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The Roegadyn are hard to miss with their hulking, massive frames of muscle and girth. They’re descended from naval people that roamed the northern seas with many of their ancestors coming to Limsa Lominsa and Eorzea a very long time ago, one of the first next to the Hyur race. They were considered a barbaric race at first due to their strength, tendency for competitiveness that bordered on obsessive and for their general wanton displays of strength and destruction. However the Roegadyn are deeply passionate and they have depths of compassion and eternal loyalty that many people cannot see on the surface but those that get to know a Roegadyn and know them well can attest to. Many of the greatest Warriors in the history of Eorzea were born of Roegadyn stock and in fact the Warrior Job itself is said to be passed down from the Roegadyn deep in the mountains to the north with their legendary Berserk tactics that make them as much a beast as the enemy they face in combat.

Known for their brawny builds, sharp piercing eyes and facial hair (the males at least!) the Roegadyn are easily spotted anywhere in Eorzea, topping out at an average height of seven feet tall they can stand out even among a crowd of the tallest Elezen. The Majority of the Roegadyn population hails from the Sea Wolf clan, as they were the first settlers of Eorzea from the Roegadyn race and the majority of them prospered there while many more still come from the sea, those who have been native to Eorzea for a time still make their livings as sailors, fishermen, pirates or privateers against the Garlean Empire.

Much less come from the Hellsguard who are known for their earnest demeanors and can be often found working more physically demanding jobs such as mercenary work, guard duty or working a smithy. The Roegadyn are thought to be filled with unflinching courage and boundless rage unleashed in battle but many people forget that is only a few of the Roegadyn known. There exist scholarly, brilliant minds and several Roegadyn that are of great depth and introspection. The Hellsguard hail from the deep mountains of Ul’dah where they live reclusive lives away from the prying eyes of civilization, the Hellsguard are said to have mastered the magical arts but are also known for their skill as Warriors from which the Warrior Job comes from. Long ago they used to allow people to train under them until they realized those they trained lacked the conviction and strength of will to tame the beast inside and eventually ended up causing more harm than good. The Hellsguard were unjustly blamed for a lot of the damage and they further retreated into their mountain homes, rarely coming out. Only recently have any Hellsguard been seen after the Calamity with rumors of one walking about the Sanctuary of Costa Del Sol.

Famous Roegadyn

We can’t get very far in the talk of Roegadyn without mentioning the beloved Admiral of the Maelstrom Grand Company of Limsa Lominsa. She was the first female Roegadyn introduced into the game way back in 1.0. She was unique and still to this day is unique even among the Roegadyn both in style, look and demeanor. Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn was the first female Roegadyn and gave people hope that the player chosen female Roegadyn would be just as interesting and unique as she was, and they were not disappointed. She wears two muskets, and it is assumed her Job / Class is either Corsair or Musketeer, considering she wields two muskets and they are called Death Penalty and Annihilator, both of which in Eorzean lore were rumored to be owned by the late Pirate King Mistbeard. They are also two guns for two ranged Jobs in Final Fantasy XI, the Death Penalty belonging to Corsair the Pirate Job of FFXI and Annihilator belonging to Ranger. There is a fake replica of her Death Penalty floating around called Death Sentence, but as to its purpose and use, nobody currently knows. There is a current prevailing theory as to how she obtained her two muskets as well. It is suggested that Merlwyb and Mistbeard were lovers and pirated together in her younger days. Merlwyb’s father Bloefhis led the League of Lost Bastards against Mistbeard, the resulting battle is what gave the area known as Bloodshore it’s name, and Mistbeard was summarily defeated, when Bloefhis died, Merlwyb was chosen to be the leader of the Lost Bastards but declined, and it is suggested that she did so because of what her father and the Lost Bastards did to her lover Mistbeard.

Roegadyn Naming Conventions

Roegadyn names are among the most complex names in the history of Eorzea, though they may look jumbled and confusing there is a great deal of thought behind their pattern despite what first glance may say. Just like the mighty Roegadyn themselves, people often dismiss them at first glance but upon deeper inquiry we can see that their depths run much farther than initially thought which parallels nicely to how most people look at Roegadyn and don’t bother to see the person inside. Both Hellsguard and Sea Wolf possess their ancient Roegadyn language but only the Sea Wolves tend to use it more, regardless as the most complex naming conventions in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn we’ll need to pay a visit to a special page just for the Roegadyn, aptly named the Roegadyn Dictionary!

