed the car, but we had nothing. The cops got a megaphone out, and yelled: “Attention to the people in the woods, if you do not come out, we WILL tow your car.” But they DIDN'T They just threatened.

The farmers dog started to slightly bark at me at one time, and if the cops had payed attention, they could have got me. But a cop just yelled “GET!” at the dog, and made it go away. He didn't want to listen to the farmers dog, since he had his own.

Then eventually the cops left again, and I called my friends, with my phone in my shirt. They said they would come soon. I decided to run across the road, so I was on the opposite side as the farmers property, so he couldn't even TRY to say I was on his land.

But he came back out pretty soon after I did that, and brought his dogs. I had taken a piss, and they smelled me out REAL quick. But even when they barked at me, I just stayed where I was. they weren't trying to hurt me. The farmer couldn't see me but he knew I was there, and I was just like “Shit, what do I do?”

So I stood up, put my hands up, and said “I wasn't tryin to fuck with none of your shit.” He asked what I was doing out there I told him we were from out of town, and thought it would be ok to just walk around. He patted me on the back, and asked who's car was parked there. I told him “My friends” He thought it was mine, and told me I could take my car and go. I told him I didn't have the keys, because it was my friends car, and around then my friends pulled up. The farmer said, “They've been drivin up and down, lookin for you for about an hour.” At this point it was around 8am

Me and K got in K's car, and we followed Lo and her friends in their car. We stopped at a house, and smoked a blunt. And they told me what had happened (Within 20-30 min they had all met up, and gotten in cars) And they wanted to know what had happened to me…

I was covered in mud… I was wearing a shirt that said “Dunder Mifflin” but you couldn't read ONE letter, NOT ONE. My pants had mud ALL over, and had a light layer of mud color tone from being wet. I had scratches, and bruises all over my arms from thorns, and branches. I was a mess.

I told them what had happened, and we headed out of town. Trying to avoid the police, because the farmer told us they probably tagged our plates, and will just get us later…But said that he wouldn't call, or pursue us further in any way, with the police. And nothing ever happened to my knowledge

Running Away Again


Running Away on Probation


6 Months in Juvinille Detention

Highschool Graduation


Police Break in

I'm in my backyard with some weed. I am asleep on a couch in the backyard, and my friend is awake watching a TV we had put out there.

He shakes me awake and says, “Hey, there's a cop at the door.” I looked back through the window behind us, to the foggy style glass door about…20yrds away. And asked, “Are you sure.” “I see the badge, and gun and Everything.” “Shit, what do I do?” “I don't know.” “I'm going inside.” So I went inside. When inside I flushed an unknown amount of Marijuana. But it wasn't a lot. (My friend said they came in the backyards about now, and he said “Do you have a warrant? This is private property.” They said, “Are you a lawyer? And handcuffed him) I called my mom and stared talking to her when I heard a voice in the house. I had gone around locking all the doors I could think of before going to flush, but I missed one. So I go down stairs and these guys are in my house, pointing guns at me, and yelling. “Put the phone down!” “Put your hands behind your head!” Turn around!” Then they tried to put hand cuffs on me. But I didn't want that to happen so I put my arms down. They told me to put my hands back up, but the same thing happened. Then they yelled, “Calm down or we'll slam you!!” So I let them put them on. They took me to the backyard where they found 1g of weed, and about 14g of legal “Wild lettuce”. They questioned us extensively, then took us both to jail for the same weed, and the same pipe. Then later said they found 14g of weed, and said that was my charge. But I'm pretty sure that was either fully extracted MJ with no THC in it, or they were just talking about the “Wild lettuce”. But we never went to Trial, they tricked me into pleaing guilty by telling me I wasn't pleaing guilty when in all reality I was basically pleaing guilty in the eyes of the court. And I got probation.

But I ended up failing a drug test and ran away. I now live in a state where my misdemeanor doesn't effect me and MJ is actually medical.

This is a statement and a question… I plan on using this case to go to the supreme court of my home state. These police had NO warrant while raiding an 18 year old kid(adult to the law) to this extent, for the ASSUMPTION that there may be marijuana on my property. They were no better than a common criminal, breaking into my home, and robbing me of my possessions. They broke the law, not me, and the illegalization of Marijuana in my home state should be considered unconstitutional. Does anyone know anyone in similar situations to me?? Or does anyone know people I should get in contact with? Or specific places of interest I should go? I have many plans, and will be traveling to fulfill them, so any suggestions are ok. I'm just looking to broaden my travels, let me know if you know of anything. I lived in Texas my whole life and only lived in California for like 6 months, so I probably can learn about a couple people and places marijuana related that maybe I've never heard of before.

During my Court Case (which is unresolved), Living in my Home Town still


This is the 3rd girl I loved, but I am pretty sure she was just using me for a summer. I had met her before when I was in Alternative school (after my six months in jail), because she was there too. But we didn't date until now, after talking on Facebook. She came over, and at first we were just talking but then we started making out, and eventually one thing led to another. And she later told me that at first she had thought she had lost her ability to be sexy when I wasn't paying attention to her, lol.

But we started dating, and she was at my house everyday. I didn't have a car, so she would just wake up at like 8 and drive over at like 9 am, then stay till like 11pm, unless it was the weekend.

After a while we started going over to one of her friends houses all the time, and it turned out someone I knew from boy scouts (Cory) was Marie's friends boyfriend (and they rented the house with another couple). That was pretty cool, so we hung out there and smoked all the time in their garage. I can't believe police never got a call, or came and smelled at it when it was closed or anything.

Corey & Getting Robbed

When me and Corey met again after not seeing each other since boy scouts, we started being friends again, and smoking weed at the time.

When I was around 18, before I left my home state. Some friends (everyone at Corey's house) had bought some bud, to make a little money, so they could get a new apartment. I happened to know a lot of stoners who liked reggie And they all happened to have jobs, and wanted a new apartment So it worked out good

But one day, my friend (Red) had a friend come that he had known since Kindergarten. So, he thought this guy was legit. He came by a few times, maybe 3-4. I never had to talk to him or anything. But then one night he came over at like 3am, we were in the garage. He said, “My brother is lookin for some bud.” So Red made him a sack. Then his friend said, “He didn't give me the money, he wanted me to see it first.” So he left. He came back saying, “He wants me to try it first.”

I didn't like this shit AT ALL, it was 3:30am or somethin at this point. He had come by twice, and were smoking him out now. But Red was cool with it because he had known the guy forever. But this guy was SOOOO sketchy. So he smoked with us, and left again…

… About 30 minutes later, we're in the house, counting the money, and weighing the bud.

Red's girlfriend is in the garage still, with it open, lights on, sitting on a couch. She see's Red's friend's truck pull up. A Mexican steps out of the passenger seat. He walks up to her, and points the gun at her saying, “Be cool.” He tells her to tell us to get the money, and bud. She yells in the garage door, telling us to bring everything out… Me and Red think this is strange, and Red begins to go to the garage empty handed. The Mexican opens the garage door. Red runs, and fights to keep the door shut, at this point I have no idea what is happening. I walk over to see an arm being shut in the door, with a gun in the hand. But then the Mexican pushes the door open, and shoves Red to the ground. He points a gun at him and says, “Put your face on the ground.” Then turns the gun on me and says, “Get on the ground.” so I did. He grabbed the money and the bud, leaving only the half oz we had prepared for them (When we thought they were buying it)

The really, really shitty part of all of this, is that there was another guy that lived in the house, asleep in his room, with a loaded shotgun in the closet.

