Financial Tyranny in the Bible

The following article was originally composed as a text message to… well… someone in my social sphere. I'll just leave it at that. It was not well received, unfortunately, and ultimately the advice I was leading up to was never given. Consequently, the advice would have led to a four hundred percent capital gain. Hopefully, this information will be better appreciated here on Devtome.

This version adapted to Devtome has only a few slight modifications from the original. A reference to a powerful and unethical business giant of this era was removed to comply with Devtome rules. Formatting was added. Identifying information was removed.


Hi there _____. I hope everything is going well with you. We're doing well.

You have been very generous and kind. I feel like I owe you something so I composed this informal essay for your enjoyment. I understand this may sound dull but I promise to put in some fun stories.

Before we get started, here is an informative clip of Lewis Black explaining Keynesian economics:


This is going to have three or more parts. This first part will address current and historic realities of money and market economics. Way exciting, huh!? I'm sure you will muddle your way through it. I'm not known for being boring but I will try to be as dull as possible.

In Part two we will compare and contrast the lead up to the Great Depression with what's going on now. Don't worry; I will sing and dance for you in the process. Contrasting the two will be difficult because what's going on is virtually identical save for a few possibly unrelated details. Even the players are mostly the same. Spoiler alert: JP Morgan-Chase is a central figure in all of this. I'm sure that will be a HUGE surprise to you.

In part three we will get into the part where you can actually exploit the crisis to your advantage. I know it might seem difficult to wait several days for this information so please forgive me. Also, please don't get pissed at me when you find out you've missed out on thousands of dollars’ worth of revenue during that time because I know you won’t listen to me until I've demonstrated I know what I'm talking about. Currently I have invested forty-two US dollars as of one week ago and am now sitting on… let’s check the charts… sixty-two dollars. Not a bad return but understand I've been studying and tracking these investments for over three years. If I had invested even forty-two dollars back then I would currently be sitting on… calculating exchange rates… four thousand three hundred sixty-eight dollars. Now do a little math and tell me how much I would have made if I had invested even one-third of the three thousand dollars I had in my savings account at that time. Yeah. Over an hundred thousand dollars. It's like that.

Body of Text

Currently, the people of the United States, as well as the people of the world are being crushed by staggering and untenable levels of debt. This is a well-known fact but, if there is any doubt, a quick glance at the USA Debt Clock and the World Debt Clock will confirm this truth. You will notice that China is also in debt. However, unlike the US and many countries, China is actually paying their debt off. You don't have to have a crystal ball or a degree in economics to realize this is because they have a trade surplus while we have a trade deficit. It's elementary Adam Smith style Capitalism.

So, if even China is in debt, who are they in debt too? It should be obvious: we are all in debt to the international banking cartel. Where did the banks get the money to lend? They didn't. It never existed. The whole thing is complete fraud. Each and every dollar is created out of debt which must be paid back in interest which can only come from more money created out of debt. Sound familiar? There is a word for this type of financial activity…

Pon•zi Scheme


noun: Ponzi scheme; plural noun: Ponzi schemes

a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.

named after Charles Ponzi (died 1949), who carried out such a fraud (1919–20).

Fractional Reserve Banking

I really couldn't figure out a way to explain how the money supply is being used to rob the people of their resources without first explaining the banking system. If you are still having trouble getting this, please watch the first five minutes of this youtube video which uses visual aids to illustrate how this works quite handily:

I Don't Like Elitism - Now You Know

So that's a taste of what's going on currently. Next we are going to look at an historic example how royal doucheba-uh-I mean royals and their money-master servants have been exploiting people's lack of foresight to take their assets and even down-right enslave them since the beginning of known history. We are going to look at the story of a clever little Hebrew whose only asset was knowledge and we will see how far that gets him.

Joseph of the Torah

I am alluding to Joseph the Son of Jacob (Israel) who, having been literally sold-out by his own half-brothers, climbed up from the very depths of incarceration to the heights of being Pharaoh's most trusted adviser and ultimately the most powerful, merciful, loved and feared man in all of Egypt. I know you are probably familiar with this story so I'm condensing it Readers Digest-style. This is a brief synopsis of Genesis 40-41 I wrote for your enjoyment…

The story begins with the Pharaoh sacking his head chef and his security adviser. He throws them in prison because he was displeased with the way they were doing their jobs (or maybe he was just a dick). They end up in the very same poop-hole where Joseph son of Israel (Jacob) was being locked up after his brothers sold him into slavery. They discover Joseph can interpret dreams. After telling Joseph their dreams they are informed that the security adviser would be restored to his position in three days while the chef would be publicly beheaded. In three days this is exactly what happens. The security adviser intentionally keeps his knowledge of Joseph and his abilities secret, because, you know: f*ck Joseph, right?

Two years later, while Joseph is still eating dust in jail, the Pharaoh has some disturbing and bizarre reoccurring dreams. The dreams didn't include clowns or insurance salesmen but they were still pretty scary. He summons all the wizards, sages, and professional bullsh*t artists of the kingdom to his court. None of the wise asses could satisfactorily interpret the king's dreams. It is at this point that the security adviser confesses that he has knowledge of a man who can correctly interpret dreams. Joseph is at once summoned to the Pharaoh's court.