Once you’ve had your fill of the Roegadyn’s abstract but beautiful language come back and continue reading to get a taste of how the Sea Wolves make their names using the old tongue that you’re now so familiar with, if not, head back over to the Roegadyn Dictionary until you are.

Roegadyn Sea Wolf

To the unlettered eye Sea Wolf names often appear like a jumble of random letters tossed together and shaken up for good measure. But those who think so would be gravely mistaken. All Sea Wolf names come from the Old Tongue of the Roegadyn, most of the words you’ll find here in the Roegadyn Dictionary but that isn’t all of them. The reason it only includes a fraction of the total language is because many of the words were lost or fell out of use and were forgotten because of it. Every so often a forgotten word or phrase is brought back through the rediscovery of an ancient tome or tablet and included back into the dictionary for the people to use as they see fit.

The Old Tongue was spoken long ago in the North Seas before the Roegadyn ever set foot on Eorzean soil. For example, the name Ahldskyf which looks little more than a menagerie of letters is actually a combination name. Roegadyn use combination names to make up their names in a similar way Germanic words are produced. Combination names are simply adding two different names to create a new name. How English may say the term “Old Ship” to convey the meaning of a ship of significant age, the Roegadyn would combine the words “Old” and “Ship” to create “Oldship” which would be a ‘new’ word that would convey the meaning properly. In this way the name Ahldskyf is created, “Ahld” means “Old” and “Skyf” means “Ship” placing them together we get “Ahldsky” or “Old Ship.”

In fact even their name, Roegadyn means “People of the rain” with “Roega” meaning “Rain” and “Dyn” meaning “People.” This was named so because in their homeland to the north, the islands there constantly rain with torrential downpours to a thick cloying fog, and that’s only when it’s too warm for snow. With so much precipitation at all times of the year it’s no wonder they called themselves “People of the Rain.”


Female names follow the same rules as the rest of the Roegadyn language with a few addendums. For example the first name is almost always ended one of the following combination words:

  • Swys (Sister)
    • Example:' Aermswys (Poor Sister)
  • Thota (Daughter)
    • Example: Klynthota (Small Daughter)
  • Wyda (Willow)
    • Example: Dyrstwyda (Thirsty Willow)
  • Geim (Jewel)
    • Example: Rhotgeim (Red Jewel)
  • Wyb (Woman)
    • Example: Merlwyb (Sea Woman)
  • Rael (Doe)
    • Example: Doesrael (Two Does)
  • Lona (Gatherer)
    • Example: Styrnlona (Star Gatherer)
  • Bhyda (Bride)
    • Example: Blyssbryda (Blossom Bride)

  • Byrthota (Byrt means Axe and Thota means Daughter, if you read the Roegadyn Dictionary you’ll recall that when two words have two letters combined like Byrt + thota one of them is dropped so there is no duplication, so her name becomes “Axe Daughter” or more appropriately “Daughter of the Axe”)
  • Fraeswys (Frae is Free and Swys means Sister, so she becomes named “Free Sister”)
  • Merlwyb (Merl means Sea and Wyb means Sister, so she becomes Merlwyb, but most people call her Admiral or “Yes, ma’m!”)

As we can see, Roegadyn names are relatively complex, though when broken down properly they become not only easier to understand but easier to pronounce too. It’s always best to try and separate a name into the two parts, though sometimes it can be difficult to see where things end and where others begin which is where the Roegadyn Dictionary comes into play. I cannot stress the use of the Roegadyn Dictionary enough if you are serious about learning the Roegadyn language and intend on making a proper Sea Wolf name, or even a proper Roegadyn name for that matter, as even the Hellsguard sometimes use their Old Tongue to name themselves. And who doesn’t want to have a unique looking name that stands out besides all the Kloud Strifes and Tiifa Lockhearts?