Living in Denton

Leaving Denton

Dirty Apartment

Taylor & Bailey

Going to Cali

First Few Days in Cali

I stepped off the GreyHound in San Diego. And my phone was dying. Had my phone been charged enough to find a place to stay, what happens, wouldn't have happened at all… But I stayed at the Greyhound station for about 30 minutes with my phone plugged into the wall, and when it was charged I left. Thinking “I need to get a bike.” So I asked the guard at the station “Where is the nearest place to get a bike?” He pointed me in a direction, and I went outside, and started walking that way.

So I got to a stoplight, and a crosswalk, and there was a guy standing next to me. He said, “do you have a cigarette?” And I'll bum even my last cig, to a friend, so I gave him one. And I asked him, “Do you know where the nearest place is to get a bike?” He said “I sell bikes!” Now THIS was convenient. Nothing could go wrong. Right? So he tells me he just got out of jail, and I'm not one to judge because in Texas I have been judged quite a bit, based on my favorite flower. And have had to do more than my fair share of time. He asks if he can borrow my phone to call his girlfriend, tells me I can stay with them, I accept and he tells her to meet us a couple streets down. He says he's broke and just got out of jail, and wants to know if I can get him like a soda, and a cookie at the convenient store. So I go in and get him something, and I got some more cigs, and gave him a pack. His girlfriend picks us up, and the car is so full of…Clothes, camping stuff, I feel like there was a chair, and a guitar in there…But we fit me in the back somehow, and he sat in the passenger seat with some stuff where his legs went, AND on his lap.

So we go to Motel 6 and they show me a bike. They tell me I can ride it around to test it out, and they need a minute to talk inside. I ride it around for a while and it's a pretty nice bike, and when I go back I gave him $100 for it. I ask him if he can get any bud, and he says he can. But he has to call some people. His girlfriend is weird. He's weird. I knew somethin was up with them. But they were chill. So he starts calling people, and using code words. And I notice he's saying “Blue” as a noun a lot. The girl says something about “You should be quiet” referring to me being able to hear. And he says “He knows what we're talking about.” But I had no idea what they were talking about. I had an idea though, and I didn't like that I had bought a bike from them.

So they leave for a while, and come back with a sack of meth, and ask if I want some. I told them no, (I have had a bad experience, I'll share it here one day if I haven't already) and that I just would get some bud whenever I could. So they smoked/shot that, and after a couple hours, the girl fell asleep, and the dude disappeared. And I fell asleep. (Whenever she was awake both days she would talk about how meth made her tired, or at least more calm )

I woke up in the morning and they were gone. I freaked out a little, but nothing was missing, and all there stuff was still there. So I figured they hadn't just left completely. The girl came up with some doughnuts and stuff on a plate. She said she got it downstairs, and that they had been at the pool. And it looked like she had been at the pool. The dude came back, and we watched TV all day. While they shot up. And he described to me that the needles get dull, and after a while it's like trying to get a pencil in your vein because the tip isn't sharp anymore, it's just flat. He left at one point, and traded some guy outside in a van a phone charger for a Wal Mart card, and expected it to have money left on it, when he check. It didn't. Duh. Then later during that day he asked if he could take my bike, with the other bike they had and his girlfriend, for a ride to the gas station or something. I said sure, and they left for about a half hour, and came back with no bikes. He said they had run into a guy that he owed money to, and the guy took the bikes. I was in a “foreign” state, with very little money left, no where to go yet, and my bike had been lost by meth heads. I was pisssssssssed off, and the dude could tell. He said something, and I said “If I was going to hit you, I would have already.” I just knew that wouldn't solve anything. But I had to punch the wall outside, and that hurt like shit.

So they said they would fix it, and not to break anything, and left, at about 10pm. I fell asleep around 1:30am. They came back around 3-4am and woke me up.

They were wet as shit, and it was raining outside. The guy disappeared as soon as they got there, but the girl handed me a cigarette box, and told me to look inside, and there was about a gram nug of weed in there. I was SOOO happy And I had papers and everything. She told me he had got me a bike, but was locking it up outside, but inside somewhere out of the rain. He came back, and said I could come see it. He took me to the laundry room, and was locking it on the coke machine. It was WAAY shittier than the other bike. Like 1/3 the gears. Skinny tires, instead of big ones. Bullshit.

But I had no other option. I went inside and smoked some weed. FINALLY

So we watch TV, I smoke my joint, and they slam their meth, and he took the LOUDEST, nastiest (most likely meth induced) shit, I have EVER heard in my ENTIRE life.

I wake up in the morning, and their gone. The phone is ringing. So I answer it. It's a man. He asks who I am, and I made up a name. He says he's the girls babies daddy, and to tell her that she needs to come see her baby. And I tell him that I'll tell her, no problem.

So she comes in, and I tell her. She calls him, and starts yelling and shit. She gets off the phone and is silent. Like rocking back and forth. Eventually she says “He's coming here.” And I asked “should I leave?” She says “Probably”

I got all my shit that minute. That had promised to drive me to the city where I had a friend that I could at least hang out with. But now I just strapped all my shit to my shitty new bike, ask which way was north, and WENT.

Eventually I got tired as shit. I slowed down, and was eventually walking my bike. A full school style back pack, and two smaller bags strapped to a bike, are heavy as SHIT.

I started asking people how to get to the city I was going to, and eventually I heard enough of “You should take the trolly” to consider it, and asked someone where it was. They pointed me in a direction, and I came to a station/stop. I bought a ticket, and the first trolly that came, I wasn't fast enough for with my bike and everything. I almost got caught in the door, and I just had to go back and wait. I got on though, and was told to go to what they call “The coaster” which is like a faster trolly. I went there, and bought a ticket to go like 50 miles away. We got there in like 20 minutes for $2. And while I was on it, I texted a ssecond friend in Corona, who said I could live with him, so I decided to go there.

I got there, and met my friend up a fuckin hill, which would have been considered a mountain in Texas. At AmPm, which when he said “Meet me at the AmPm” I was like “What the fuck is ampm?”

We met, and went to a friend of his' house. He had some medical bud, I bought it (Katana), and we smoked, and chilled for a while. Eventually it was getting late so I went back to a city that almost everyone I met said would be chill (Ocean side). I stayed at a little hotel, and my mom got my a GreyHound ticket online for like 6 in the morning.

