Look up: Biological Teleportation. Not sure if it's online but I saw it on CSPAN-2Basically though, you can download a virus (like the flu) or a vaccine and you can print it out. They say they have insulin coming out already.

Then look up:

Digital Biological Converter, it's basically the 3D printer of life as we know it. We can now PRINT LIFE. They are working on printing bacteria and such soon.And it all works by using blank cells and creating DNA in yeast. So It's actually EXTREMELY simple. As DNA is only made up of a few simple components, you don't even need lab grade shit.They were all ready to teleport something through the cloud earlier this year, but the government stopped them.

Can you imagine filling a prescription from home, LEGALLY. The machine just gets the molecular structure of your script, and synthesizes the molecule from basic elements.

Insulin is already available this way apparently, according to the speech I heard last night. Not for everyone, but on the machine.

Then eventually, we will have people drawing schematics for LIFE FORMS We can create “aliens” and maybe learn more about the species we have here already. They were talking about how they digitized the DNA code last night. And a new flu virus “H1-N9” is being studied around the world digitally.

we will be able to send schematics for newly discovered life forms, as well as ones we have known about forever and they will be seen in a new light. We will find cures for ourselves and the animals, as well as entheogenic potential within animals and bacteria. I am mainly interested in the entheogenic aspect, as in many “future movies” there are chems people take, and I'd like the world to focus on mind expansion and not bath salts.

But this means at some point we can send panda eggs through the “mail” digitally so that they can be artificially insiminated in labs all over the world. And if pandas die out all together, we may be able to save their species on a “block chain” to be brought back at a more suitable time.

MMJ Inventions

I want to make these open source, I just haven't made them yet. I will make the reverse bong invention this weekend.

1. Reverse Bong- Bong that has a hose instead of a bowl, you blow your smoke into it and it has isopropyl alcohol inside so that it catches your smoke and makes hash.

The country has been up in arms about smokers, but this prototype already helps you protect your family from your habit. If we get further into development, we could end up with a fanny pack that you take with you on your cigarette break to keep your smoke out of people's faces.

And if there is a place where you aren't allowed to use your vapor cigarette, this could help solve that problem as well. Using this with a vapor cig, there would be ZERO second hand ANYTHING.

It could also help you keep your deposit if you live somewhere where smoking indoors in an issue.

Once I have enough money I can get tiny glass jars and put them in a rubber housing and have it in a fanny pack lined with sound absorbing material.

Then a little hose running from the fanny pack to your mouth.

2. Self Cooling Bong- Bong that has copper coils around it and a casing that protects your hands for the cold. Then someone else thought of this half when I was talking about it with them. The coil runs to a unit that is separate from the bong and the unit plugs into the wall to cool the bong.

the coils could cool anything. They use the same tech in refrigerators and brewing. Brewers call it an “immersion chiller” or something like that, and it could easily be use to cool water.

I was thinking of having some kind of hard plastic cover and grip, so: 1. Your hands aren't touching cold glass and coils 2. The bong is less likely to break

And it wouldn't cover the whole bong, just like the smoking tube and like a metal or plastic piece going down under the bubbled out part of the bong. The metal/plastic piece could extend into handles as well, and you could get a plastic/metal/wooden frame (optional). I have seen people build them for their glass bongs, out of wood. Like a frame so that when the bong drops, nothing happens. And sometimes people even have methods for shock absorption, so the bong can actually wiggle around when it falls without breaking. Since a solid frame could still cause fractures if one side takes too much impact.

  • Getting Higher-

So I have not made “a more potent hash than you can get from Butane and Petroleum Ether”… yet.

But you know how everyone says “Mangoes get you higher than weed alone”? Well, I did some research and the reason is Myrcene, which is what pushes the turpines in weed from your blood to your brain, across the “Blood Brain Barrier”. So weed has some already, but adding mango Myrcene helps it.

Now, mangoes are expensive and even making juice you probably have to buy quite a bit. Especially if you plan on eating mangoes frequently to increase your experience.

