Earning Extra Cash With iOS App Field Agent

Ever wanted to be a secret shopper, quietly lurking through the isles of large department stores checking for correct product placement and information, all while getting paid a little extra cash? Whether secret shopping is something that interests you, or you are just trying to find a different way to earn a little extra cash, this app is for you.

To highlight, the basic steps needed to earn extra cash with field agent are as follows:

  • Download the Field Agent App
  • Input basic information and allow location services
  • The app then populates available jobs in your area.
  • Select a job you would like to do and tap to reserve the job as your own.
  • Complete the reserved job in less than 2 hours.
  • Wait anywhere between a 1-24 hours for the job submissions to be reviewed.
  • Cash out to your PayPal account any dollar amount earned and viola!

The Field Agent app is available both for Apple’s iOS and Android Devices. The basic idea behind field agent is to engage large companies by offering incentivized, nearly instantaneous data on products, services, and opinions from consumers. On the consumer end it offers ordinary people the opportunity to earn a little extra cash by incentivizing them to take shelving pictures, audit product advertisements and displays, and offer opinions on product installations throughout many different retail stores by issuing cash rewards of varying amounts for completing each task.

For the average entrepreneur, this is a fantastic way to earn a little extra cash on your way to a friend’s house or during your morning coffee run. Through my experience the app has new updated jobs relatively frequently with no update taking longer than a week in the recent past. Often times the jobs pay a couple of dollars, which may not seem like much however each task valued at only a couple of dollars has never taken me more than 10-15 minutes in a retail store, and that being some of the most extreme cases.

Types of Jobs

Of the many jobs available on the Field Agent app, some of the most common and easiest jobs to complete will be found in the “General” or “Audit” sections of the app. However there are other sections which pop up including, but not limited to, the following:

  • General
  • Audit
  • Screener
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Photo Contest

It’s important to discern between which jobs on the app are worth your time and which are not. For example, unfortunately for me I had to learn the hard way that it’s nearly impossible to accurately satisfy the requirements of a “Scavenger Hunt Job”.

General jobs can include anything and everything from asking employees to show you were a specific product is, to counting the number of Ad displays in a certain section of the store you are in. The Audit section is very similar, almost too similar actually. The Audit section is filled exclusively with tasks like counting inventory, or checking to make sure that Shampoo XYZ is priced below that of the store brand.

Screener Jobs are probably not worth your time, however they cost nothing to you but your time. These jobs are always opinion based surveys where you answer a few questions about your lifestyle, product consumption habits, etc. Unfortunately, the catch is that these jobs pay absolutely nothing. The only incentive is the promise that you are submitting yourself to the potential to receive tailored high paying jobs. However I think in most cases these are empty promises, and of the many screener jobs I have done I have never once been offered a high paying job tailored to me as a result.

Scavenger Hunt jobs require that you take a picture of the exact UPC code on a very specific product outlined in the description. Though there are usually a lot of these jobs available to choose from, they are nearly impossible to complete. I personally have travelled to several different retail stores and locations where I thought I might be able to find the product in question and have never once found the product with the exact UPC code needed to claim the cash reward. Not sure why these are so hard but after a quick search online apparently I’m not the only one who finds them hard. On the Field Agent blog they describe the Scavenger Hunt as the following:

We wanted to post some perspective on the purpose of this work.
In this situation, our client has a few gaps in a large set of data and our goal is to fill in the gaps. 
We're giving you everything we know about the product and hoping you can fill in the blanks. 
We know these can be tough to solve, and we really appreciate the diligence and work you've put in!

Photo Contests haven’t been popping up very much lately, but in the past the Field Agent app allowed for users to submit photos tailored to a specific prompt. These jobs paid nothing, though completing the job does enter you in to a drawing to win $50 if Field Agent deems your photo exceptional. Though I can’t say I have ever won one of the photo contests, they are fun and help to show the developers you are more engaged with the app.

Agent Score and Job Completion

It’s incredibly important that you do not accept jobs unless you have every intention of completing them. On Field Agent, you, the agent, are given a rank or Agent Score. This score determines how credible and reliable you are as an agent with the app. As you complete jobs, you will be given point that are added to your score making you a more reliable agent. Once you reserve a job as your own, make sure to complete it in the 2 hour time slot allotted or you will hurt your rank and miss out on the opportunity for extra cash.

As you successfully complete jobs and your score increases, the Field Agent app claims that you will be much more likely be able to do jobs that others would not necessarily be offered due to low ranking and little credibility as an agent. Though I can’t say that I have completed that many jobs in the past, I have made a good amount of extra pocket cash with the app and now have a rank of 145 after completing 47 different jobs. However I have yet to be offered a Hidden Job, so I am not exactly sure just how high your rank must be to unlock that option, or if the option is ever available at all.

Luckily for the agents, there is a 5 minute time frame in which you can cancel a reservation and save yourself from losing ranking points due to a job left incomplete. If you accidentally reserve a job that you realize is too far or not worth your time, simply cancel the reservation in the 5 minutes following the reservation and you are dismissed of your responsibility without consequence. Though keep in mind that reserving jobs with no intention of completing them does make it harder for other agents, so consideration here is key.

Finding Jobs Near You

If you aren’t familiar with the streets in your area, or are just plain bad with directions, don’t worry! The Field Agent app offers a mapping feature where jobs are displayed based on their geographic location.

Using this feature you can also do a search for jobs by specifying the distances you are willing to travel and from what area you would like the search to start. Generally I won’t go very far for my jobs, but in the past when money was tight, it was nice to be able to search for any jobs within a 40 mile radius and follow the map to wherever it was that I needed to complete the task given.

Take note, It's also very useful to check the distance shown on each job from you. Sometimes these distances can be inaccurate and a job will be much closer to you than the app suggests. Often times the job will say it's much farther away from me than it actually is when I punch the address in to my maps app.

Cashing Out

Once you have reserved, traveled to, and completed the job you have chosen, the review process begins and the Field Agent app sends the data to the company who is paying for the information you provided. As soon as the information is proven accurate, the payment is released and your Field Agent balance can be seen in the “Cash Out” tab of the app.

You must have a PayPal account in order to receive payments. Once you have linked your PayPal account with your email on the Field Agent app you are ready to go. You can withdraw any balance earned through the app which is great for cashing out on those smaller jobs. Also, there is a very cool feature that keeps track of all of the money you have earned in rewards over your history as a Field Agent.

Payment usually takes about a couple business days and has never taken longer then 3 business days for me personally. The Field Agent team is exceptionally professional and has always delivered on their promises as far as I’m concerned.

Final Thoughts

I want to end with a quick tip. In some cases the photo or job details submitted for a task just barely meet the criteria of the job reserved, or in some cases can fall short slightly if you don’t really pay attention to the instructions.

I would suggest reading over ever instruction set very carefully. If they are misleading or vague and it turns out that your job could not be submitted for whatever reason, do not hesitate to contact the Field Agent Team about the failed job. Every instance in which this has happened to me I have contacted the Field Agent team and described the situation that lead to the failed job. The team is incredibly understanding and will make exceptions when they realize a task’s instructions were too vague. If they realize that was the case you can have the negative record removed from your score and be forgiven, leaving your agent score untouched. This is very useful considering if you fall below 75 you will no longer be able to view jobs!

Overall Field Agent is not a day job and you won’t get rich with it. However you can absolutely get lucky enough to see a few jobs on the map that are on your way to an errand or whatever it is you’re traveling to. In the past I have accumulated over $80 from the tasks and have been lucky enough to secure tasks that took only 15 minutes but paid $12+

So get out there entrepreneurs and go earn some extra cash for that startup!

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