Unfortunately incidents of violence against women are increasingly becomes known, thanks to the testimonies and the media. It is a phenomenon that seems to grow every year, and that has forced the birth, so giddy, of organisations and associations that deal with preventing or at least to help women victims of violence. The phenomenon of male violence against women, is erroneously considered, mainly from Western populations, as far as something that no longer concerns us. But sad to say, just consider my land, Italy, in fact, until a few years ago, the 'man who killed his wife or girlfriend “jealousy” could rely on a legal mitigating factor: the motive “of honour”, whereby if he drew with a few years in prison. A shame that has its roots in an 'archaic and cultural heritage, we think of the 54 victims of the 2012, still active: the female as male property. Even today the killing of male violence on women are coded by the news with the words “crime of passion”, “love”, “rapture”, “moment of jealousy,” as if to demonstrate the need to give a justification for something that is really monstrous. But what can we do to combat this terrible and growing phenomenon rooted in our culture? Something has been done in recent times in particular: in addition to the birth of the anti-violence centres, often also equipped with safe houses in Italy have been set up training of the police, while in the West it was introduced the crime of “femicide”, with which you try to pass the message that killing a person because it is believed the owners of his body, his life, his freedom, it is an 'aggravating' legal, and not a mitigating factor. They are big steps forward, but unfortunately express dissent probably will not change the short-term phenomenon, not just a law to protect the female, but in time perhaps be able to change the culture and mentality. It is in this sense that we must engage: we need higher education at home and school, the cultural training that should make it clear that male violence is not legitimate, but a result of prejudices related to manhood honour and the different male and female roles in family and in society, and that “love” does not mean possession of the woman whose request absolute obedience, denying freedom of feelings. Essential also push the brides or girlfriends not to underestimate the first signs of violence, not to be afraid to report, although this is often risky. It is therefore to modify a cultural phenomenon that lacks respect women's bodies, making them feel inferior morally and socially. These limits are cultural, social stereotypes, absurdity that we can no longer tolerate. It's time to say enough is enough, and we women have to take the first step, to fight for the respect of women. We have the task of educating our children in the right way, to press on society in order to achieve the objective, to achieve legal equality, political, but also social.


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