Favorite Day of the Week

Like most people, I am certainly not a Monday person. The mere thought of Monday makes me shudder with fear because I hate it so much. I hate it for several reasons: that it marks the beginning of the week and that it means that I have an entire week of work and effort to look forward to. For me, Monday also means that I have just completed a weekend of fun and games. The worst night of the week would have to be Sunday night because I am usually up all night Sunday because I usually have a bunch of tests on Monday and that means that I have to study for a really really long time. When I wake up Monday that means that I am really really tired and really grumpy. Therefore, Monday would certainly be my least favorite day of the week. For the same reasons, I also do not like Sunday very much because it is right before Monday. I know that I should spent my sunday having fun and such other things, but instead I cannot help but think that Monday is right around the corner and how much it is going to suck so I cannot really have any fun on Sunday for the same reasons that I cannot have fun on Sundays.

However, Sunday is also the day that I usually do most of my homework so Sunday is actually worse than Monday because at least monday I have school to distract me. When I get up on Sunday morning I usually spend the entire day on homework so I have no time for anything else. In addition, I usually get up at a really early time on Sunday because I have so much work to do that I if I get up at a later time, I will not have enough hours in the day in order to complete all of my work. However, there are the rare times when I actually finish all of my work before Sunday. Although these times are very rare and I almost always do all of my work on Sunday and that is why I do not like them very much, the times that I do not do all of my work then, I actually like Sundays because of the comics in the newspaper and because it is a time for rest at that point. I usually pass the day watching tv in that case or taking walks around my neighborhood. That may sound really boring for a sunday but for me that is actually really fun because I spend the rest of the day working so doing nothing for a little bit is really fun by comparison. Then, if we jump over to Tuesday, I can tell you a little bit about that.

On Tuesday, I begin to realize how much work I have to do so I get even less sleep than usual so they are really not fun for me and so I definitely do not like them for any reason. However, since it is still early in the week, I do not have too too much work yet so I can still relax a little bit. However, instead of relaxing, I usually get ahead on some work so they later days of the work do not suck quite as badly. At this point, I am really looking forward to the end of the week because the end of the week marks the end of all of the work that I have to during the week and it also marks the beginning of the period of time when I can just take a load off and relax in general. Also, my teachers usually like to assign less homework on tuesdays so I usually like them more for that reason as well. I guess they like to reward us for surviving monday and so the reward for that would be giving us less homework to do.

Moving on to Wednesday, I guess I like this part of the week a little bit only because my school serves pizza for lunch on wednesday and I really like pizza and so this is a good thing for me. However, by this point my teachers are usually giving me as much homework as ever and so I am sleeping even less. Since I really like sleep, this is a problem for me and when I get tired, I usually get sad and angry. My brain also does not work as well when I am low on sleep so if I have any tests during that period of time, I am not really happy about that.

If we take a look at Thursday, my week is starting to quiet down by this point so I can have a little bit of fun and I do not have to worry so much about work at this point. That makes me happy and that is why I like this day of the week a little bit, certainly more than the other days of the week. However, I like other days of the week more so this would mostly likely not be my favorite day of the week yet. It would probably be getting close though.

Finally, we move on to Friday. I love this day of the week although it does have school because it marks the beginning of the weekend and that means I do not really have to do anything and I can essentially relax the entire day without worrying about anything too much. Basically, I get home from school and I can just watch tv while sitting on the couch because I know that I have two more days to get all of my work done so it is okay to waste a few hours.

Saturday is basically the same as Friday except I start to do some of my work by this point so I like Saturdays as well. However, if I had to pick my favorite day of the week, I would have to say that that day would have to be Friday.

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