Families Share Stories

In this Blessed Season, members of the Del Monte family share stories of joy, hope, love, compassion, faith, thanksgiving and renewal.

Pasko Retro

Bata pa si Sabel ani nga istorya.ln the mid-60's, when my father Tomas worked as yard boy for Cannery superintendent Stanley Bjonrud, Christmas was an exciting time for my family. American expatriates had this tradition of gifting all those who worked for them during Christmas. We always waited for that morning when Mr. Bjonrud, his wife Leslie and their son Peter would drive down Fabia and drop by our house to give us our Christmas Basket - full of candies, clothes, toys and food. When I joined Del Monte in the 70's, Wesley and Susan Anderson were among the most generous I've worked for. The tradition continues with our Filipino executives today who share blessings not only with Cawayanon workers but many others in our community. Saling Namoc, Supervisor, Del Monte Lodge

In the Land of Jesus

Serving Del Monte for many years has paved the way for making my wildest dream come true - to reach the summit of Mt. Sinai at sunrise, to see the Great Pyramid and to walk in the footsteps of our Lord in the Holy Land.

On board Qatar Airways, my husband Joe and I joined a pilgrimage that brought us across Egypt, Israel and Jordan. This was my journey of a lifetime. This was the most spiritually fulfilling experience of our lives. We walked where Jesus had walked, in Jerusalem, through the desert and holy shrines. It was an experience beyond compare. This pilgrimage was the most prized investment from the package I received for loyal and dedicated service to Del Monte. Daghang salamat sa Management for making this experience possible, for an opportunity only the well-off can afford. Vinging Agura, Retired Supervisor, Bugo Accounting

Miracles do happen

“At the Phillips Memorial Hospital, many are the moments when our doctors, nurses and medical staff have to stay with our patients as they make difficult decisions over their health or their loved ones. Everyday, we witness so many miracles - the birth of a long awaited baby, the awakening of a comatose patient, the return of a heart beat of a resuscitated patient or the rehabilitation of a post-stroke patient. Daily, we face unending battles between life and death among our serious surgical and medical patients - and the reward of successfully pulling them out of danger, as well as the opportunity to share grief and give support and comfort to those left behind when God's will prevails over our efforts to bring back life.

Patients we see through the years are not just statistics in our Hospital. We get to know them and their families, and we become significant people to each other as we journey through our life in Del Monte.

Serving our patients gives our Hospital staff the opportunity to practice and feel the spirit of Christmas daily, renews hope, generates much joy and vitality and motivates us to keep on giving our best as we go on our daily tasks. Our ardent wish is to make our patients know and feel how much we care for their health and wellness, and appreciate how blessed they are to be with Del Monte that continues to practice the spirit of Christmas daily by providing an extensive medical coverage for workers and qualified family members.” Chin Saranglao, M.D., Medical Consultant, Phillips Memorial Hospital

Love Story

“Our story is not really unique. Many Del Monte families share a similar love story: We met while working here at the Cannery compound and eventually got married. We weren't the only ones who got hitched to co-workers. Many of our officemates also met their spouses here at Del Monte. Like Remy and Bert Miso, Romy and the late Carol Opada, Neneng and Tata Cortejos, Ween a and Bong Dumaraog, Lani and Ronnel Duclayna, Agnes and Ace Carbajal, Michelle and Beau Mandac, Elpie and the late Rey Valentin, Matt and Ellen Capin, Brenda and Phillip Ybarra, Mae and Jun Linaac, and many others. We also have many friends whose grandparents or parents met each other at the Plantation and raised their families in our housing camps.” Rey and Charlotte Carpentero Cannery RACCAI Technician and Bugo Finance Supervisor

Keep believing!

“I always tell my children that success can only come with hard work, with a lot of big dreams. We're not rich but we have the power to help ourselves. My wife Evelyn and I feel pride in what our children have accomplished for themselves. Our eldest, Chris Junior, now works at Plantation Engineering; our second is a plant operator at Pilipinas Kao. Our third is a GMA Scholar, on her second year at medical school. Two younger children are enrolled at a state college.

My work has taken me around the plantation for 30 years now. service vehicle - complete with all kinds of spare parts and equipment - to handle emergency repair work on boom harvesters. I still believe that God is kind and will always help those who know how to help themselves.” Christopher “Aki” Zamayla, SR. Field Mechanic-Technician, Boom Harvest

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