Let’s try our hand at making a female Roegadyn name. Well first let’s get to know our character a bit. She’s strong, that much is obvious being a Roegadyn, but what else should she be? Well let’s make her smart, she likes to read and is relatively introspective but she’s got a fierce temper that billows about like a raging storm, setting her water to a whipped froth. So let’s go about finding some Roegadyn words that fit our noble lass with the a temper to fit. We know she’s wise because she likes to read a lot, so we’ll pick up “Wyss” and we know that her fury is like the rushing white waters of a rapid, since there’s no term in the Roegadyn for White Water Rapids, we’ll make one ourselves by combining “Wyzn” for “White” and “Wyta” for “Water” making it into “Wyznwyta” for “Whitewater.” But she’s also a girl and while not exactly necessary she does like her feminine ways so we’ll add on “Bhyda” for “Bride” because she’s wed to her torrential rage as much as she would be to any man or woman. Adding this all together we get a rather unique and long Roegadyn name of “Wysswyznwytabhyda” to the common person this would look like a terrible combination of letters like a person had a stroke while trying to type out a name. Instead we know it’s an utterly unique name that means “Wise Whitewater Bride” that perfectly captures our character’s essence, even if the name is a bit long in the tooth.


Male names are generally shorter with no specific need for an added suffix like the females, though as it was said above the females don’t need to specifically have their names altered as such, instead it is left up to the name to choose if they should stand out or go with the more traditional role of adding that suffix. But as stated already, the males don’t have any suffix that they can add like the women and so they generally just add two names together to represent who they are or how they perceive themselves. Roegadyns can use more than just two words but it’s rare and the males themselves tend to opt for shorter, more powerful sounding words that evoke emotion and visual scenes such as the following examples:

  • Greintoum (Grein means Bronze and Toum means Dream, making him Bronze Dream)
  • Mytemyrgan (Myte means Middle and Myrgan means Morning, making him Middle Morning)
  • Ahtmhas (Aht means Eight and Mhas means Scars, making him Eight Scars)
  • Zoerzantwyss (Zoer means Sour, Zant means Tooth, and Wyss means Wise, making him Sour Tooth Wise, but since that doesn’t make sense we conjugate it a bit to alter the meaning to better fit the context, in which case he becomes “Sour Tooth the Wise.”)

Now that we’ve found out how their naming is done, let’s go about making our own Sea Wolf male. We know that he’s something of a klutz, rarely thinking much before charging in, but he’s got a good heart besides which makes him a lovable idiot in a way, he’s not stupid, he just doesn’t tend to think his actions through all the way to see how they’ll turn out. So let’s go about making a name for this lovable oaf! Once again if you haven’t read the Roegadyn Dictionary I highly suggest you do so so you can make your own characters with unique backstories and names that fit them and do them and you justice. This is a name you’ll be carrying around for years and years, take some time and put some real thought into it, don’t be one of these knock offs who copy anime or popular shows or characters that you won’t like in the next year or two but everybody will know you as “Buffy” or “Kloud” or “Sephiiroth” because the actual names were taken by unoriginal people who were too lazy to come up with their own but were quicker than you. Don’t be like them, take pride in your name and make something worthwhile that will hold its own for years!

Anyways, back to our lovable oaf Roegadyn who desperately needs a name! We’ll use “Woll” for “Wool” and combine that with “Moht” for “Mind” or in this meaning “Head” to make the word “Wool headed” as “Wollmoht” and then we’ll combine this with “Hald” for “Kind” and “Haerz” for “Heart”! Making it all together we get “Wollmohthaldhaerz” which stands for “Woold Headed Kind Heart” which pretty aptly describes are adorable Roegadyn don’t you think? We could go a step further and make a joke name, since there’s no cotton we’ll have to substitute Cotton for Wool, or in the Roegadyn language, “Woll” next we’ll add in “Oeya” for “Eye” and since Joe is a common colloquialism for Man, we’ll substitute Joe for “Mann” which means “Man.” Placing them all together into the first name and we get, “Wolloeyamann” or for our purposes, “Cotton Eye Joe!” Where did he come from, and where did he go, nobody knows but a lot of people seem to find it funny! Joke names are also good to make for inside jokes among friends and family without tipping your hand to outsiders who you don’t want to share the joke, it’s great fun to make up names with the Roegadyn language, just head over to the Roegadyn Dictionary and go nuts!


