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While this is a relatively simple article listing some of the issues players are currently having with Crystal Tower (CT) and Coil (The Binding Coil of Bahamut) it tries to show that CT isn’t really that bad of a thing. People think that instead of doing CT two to three months after a Coil patch that it’s a bad idea and people should instead clamor for another Coil instead, as around 2 to 3 months is when most good groups will have been clearing Coil and it’d keep endgame open and constantly evolving. The problem is this would definitively introduce a massive amount of power creep (where players are constantly getting stronger at an accelerated rate) and it’d put a great strain on the dev team as well. While you may be able to argue that CT resources could be put towards another Coil or some instance or event that is also aimed at the Coil crowd of end gamers, the resources are likely incompatible in a variety of ways.

I think I'm missing where people are up in arms about it in regards to the whole Crystal Tower and Coil debate. I have my misgivings about it, but it's definitely not bad. The game isn't made to have all of its content aimed towards highest-end progression and to constantly have a new set of gear for the ravenous players who can play at the level (time, skill, gear, whatever metric you which to use) required. It should have been in the game since launch as it does seem a little bit weird that our first major patch is mostly filling in the gaps they shipped the game with (in terms of endgame content).

So long as the new dungeons are more enjoyable then I'm all for it. Even if they're the same efficiency I'll be more than happy to run them for myth capping and philo stacking purposes. If they're less efficient, then I'm not too sure as most people I know gave up AK wholesale for faster/easier WP runs. I didn't see people saying anything contrary to this anywhere. Filling in non-mains or the couple of pieces people might not have is a good idea, or major pieces for the late-comers or consummately unlucky people who never get drops in coil.

I'd really like to see where people have gone so pants-on-head retarded that they think adding an expansive, long dungeon (I believe YP said average time for the full thing is 90min or so?) that we've sorely been missing, with new mechanics that allow more people from our LS/FC, where we don't have to worry about locking ourselves out and can do them with whomever, whenever we please as negatively impacting a player's experience.

Alts or non-mains in some statics/groups/what-have-you probably don't get any loot or very little of it so CT allows to fill that gap. My issue is that it'll be another 3-4mo past 2.1 until 2.2. It's not the gap between 2.0→2.1 that's the issue for me with gear, it's the 2.0→2.2 gap with what is looking to be nothing added for greater utility for people who are aiming for BiS. Unless they do something awesome (or hated as some may see it) like they did in previous games / 1.0 where some older gear is still better due to a unique stat or modifier, CT will be a placeholder for Coil. Which isn't bad in its own right but with an additional 3-4 months running coil people will be consistently clearing 1-5 and that only takes about an hour if you go on full mains and don't take breaks to stretch or get food in between turns. That's 12-16 weeks of 6-8 drops per week of i90 gear for a group of 8 people. To put it in other words, that's 72-128 pieces of Allagan over the course of the patch, it's hard to imagine people won't be capped out or very quickly so. People will more than likely be gearing secondary and tertiary characters by the time 2.2 rolls around.

Keep in mind, the above is for people already doing coil relentlessly and are already full DL/Relics and don't have much else to do. People want stuff to do, but they also want it to be meaningful. They aren't going to excessively run something that gives them lesser rewards if they have a more efficient way of doing it (see: Speedruns, CM, Prae, AK and now WP) it's simply human nature. Now for the bulk of the population of FFXIV: ARR CT is excellent and I wholly support it as those are the people who will benefit most and they're the bulk of the people the game is catered to. The happier they are the longer this enjoyable game gets better subs and a happy community is a better community I'd say. That is, of course, not touching on the other aspects such as longevity of the game due to better revenue, bigger dev team for faster patches, etc.

This is just completely irrelevant and shouldn't be listed imo. People are having issues on Twintania mostly due to timing/coordination you do not need incredible gear to beat Twintania. First and foremost it takes effective teamwork, a working strategy that your group works best with and proper execution of coordinated movements, attacks and transitions between phases. Better gear helps, but it definitely isn't a clarion call to run CT. More and more groups are consistently clearing T5, they just aren't posting it because after the first group there's no real reason to in their eyes.

The only 'decent' reply would be that people who perceive themselves as starving or don't know when their next meal is coming will definitely worry about “Dinner” before eating “Breakfast” the same goes for people who keep an eye out for trends in the dev-side of things to see if they'll have enough engaging/difficult content to compete against others for World Firsting, etc. It's not “you didn't beat it so you shouldn't be criticizing” you don't need to have been in Turn 5 to be somewhat curious as to why it appears there's a 6-8mo wait between end-game content releases. That's fairly odd by most game standards I think? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it felt like FFXI, TERA, Aion all had end-game raids in just about each patch/update, even if it was something small.

The rest of the points are pretty valid that people have made, and CT shouldn't be the focus on content imo for 2.1. I'm much more interested in the new HM dungeons, the Umbral Isle dungeon unlock (finally! i've been wanting to peek around in that since I ran past aleport in beta~) primal extremes, FC housing, and PvP. All of which will keep me busy and enjoying the game - not just endgame - until the next patch I'm sure. I think some people get tunnel-vision WRT endgame and think that's all the game is and all that's enjoyable about it. 2.1 seems to me to be about rounding out the game as a whole and giving more / enjoyable things to do that aren't directly tied to obtaining BiS.

Just remember that we’re all here in Eorzea to play together and the main goal should be to have fun. We shouldn’t deny others their fun simply because we’d rather the game centered and catered to our specific feelings. Both camps have valid points but at the same time both camps exist and that alone should be enough to validate both sides of the argument. No specific side is better than the other and both should have content designed specifically to them. CT caters to people with less time and less organization than those that Coil is tuned towards and that’s perfectly okay. We shouldn’t try to force our way onto another, just the same way that we don’t want somebody else to force their playing style or preferences upon us. We should all respect and be mutually helpful to one another because the game is for all of us, not just the people who clear Coil and not just the people who have real lives and obligations that prevent them from playing as much as they’d like.


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