So I did some research and discovered that Lemon grass is also full of Myrcene, BUT is much cheaper to buy (and easier to find in bulk) as well as easier to extract (and it doesn't rot).

So, here is the first trial. And I believe the first time anyone has taken Lemon grass for this purpose, as well as the first time Lemon grass has been blown with butane. Not for sure, but I know I sure as hell have never seen it.

I hope more people will make videos soon and I hope to see the articles on sites like Yahoo (news section I think) about mangoes, being replaced with articles about Lemon grass.

If you don't want to extract it yourself, just buy some lemon grass oil that is extracted for cooking (not with butane).

The effects are caused by THC and other cannabinoids actually being PUSHED across the blood brain barrier FASTER and in LARGER quantities. So less is being lost in your urine. I'm pretty sure this means that medical potential can be increased and not just recreational.

You could mix it in a drink or a gel cap and it would work, you would just have to wait 45 minutes for it to get to your blood stream. DO NOT eat a completely filled gel cap, unless you slowly take hits to see where it takes you. I am fairly high and I have only taken a dab of each. Tingly feelings and stuff. So, if you take a large amount of lemon grass, I suggest less weed. Just so you can see what happens. I'll try stuff like this once I get some iso.

Kava Kava-

Pretty soon I will be making extracts of Kava Kava to get some fairly pure Kavalactone Extracts. I will then mix Kavalactones, Lemon Grass Myrcene and Medical Marijuana hash to make some AMAZING hash. The THC and Kavalactones will work together to create a more amazing high than THC alone, and the Myrcene will work to make sure that you get AS MUCH THC as possible. I'm pretty sure no one has ever done this before, so we will be learning when we do this. And this could possibly be a way for people to turn around 100$ into a 1-3 month supply of hash. Again, you might not think this sounds like a good thing, but I am a medical marijuana patient in Colorado and this could help tons of people. Dispensaries already sometimes have sleeping pills with THC and Valerian root, so why not start selling hash for $5 a gram that is better than a $30 gram of pure Marijuana extract.


So, many new people are coming to bitcoin and that means there are people wondering how Bitcoin can be integrated into their companies, as well as wondering what an altcoin is. So, I decided to present both together.

If you are looking for a way to integrate Bitcoin into your company, but you don't want to pay over $500 for each coin while having to buy a mass amount of coins, then what you can do is MAKE YOUR OWN COIN. You may be wondering “what does this mean?”. This website you are on (I posted this on first, just letting you guys in on it) is THE PLACE to talk about Bitcoins on the internet and this section is THE PLACE to talk about altcoins, so if you take the time to look around, you will soon learn that there are not many things to do besides buy coins, or buy expensive mining equipment. But I offer you an alternative, CREATE YOUR OWN COIN.

Altcoins are Bitcoin clones, and if you find someone that knows C++ (hundreds of people on Bitcointalk) then you can get your own coin made, for probably the cost of 1 bitcoin or even less. So you would OWN a currency, an entire new form of “bitcoin” and you could call it whatever you want. And if you ask the person that knows code (or if you know what you are doing) to copy the devcoin code you can have a percentage of the coins directed to any projects you want. So if you want employees you can put them towards that, and if you want charity you can put it towards that. ANYTHING you want. Devcoin's percentage goes to writers and developers.

Then, if you are wondering how a coin earns value and gets popular. First, all you have to do is go to the section of the website I posted this in (called “altcoins” ) then post about your coin, asking people to mine it (that is something your coder can help you set up) and people here on this website will mine your coin just for fun. Then you can tell the people that earn the percentage of your coin to come to this site also (for updates and to help promote the coin). Then eventually you will want to open some form of online shop or start some form of membership and make it where you have to use your coin there. So then your coin has value. On top of that, you can talk to people that made other coins in this section and the communities that follow them, and try to integrate the communities to help each other.