I made it to the station ontime and everyhting, but the only people there were bums. The station wasn't open, so a bus never came, and I never got picked up. My friends worked near Oceanside so they just picked me up, and the Greyhound ticket went to waste. … Then we went to Corona… I guess I could have ended that story in a better place… But yeah

Living in Cali

Meth Heads Again

We were just about to leave to go to my room mate's mom's house a couple towns over. But as we were getting everything, and ourselves in the car, this tweaker girl that my room mates chilled with pulled up and asked “Can I have $5 for gas.” My Room mate is ALL over this girl(Even though she's dating his tweaker friend), so of course he says “Yes” and goes in to get the money. I'm chillin in the car, and he comes out. They start talking, and it seems like it's gonna take them a long time to talk. So I go back inside the “house”(trailer). I chilled inside for a minute when I smelled some crazy walkin up the drive way (I heard yelling outside) The tweaker girls, tweaker boyfriend is here, and mad. They apparently got in a fight, and he got out of the car, and she left him. So he walked to our house…

My room mate is smart (kinda) and says, “Ya'll need to take this inside”, as they are yelling in our driveway… So they go inside, at which point tweaker dude says, “I've got 2 Cheena's (Chinese girls) with Choppers (AK-47's) on their way over right now.” Because she had “Stolen” the car…That he bought FOR HER. So this tripped me the fuck out. I went and grabbed my bandana tied to a big padlock, came back out, and told him “Hell no, this is their GRANDMA'S house” (Used to be, but she can't take care of her self, but it was full of her decorations and stuff) “That shit isn't going down here. I'll beat the shit out of you first”

So he called his girls and told them not to come, and they left. Then we went to my room mate's mom's house. Luckily she had some dank ass dinner and some Corona waiting for us at her house

One Crazy Night Near the End

So I was living with Z and J, and had been talking to a couple girls on CouchSurfing, and they had stayed over once, and they wanted to chill again…

The whole night prior we did line after line of an RC related to MDMA, and very similar to Coc. And I was to the point of like mental overload. Delayed responses, my body and mind would lock/freeze up for 2-3 minutes at a time, and I was slower in general at moving, talking and everything.

But these girls wanted to chill, and I was starting to feel better, as I had done WAYY less MD during that day, than we had the night before. So I got in a car with him, and went to chill. We checked the mail on the way out, and had received a G of what the vendor said was “A Cannabinoid 4x stronger than JWH”… (They gave us a specific name, but I don't want to share the name OR change my whole story to say “SWIM did …”) On the way we stopped at the gas station and I threw up out the door…Bad sign…But my friend got me a gatorade, asked if I wanted to go home, and we continued on… So we got to where the girls were, and they wanted us to hike up a hill (mountain in Tx terms) to go drink some liquor/smoke some weed with them. We did, and brought the “Cannabinoid” with us…

We all started drinking, and they pulled out some bud…I said “I have this stuff.” Showed it to them and told them what it was… We loaded some on top of some bud, and started smoking and talking… After a while we decided to go back to the car, and chilled in there for a while, smoked and drank some more…

After a couple hours of chillen in the car, not driving anywhere, fuckin around in a car… We decided to go home until another night. By this time my mind had been completely cleared and I was no longer locking up or anything.

It was about 6am, and on the way home we hit RUSH HOUR, bumper to bumper morning traffic(near LA)…

My friends kept getting WAAAAAYYY to close to the cars in front of us, almost hitting them. We smoked some more of the Cannabinoid and continued through the traffic though.

Finally I said “Don't get so close to him, you're going to hit him.” But he just gave me a look that said “Whatever, I know how to drive.” Not 10 seconds later he hits the guy. I start sayin, “Man you're fucked, this is the third time in 2 months ya'll did this, and you still don't have anything registered, OR a license or anything.” Then the guy in front of us got out of his car, and my friend looked at me, eyes huge, and FROZE.

The man came to the window, and tried talking to him, but he just looked at him like a deer in the headlights, and said not a single word. Just went blank, and froze.

I reached across him, and rolled his window down with the crank. And said “Hey I'm sorry…” The guy cut me off and said, “There's no damage.” And I said “So just trade info?” And he said “If you want?” And I said “I'm good” and he went back to his car

So my friend was frozen and I tried to ask him “Can you drive” No answer… Just a blank stare… Then he started to convulse.

His body just went stiff like a board, and his eyes rolled back in his head. He shook violently, and I knew there was NO fuckin way he could drive…

So I started trying to move him to the passenger seat, but he fought me, must have thought someone was forcing the seizure on him, and thought fighting me would stop it all…

But finally I got him where his back half of his body was in the back seat, and his legs were only kinda in the driver seat, so I got in the driver seat, and took the car out of park, but it wouldn't work.

Over and over P, D, P, D, P, D. Nothing, it just wouldn't work…

Everyone around me is honking at this point (bumper to bumper traffic) And people are on there cell phones looking at me, and talking excitedly, I can only assume to police.

I finally turn the car off with the keys, then back on. Then From P, to D and it FINALLY works. And I finally get my friend into the passenger seat. Still convulsing and shaking, with his eyes rolled back…

I start to drive, and the guy in the car next to me is just REALLY close, on his phone, looking at me, talking like SUPER excited. I get scared that he is calling the police and I mouth to the guy “He's having a seizure.” and point at my friend. While doing this I ran into the car in front of me. Which at this time is a whole new car, and guy different from last time…

So the guy pulls up next to me, while we're still driving and rolls down his window, and is like violently yelling “Pull over” I try to tell him, “He is having a seizure.” But he yells “Whatever” and tells me to pull over again.

So I pull over, and he sits in his car for a good minute. Finally I signal to him, “come on” and yelled “He is HAVING A SEIZURE”.

He walks to the back of his car to check for damage, and finally comes over to the passenger window. By this time my friends is the same as described before but is NOW throwing up all over his own chest.

So the guys is like “Oh” And I'm like “Yeah…I'm from Tx I don't know ANYTHING about this place, WHERE is the hospital.” He says “The next exit is a pretty major road, just drive down it and there should be a hospital up there.”

So I take the exit feeling as if he is calling the police as I drive away… THEN I see a sheriff parked at the top of the exit, but he wasn't there for me…

I feel as if I'm being set up, and decide against following that road and TOO try to find a safe gas station and ask about a hospital. So I take a left and kinda follow the highway from the said.

I keep putting my hand on my friends chest, to make sure he is breathing. After a while he becomes conscious enough to respond by taking deep breathes to signal “Yes, I can breath” whenever I put my hand to ask “Are you breathing?”.

Finally he begins to mumble something, and I tell him to “Hold that thought. Do we need to go to the hospital, or do you want to go home.” He has some hard to understand responses, but finally says clearly “Go home”.

So I stayed off the highway so that IF anyone WAS calling the cops earlier, we didn't get fucked with.

So finally he begins to come to. And at a stoplight opens his door, and starts to get out of the car. I grabbed him and pulled him back in saying “What the fuck!!” (Later he said, he had thought he had murdered someone, and was going to run for it.)

Finally he asked a question… “Who's car is this, and who are you?” he asked I told him, “It's your brothers, and I'm your room mate I live with you guys.”

Then I asked him”Do you know where you are?“ He said “No” I said “Do you know what state?” He said “No” I told him where we were, city and everything. Then he asked “Where were we last night?” I told him “Drinking with …” He said “What just happened?”