Roegadyn all have surnames just the same as in English and with most other common races that possess a passed down name from mother to daughter or father to son, whichever the case may be. In such an event it’s a simple affair to find out information about a Roegadyn simply by their surname. Surnames are always the father’s name with an added “Syn” (meaning “Son”) or “Wyn” (meaning “Daughter”). A good example of this is Limsa Lominsan Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn which is broken down as follows:

  • Merl (sea) + Wyb (woman) & Bloe (blue) + Fhis (fish) + Wyn (daughter)

And so we get her full name, “Sea Woman, daughter of Blue Fish” as it would be recognized. Using just her last name we can tell that the person is a woman and the daughter of a man named Bloefhis (blue fish) and any cursory knowledge of her father would give additional knowledge about the daughter. Though in this case nearly everybody across Eorzea knows who Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn is. So that would be somewhat of an exercise in futility, but for other Roegadyn, male or female it’d work the same, if instead her last name was “Bloefhisyn” we’d know that the character would be a son rather than a daughter!

The use of “Wyn” is exclusive to last names, to mean the “Daughter of the Father so named” while “Thota” also means “Daughter” it is relegated to the forename only and so you would never see somebody called Merlwyb Bloefhisthota.

Old Tongue Pronunciation

While most of the Sea Wolf names can be pronounced by following the rules for English there are some exceptions, which will be outlined below:


  • AE: Pronounced between the “e” in “Egg” and the “ai” in “Air” depending on the consonant that follows. If the consonant is a hard one like “T,” “K,” “Q,” or the like, the sound is closer to the “e” in “Egg” and if the consonant that follows is softer like “R,” “S,” “W,” or the like, the sound is closer to that of the “ai” in “Air.”
    • Example: “Aerg” (Ambitious) would be pronounced like “Airg”
    • Example: “Aent” (Duck) would be pronounced like “Ent”
    • Example: “Aerm” (Poor) would be pronounced like “Airm”
    • Example: “Aermaent” (Poor Duck) would be pronounced like “Airm-Ent”

  • Y: A long “e” such as the “ea” in “Ear” or the first “e” in “Steve”
    • Example: Alyr (Alder) would be pronounced like “Ah-Leer”
    • Example: Blyss (Blossom) would be pronounced like “Bleece”
    • Example: Agynn (Beginning) would be pronounced like “Ag-Een” (think like an emphasis on the “e” while saying Again with an accent)
    • Example: Alyrblyss (Alder Blossom) would be pronounced like “Ah-Leer Bleece”

  • OE: An “ooh” sound such as the “ue” in “Blue” and the “oo” in “Fool”
    • Example: Broen (Brown) would be pronounced like “Broon” (think of Broom but with an “n”)
    • Example: Loef (Leaf) would be pronounced like “Loof” (think of Aloof, but drop the “a” or even Loofah but drop the “ah”)
    • Example: Froe (Lady) would be pronounced “Froo”(think of Root but drop the “t” and add and “f” to the start)
    • Example: Froeloef (Lady of the Leaves) would be pronounced “Froo-Loof” (think Fruit Loops but drop the “t” from “Fruit” and replace the “p” and “s” in Loops with an “f” kinda sounds like you just came back from the dentist after getting some Novocain doesn’t it?)


  • PF: Pronounced like “f” the “p” is silent
    • Example: Pfym (Five) would be pronounced like “Fim”
    • Example: Skapf (Sheep) would be pronounced like “Skaff” (think Staff but with a “K” instead of a “T”)
    • Example: Kympf (Champion) would be pronounced like “Keemf”
    • Example: Kympfskapf (Champion of Sheep) would be pronounced like “Keemf – Skaff”

  • TH: The “h” is silent, leaving only the hard “t” sound. It’s easier if you ignore the “h” altogether or pretend to have a bit of a lisp or be shivering cold where it’s hard to pronounce the softer “th” sounds.
    • Example: Thosin (Gray) would be pronounced like “Toe-Sin”
    • Example: Sthal (Steel) would be pronounced like “Stall”
    • Example: Sath (Knife) would be pronounced like “Sat”
    • Example: Thosinsthalsath (A Gray Steel Knife) would be pronounced like “Toe-Sin-Stall-Sat”