Altcoins (once they gain value) can be traded for Bitcoin, Bitcoin can be used on various websites (or sold for cash). Good luck

The Future of Funding & Promotions: Micro-Currency (company/charity/group based alt coins)

Intro:Anyone that is new to the altcoin world, I just want to let you know that there are literally HUNDREDS of altcoins and they are all essentially just copies of Bitcoin. Not many are like this, with new structures that allow for growth outside of mining (which is a techy term for producing coins) and trade. Creating an economy outside of mining, sales and forex is unheard of outside of these new coins. Your company could be one of the first companies to make one of its own.

Altcoins will allow charities and organizations to OWN a currency that they control. You will not answer to us, it will be yours. All you need to make one is people from this website, or one of your friends that understands C++ coding needs to read this thread, then do a little more research on this website, then they can make one for you.

And to anyone new to the Bitcoin world, Bitcoins are worth $200 each (for now) and you can trade Altcoins for Bitcoins

Also, read this:

So, everyone is hearing or has heard about Bitcoins. The Silk Road is down, Bitpay is up and ATMs are actually being placed in the streets (at least one in Canada).

Pretty soon the only question left about Bitcoin will be “How do I get them?” and sure, the answer “You mine them or buy them” works for most people right now…

But what about when Bitcoin is being considered by people in poverty as a means to pull themselves up by their boot straps? What about when it is being talked about in every highschool in the country, and kids too young to work and not computer literate enough to mine want to get them?

The answer will be “Alt-coins”. Altcoins are not the competition of Bitcoin, Altcoins are the future of Bitcoin. In the future altcoins will each have a “niche”, so as to attract new people to Bitcoin, as well as support lifestyles of people who can not mine or buy the coins.

Devcoin and Tagcoin look promising. As Writing and Rewards are both great incentives, but what about the other coins? What value are they to someone who does not have the ability to mine?

Schools could use coins as booster promotions, by asking students to use their home computers to mine for coins that can be spent at the school. And the school can have a program where 25% of the coins are generated to a wallet for them. Then they make an altcoin thread and advertise it in the morning announcements. School funding problem SOLVED.

Or imagine if a mom and pop sandwich shop did the same. And offered sandwhiches for coins? They could not only boost local bitcoin interest, they would make money on a coin that they produced.

If anyone is wondering how to make a coin, you can email me at and I will connect you with a developer. Or you can post in this thread and find someone just by asking.

and this is some pretty useful info as well, especially for schools and students.

What is Devtome and Devcoin? How Do You Register An Account With Devtome? How to submit a Devtome Article video:

EDIT: So what we have so far (click a link to learn more about the coin, and even ask questions if you have them) :

1. Devcoin: (Earned for writing, coding, art and more) 2. Tag Coin: (Earned for community involvement and via rewards programs) 3. Spots: (Basically “Cash4Gold”, but you get coins) 4. Copper Bars: (Another “Cash4Gold” coin) 5. CRYPTO-COIN JOBS: (Do Random Jobs for TIX or DVC Like Fiverr) 6. Earn Interest on Coins Deposited: (Like an exchange and a bank mixed together) 7. Sex Coin: (Earn coins for reviewing porn, 21 and up only) 8. Game Coin: (Says recently that they made a MineCraft server)


So, I turned 21 this year and decided I want to try my hand at brewing. I have always wanted to do it, but it never seemed like a real possibility. Looking at it now it actually seems pretty easy. So, I am not sure on measurements, please tell me how much of everything I should put and when.

Here is my shopping list:

-6 Gallon Carboy -Carboy Sized Funnel -Fermometer sticky strip -Carboy Hauler -Twin Bubble Airlock -Hydrometer - 1 Gallon of Honey -Yeast Energizer Ingredients: Diammonium Phosphate (Cas 7783-28-0), Yeast Hulls, Magnisum Sulphate (Cas 7487-88-9), Vitamin B Complex, Tricalcium Phosphate (Cas 1306-06-5). -Pectic Enzyme -Potassium Metabisulfite -Distillers Yeast -Pre-Ferment, Yeast Nutrient -E.C. Kraus County Fair Fruit Base: Blueberry -Auto Siphon -Amylase enzyme -Molasses Powder -Honey Powder -Dried Ginger -Lemon Grass -Organic Raisins -Wormwood

I will be doing an experimental run first with:

Organic Raisins Granulated Sugar Distillers Yeast Ammonium Phosphate (Yeast food) Urea (Yeast food) Amylase Enzyme Formula (Turns Starches into Sugars) 1 Gallon Jug + Fermenting Top Potassium Metabisulfite (Halts Fermentation when you want it to be done) Isinglass (To make everything solid fall to the bottom before siphoning)

Then 8oz of Granulated Honey to put in when I am done and some Lemon Grass.