I described it to him, and at the end he said… “Wait, so what happened?”

And I told him again. At the end he said “I'm sorry if I asked you this already. But how did that happen?” Meaning he had forgotten the whole beginning, and probably most of the end.

Then when we got home, I finally described it to him again and it stuck….

In the morning he went to his sisters house, shaved his head, and became Christian (again).

AND, we found out that next day, that at the SAME EXACT TIME. His grandma had a seizure also.

Living in Colorado

Moving to Colorado

I came into Colorado from Cali, after I got fired for not being Mexican (They had to pay me more). I took a Grey Hound through Vegas, and Utah. Some people on the bus had NEVER seen snow before, it was hilarious, grown men were freaking out making videos to send to their family. They had lived in Southern California their whole lives.

When I got to Colorado my sister was there, living with my mom and little brothers. They had all moved from Texas about 4-6 months before that. When I got there my mom started talking about getting a medical card for me, so I couldn't get in trouble smoking there. A couple days after I got there, we went “Snow tubing”, which is like sledding, but on an intertube that is meant to be dragged behind a boat. And since it's Colorado, you go up a mountain, and they have a huge slide made out of snow. It's crazy. This is the first place we got bud in Colorado, while living there (I had visited for 2 weeks once, and met a patient that hooked me up, but that was just vacation). There was a guy working at the slide, and we asked him “Do you know where to get any bud around here”, and he said “yeah, my friend can get it, when I get off work give me 10 minutes, and I'll come meet you” So we waited for him to get off, which wasn't long. We just went and ate, and got something to drink. Then we saw him coming down the ski lift, and he left and came back with a quarter of some dank. We went home and blazed (my mom didn't join in).

About a week later, my mom came home with all the paperwork saying she could (at that time, laws are different now) walk into the dispensary and buy bud. She still had to wait for her official “red card” in the mail, but she was allowed to buy bud legally using the paperwork she had. So she got an eighth from a place called 420 Wellness. About 3 days later, I went into the same Doctor and got my medical card. I never, ever, EVER thought I would walk into a weed STORE. But that's exactly what I was able to do. With that card I was able to walk into stores, and say “I want an 8th of (ANYTHING)” and the normal price was 200-250/oz.

Over time I went to a bunch of different dispensaries, and eventually found Trenchtown. That, in my opinion, is one of the best dispensaries in Denver. BEST for trim, GREAT for bud, GREAT for edibles, OK for hash (but you can make your own with their trim). Their ounces are (drumroll) $150 EACH, and if you bring back the containers you get your bud in, for them to recycle, you can get free joints and blunts. And their budtender, Rose, is awesome. She hides the best buds that don't have much stock, so you have to ask for them. And she gets opinions from people about the buds (and she smokes them), so she can tell you what to expect before you smoke.

Eventually I met my friend, I'll call C, he was the one growing Agent Orange, Flo, and Purple Urkle, and all those. They came out amazing, and smoked great. Purple Urkle was some DANK shit, we took about an Oz of it to the smoking movie theatre one time. THERE WAS A SMOKING MOVIE THEATRE. About once or twice a month, there was a movie theatre, which on these special days you paid $10 and they would put on Fear and Loathing, or How High, or Dazed and Confused, and all those movies. And you could SMOKE while you watched the movie. It was so awesome, we went to almost every one they had the 3-4 months before I left.

That's really a little more than just entering Colorado, so I'll stop there.


When I lived in Colorado, I was in a suburban area, so there were not many job. Especially jobs for a licensed stoner, since employers were (maybe still are) allowed to drug test if they felt like it before they hired you, and could refuse you if there was weed in your system. So, I started looking for ways to earn money online, because I was just playing video games, or watching TV, or on Facebook or Playing Farmville ALL day every day. I found Blogger, and started blogging to earn money through Adsense, I also started taking pictures.

That's when I discovered Forums as well, I found out there were websites where people gathered to chat about certain subjects. I had never used the internet much deeper than Facebook and Myspace before (apart from Google searches and Wikipedia)

One of my First Online Posts, Apart From MySpace & Facebook

Ok, so if your already on Blogger and know how to make money with it then you already got this. But if not, here's how to make money simply posting about strains your smoking, video's you find, and anything you want to say. Doesn't even have to be about weed.

First, go to and make an account. If you already have an account set up with all the Google stuff then your set up.

Second, make your first blog. It needs a name. If you aren't really sure what exactly to post use Stumble Upon. If you aren't sure what that is, go to, make an account. Check off some interests, and hit the stumble button. It'll start showing you web sites that fit your intererests, many of which you have probably never seen. Copy pictures, read some articles, whatever.

Third, make your first post. Click “new post”, then post whatever you want. MAKE SURE TO LABEL. There is a little box in the bottom left hand corner, right below the box where you type the main body of the post. It's the Same as “tagging” when you make a thread here. The reason it is important is, that is how Google decides which ads to put on your blog to pay you.

Ok, fourth. Now that you have a blog, and a post up for ads to base themselves off of. Go to your Blogger dashboard, or home page. And click, “monetize”. Follow through with the directions for that, make an Adsense account and pick how you want ads to be displayed.

Now the way it works is: You get paid Every time someone clicks an ad on your page. Sometimes like 20 cents, sometimes around $2. Depends on the ad. But not many people click on ads who visit blogs, so you'll have tp find a way to get traffic, or to show up highly ranked on search engines.

Follow me and I'll follow you, and we can share links to each other, to share traffic:

Good luck. They review pay and the beginning of each month, and send out checks or I think there is another option. But if you choose it, they will send a check to your house.

A Post I Made After Watching TV with Both My Little Brothers, When I had both of Them

I love AdventureTime. It's teaching kids such awesome stuff. It's like Samurai Jack was for the 90's and early 2000's.

They need to make more philosophically educational TV shows for kids. I love that they are teaching children the spirit of adventure and even deeper shit, in a world that has no room for adventure.

And the best part. They don't even know they are learning. By watching these situations go down, and being to young to experience them, it is giving them real world advice before they even get there.

And the kids are almost FORCED to relate to the single most main character, because he is the ONLY human in the entire land of Ooo.

I just watched an episode that taught kids about being in a band for music or a “band” of friends. And the different situations that will occur, and it ended by teaching kids to not lie, and be “Real”.

How cool is that.

That's why I picked Fin as the first part of my name. Fin is a good role model. He does good. Even if other people see it as bad, he knows he has to do what he knows is right. And I want to make sure I always stay good by me, while I'm adventuring. And he had the spirit of adventure, was raised with a family of dogs, and lives in a land of monsters, and candy people. I mean, it's just a GREAT thing to have out in the world for kids. It's just a great thing to have out there, period.

AND another badass thing about the show. They are trying to make “math cool”, by literally REPLACING the word “cool”, with the word “math”.

Like they'll say. “Man, this is math.” And that's just going to make the word “Math” be more ok in the kids head. And they associate math/science with positive and progressive behavior/thinking in a lot of episodes. So that just does some good psychology all around for anyone watching it, and paying attention. Even if they don't get that whole point. As long as they correlate the behavior in their mind, then in the future it will have some small (to large) impact on their moral process.