  • W: A midway point between “w” and “v” not quite so hard as “v” in “Villify” but with a bit more emphasis than “w” in “West.” It’s easiest if you think of “w” in this sense as a soft “v” replacing the common wounds of “w” with the same softness of “v” like “Vest” or “Vell” but not as hard as “Vill”
    • Example: Wyzn (White) would sound like “Vee-Zin”
    • Example: Wilf (Wolf) would sound like “Vilf” (think “Filth” but with a soft “v”)
    • Example: Wyss (Wise) would sound like “Veese” (think Geese but with a softer “v”)
    • Example: Wysswilf (Wise Wolf) wound sound like “Vilf – Veese”

  • G: Almost always a hard sound like the “g” in “Guilt” or “Game” but not the soft “g-eh” sound like in “Page.” The “Gin” sound in Swygyn (Silent) would not be pronounced like the drink “Gin” but rather be pronounced like the “gin” in “Begin.”
    • Example: Agat (Amber) would be pronounced like “Ah-Got” (think “Ah! Gotcha!” without the “cha” on the end)
    • Example: Wegg (Provoke) would be pronounced like “Wegg” (Exactly as it sounds, think of “Egg” and slap a “w” onto the front of it)
    • Example: Sweig (Herd) would be pronounced like “Sweeg” (Again, think of “Egg” and tack on “s” and “w” to the front of it)
    • Example: Sweigwegga (Herd Provoker) would be pronounced like “Sweeg – Wegg-Ah

  • J: A “y” sound like in “year” or “you” or “yum”
    • Example: Jungh (Young) would be pronounced like “Yoong”
    • Example: Jarr (Year) would be pronounced “Yar” (like the pirate slang!)
    • Example: Jho (And) would be pronounced like “Yoo” (think “Who” but with a “y” instead of a “w”)
    • Example: Junghajarr (Younger Year) would be pronounced like “Yoong-Ah – Yar”

  • H: When paired with a vowel either before or after the “h” is always silent regardless if there is a consonant next to it as well. The vowel takes priority always.
    • Example: Junghsmhid (Young Smith) would be pronounced like “Yoong – Smid”
    • Example: Gohta (Goddess) would be pronounced like “Gotta”
    • Example: Greh (Calm) would be pronounced like “Gree” (think “Green” but drop the “n”)
    • Example: Grehgohta (Calm Goddess) would be pronounced like “Gree – Gotta”

Roegadyn Hellsguard

While the Old Tongue is used a lot in Sea Wolf names it is because the Sea Wolves cling to their tradition from the lands they sailed away from, they remember by being so close to the ocean and the islands that remind them of home that it is hard to forget the traditions and beliefs they once had and so they become ingrained into their society and do not slip away. On the other hand the Hellsguard moved to the mountains near Ul’dah and so far away from their ancestral homeland and any seas to remind them of their once great home, they have forgotten and instead adapted to the life of Eorzea. As Hellsguard adapted to the world around them they chose instead to translate their names to Eorzean rather than use the Old Tongue, in part to better parlay with the races of Eorzea and to better “fit in” as it were, though their names still stand out a great deal. Male names tend to draw heavily from nature while being of only two words, typically a descriptor followed by a noun. Females follow the same rules as the males but there’s generally no restriction placed on their second name, the main difference is females tend to include more flowery or gentle names into their.

Hellsguard Surnames are different, their first name is actually just like the Roegadyn Sea Wolves, in that they are commonly two words put together to form one, but since they’re translating them into Eorzean (English) the words naturally would have spaces between them, such as “Tall Mountain” instead of “Tallmountain” as it should be thought of – as a singular word for their first name rather than a first and last name. Hellsguard surnames are family names passed down through generations but often discarded by Hellsguard leaving their homelands in the mountains who insist on being called by their full first name. In this sense many Eorzeans (read: most) have no problem calling a person “Tall Mountain” as if it were their first and last name, as the Hellsguard in question dropped their surname when they left the mountain homes they once knew. It is because of this that a lot of Eorzeas don’t really distinguish or even realize that they’re referring to the Hellsguard on a first name only basis.


Hellsguard female first names include both a descriptor and a noun though the latter case of a noun is not always set in stone; they have a bit more freedom than the males do as the males tend to be a bit more rigorously structured. As such, female names tend to be more feminine by nature, often including plant imagery and soft visual cues that are more gentle or passive than the powerful namesakes that the Roegadyn Hellsguard males tend to adopt. Though you’ll find many Hellsguard women in Eorzea who eschew this convention and carry names such as Broken Axe or Bloody Blade and carry them just as proudly as any man would. At the same time there are many males who will incorporate more flowery themes and visual cues into their names, so the conventions here aren’t perfectly rigid, but they’re the common rule that most don’t deviate from. While some do, it surely is not the norm.