I just want to see what happens.

I'll probably make a video, but I have no way of ever knowing exactly how much alcohol is in it. I don't really care either, I just want to try to ferment as fast as possible. I'm going to be house sitting for my parents for about a week and I want to try to finish before they get home so I can share it with them and have some to take home.

Bitcoin Day

Bitcoin day is a day for global Bitcoin activity. Every year we will try to make new global records for Bitcoin activity (which will translate to record price surges).

The way this will be accomplished is:

1. Post on Facebook, just say something about Bitcoin or share a link.

2. Spend $10 on Vista print making business cards for something you can do to earn Bitcoins (or just telling people to go to or go to the library and spend 10 cents a copy making flyers. (or use your at home printer if you have one) Then leave them everywhere from local businesses to local parks to local post offices.

3. Create a local Bitcoin event for Facebook that happens at the same time and place as another event. Ex: Invite everyone to a school game, or a charity run and tie in Bitcoins. Don't try to take over the event, just recognize that people will be there and invite bitcoiners to join the celebration while using it as a safe haven for trade (instead of one on one meetings) If it is a charity you can even offer to share some of the profit from sales.

4. If you feel like you aren't capable of any of this (and I promise you are) then just go online to your favorite forum and create a thread about Bitcoin. Or go to and join in some discussion.

5. Make a youtube video just talking about a place you spent Bitcoins or a place you would like to see accept Bitcoins. Or even record a Bitcoin purchase so other people can see how to do it.

6. Make a blog post about Bitcoin day. If you don't have a blog, go to blogger and it's easy.

7. Give someone a free Bitcoin, or sell a Bitcoin at half price.

8. Order some Bitcoin stickers and put them on windows, doors and signs. (even if you just order one sticker and put it ONE place). Imagine if a store had like 20 people in one day coming in trying to spend Bitcoins. They would keep the sticker in their window and start accepting Bitcoins.

9. During VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April) mention some Bitcoin news in your vlog every day.

10. Send emails to your favorite companies asking them to accept Bitcoins.

11. Draw a Bitcoin symbol in your car window with window paint.

12. Go on Google maps and pick a suburban street. Type in a random street number and type it in to see if it exists on that street. Buy 10 stamps & Envelopes, then send flyers out to 10 addresses on that street.

13. Go to a shirt printing website, make a few Bitcoin shirts and give them to homeless people.

14. Find a Bitcoin flag to put up in front of your house or on the balcony of your apartment.

15. Put $10 into FB advertising for Bitcointalk,org or another Bitcoin website that can teach people a lot.

16. Send a mass text that says “Bitcoin: Fuck the Police”.

17. Make online Bitcoin wallets for homeless people and tell them how they work, then tell them how to use the money at the library.

18. Change your avatar on FB & Twitter to the BTC symbol for a day.

19. Go to the grocery store and put Bitcoin stickers on cereal boxes.

20. Make door hangers that quickly explain Bitcoin as an investment, maybe with a tiny chart of growth. Then put them on people's front doors.

21. Draw Bitcoin symbols in some old books you don't need (sometimes you can go to a yard sale and get them for less than $1 ea if you don't have any), then take them to half price books. You will even get a little money.

22. Go to the library and leave small slips of paper (or index cards) with a list of useful Bitcoin websites. Sneak them into books and leave them by computers.