  • BTW

I'm saying it's meant for children. And you have to look at it past what they are putting there to interest the child.

If you can't look past the child part, then your mind isn't any more developed than theirs. I'm 19 (was when I wrote this post, 21 now), but at least I can think like the writers, and not just like a child watching a cartoon. LOOK AT WHAT'S BEING SAID.

Watch these and you'll see what I'm saying about Adventure Time (They all go together) It is teaching children things that other shows are not…

Trying to civilize an animal (try to get someone to be something they are not)

What is empathy (Educational For CHILDREN)

And this is the most important part of the episode, some things that are bad in your mind, can turn out to do good things.

If you don't get it still

Or if you DIDN'T watch the other ones. Just watch this. IT IS TEACHING KIDS. (This one is the best too)

  • Continued

Alright. So my little brothers are watching “Finding Bigfoot”…

And my guess is, that when they find this “Big-Foot” (Based on the “Things it does”) I think they are just going to find a hobo, with a bottle, or crack pipe in his hand. Running around with no clothes on, breaking branches, making footprints, and howling like a lunatic.

It'll be a GREAT episode. I can't wait

And the fat long haired stoner dude on the show, thinks EVERYTHING is Bigfoot, and talks like he sees them do things all the time, and just knows what they do LOL

One guy just used the phrase “Swanky Pad”.

The stoner dudes ideas, and opinions are definitely seeming to get more credit, and air time on the show than the girls. And she's the only REAL scientist.

They had a bigfoot meeting in some town… And they were like… Here's this guy (not stoner dude) he's a … Here's this girl, she's a biologist. And here's stoner dude. He's just a general “Friend of BigFoot”.

I bet they were hunting for bigfoot, and stumbled on him. And asked him to join the team

based on the idea behind spiritual literature, I have made a conclusion.

First the facts, then the theory.

1. Fact: Rabbis and Priests use bible stories from the past to prepare for events that happen today. Now, some people take this too far, and act like god wants to destroy us and such. But the goal behind this is to be prepared for what life has to throw at you. When you read a story from the Torah or Bible, you are meant to understand the story as a story, and be able to use that story as an analogy to current events in your life (if at all possible) to gain insight on the situation…

2. Television… True, watch drivel with excitement and you will get shit back out, but watch while thinking. And you can learn some stuff.

Ex: Futurama, very good at showing people how stupid some of their own beliefs are today, while trying to get through the current events we are actually facing (but he uses analogies of weird future stuff)…

A lot of people say Game of Thrones is the same, but I haven't seen it.

So, if you watch a television show, and allow yourself to be educated by it, you are actually experiencing situations that you yourself may have never been in in the real world. Therefor educating yourself about things you would have otherwise never even thought of.

So in a way, if you watch TV right, you can get the same thing you get out of the Bible. (without the shitty twists churches give it all)

Reflective Post

I just realized a couple things today, and I have a question for anyone who wants to answer. I always knew that long stints in juvenile and having to mentally, and geographically work against papers and probation officers, had helped me to grow culturally, mentally and individually different and in some ways better some ways worse than my peers who hadn't had to experience these things. I have never believed or been able to accept Christianity, because when I was a child I asked questions of the Sunday school teachers, and Youth directors that they didn't really have answers for in today's politically correct world. Like I asked, “Do Jews go to Hell??” and I received circles, and eventually a “No”. Which led me to believe Christians are backwards ass holes. Now I was a child (And hadn't experienced juvenile or County jail guards yet) , so this wasn't how I worded it in my mind. So it was more like, “How can she say that, and tell me to be Christian?”

But my point ^^here^^ is, I've always had a good moral code, because I realized I was going to have to look out for myself and other people at a young age. I became the guy watching me to see if I was doing right. Christians act like they've got it right, but they need a Fairytale security camera in the sky, and a fairytale lake of fire to convince them to act right towards other people.

But I started smoking when I was 14, cigarettes and weed. I got sent away for 8 months the day before my 15th birthday. To a “Troubled teens” Boarding school. It was a shit hole and they treated us like shit. Our parents only got letters once a week that were edited, and other than that we got NO contact with ANYONE in the free world. We had a fenced area we got to go outside in an hour a day, and we only got to talk 2 hours a day. I won't get into details about this place.

Anyways. I got out of there, and during my time in high school I kept smoking weed, and ended up doing more than smoking it. For this I got guns pulled on me three times. And it was a choice between fighting for money that lay on the table, or getting shot. And the first two times I was really young and didn't know how to judge the man holding the gun. Only to see the gun and be afraid. And the third time, the guy was scared as SHIT, but ready to pull that trigger. I could see it in the fear in his eyes. It was the kind of fear where he wants out…with no witness's…No trouble from anyone there…

All three times I chose life.

AND every time I chose life I NEVER robbed someone else to come up. I ALWAYS come back up on my own.

I've had everything took from me being swindled, and having a gun in my face. Both ways suck, but you can ALWAYS come back up.

And if you always pick yourself up with your own two arms, people you stay with you for a while will respect and trust you. Don't come up bringin someone else down.

Having chose life over money on various occasions has ingrained something in me that I didn't realize until today. I value life over money.

I see the value of life, in a way other people don't. For me IT HAS come down to “Money or Life?” On many occasions. And I automatically valued respect over money, because I never took anyone down to come up…Which happens all to often in Texas. It's not “The drug community” It's individuals who do drugs siphoning from the drug community. I'm gonna help it though. I got plenty of time, and tons of plans.

The question…

Have you ever had to decide, “Money or Life?”

  • Continued

I was a steady connect with cheap prices so I always had my steady respecting people as I said before. But when MY connect was out I would have to go to other people. and sometimes in a illegal state shit gets choppy.

I never had a gun, and don't plan on getting one any time soon. Which is a big difference between how me and you handled it. I NEVER EVER EVER EVER want to have to ask “What do we do with the body?” EVER.

I have gained good situational awareness NOW due to my experiences. I am VERY good at reading body language and eyes.

Can't keep my back to the wall, but I always have my hand on a bat.

I was a kid under 18, AND uner 150lbs in ALL situation. I didn't know things were going to come down to life or money. I know better now.

I've had guns pointed at me like… Six times if you count cops. Once in a raid at my house, once the only time I EVER got pulled over, and once at a raid at a friends house

Interview For a Job in the Suburbs

Interview today.

I walked in, and they said…Simply after looking at me. “You're going to have to cut your hair and shave your beard, you can't be so wild.” I told them I can shave no problem, but I need my hair so I don't look like a Gringo in Mexico. He asked where I was going in Mexico but said he would need me to cut my hair. I asked what the pay was, and he said $7.50, and I said “I need to not die in Mexico, more than I need this job.” And left. Asking if they could still do a background check and send it to me, but he said “No, it costs $150.”

But I have an interview to work for the environment tomorrow. They pay almost 2x as much, AND it's in the city. So no one will be judging my looks at the interview, everyone walking around the city is a bum. Almost literally.