  • Blue Lily
  • Weeping Orchid
  • Diving Sparrow
  • Deadly Valley

As we can see most of the female Hellsguard names are a bit on the softer side, evoking feelings and thoughts of peace and beauty that to non Roegdayn races, they sorely need. They have a masculine beauty about them that many races unfortunately have a hard time seeing past to the person within and so their names are often more feminine than they need to be in order to try and evoke a more measured response that prods people to delve deeper into who the Roegadyn is rather than simply seeing her for the large, powerful woman she is on the surface.


Male Hellsguard names are usually hard and tough, think of how a child might try and make their name by utilizing imagery of powerful battles or strong items or landscapes that they know and the Hellsguard males names begin to be easier formed in your mind. Things like Giant Ant and Deep Water are such names that easily spring to mind when regarding the Hellsguard males in this way, of course they also have more flowery and poised names like Still River and Silent Tree that bring about feelings or thoughts of peace and tranquility rather than the brutish natures of a crumbling mountain or the deadly stillness of a pool of deep water.

  • Tall Mountain
  • Spinning Blade
  • Silent Tree
  • Still River

As we see, male Hellsguard names are much more masculine and put on a greater show than the other races do. This is largely due to their translating the Roegadyn Old Tongue to fit the Eorzean tongue and while it’s not exact and can look odd at times, it’s a lot easier for people to understand the name “Still River” rather than the Old Tongue name of “Staelahct” which means “Still River.” And so it’s little wonder that they still use the same words that are easily translatable into the Old Tongue, except they take the care to translate them for the people of Eorzea that they will meet, which in a way is a rather generous and thoughtful thing to do for people who have no idea what the Old Tongue means, much less sounds like.

Comparison Between Roegadyn and Galka

The most notable thing about the differences between Galka and Roegadyn, besides the much more difficult to spell name and harder / longer to type at that, is the Roegadyn’s lack of tails. The Galka had large, thick swaying tails behind them and they were stockier and more rotund, with less musculature than the Roegadyn have. Though whether this is intentional or if it was a result of an improved graphics engine that allowed better detail of muscle definition to be seen is unknown. What is known is that the Roegadyn lack the signature tail of the Galka and also appear to be quite a good deal taller and wider but with more anatomical accuracy than the Galka who were built fairly tall but also squat and wide to the point that the Elvaan were nearly if not exactly as tall as fully erect Galka.

In the picture below we can see again that the unique racial animations are gone in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, unknown if they’ll ever return or not. We can see that every race holds the weapons differently and this makes the Galka’s height a bit difficult to discern because his knees are slightly flexed in a stance whereas the Elvaan is hardly flexing his knees in a rigid haughty posture indicative of his race. In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn however the Roegadyn are quite a lot taller than any other race, towering over the Elezen even by nearly a whole foot at the maximum height of both races. Aside from the larger, blocky build of the Galka, the Roegadyn come with many refinements particular to their shoulders and joints which look more realistic and proper instead of thick trunks that wouldn’t be able to appropriately move like those of the Galka.

But as always the most glaring difference is the tail. Galkas had a large tapered tail while the Roegadyn have nothing of the sort. This gives them a different gait than the Galka and an entirely different stance with taller legs than the squat short stubby things the Galka had (in comparison to their upper body and torso which was huge comparatively). This is one of the main points of contention fans of Final Fantasy XI had with the Roegadyn of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, because the devs based the Roegadyn off of FFXI but did not include the signature tail of the Galka on the Roegadyn. This was quite some cause for concern as it didn’t make any sense to do it just “because” as seemed the reason. And to this day many fans still hope that the Roegadyn will get a tail, or that the devs will cave to their demands. It is highly unlikely to happen and there’s no reason for it to occur that I can see, but that’s simply how it is and there’s no getting around it at this point.

i.imgur.com_qtgdp5c.jpg Vs.

