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A Writer, Bitcoin/Devcoin enthusiast, and Film Maker as well as an advocate for Marijuana, Personal liberties and the secession of Texas. He was born in Dallas Jan 20, 1992 but lived in McKinney, Texas from the age of 2. And did not leave until he was 18, and only because of criminal charges pinned on him by the unethical police department of his home town, after they broke in and arrested him on his personal property with out a warrant.

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Born in Dallas, Texas, raised in McKinney, Texas Fin lived a fairly uneventful life, (except for a small modeling career as a child and a divorce between his parents that lasted years before settling), until the age of 14, at which time he was arrested at school (McKinney Boyd High School) for the first time, 2 weeks after his first time smoking Marijuana. After being arrested he spent 8 months in a lockdown facility called Red River Academy. He then spent 6 months on probation and in alternative school, before being put back into regular High school.

He became a certified minister with the Universal Life Church at the age of 15, and began studying religion from an anthropological stand point and began writing and studying articles online about Entheogens and Research Chemicals. The next year he was put into college (at the age of 16) but was put back in High School after running away from home, to Hawkins, Texas while on probation.

He was arrested again at the age of 17, and put in Juvenile Detention for 6 months, where he graduated high school his junior year and began writing, which continued after his release. About 6-8 months after the release, the police broke into his place of residence (date:4/20/2010) with no warrant, or probable cause to arrest him and a friend for possession of Marijuana on their own personal property. He left the state after appearing in court (and a short stay in Denton, Texas), and his case was re-opened and is still open, with the possibility of legalizing marijuana in Texas (on personal property).

He moved to California at the age of 18 and worked at an Avocado warehouse before moving to Colorado to be closer to his family (who had moved there), but when they moved back to Texas he traveled to Mexico, and lived for a short while in New Mexico and Florida before returning to Colorado at the same time as his family. In 2012 he began making YouTube videos and continues to do so. He is also still an active minister of the Universal Life Church, as well as a member of the Church of Neuroscience & Neurochemistry AKA K&B Organics.

He has many YouTube videos showing people how to make hash and grow their own Marijuana, as he is a medical patient in the state of Colorado. He has attended the last two Denver 4/20 rallies and last years Cannabis Cup, which are documented on his YouTube page.

Discoveries & Inventions

  • Marijuana:

Fin has developed a new strain of Marijuana known as “Hippy Beater”.

He has also developed a Marijuana smoke recycling device that turns exhaled smoke into hash, and is currently using Research Chemicals in an attempt to stimulate cannabis growth.

He is working on what is called a 'Plant Condom', meant for catching pollen from the male plants, for use by breeders.

He plans on going to Africa to work with strains containing primarily THCv, to create a strain of marijuana that suppresses appetite, instead of stimulating it.


FinShaggy has written two books which can be found in partial form online, and will be published for sale in 2014.


FinShaggy is working on a screenplay for a low budget horror film to be made and released 2014-16.


FinShaggy frequently posts to YouTube, which can be seen at:

  • FinShaggy's educational videos and current events can be found on YouTube by searching 'FinShaggy'.
  • His comedy videos (and life story vlogs) can be found on YouTube by searching 'Fin McKinney'.


A quote from FinShaggy:

“The police came into my house without a warrant. Marijuana is my sacrament (as can be proven in a court of law, shown below) They broke into my house, stole my sacrament, and pulled guns on me, arrested me and a friend, threatened to “slam” me. And let my friends case go off free already. The police found not only ILlegal marijuana, but completely LEGAL Wild Lettuce, and Datura, along with the book “Food of the Gods”. We were questioned about all these things, and explained our religious use of the plants. They had no warrant, but we got misdemeanor possession charges. All without stating who they were, without having a warrant, and without probable cause. They then took us out of the neighborhood twice, then had drove us back in to speak with the narcotics sergeant. Then took us to jail, and ransacked the house, not allowing my mom in when she got back (again, all without a warrant). My case is wide open, and they are waiting for me to come back to Texas.

Here are some cases that are specifically related to my case And that would be helpful after demanding a trial in Common Law court.

  • United States v. Ballard (1944)

Justice William O. Douglas stated:“They may not be put to the proof of their religious doctrines or beliefs.”

Meaning, I shouldn't have to prove a damn thing. But I will anyways.

  • Lemon v. Kurtzman, 91 S. Ct. 2105 (1971)

The rulings made here were violated. The police had no warrant, and therefore no secular purpose. And have entangled themselves in my religion since I was a child at 14 years old.

1) the government action must have a secular purpose;

2) its primary purpose must not be to inhibit or to advance religion;

3) there must be no excessive entanglement between government and religion.

