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The races of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are many and varied but all share a very humanoid frame and look unlike many other MMORPGs out there on the market. Races are the sentient humanoid species that the players can choose to play as, each of these races are available as of Patch 2.1 but in the future Yoshida (the acting Director and Producer) has confirmed that more races will be added at a later time, more than likely during an expansion. This page will continually be updated to reflect the differences as more races are added.

Currently there are only five playable races in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. And to each race there two Clans, each Clan is significantly different from the other in terms of lore and look as well as available styles for skin tone, facial tattoos and various decorations. Generally one with a discerning eye can see a trend between the clans, each race has a “cold” and a “warm” colored clan. For example the Duskwight Clan for the Elezen is a cold colored clan with deep blues and pale grays but no warm colors like reds and oranges that the Wildwood possess. This is true for most of the races, slightly altered for the Roegadyn who while still keeping with the trend have slightly varied colors though still within the cold or warm spectrum based upon the clan.

On this page you’ll find a brief overview of each race along with sample pictures of each clan as well as a link to their own page which goes into greater detail involving stats for various jobs both starting and final as well as various bits of lore from the game and in some cases the current known naming conventions. In the case of the Roegadyn I’ve even included a dictionary of common Roegadyn names. I’ll also be drawing parallels to Final Fantasy XI for those of you that played it as all of these races (with the exception of Miqo’te Males and Roegadyn Females) will quickly recognize them as all of the races are taken from Final Fantasy XI, given a graphical upgrade and then a few minor tweaks here and there to help them stand out a bit.

One thing of major note that needs to be gotten out of the way first, is all races look the same on every job and every weapon skill. Unlike in Final Fantasy XI where each race had its own highly unique auto attack, spell and skill animations, the races in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn do not have that luxury. Instead their emotes and mannerisms are different, but all weapon skills, abilities and casting animations are exactly the same between all of them sadly. So if anybody was hoping to swing their sword differently than another race, you don’t need to factor that into your choice as it won’t be any different.

Unlike most other MMORPGs where being one Clan or another makes a significant difference, it doesn’t in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. While there is significant lore behind each Clan the two rarely seem to be at odds or feud or even skirmish with one another. They simply are a different looking variation on the race despite their differences in lore that would have you believe the two may be at odds enough to fight, however nowhere in the game do you find this to be the case and there’s nothing in game to support any sort of fighting or difference of being one clan or another.


Please be sure to click the images at the bottom of each racial outline so that you can navigate to their race page to find out more about them. Things that will be included on each page is more lore about each of the races and their specific clans, naming conventions for each and every race as well a Roegadyn dictionary to help in naming your character! For several races there will be an Attribute Table giving you insight as to the stats at Level 1 and Level 50 for each job as that race. This gives you an idea of which race has the highest stats such as HP, MP, STR, INT for the Jobs you plan on excelling at. While it may not seem like much, often the difference between two races is around the range of 6 stats, and 6 STR makes quite an impact in terms of damage.

In the case of VIT, 6 VIT difference is equivalent to a loss of 90HP or 112 HP for a Warrior under defiance!

Height Comparison Between Races


Here we see the average heights of various races, these aren't the maximum just the default average height before making them larger, each race is capable of being bigger or smaller to a minimal degree but none so much that they are able to eclipse another race in any way. As we can see all the heights have been converted to the imperial system of inches and feet, a quick conversion can put them to the metric system if you so wish it without any trouble. The differences of the races themselves between the shortest and tallest is quite a larger and noticeable amount, but compared to other races the difference is a bit harder to see, still visually acute but not quite as night and day as among the same race. As we can see the Roegadyn on average a absolutely huge measuring in at an average of seven feet tall with the Elezen males close behind at six foot, three inches.

Here's another image showcasing the maximum and minimum amounts of heights for each of the races for both male and female, whereas the first is a good starting point this gets more to the meat of the matter by showcasing the various differences between all races both male and female.