23. Tweet to 10 celebrities about Bitcoin.

24. Put a bitcoin sticker in a public restroom.

25. Guide a friend through the process of buying a coin.

26. Say something here:

27. Send a message here asking them to make an episode about Bitcoin:

28. Create a Bitcoin design or meme that people can share, and post it to your wall.

29. Get some Bitcoin shirt pins and pass them out on the street.

30. Draw a Bitcoin symbol on your shoe, binder or backpack.

31. Get a Bitcoin belt buckle.

32. Use threads from to write a short book about Bitcoin and offer it free on Amazon.

33. Print out pages of tiny Bitcoin symbols, cut them out and thumb tack them places.

34. Post a Bitcoin symbol on Instagram. For brownie points, make the symbol using something weird instead of just using one from Google.

35. More suggestions coming soon.

(To make these more fun, record yourself doing them and post them to YouTube)

Watch this video, then imagine what Bitcoin day could do:


I have been reading up on a lot of different stuff and since my brother died recently (due incompetent doctors, which was even obvious to me then). But it is not really the doctors fault, it is societies fault. Doctors are not educated properly, they are not given proper materials that are needed on hand for everything and when something is on hand they do not have quick access to the proper clinical studies that prove the things they want to know.

I am going to solve this. I have found multiple books about neurology and general surgery, that I believe most doctors should read. Even if you are not ever EVER going to be a surgeon, you should learn some general things about correction of problems, just so that you can handle shit so that when the surgeon finally does get there, it's not hopeless. And these reading materials are not out of our grasps. Most textbooks that are used in school now, are available on Amazon. So you can get not only the surgical material from Amazon, but you can get the college material leading up to it.

I will be getting ALL this stuff and putting it on YouTube and Devtome so that the entire world can learn medical procedure from the time they learn how to use YouTube. That way we can start having more competent doctors as well as more competent patients and family members. Instead of sitting around hoping that a doctor that is ill prepared can save your family member, we can create a system where the family systematically works to “fix” their loved one themselves.

Robo-Socialist Republic

So, we live in a republic of sorts. We do not recognize it, because Republics require slaves and we are the slaves. Corporations are people, we are second class citizens. Credit card companies watch your spending… And they tell you about it on commercials, as if it is something you should want… Your cable company offers “safety” by putting cameras in your house so “you” can check up on things… etc etc etc

I propose an alteration to our republic. No one wants socialism because it turns into communism, but what if it didn't? As a republic we need slaves in order to function, but I think human slaves is a revolting thought. I really don't think anyone would mind having robot slaves though, am I wrong?

Imagine if the library were automated, this is “Robo-Socialism”. You can get things from the government for free (because the government understands you were not born with 1,000,000 books in your house) , with a promise to return them. If you do not return, you owe money to help the library function. And robots are sorting books, ringing up library fees, and loaning out computer time. If the government worked like this we would see more successful people, less poverty AND more productivity in our politicians.

Robot making is becoming something that is easier and easier to be done at home, and I think this is extremely possible in the near future.

Look up: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc

this would actually start at home. I understand that the government would need money to do this, that is why I suggested that people look into robot making stuff. What we would need to see happen in privately owned versions of “Robo-Socialist” structure, and the Republic itself would just have to catch up.

And turning the library into a redbox is no different than what I am saying. I am not saying we need Eva style floating bots. I'm suggesting more like Wall-e's, that have simple commands like “Find book #X5TIO79 and bring it to sector 4, bin 5” and that happens to be where you are standing at a screen.

Like bringing the car manufacturing line robots to every company, but altered for different purposes.

we are a Republic, so it would be like Rome or Greece. We would have more artists, poets, thinkers, etc.

It would start with roomba type bots that took over street cleaning and cut down on janitorial labor, then eventually they would be more integrated into secretarial work and things like we are already seeing like those robots that carry around your ipad at the office so you can facetime and pretend you are there but stuff like robots that bring you your papers from the printer, your mail, your coffee etc. Then more industrial robots would become regular, like how we use robots for the building of vehicles, but it would be for simple things. I know it seems like robots already do things like boxing fruit and things like that, but they don't. Mexicans are doing that work. I worked at an avacado factory with illegal Mexicans in California and they would get paid 25 cents per box they fill with avacados and they had to put in a liner with 18-24 avacado spots depending on the size. Fill that, then put in another liner on top and fill that. And they were fast as shit, I'm pretty sure there is not a robot that exists that can do what they do yet.