  • McDaniel v. Paty (1978)

They are taking away my fundamental rights.

Life: They wish to take my time

Liberty: They wish to infringe on my religious freedoms, and put me in a cage for loving a flower The Pursuit of Happiness: Any effort I make with my religion is squashed by authority. And in effect, squashing me.

  • Church of Lukumi Babalu Ave., Inc. v. Hialeah, 113 S. Ct. 2217 (1993)

They ruled that the religious sacrifice of animals, is no different than hunting. And it is unconstitutional to consider the two different.

If that is true. Why is tobacco, alcohol, nutmeg, tea, coffee, energy drinks and even corn, and wheat (it has food and industrial uses) allowed to be grown and used legally while marijuana is not. This is unconstitutional.

  • ESA v. Rylander (2001)

We do not even have to define a supreme being, I do connect Shiva when smoking. But that doesn't have to be specified, or important.

And this, from 2005: Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code CHAPTER 110. RELIGIOUS FREEDOM I refuse to participate in the drug war my state is involved in, but they force me to. And I refuse to have not only my religion but my life substantially burdened by law enforcement, probation, and everyone else.

Plus there are around 15-100< people (That I spoke to from the age of 14 to 18 which was the time of my arrest): Probation officers, Correctional Officers, Psychologists, Therapists in and out of jail, Peers, and Elders that can, on the stand, say that it was part of my religion. I even yelled it as I was brought into detention centers, and spoke to people about it for months as I was imprisoned. They made talking about religion against the rules in my pod because of me. They'll remember.

There are tons of posts of mine on the internet regarding my religious reverence for marijuana.

There should be a record of my asking for a Rig Veda (My religious Texts) in the County Jail. And possibly record of something about it in the Juvenile detention center. Definitely could get some good words from my required therapist there.My research is not complete, so if you can add to it please do so, and I will do so as well periodically. Please spread the word/share the link to this page/and help legalize it.”

Police Break in

Ok, So say I'm not on probation or ANYTHING. Just regular life status. Now, I'm in my backyard with “some” weed. I am asleep on a couch in the backyard, and my friend is awake watching a TV we had put out there.

He shakes me awake and says, “Hey, there's a cop at the door.” I looked back through the window behind us, to the foggy style glass door about…20yrds away. And asked, “Are you sure.”

“I see the badge, and gun and Everything.”

“Shit, what do I do?”

“I don't know.”

“I'm going inside.” So I went inside. When inside I flushed an unknown amount of Marijuana. But it wasn't a lot. (My friend said they came in the backyards about now, and he said “Do you have a warrant? This is private property.” They said, “Are you a lawyer? And handcuffed him) I called my mom and stared talking to her when I heard a voice in the house. I had gone around locking all the doors I could think of before going to flush, but I missed one. So I go down stairs and these guys are in my house, pointing guns at me, and yelling. “Put the phone down!” “Put your hands behind your head!” Turn around!” Then they tried to put hand cuffs on me. But I didn't want that to happen so I put my arms down. They told me to put my hands back up, but the same thing happened. Then they yelled, “Calm down or we'll slam you!!” So I let them put them on. They took me to the backyard where they found 1g of weed, and about 14g of legal “Wild lettuce”. They questioned us extensively, then took us both to jail for the same weed, and the same pipe. Then later said they found 14g of weed, and said that was my charge. But I'm pretty sure that was either fully extracted MJ with no THC in it, or they were just talking about the “Wild lettuce”. But we never went to Trial, they tricked me into pleaing guilty by telling me I wasn't pleaing guilty when in all reality I was basically pleaing guilty in the eyes of the court. And I got probation.

But I ended up failing a drug test and ran away. I now live in a state where my misdemeanor doesn't effect me and MJ is actually medical.

This is a statement and a question… I plan on using this case to go to the supreme court of my home state. These police had NO warrant while raiding an 18 year old kid(adult to the law) to this extent, for the ASSUMPTION that there may be marijuana on my property. They were no better than a common criminal, breaking into my home, and robbing me of my possessions. They broke the law, not me, and the illegalization of Marijuana in my home state should be considered unconstitutional. Does anyone know anyone in similar situations to me?? Or does anyone know people I should get in contact with? Or specific places of interest I should go? I have many plans, and will be traveling to fulfill them, so any suggestions are ok. I'm just looking to broaden my travels, let me know if you know of anything. I lived in Texas my whole life and only lived in California for like 6 months, so I probably can learn about a couple people and places marijuana related that maybe I've never heard of before.