The most bullshit part of all of it is.

The guy interviewing me was just some fat ass on a chair in the back office, and the kid up front was Chinese/White with LONG HAIR. But just becuse his was silky, like a Chinaman, its ok.

But whatever. It's $7.50 I knew Illegal Mexican's making more than that at the warehouse I worked at in SoCo…

Seeing My Friend's Mom on Intervention

Does anyone watch this show? I never do, but I just watched the “Suzon” one on demand. Crazy shit. That Grandma took this as her audition for a reality show. Damn. And she went to the intervention for her first child. That was awesome. With the dad she was almost like “I don't want to hear this.” With the grandma it was like “I can see you pretending to cry.” And when he talked she was just like, “I'll do anything for you.”

This video is the parts of the intervention that weren't on TV, it was all that was on Youtube. But this is the episode:

Mexico & New Mexico

Leaving Colorado

I left Denver with 28 joints, a couple eighths of dank ass bud, a couple bags of hash, and everything I needed to go to Mexico. The night before I left I stayed at one of my friends houses in Denver, and we blazed hash all night and all morning before I left.

When I left I headed west, to Telluride Colorado. I had never been there before so I had no idea what to expect in the town, the only place I had really been in Colorado is the Denver/Boulder area, but I knew two girls that I could stay with out there. Before I got to the town gas was getting more and more expensive, and was at around 4.15 when I got into town, and got to 4.20 while I was there (prices go up in the mountains). I got to the town, and waited at the park to meet up with one of the girls I was staying with, because she wanted to go mountain hiking. When she walked up to me, she said “Are you ready for some tedious hiking” or maybe “Strenuous hiking”, I don't remember. But I took her warning very lightly, and decided to go with them with jeans on, and a backpack with a video camera, a backpack, and some other shit.

About a mile in shit was getting steep as fuck, and we were going higher and higher so the oxygen was getting thinner and thinner. But I hadn't smoked in a while, so I asked if she wanted to smoke, and stopped to roll a joint. We blazed, and then continued. About a quarter mile later, I was forced to realize: I have asthma, the air is getting thinner, I just smoked, and if my breathing gets worse I'm gonna have to be carried down. So I just went back, and went somewhere to eat. She continued up, and got some crazy pictures from way way up. And she said there was a point where the air was so thin she was just fuckin heaving for breath.

After I ate at some burger place, her roommate texted me and told me I could just meet her at the room since the other girl was climbing. So I walked over to their complex, and brought all the bud out of my car. I was already out of hash from smoking on my drive out there, but I had plenty of joints, and the eighths left. One was Pink Jasmine, and I forgot what the other one was. But when I came in to town I went to their headshop, called Dahlia or Dalila, and got an eighth of some shit called Blue Dragon. So I went to their complex with all the bud, and we blazed. They had a bong, a volcano, a pipe, and I had joints so we were blazin everything. Then I told them about a research chemical that happened to be nearby that night. So the next night we watched The Wall, which was some crazy shit. Especially at the end, that's some powerful shit. The little kid dismantles a Molotov cocktail, not even knowing what it was. Then we watched Alice in Wonderland, which I haven't seen since I was like 7, so I realized what Tweedle dee and Tweeedle dum were saying for the first time. We took more of the RC the next day and took a hike about a mile out into the woods around the town, then we came back and blazed. Then walked to the park and laid on the ground looking at clouds and stuff.

We blazed and chilled, and a couple days later I left. I still had some joints left, but I was out of buds, and hash. There was a kid, older than me I think, hitchhiking in my direction, and I picked him up and we smoked on the way to the edge of his town. Then I headed to Arizona, where I got a speeding ticket for 80 in a 65. But it was like a highway that stretched like 100 miles, and 60 just isn't fast enough for such a long highway. And the ticket came in handy while I was in Mexico. I ended up in Tucson (Which I still pronounce wrong) and found a public storage to keep my car at, and a bus that could take me out of the country. I got on a bus to Hermosillo, and that's where the next story starts.

Before I get into Mexico I want to describe Telluride better. Because the transition from Telluride to Mexico made something VERY clear. The answer to why mexico is “struggling” economically.

This was my experience within my first 30 minutes of entering the town. There's a couple highways that go through the mountain, and this town is almost all alone in the corner of a small mountain valley. As you come in there are mountains surrounding you, all capped in snow. And pine trees everywhere. There's a round-about where the speed limit hits 15, and passed that round-about the speed limit stays 15. And the only exit from this 15 mph cage is that same round-about. So there's only ONE road in and out of town. The main part of the town can't be bigger than 3 miles across, probably more like 1-2 miles across, and the main road was under construction when I got there. I stopped at a dispensary called “Telluride bud co.” and got a joint, and when I walked in, it was the SMALLEST dispensary I had ever been in. This was a SMALL ass town. Tiny as fuck. But it had a ski couple ski lifts, and tons of apartments, and a few hotels, and a main street full of business', so it seemed like a bigger town than it was.

The bad thing about the town though. Above the ACE hardware store (on the 2nd floor), there was a freemason lodge. And when I saw it I realized why the town was so successful, and why the construction on the streets was happening, when there was plenty of highways around there in the mountains that should have been getting fixed instead. And not only was it a freemason lodge, there were three or four other symbols that I didn't recognize on the same flag as the freemason symbol was, and one of them was an upside down star with some letters on top, another was a crown with something. And that's some creepy shit.


I got to the bus station in Tucson, and the lady behind the counter didn't speak any English. But I got a bus ticket to Hermosillo, and waited to board. I expected the border to have dogs, and a passport check (We went through Nogales). But all we had to do was press a button, attached to the button was something like a traffic like. When you pressed the button, the traffic light lights up green most of the time (EVERY passenger on the bus I was on got green), but sometimes it turns red. The person who pressed the button and got a red light has to get searched. That was the ONLY border security when entering Mexico. After that we got back on the bus and drove the rest of the way to Hermosillo.

I got to Hermosillo in the middle of the night, and asked a taxi for a ride to a hotel. Not a SINGLE person spoke English, I'm surprised I was able to communicate with people as well as I did while I was there, because I don't know ANY Spanish. But I got to the hotel, and went to sleep. The next day I decided to try to meet some people, so I went to a Tecate cantina. There were a bunch of people there, mostly college kids (Hermosillo has a very large student population) but not many of them spoke English. I sat at the bar and got a beer (this was my first time ever getting a drink at a bar, I'm still 20), and while I was drinking it, one of the guys at the bar started asking me questions in English, like “where are you from”, etc. I had a Texas rangers hat on, and probably a Cookie monster or Ninja Turtle shirt, so it was obvious I was an American probably. I hung out with them for a while, we got drunk, and someone told me that there was a city with beautiful beaches, and some people living there from America even though it was still mostly Mexicans, and they told me I should go there next. So the next day I got on a bus to Kino Bay (Bahia de Kino).