Below we'll go over the maximum and minimum heights for each and every race and gender in the game to get the most accurate information possible.

Height Breakdown

Gender / Race Minimum Height Average Height Maximum Height
Male Roegadyn 7' 0.1“ 7' 3.4” 7' 6.7“
Female Roegadyn 6' 3.6” 6' 9.6“ 7' 3.7”
Male Elezen 6' 4.4“ 6' 7.5” 6' 10.2“
Female Elezen 6' 0.2” 6' 3.2“ 6' 6.1”
Male Highlander 6' 0.2“ 6' 3.8” 6' 6.8“
Female Highlander 5' 6.2” 5' 11“ 6' 1.8”
Male Midlander 5' 6.1“ 5' 8.9” 5' 11.6“
Female Midlander 5' 2” 5' 4.5“ 5' 7.1”
Male Miqo'te 5' 2.7“ 5' 5.4” 5' 8.2“
Female Miqo'te 4' 10.9” 5' 1.4“ 5' 3.8”
Male Lalafell 2' 10.2“ 3' 0.2” 3' 2.2“
Female Lalafell 2' 10.2” 3' 0.2“ 3' 2.2”


The Miqo’te race is by all rights the same as the Mithra race from Final Fantasy XI. Whereas in Final Fantasy XI only the females were playable, by popular demand both male and female Miqo’te are playable in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The Miqo’te are a cat like humanoid race of medium stature, they’re neither very tall nor large and their animations are largely based upon balance and a lithely grace that the other races seem to lack.

The Miqo’te are split up into two clans, the Seekers of the Sun and the Seekers of the Moon. Both Clans have the trademark tail and cat eyes but they differ greatly from there. Seekers of the Sun are warmer in color with deep warm colors that speak of time out in the sun as their name suggests. Their eyes have cat like slits and their hair and tail fur colors run the warm spectrum though do include a golden blonde style.

While the Seekers of the Sun are the warmer Clan, the Seekers of the Moon run the cold gamut of color. They’re paler and with soft cool colors like blues, lilac, pale pink and ivory with a few outliers such as a dark coloring like chocolate. Their eyes are wide with only thin rings for an iris, the pupils are constantly dilated due to their nocturnal nature further making the differences compound between the two. Below you’ll find a link to the Miqo’te race page giving further information and lore about each, be sure to click the images below to be taken to the race’s page, either one will do!

Seekers of the Sun


Seekers of the Moon



Lalafell are a race of runty, pear shaped and physically small in stature humanoid race. They are more properly proportioned compared to the pumpkin headed Taru from Final Fantasy XI. Like their Vanadielian bretheren they are the shortest and smallest race with child like features and adorable emotes and voices. There are two Clans of the Lalafell, the Dunesfolk and the Plainsfolk, unlike the other races the coloring between the two is a lot closer to a standard than that of a “cold” and “warm” color temperature but you’ll notice that the Plainsfolk are more often lighter in color with lighter options to boot. Even the tallest Lalafell will barely come above any of the other race’s knee and so the camera angle will be summarily altered as well to be lower to the ground. Some consider this good others don’t, and many more think that in PvP a Lalafell will be harder to target, except that’s not precisely true. Every character model has the same size in terms of the a clickable or selectable area and the model of each character is anchored at the floor at the exact center under their feet regardless if they’re a hulking Roegadyn, a normal Hyur or a dimunitive Lalafell, so it doesn’t help with positional or avoidance tactics either. Unlike many other games where making yourself as small as possible may have benefits beyond aesthetics, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn does not cater to that sort of player or benefit and thankfully does not allow those sorts of benefits to arise.

Dunesfolk Lalafell have generally darker, deeply tanned skin tones and dark shades for hair with a third eye sort of facial decoration for males above the gap between eyebrows. Additionally Dunesfolk Lalafell have no pupils, their eyes are a large, glazed color like that of opaque colored glass. This is likely due to their desert nature where they had to protect themselves against the harsh light of the fiery sun.