How I got the Name Shaggy

  • 1

I was in county jail, and there were Mexicans that couldn't speak English. Most of them didn't try to talk to anyone that spoke English. But 2 of them tried to talk to me. The first one walked passed me on the steps up to the officers desk in the pod, and stopped and asked me something in Spanish. I just said “No habla” then he said something else, and I just shrugged my arms like “I don't know”, and said “No habla” again. Then, I became an inmate worker (which I will never do again, if I ever go back) so I could only stay half the time by getting $100 a day towards my tickets, instead of $50 in general population. There was a Mexican in their that couldn't speak 2 words of English, but EVERY time he walked by me, he would say “Hey, Shaggyyyy” and go up for a high five. Then, one day I was cleaning intake, when lunch came. It turned out he was the person that was bringing meals down, and handing them out to everyone (we were inmate workers, so we did like kitchen, yard, and janitorial duties around the jail). When I came over to get my food, he said “Hey, Shaggyyyy” And signaled to me with his hands like “Whenever you run out of drink, just come get more” and usually we weren't allowed to do that shit. So I got a couple cups of drink, and finished eating. Then I went to take my food up, and when I put my tray in, he pointed inside the cart to like 5 full trays, and signaled like “take one”. So I grabbed one, and ate a second tray, then when I finished he signaled again, and I was like fuck. I filled my cup up again and fuckin ate. I was full after that though. It was some legit shit though, he couldn't even speak the same language as me, or me him. And he reached out with an offering, and we were able to communicate. That's legit shit. But that's where I got the name Shaggy.

  • 2

While I lived in Southern California (When I worked at the Avacado factory) I met 2 girls named Jade, and Dominique. I met Dominique looking for bud, she said she had a medical card, so we picked up her and her friend one day and got bud. We chilled throughout my time in SoCal, and Jade decided to call me Shaggy, and they called me and my friend together “the Texas Hippies” because we had long hair, and were both from Texas (He was from PA originally, but had moved to Texas when he was like 13). But that was the second person to just call me Shaggy randomly, so after that, I took the name “Fin” which I had used when I met new people in Denton Tx, connected that to the beginning for usernames, and started introducing myself as “Shaggy” in the keys, now in Southern Florida, and online.

  • 3

Fin comes from when I was in school and my Myspace and Facebook username was always “Ryan Fucking Gallagher”. So now I am “F'in” Shaggy.

  • 4

Fin also comes from Finn in the television show Adventure Time, where children are taught things that I believe should be more prevalent in education and television.


Greco-Hindu, Kabbalah

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FinShaggy & Devcoin

  • FinShaggy's Plans with Devcoin:

Devbook- A Mix between Facebook and a Genealogy website.

Devxchange- A Devcoin exchange website, possibly with a section where people can post projects that need funding through donations and loans

Devtest- Surveys and Contests for devcoin

Devlist- Craigslist, but things are for sale for Devcoins

Devsino- Devcoin Gambling

DevATM- An ATM where you can insert cash and get Devcoins on a USB (even just a machine that is constantly hooked up to a Devxchange that accepts credit card as USD funding)

Devblog- A place to post blogs and vlogs, like blogger for Devtomers

Adev- A 'company' that puts ads in videos and on websites and pays the host in devcoin.

Devseed- A program to freeze seeds of all the Earth's plant species for preservation through an “apocalypse” scenario

DevIsland- An island that is rented out, and Devcoins are bought with the money to stimulate the Devcoin economy, and Devcoin events can be held there for free

Devid Card- A Machine that can aaccept USBs, allowing for payment in Devcoins in regular stores

Devtel- A Hotel that is half free, half paid, paid customers pay in Devcoin which stimulate the devcoin economy

Devtome Brick & Mortar- A place that is half library, half bookstore. Purchases and fees are paid in Devcoin

Devcoach- A Half free half paid “Greyhound” type bus service

Devy Awards- Winners get coins and trophy, awards go to great achievements in the Devcoin community

Devpower- A Company that uses solar and wind technology to offer a FREE energy alternative

Devercise- Workout powered mining machines

DTV- Devcoin Television network, commercials and actors/writers are paid for in Devcoins which stimulates the Devcoin economy

Devair- Devcoin radio, same as DTV but radio

DevPAC- A Devcoin funded political ad campaign

Dev for Humanity- Apartments built that are completely free, but some of the rooms will contain just mining servers to fund it

Devstate- A university, and eventually city/township, then eventually county, and maybe even a state one day

DevINC- A company that gives out free mining machines and asks that people donate coins back if they have extra money after mining

DevSA- Devcoin NASA

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