Then once they took jobs like that, soon we would see them in the service industry as we got better at programming friendliness and versatility.


Devcoin is going CRAZY. I know everyone think that it is good to hold, but right now there are TONS of people that want to get into the Devcoin game and they don't write on Devtome… So you know what they do? They get on Vircurex and buy them some coins. It's great to hold coins, hold at least 10% of everything you get, but sell at least 10% if not 90%. Not only can you help people get coins that don't write, you will get money and you can spend that money to make videos on YouTube or Blogs and Vlogs on Blogger, then you can start getting paid USD instead of coins. And in your videos and blogs you can talk about Devcoin, which will make more people want to come to the coin.

I am currently making some champagne right now, just 1 gallon as a test run. But since the price of DVC went up I have a 10 gallon fermenting jug coming in the mail, as well as 6x 10 gallon Medical Marijuana grow buckets for my grow. And I will be telling everyone that watches those videos about Devcoin, they will want to earn Devcoins so they can do what I am doing. And it's all legal.

And if that doesn't sound good to you, you can do things like the other things I am doing. ex: I am starting a silver shop soon. I know my family and their friends will buy Silver at or Below spot, so I can get basically FREE silver for coins and then sell that silver to earn USD, and I could also start accepting altcoins for silver which would raise the value of any altcoin involved. And you can steal this idea or do something similar with gold, copper, or even stuff you buy on amazon.

Devcoin will be 1 penny each soon, since Bitcoin is raising in value drastically and Devcoin is following suit. Once it is 1 penny each we will be earning THOUSANDS of dollars per share and 450.00+ for each block payment we get (each 45,000 coins). I know everyone is saying to “Hold hold hold” but if you get your coins for free by writing, you don't need to hold. You'll be getting PLENTY of money. So invest in stuff that can be a continual flow of USD, because if DVC takes a dive you want to have OTHER money that can support you and that you can use to support DVC.

Also, here is a few things EVERYONE should use their devcoins to buy:

  • Dragon speech recognition (so you can earn Devcoins for talking AND writing)
  • A PDF file converter (so you can post your Devtome articles to Amazon as short books)
  • A 3D Printer
  • Webcam & Camera (to earn money on YouTube)

If even just 25% of Devtomers were on Blogger, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Posting their Devtome articles everywhere, creating Devcoin groups, telling people about Devtome, Making videos about Devtome and Devcoin earnings and what they bought… We would see a HUGE spike in the price of Devcoin. Because other people would WANT the coin. No one in the Devcoin thread understands that THAT is Devcoin central. You have THOUSANDS of people reading it, and no one is having any fun in there. No one is making videos and talking about how great Devcoin is for them. No one is posting articles on OTHER websites that are NOT Bitcoin related. No one is doing anything. So people aren't buying, because the thread sucks. If that thread was full of ideas being bounced around, articles being shared or peer reviewed, YouTube videos full of excitement, Tips on how to SPEND your Devcoins wisely. Everyone would want to BUY Devcoins. And we will see that soon, because a few people are catching on.

I am pretty sure China discovered Altcoins, because at night they go up. And Devcoin is getting a lot of the focus, so we should make sure that there are plenty of sell walls at night so that they can get into Devcoin while we earn money. And another GREAT way to start getting recognition in other countries is… To start getting a bigger presence of social media. So we REALLY need to start doing that. Altcoins are about to change. Companies are about to start making them, instead of just friends in a mining pool deciding to make a coin of their own. Meaning soon their is going to be a FLOOD of people tot he Altcoin world that ARE NOT miners. And I don't mean a little flood, I mean like the Bitcoin world is likely to become 1% miners or less soon. What we are seeing is not something that is about to stabilize, what we are seeing is something that is about to explode. This isn't a bubble, it's a bomb.