I got to Kino bay and I found a hotel to stay at, then I started walking around looking for someone to get bud from. I could buy alcohol at any convenience store, so I just needed some bud now. I started walking around, and saw a man that looked like he was in his 50's walking around. I walked up to him and asked “Mota?”, turned out he spoke kinda okay English, and he told me to follow him. So I followed him about 30 ft to his house. He went inside and came back out with a pipe and some bud. Just reggie, but it was legit. We smoked and he asked where I was staying, I told him I was staying at the hotel right by his house, he asked how much I was being charged, and when I told him he told me I could stay in his spare room for 50 pesos a day, roughly 5 US Dollars. So I told him I would come back the next day since I had already paid a night at the hotel.

The next day (brought my stuff) I went back and asked if I he knew anyone I could buy bud from. He took me to an RV park and the manager there said he could get bud. So I gave him 100 pesos (roughly $10) and he brought back about a quarter of some reggie. We smoked and drank that night, and ate good. Every night in Mexico we made some dank ass stew, or some huge ass fish. The next day he took me to meet an American family that lived there, and whom he fished with regularly. That night we played spades with them and got drunk as shit, every night we got drunk as shit.

Then, when I ran out of bud I asked the guy at the RV park if he could get more, and this time when I gave him $10 (actually less than $10, because it was 100 pesos) he came back with a half oz. Then later that day we were chillin at the RV park drinking, and two cops came up on four wheelers. I thought something was wrong, and something bad happened. They walked up to us, neither of them spoke English, and the guy I had got my bud from HARDLY spoke any English either. So I was confused at first, but then the RV manager told me it was ok to smoke in front of them. So I rolled up a joint, and blazed. Neither of them smoked, but they drank some of the beer we had, and gave me some money to go to the store to get more beer. It was THE chillest experience with police that I have EVER had.

That weekend a bunch of people came together at the RV park, the manager started a fire and we all drank and ate crazy good that night. I couldn't understand a word anyone was saying (except for the guy I was staying with who spoke kinda ok English), we were all just drunk as fuck. We blazed, someone had a guitar so we all listened to him for a while, and it was a chill night. Everyone brought food, so there was tons of all kinds of Mexican food, I had never even heard of or seen some of the shit before. And did you know tacos in Mexico are all made from tongue, brains, and cheek meat. They call them “Tacos de Cabeza”, there's always a sign wherever they sell the tacos.

On fathers day, the man who I was staying with had family members come through all day. I met his daughter, and her boyfriend, who is a rapper in Mexico, he gave me a CD. And a group of kids that I'm not even sure was related to him, but they stayed to drink and smoke for a while.

a few days after fathers day we went to Hermosillo to visit a friend of the man I was staying with. He kept calling the guy we went to see “Danny Boy”. When we got to Hermosillo, we stopped went in a restaurant and there was a table full of people. I had no idea before I went, but it turned out it was Danny's birthday, and he was a geologist and had just got paid. So he was buying all kinds of food, and beer for everyone. They made me eat some like grilled octopus. Not “Kalimari”, this shit wasn't fried, or breaded. Just straight up cooked octopus tentacles.

After we hung out there for a while, we went to a bar, and bought us drinks all night. At the bar there were some young kids, with polo shirts on, and some older guys with laptops and bluetooths in. And Danny assumed right away that these were “PANistas” (supporters of an opposing political party, Danny's party is PRI or PRE. I forget). So he started yelling things at them in Spanish that I couldn't understand. There was a juke box, so he kept putting on Bob Marley songs and singing them. He HARDLY knew any English, but he was singing entire songs in English. I'm pretty sure he didn't even know what he was saying.

We went back to danny's house, and he gave us rooms to stay in. At night, directly across the street from his house, at a basketball court. About 100 girls would come out and do Zumba, which is like dancing and working out at the same time. We just chilled during the day, and at night about 5-15 people would come (I was there for about a week, so each night was different). One night they all did coke, and had offered me some. But one of them told me the dealer made it pure by “Mixing it with cut, then boiling it into a rock, and breaking it back down”, which really means they were all snorting crack. And I didn't want any part of that, so I just drank and smoked my weed. I couldn't understand what any of them were saying most of the time (except one guy), so it was a little weird at times. We just chilled there for about a week, and after that I got on a bus back to America.

More About Mexico

In big cities (Like Hermosillo), there are power/telephone cables going back and forth between the buildings. Like, if you had a 18 wheeler that was too tall, it could potentially wipe out power for multiple city blocks, just driving down the road. Water in the Houses, there is no “city grid” for plumbing in most places. They might have areas that have grid, but there was no strategic planning in their towns. They weren't meant to get as big as they are, or support as many people as they do. So most houses have a giant tank of water underneath, and you pay a company to come fill it up. And water is getting more and more expensive there.

But the main difference, the CAUSE of all of this is even more obvious when you compare Mexico to Colorado. EVERY house along the highway has a small shrine, with the virgin Mary or Jesus or both, or even other figures, candles, crosses, beads, everything a catholic might pray with. Each town has statues, and shrines on top of hills, some have three crosses with Jesus and the thiefs, some have just Jesus standing, some are shrines like described in front of the highway houses. The focus of the country is pilgrimage, and Catholicism. I was talking to one man who spoke kinda ok English, and he told me that the reason Mexico city is so populated is, it is the goal of EVERY Mexican to go to the big Catholic church in Mexico city, it's like going to the Vatican without crossing the ocean. They feel closer to god. But they each pay 10 pesos (roughly 1 US Dollar) to get in, and EVERYday about 2-10 Million people pass through that church. So everyday the church in Mexico city is collecting a minimum of 2 Million dollars, and sending that back to the real Vatican. Not to be used for Mexicans, or Mexico. But for the catholic church.

The difference between Mexico and Americas economy is, we are protestant, we don't rely on or pay tithes to the Catholic church. But we do rely on the people that planned our cities, made our water grids, and run our political, religious, and entrepreneurial systems. The families that made money when capitalism was young, and decided to secure their wealth by keeping it within their bloodlines. Our money stays on American soil, but over time we have still put it all in the hands of the few “industrious” families of the past. So it isn't much different from sending our money over seas to the Vatican, except that it's harder to see the effects of it on the poor families, since they are living in the same cities and states as the ones that have been collecting all the money.

Like they build roads, and buildings for us. Then call us ok. But some of America is no different in terms of wealth than Mexico, and I don't mean on a city wide scale, I mean neighborhood by neighborhood.