Plainsfolk Lalafell are a lighter complexion and fairer nature with cooler coloring and more “natural” looking colorations, though not so much more than the Dunesfolk as many other races are with their Clans. Plainsfolk have normal eyes with typical pupils and they look much like pear shaped children, neither adult nor fully grown. This is a big change from Final Fantasy XI where the Taru were oddly proportioned to the point of biological improbability. As with the Miqo’te, the images below are links to the respective race pages for you to view, once again feel free to click either to be taken to their race page!






The Hyur are just like the flexible Hume back in Vanadiel, they are the largest population in Eorzea and are the most flexible race just like the Humes were. Why they didn’t keep the easier to pronounce and much better sounding name is beyond me but I suppose they needed a difference more than a few altered changes to the models as they upgraded them. That aside, the Hyur have two Clans just like the others except their Clan is slightly different, still following the warm and cold color temperature trend but adding in a difference no other race has. That difference is the general look, the Midlander Hyur look like your typical human, or even like the Humes of Final Fantasy XI. But the Highlander Hyur look like barbarians, large and muscular with hulking features and strong, chiseled faces that are reminiscent of the rocky mountains they call home. This is different from most races as it adds another depth of character but at the same time unfortunately makes the faces completely different from one another with less lee way for the Highlander Hyur to have any look other than “scowling” or “fierce anger”.

The Midlander Hyur are the general human counterpart that just about every MMORPG has, if you’re looking to play a character that looks realistic enough to be somebody you might see on the street, the Midlander Hyur are for you. They run the gamut from light to dark but generally have more fairer skin tones than that of the Highlander Hyur. The Females are dainty and feminine but not overly large or much different than any normal “average” woman may be. The draw of the Midlander Hyur are their normalcy amongst the other humanoid races that offer such variation and different looks compared to that of the Hyur. Due to their traveling nature and that of the more common plains and plateaus that the Midlander Hyur called home, they developed a balanced physique and look compared to the other races with a rich diversity of culture.

The Highlander Hyur as the name suggests made their home in the rocky highlands of Eorzea, bulky and strong were the only ways to survive in the higher reaches of Eorzea and so the Highlander Hyur Clan adapted and adapted well. They sport the second largest body and muscles of any race besides the Roegadyn and their women are tall and beautiful in an Amazonian way that few games are capable of pulling off as well as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Their major differences are their well defined musculature and their larger size along with a very different face subset which gives them harsher, angled lines like the flat planes of a stone rather than a human face.

Below you’ll find sample images of both the Midlander Hyur and the Highlander Hyur, as with the other races be sure to click them (they’re links!) so be able to find out more about the race, including lore, naming conventions and stats relevant for each job to begin with and at Level 50.

Midlander Hyur


Highlander Hyur



The Elezen are different from other races as they were the indigenous species on Eorzea a long time ago. The Elezen were traditionally nomadic (which race wasn’t really?) who predated all other races on Eorzea and held it as their own, though spread throughout it rather sporadically, never adopting to claim a land or nation. This lack of foresight cost them dearly when other races began to flood in from various other lands and lay claim to bits of land the Elezen once roamed free on. In their defense however, why would they ever feel the need to “claim” any land, especially if it was a place they had walked through freely as they roamed? The concept probably never occurred to them and in a way the Elezen could be though to be an analog to the Native Americans, due to their later reverence for trees and the beauty of the forest as well as being practically pushed out of their homes by other visiting races.

The Elezen are divided into a warmly colored Wildwood Elezen and coolly colored Duskwight Elezen Clans. The Wildwood Elezen came from the caves and began to live in the woods, making peace with the Elementals, Moogles and spirits of the forest to avoid the Greenwrath and live in harmony with nature. They grew more tanned with the sunlight and more outgoing, as such their eyes grew sharper over time and they became world renowned for their ability of archery and that of their lancers. The Wildwood were the first to come out of the caves for fear of the Greenwrath and that of the Elementals wrath and they were the first to converse with the forest to try and live within its rules and therein find peace and harmony with nature. The look of a Wildwood Elezen is much more open and talkative though still standoffish and cold in a way, they clearly look as if nobility or royalty of some sort and that is one of the trademark looks of the Elvaan from Final Fantasy XI, except all their emotes are uncharacteristically effeminate and oddly quirky in such a way as to bely their conservative and traditional if not completely snooty and regal, mannerisms.