If you have not shared a link about Devtome, Bitcointalk or The Devcoin thread to all of your friends, today is the day. Do NOT keep this from them. They WILL want to know, they might not realize it at first, but once they see the value going up they will want in. And I don't see why they wouldn't want in NOW, Bitcoins are over $1000 ea, and ALL altcoins are rising. NOW is the time. Tell your siblings tell your parents tell your friends, everyone NEEDS to know and will want to know sooner or later. China is pumping all these coins into reality, so you might as well help it happen in the Western world a little faster. Even if you don't want to create accounts places, just send out some text messages with websites and stuff. People need to know.

With the rise in prices, pretty soon we'll probably start seeing things like the first Bitcoin commercials, and the first public bitcoin companies. And ATMs are headed out all over the world… Things are never going to be the same. People that look at Bitcoin like a stock are wrong, it is more than a stock and more than a currency. It is like Apple before the Ipod. It is a bomb that is about to explode.


I have a white board, so I can get across more of my ideas. I have things coming in the mail to make videos, and not just like 1 video… TONS of videos. And if you click the link, it takes you to a video where I tell you I am getting 10 gallon buckets. And I didn't tell anyone in my grow thread yet, but I am getting 2000w equivalent in CFLs.

And I know most of you forgot this, but I have a list of over 3,000 videos to make. And I haven't had the money to make hardly any of them until now, and I have been making other lists since then, jut not counting them into the total from the list I made when I was 19. So I probably have more like 5,000+ videos to make.

So… I'm about to start doing a LOT more stuff… And not just me talking into a camera with nothing to set my own videos apart from each other.

Basically, soon I will be covering a LOT more topics. I will have longer videos. And they won't just be me saying things into a camera any more.

And, my grow is upgrading. Remember how I always said “Stop giving me shopping lists”? I can afford shopping lists now.

My Bitcoin Story

I haven't had much money ever.

I have had little amount here and there, but I have literally never had more than $900 USD and that was 1 time and it went to paying rent for 2 months and smoking weed during that time when I lived in Cali and it was right when I got fired from the harvest place where we shipped out avacados, I had just begun saving up a little money (the $900) and it suddenly had to be used to survive for 2 months.

But that is the most money I ever had in my entire life. Since then I have not had more than like $200 at one time I do not think and I had to use it to buy food or gas (when I had a car) or bus fare to look for jobs that never came. I have exactly $20 in my savings account and less than $100 in checking.

I bought 1 Bitcoin when they were $30 (thanks to a loan from my mom) and saved .3 BTC until they were $300 each then I started getting into Devcoin and writing on Devtome to earn free Devcoins. The first time I wrote I earned $2,000 in BTC but my 10 year old brother died and I spent the money on my sister (because her birthday was the day after he died) and my 9 year old brother. Then Devcoin's price dropped and I started earning a lot less.

But the recently rise in price of both Bitcoin and Devcoin has been bringing my earnings up to 1 btc for 5,000 words which is amazing

I bought 1,000,000 DOGE early on and that has been steadily rising in value and if it hits a penny each I will have an amazing amount of earnings. DVC is steadily rising too and is a guaranteed amazing amount of earnings.

If you have not gotten into coins it is NOT too late, you can still write for devtome or make your own coin. It is not that hard to make your own coin, there are guides on devtome and elsewhere on the internet so find someone that knows something about computers and get to it. Or you can even just go to bitcoin talk and pay someone to make a coin for you.

I'm about to start making my own coins and I know everyone thinks that altcoins can not survive but that is only because people make coins for no reason other than to start a coin and mine it for fun. We need to start making coins for the purpose of educating people about HOW to mine so that more people can learn how and then once a bunch of people are using that coin it will gain value and I don't mean coins that still have random names and teach people how to mine, name it after the place you work or the city you live in or the school you go to so that it can teach those people how to mine. If it is focused around a group or region those people will enjoy learning how to use it.

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