Joseph tells the Pharaoh that his dream, which involved fat and lean cows, was predicting seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine. He then proposes a plan to prepare for the inevitable famine immediately. The Pharaoh was so impressed by this interpretation and suggested course of action he heaped immense responsibilities and rewards onto Joseph. Here is an excerpt from the Bible thingy:

Pharaoh Appoints Joseph as Regent

39Since God has revealed all of this to you,” Pharaoh told Joseph, “there is no one so wise and discerning as you. 40So you are to be appointed in charge over my palace, and all of my people are to do whatever you command them to do. Only the throne will have greater authority than you.”
41“Look!” Pharaoh confirmedw to Joseph, “I’ve put you in charge of the entire land of Egypt!” 42Then Pharaohx removed his signet ring from his hand, placed it on Joseph’s hand, had him clothed in fine linen garments, and placed a gold chain around his neck. 43Then he provided him with a chariot as his second-in-command, outfitted with a group of people who shouted out in front of him, “Bow your knees!” And that’s how Pharaoh set Joseph over the entire land of Egypt.

Pharaoh Rewards Joseph

44Pharaoh also told Joseph, “I’m still Pharaoh, but without your permission nobody in all of the land of Egypt will so much as lift up their hands or take a step!” 45Pharaoh also changed Joseph’s name to Zaphenath-paneahy and gave Asenath, daughter of Potiphera, the priest of On, to him as his wife. And that’s how Joseph gained authority over the land of Egypt.

As soon Joseph was appointed head master chief peon over the entire bureaucracy of Egypt he starts buying up all of the surplus grain and puts it in storehouses. Once the famine had set in for a while and people started running out of food they begged the Pharaoh for help. What did he do? He said, “talk to Joseph and do whatever he says.” It's unclear exactly what the Pharaoh did with his time but at this point it seems obvious that Joseph was running the kingdom.

Joseph began selling the food to the people of Egypt and the surrounding nations. Needless to say this probably resulted in a substantial increase in the king's wealth, power, and influence. The Pharaoh is vindicated in his decision appointing Joseph the title and duties we know today as that of a Regent.

Alright? So that's the story you are probably familiar with but you'll notice money isn't mentioned. It's alluded to but it isn't directly spoken of. However, this story does illustrate how an Hebrew was able to use his advanced knowledge of dream interpretation and economics to take complete control over Egypt. So what does he do with that power? The story continues on but, skipping the part where Joseph gives his brothers a hard time for selling him out, we find some incredibly valuable insight into how the Sons of Israel (in this case quite literally) have been using a profound understanding of economics and money for many thousands of years in this synopsis of GENESIS 47:13-26…

The famine persisted so Joseph continued to sell grain to the people of Egypt. He essentially vacuumed up all of the money in the entire money supply. The people of Egypt came to Joseph and said, “Give us food! Why should we die right in front of you? Our money is spent!” So Joseph replies,“You can surrender your livestock, I’ll feed them in exchange, since your money is gone.” Knowing that he, Joseph, had in fact sucked up everybody's money (imaginary wealth) and put it in the king's treasury, the Regent now proceeded to take all of the real actual wealth of the land which mostly consisted of livestock.

Once Joseph had successfully used the threat of starvation to place control of all the land's resources in the hands of the Pharaoh, what happened next is the complete and utter subjugation of all the land as we can see from this excerpt:

The Famine Continues

18The following year, they came to him and reminded him, “We won’t hide from you, your Excellency, that we’ve spent all of our money, and that our livestock all belong to you. There’s nothing left to trade with you, your Excellency, except our bodies and our territories. 19So why should we and our land die right in front of you? Buy us and our land in exchange for food, and we and our land will be slaves to Pharaoh. Give us seed, so we can survive and not die, and so the land won’t stay desolate.”

Pharaoh Gains Control of All of Egypt

20So Joseph purchased all of the Egyptian territory for Pharaoh. Every Egyptian sold his field, because the famine’s effect was so severe. That’s how Pharaoh came to own the land. 21Then Joseph transported the people to cities from one end of Egypt to the other. 22However, he did not purchase land belonging to the priests, because the priests held an allotment, previously provided to them by Pharaoh, from which they lived. That’s why they did not sell their land. 23After this, Joseph addressed the people. “Pay attention,” he said. “I’ve bought you and your land for Pharaoh today, in exchange for seed for you. Now go sow the land. 24When harvest season arrives, you are to provide a fifth of the harvest to Pharaoh. The remaining four fifths are to be for your use, for seed, and to feed you, your households, and your little ones.” 25“You’ve saved our lives,” they replied. “If it pleases you, your Excellency, we’ll be Pharaoh’s slaves.”


So, as we can clearly see, the phenomenon that is going on in the United States and throughout the Western World is nothing new. If the Bible is to be believed, the Egyptian and Canaanite peoples where pretty lucky Joseph wasn't such a bad guy. Many tyrants would have just let them starve just to taste their delicious tears of anguish.

The methods of screwing people to death have become more sophisticated over the centuries but the basic strategy of extracting resources from the general population and placing it under the direct control of a central authority by thinking ahead and manipulating markets in order to enslave people has been going on as far back as history goes.

There are new approaches but the general scheme is the same. Subjugation of peoples using money and debt probably predates Sumer which was, we are told, the land of Abraham the Patriarch of all Jews, Christians, and Muslims. This is only one of many examples.

Next time we will look at the Great Depression and the lesson my grandmother taught me. I will never forget what she told me in two thousand eight. She was one hundred percent correct and on the money. Why? Because she is one of the few people that have been alive long enough to see the cycle complete itself and start over again. Of course she was right. She was there. We are incredibly blessed to have her with us for so long. I'm going to go visit her tomorrow before the guilt of not seeing her throttles my brain.

Please allow at least two or three days1)for me to complete and send you part two. These essays may seem like they are slapped together in a hurry but they actually take several hours not counting the time spent doing research. Thank you for your indulgence!

:-) Until next time! :-)

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