The Duskwight Elezen Clan decided to stay reclusively in their caves and caverns living deep beneath the woods and out of the sunlight. As a result their skin grew paler and darker colors dominated and instead of an enhancement to eyesight they received enhanced hearing. This added hearing aided them in the dark of the caves where the light failed and better hearing one out in terms of utility. Before long though they began to come out and mingled with the rest of the world. Like the Duskwight’s they hold themselves in a regal bearing but fall prey to the same odd emotes and motions that don’t seem to fit their manners or demeanor one bit. Added to this fact that the game lists the two as having quite a bit of animosity amongst them, but there are no hard feelings between the various races and clans you see in the game at any point or another. There’s a bit here and there but nothing stable or constant enough to call it more than a slight dislike.

The Duskwight Elezen tend to look colder and more angered than the Wildwood Elezen but that is simply due to their coloring. Both Clans have the exact same sort of emotes and motions among them which unfortunately is at odds with their manners and the way the game seems to present them. This is one of the major cases in which I would heavily warn any prospective players to create a trial character first to run through the animations, emotes and see how things look on them before they make a character and commit to it.

Wildwood Elezen


Duskwight Elezen



The Roegadyn are an odd race in that they are rather hulking and look least like a human as far as all races are considered, with perhaps the exception of the Miqo’te. The Roegadyn hail from the sea and came to Eorzea by way of their massive ships that carried their people away from wherever they were home to. Little (like all or most of the races) is known about their homeland or why they abandoned it. It bears a similarity to the Galka in Final Fantasy XI who made a mass exodus from their homeland on Kuzotz to Midartia due to the Antican menace that threatened them and toppled their empires.

The Roegadyn like the Galka are very large and muscular with thick beards and wolfish hairstyles and looks that cross between feral wolf to bearish all the way to “biker gang” look. They are definitely one of the more masculine races, even their women have large pronounced brows, noses and muscles compared to any other race. On that note, the women also appear to have the largest bust size to coincide with their stature as the tallest and largest race around. The Roegadyn are split into two Clans, the Sea Wolves and the Hellsguard.

The Sea Wolves are the colder colored Clan and they hail from the sea, largely made up of ex-pirates turned privateers or military men, they keep the seas around Limsa Lominsa clear of Garlean menace and any who would do their city state harm. The main difference besides color is their noses, the Sea Wolves have normal looking noses without any dark shadowing effects like the Hellsguard do. Lore wise, the Sea Wolves are not very good with magic and prefer to rely on their physical strength gained over generations on the high seas and even their language is a bit different from the Hellsguard variation, less filled with loan words and more akin to their own natural language than their mountain dwelling cousins.

The Hellsguard are aptly named, they live in the northern mountains in tribes and are considered to be incredibly powerful with knowledge of arcane magic that no other races have access to. They are remote and rarely seen though compared to other races and they are warmer in color than the Sea Wolves are. They are named Hellsguard because they are said to be the magical guardians of the gates of Hell itself, though little to no actual information or credit on this is given. More than likely they dwell near an active volcano and consider it Hell or some such. Physically despite being warmer with reds and oranges to their color choices, their noses have a dark coloring on the bottom which gives them a very animalistic look, similar to a bear’s nose or a wolf’s. Which is odd, considering it would make more sense to give a more animalistic look to the Clan that holds to itself a name like the Sea Wolves, but for reasons as they be, the Hellsguard are the Clan that has that particular difference between them.

Hellsguard Roegadyn


Sea Wolf Roegadyn


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