Living with Bronies in New Mexico

Many of you may be unaware, but here in America (and possibly leaking into other countries) there are hipsters known as “Bronies” (singular: Brony) and they are appearing EVERYWHERE. I had heard of it before, but I had never experienced it first hand before moving to a small town called Portales in New Mexico, and moving into a place I found on CraigsList. Before getting into where else I have experienced Bronies (Never directly in person, usually online) I am going to tell you how this started and exactly what a Brony is. It all started when a channel known as “G4” (a channel for nerd culture) started airing a show known as “My Little Pony”… This channels target audience is 14-35 year old men… So now there are a bunch of 14-35 year old mean completely OBSESSED with “My Little Pony”… I have experienced them on apps, facebook (even a friend of mine is posting as if she is a brony), twitter, YouTube (They have HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of brony fan videos, and my room mates in Portales would watch them all the time)…. The way you know someone is a Brony is… They will call tattoos “Cutie Marks”… They will talk about Unicorns, Pegasuses (And they WILL correct you and say “Pegusi”), Ponies in general and “Equestria”. When I was in New Mexico I was in such a small town they didn't even have enough water for everyone. So there was NOTHING to do but smoke and play video games. But once or twice a week my roommates friends would come over and they would play Dungeons and Dragons, MY LITTLE PONY STYLE. D&D is lame enough, but to play it with Ponies is worse. And I played about 3 games with them… And they said I could video tape it… So… Enjoy (They were all into it, they actually pretended they were horses like “I use my left haunch to…” ) If you want to see more, there are like 6 more on YouTube. And like 3 of them have me in them. They actually kept filming their games after I left and posted them on YouTube.

They are hipsters. And if you don't want to call them hipsters they are definitely “Hipster Subculture” and there isn't just ONE hipster style. Now there are East Coast Hipsters, West Coast Hipsters and all kinds of small categories that go in there (like the black “Swagga Kids” ex: Kid Kuddi). And soon the South may have it's own major hipster group. But East Coast Style is vests and bow ties, while the west coast where's those shirts that are almost spaghetti straps and almost has a more skater look to it. And fedoras and twisty mustaches are on both sides and in the middle too. But there are TONS of subcultures under these. Such as the West Coast “Thuggin Wiggers”, they all where flannels and beanies, vans and thick rimmed glasses. And don't forget role play hipsters. Steam Punks, and people that think they are in the 1940's, 1920's, or 1890's

Bronies just popped up out of Hipster culture. Someone says “This is good” and you have to agree with them whether you like it or not because that person is “Above you” Ex: If you are a computer hipster, you think that people that know a lot about animals are stupid. But Bill Gates would be like a god to speak to (more like Steve Jobs but he's dead). And Bronies think Lauren Faust (the creator of the show as it is today) is GOD. They said it all the time, not that she was god, but that she was awesome and they want to meet her and stuff. And they all looked up to this one kid that was proud to BE hipster and was a Biochem major who thought he was hot shit because he knew inside jokes and stuff about science (which is totally a hipster thing to do, hipsters like “obscurity” and being a part of it). It's all hipster culture.

There will always be hipsters that think they are more hipster or “better” than other hipsters. That's how hipsters work. It's going to fall apart just like the hippies did. They were a REAL movement at first, but too many people were just “getting high and having fun” and they didn't really know what was actually going on in the revolutionary movement. Then Woodstock was actually the killing blow… At that point “Hippy” became something you could buy. A Style. And Woodstock wasn't as good as everyone thinks it was (I'm all for the Yippies and Black Panthers and White Panthers and Merry Pranksters and The Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers, and Timothy Leary but Woodstock was bad. White people fucked up in the 60's for the most part) Woodstock was like a mile thick crowd. Everyone was tripping their nuts off and soon they had no money. So they had to trade their shirts and stuff for food and drink (because you can't walk through a mile thick crowd tripping on what is likely many hits of acid) but then the food and drinks is laced with acid to so everyone's just fucked up. So then someone gets on the microphone and says (You can go ahead and look this shit up) “If you took the blue acid, the blue acid is bad” and everyone is thinking “I DON'T KNOW WHAT COLOR I TOOK!” So people are freaking the fuck out. Then one day Abbie Hoffman got on stage and said “Let's take this power and break our brothers and sisters out of prison and the nearby institution” But he did it during the Door or the Who's performance and they beat the shit out of him with Guitars. What it came donw to is NO one had any idea what to do besides listen to music, and there were eventually not enough Doctors to sustain the crowd. But after that, it just became peace signs on T-shirts and shit like that… And hipster will be the same thing.

But the Hipster movement has to peak first. It's first true National monument was Occupy. That was like the Hipster version of “Haight/Ashburry”. The Hipster version of Woodstock has the potential to be 1,000x as big, and 10,000x as meaningless as Woodstock… Have you seen Lil' B… “Based God”… They let this retard speak at Universities. He's a rapper that was brought up by Solja Boy. And he has songs such as “I look like Oprah”, “I look like Obama”, “The Cooking Dance” and in every video he is standing in one spot, and usually wearing his girlfriends shirts so you can see his tattoos.

I've traveled a lot and lived all over, sometimes near a lot of campuses and in a few dorms (colleges are swarming with hipsters). These people are everywhere. Look up “El Nuevo Allincio” Maybe “Allincia” in Mexico… HIPSTER political party. Bow ties, thick rimmed glasses and all.

We are living in a decade that is eerily similar to the 60s. Everyone is nostalgic for the 50s, 80s & 90s. In the 60s people were just nostalgic for the 50s, maybe 20s too.

Instead of “haight ashbury” we had “occupy” in New York, Oakland and just about every state in America, as well as other countries. So it's an international phenomenon instead of just one street corner. The 60s started at the corner of haight and ashbury in cali.

Instead of acid, marijuana and cocaine slowly becoming nationally illegal drugs, we are slowly working towards finding the correct applications for such things.

Instead of a “mad men” stock rush, there is a bitcoin stock rush.

We have hipsters instead of hippies.

Our guns are being restricted (same as the 60s) we will probably be getting our right to bear arms back though, instead of losing it like we did in the 60s. the hipster movement will be 10x as big, and 100x as meaningless as the hippy movement.

Ex: Skrillex VS The Beatles

Living in Florida

Driving to Florida from New Mexico

Living in a Car


Living in a Closet

Florida International University

Back to Colorado

First Impression of Pueblo

For some reason, when I had driven through Pueblo in my car on the way to Florida, the city had seemed much bigger than it actually was when I got there. There are a few big buildings by the highway, but that's really it.

Trying to Find a Job, Small Town Bullshit

Small towns are great, but if I live with you, don't help some random guy that just moved in down the street (who you never met before he moved there) get a job before me. I know I just moved there, but god damn, I'm your room mate.


  • 6-APB
  • Fight with dumbass and his girlfriend over the phone

Parties in Pueblo & The Meme-Party

Living in Thorton

Death of my Brother

Writing a History Book


The Future

Since I'm going to be glass blowing, i decided when I'm close to beaches, I want to write a message, put in empty beer bottles, and seal them up. So that someone can find it, want to read the note, break it, and read it

And I'm reading on the internet that helium is CRAZY cheap, and you can just get it at like Walmart, I want to fill up some balloons, and have the same message in them

That way people all over the country, and maybe world, on the shores, and in random places, can randomly get a cool message in a bottle to read

I Want a Banjo.

It's probably easier than a guitar, It sounds BAD ASS. It represents my region And I can do stuff with it, without even being good at it yet. No body plays the Banjo, so hearing ANYTHING on it would be a new experience for people

I can read music, and play a little bit of the piano. But I want to learn an instrument that can be carried, and traveled with. Plus, if you find someone with a bongo, I bet you can make some awesome music.

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