Attribute Table Per Job

Below we’ll go into as much detail as possible with the data available into all the Level 50 job attributes for both Sea Wolf and Hellsguard Clans. The data for MP is missing but the data for other jobs such as ACN, SMN and SCH are put into place and until such time as I can find accurate data representing MP, it will remain blank rather than being inaccurate.

Sea Wolf Roegadyn Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50
Base Attributes Gladiator Paladin Marauder Warrior Lancer Dragoon Pugilist Monk Archer Bard Conjurer White Mage Thaumaturge Black Mage Arcanist Summoner Scholar
HP 2,087 2,547 2,172 2,632 1,913 2,143 1,669 1,913 1,584 1,828 1,584 1,828 1,584 1,828 1,584 1,828 1,828
STR 193 204 204 214 226 246 216 236 173 183 103 113 82 92 173 183 183
DEX 179 189 179 189 189 200 200 210 222 242 200 210189 200 189 200 200
VIT 217 237 217 237 205 215 194 205 194 205 194 205 194 205 194 205 205
INT 98 118 57 77 77 87 87 98 158 168 199 209 221 241 221 241 221
MND 192 203 102 112 122 132 172182 152 162 225 245 142 152 152 162 233
PTY 160 170 79 89 140 150 120 130 160 170 221 241 231 241 201 211 241
Hellsguard Roegadyn Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50 Level 50
Base Attributes Gladiator Paladin Marauder Warrior Lancer Dragoon Pugilist Monk Archer Bard Conjurer White Mage Thaumaturge Black Mage Arcanist Summoner Scholar
HP 2,058 2,518 2,143 2,603 1,884 2,114 1,640 1,884 1,555 1,799 1,555 1,799 1,555 1,799 1,555 1,799 1,799
STR 191 202 202 212 224 244 214 234 171 181 101 111 80 90 171 181 181
DEX 178 188 178 188 188 199 199 209 221 241 199 209 188 199 188 199 199
VIT 215 235 215 235 203 213 192 203 192 203 192 203 192 203 192 203 203
INT 101 121 60 80 80 90 90 101 161 171 202 212 224 244 224 244 224
MND 193 204 103 113 123 133 173 183 153 163 226 246 143 153 153 163 222
PTY 161 161 80 90 141 151 121 131 161 171 222 242 237 242 202 212 242

As we can see the Roegadyn are heavy, hearty stock. Just as they would seem to be the Roegadyn, both the Sea Wolves and the Hellsguard are relatively high on the VIT scale, the Hellsguard scoring a 4 over delta and the Sea Wolves scoring a very impressive 6 over delta, weighing in as the HP champions of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and having the second highest STR in the game at 5 over delta. As we can see the Sea Wolf Roegadyn are much heartier than their mountain cousins, for reasons I can’t exactly explain, perhaps it’s the fresh sea air or the pirate lust they all have? Either way the Hellsguard are more built towards Healing of all things, with an average 3 over delta INT they could make passable – but not great – Black Mages or Summoners but they excel more at being Scholars or White Mages with their second to highest MND in the game at 5 points over delta, but they have a relatively weak PTY at 3 over delta just weighing in as average.

This puts them in a relatively awkward position as the lightweight Lalafell Dunesfolk beat them quite handily for the second spot as Healer clan, placing the Roegadyn Hellsguard the supposed “wielders and masters of ancient magic” at third in the ranking for best Healing Clan. But at the same time their INT is only average, which means they also aren’t accomplished Black Mages or Summoners, their DEX is the worst in the game making them terrible Bards. Which means all that’s left is the Melee category of Dragoon and Monk and the Tank category of Warrior and Paladin. The Melee would struggle to get themselves out of mediocrity due to the average STR rating of 3 points over delta though their VIT is 4 points over delta, placing them slightly higher in terms of HP pool, it doesn’t make much of a difference compared to average (only 14.5 HP) and so it makes a minimal difference there as well and they would arguably be better served with 4 points over delta into STR so they could do more roles than a singular one.

Best and Worst Jobs

Based on the stats the race has naturally we’ll list the best and worst Jobs for the Roegadyn, for those that don’t want to go through the issues of sorting through everything themselves, I’ll make it simple by listing the best job and the worst job based on the stats for a given clan, to help along with the decision without having to compare every table for every race.

Sea Wolf Jobs

  • Best Job: Warrior or Paladin
    • Reasoning: With the highest VIT rating in the game weighing in at a whopping 6 points over delta, the Sea Wolf Clan has the highest HP in the game. To put this into perspective, the highest and lowest HP Clans (Sea Wolf and Dunesfolk) have an HP disparity for tanks of over 3% between the two. This means at Level 50 without any additional gear a Dunesfolk PLD will have 2,736 HP while a Sea Wolf PLD will have 2,823 HP, a whopping 3.18% difference. Though to put things into perspective, and the whole “best job,” “worst job,” debate over Clans, with appropriate gear not even best in slot, just good higher level gear a Dunesfolk Lalafell will have 6,361 HP while a Sea Wolf will have 6,448 HP, the difference therefore has shrunk to a mere 1.37% and with higher better gear we’re looking at 1% or less difference in HP despite the massive increase the Sea Wolves seem to get. This is why it doesn’t truly matter a great deal when choosing a race, but for those min / maxers out there, getting that extra bit of HP is going to be important and it is for those types of people that this section is mostly for. And as such, the Sea Wolf Clan makes the best Tanks and Melee, with the second highest STR at 5 points over delta they have the best damage potential second only to the Highlander Clan which makes them good choices for a person who wants to be able to tank and damage deal with the same character.

  • Worst Job: Black Mage or Summoner
    • Reasoning: Their physical prowess costs them greatly on the Magical front, with the lowest INT in the game at 0 points over delta the Sea Wolf Clan is going to be the weakest mage in the game. Alongside an abysmally low PTY, they’ll also have one of the lowest MP pools among the ten clans as well. This makes them doubly worse at being a Caster, though their slightly higher than average 4 points of MND over delta helps to allow them – if they so choose – to be a Healer such as Scholar or White Mage, though they will not excel at the job very well, not in any way shape or form compared to how well they do as a Warrior, Paladin, Dragoon or Monk. And it’s because of this that only Melee or Tank oriented people should pursue the Sea Wolf Clan, and those interested in Black Mage or Summoner should look elsewhere, preferably a Clan that also includes White Mage and Summoner so they can partake in the entire Magical aspect of the game without any hindrances.

Hellsguard Jobs

  • Best Job: White Mage or Scholar
    • Reasoning: With the second highest MND in the game at 5 points over delta the Hellsguard aren’t exactly “excellent” at anything and with a relatively average MP pool they won’t exactly suffer as a good White Mage or Scholar should be able to easily meter their MP expenditure to compensate for the slight difference in MP pools. Because of their MND however they are third in the Healing Rank for Clans, behind the Keepers of the Moon with the highest MND and second highest PTY in the game, and thirdly behind the second ranked Healer Clan, the Dunesfolk Lalafell who have the second highest MND in the game and highest PTY in the game. This leaves the Hellsguard a close third behind the Dunesfolk, but not enough that it’d be a significant problem, they’re fairly close by only 24 MP which isn’t very far at all.
  • Worst Job: Bard
    • Reasoning: With the absolute lowest DEX in the game of 0 over delta, the Hellsguard are poor marksmen and will continue to be so unless something drastically changes to the game and its mechanics. There is simply no way to be a decent Bard without dealing damage, as the game is not yet advanced enough to have a full cadre of support classes that deal little damage but add enough support to be more valuable or just as valuable as a full fledged damage dealer, the Hellsguard make a poor Bard. Until such a time as full support classes and Jobs are released that are also ranged, the Hellsguard will remain a poor physical ranged Clan until such a time as the damage they deal can be mitigated somehow with support buffs of some sort. As with the Sea Wolf HP discussion, the difference at end game with proper gear is not so great as to make the Hellsguard painfully weak, they are just going to have to work better and harder at what they do in order to compete with other Clans that possess a higher DEX rating over delta.

This doesn’t discount Hellsguard as a proper Bard, it just makes them less likely to be among the top damage dealers, especially if there are other Bards there who know just the same rotations as you do but have a better clan that affords them more DEX. There’s not much that can be done, but the DPS difference should be well under 1% so in effect while you might not be king of the DPS charts, at the very least the difference won’t be so extreme that it’d make everybody question whether or not to bring a Roegadyn Hellsguard Bard along for a difficult raid. Luckily the game isn’t that brutal and the higher our Item Levels go and bigger our stats get the less those initial six points are going to matter to anybody.

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