Faith Healing

In the middle of the 20th century the medical science started to advance. Cures were created for many ailments and the world seemed hopeful again. Soon enough we realized that conventional medicine doesn’t have the right answers. Every cure, pill and medication doctors prescribe is another way to fill the state’s budget, with little, if any consideration for the patient. One by one, people will start to wake up and realize that their health comes first. Then, every one of us will look for alternative medicine instead of conventional drugs. In many parts of the world, conventional medicine is taken into account second or when the disease can’t be effectively cured naturally. For serious injuries and accidents you will still need to visit the doctor’s office, but other than that, regularly popping pills like they are bonbons it’s a sign of obsession. That’s the scariest drug dependence of all. People with heroin addictions for example, are basically left with little choice. Their body and mind are altered to the point where they can’t distinguish right from wrong. But for hale and hearty people, pills should be the last option. Every conventional drug used consistently, modifies the brain and body structure the same way heroin modifies the body. We are made of the same elements found in nature, but for some reason we choose to use synthetically made drugs. Maybe society has come to the stage where authority is valued more than common sense, but little by little, hopefully, we’ll come to our senses. Today we live in a world where every type of information can be assembled in seconds. You can find out the cause, risks, treatments and medication for every disease without even talking to a doctor. Alternative treatments are available at every corner, yet we underestimate their variety. Acupuncture, herbalism, Reiki, body manipulations and different energy therapies have survived since prehistoric times. But only now we have the capacity and understanding to recognize their true value. Countless studies have been made to prove their validity and many more will be brought about in the future. There is one treatment that can’t be medically supported because its recognition is way beyond logic and reason. Faith healing is the name of the therapy that can be credited for thousand miraculous recoveries nowadays and in ancient times.


Successful Faith Healing Stories

An 18 year old girl from South Africa woke up paralyzed one day. Doctors didn’t know how to diagnose her and she stayed paralyzed for several months. Then one day, she walked out of the church pushing the wheelchair in front of her. Heidi Baker is a Christian missionary, author and a motivational speaker, who despite what many people think has a PhD in Philosophy from a university in London. She have had successfully cured many deaf people, paralyzed children, people with manic depression and still dedicates her life to helping the poor, the lost, the forgotten and the broken. The medical society constantly tries to put an end to this alternative therapy, but the faith in people has proven to be much more stronger. Randy Clark is a man who has been fighting poverty and struggling to find a life purpose for 18 years. Then he had an accident from which he recovered with the help of prayers and having faith in a higher power. Since then, almost 20 years later, his faith healing miracles have been recognized worldwide. His first revival phenomenon happened in a church in the Toronto airport, where 20 people fell down, rolling and laughing. Today that spectacle is known as holy laughter, a blessing that revives the spirit, heals the body and gets the person in touch with the Holy Spirit. After only one year, more than 120 people every night visited the church to attend a revival service. The church had to arrange the meetings every night, except Monday. The blessing was contagious and members who attend it spread the influence in their homes and on the people they encounter. Soon, similar revival services were held in Saint Lois, Atlanta, Anaheim, many Canadian cities, as well as Cambodia and Albania. Rodney Howard-Browne is another minister who held provocative revival services during the 90’s. Audience members who were attending his services were known to spontaneously burst into laughter, make animal noises and fall into trances. Today he’s a pastor in a church he founded in Florida. During the 90’s this type of services and their fame faded from the public view, but only because they were accepted as an ordinary part of modern Christianity.

The Truth Behind Fait Healing

What scientific and medical explanation can we provide for faith healing? Other than real life testimonials, there isn’t any. Then how can you know these magical healing stories are for real? Maybe they are misunderstood, exaggerated, misinterpreted or simply made up. If you already think in those terms, faith healing is not your type of sickness management. That’s only according to us. According to faith healing preachers, we are all equally worthy of God’s love and attention, regardless of our beliefs, religious and philosophical. According to them, faith is the only thing that can get you closer to God and make you feel his presence. God has always been and always will be understanding of our need for miracles and only faith can promise their venture. Faith and prayers can do miracles. But miracles don’t happen all of a sudden. You have to believe you are worthy of them and righteous enough to retain them. You have to pray for you, for your neighbors, for your enemies and friends, because we are all coming from the same place. And hopefully, we will justify our actions when the day comes. A preacher preaches to believers, but only faith can bring the miracle. Even the bible says that you have to believe in something to be done. When the two blind men followed Jesus and asked him to heal them, he didn’t pull out a magic wand. He said to them: According to your faith be it done to you! And they were able to see again. A preacher speaks to the weak. He encourages them to find the strength within and be their own miracle. When properly used and understood, faith can really move mountains. It can move heavy burdens, clear suicidal thoughts and make breast lumps disappear. It can transform your everyday life, the way you look at things and the way you act. There really isn’t a place called hell. It’s your daily life that can be genuine hell or authentic heaven. And only your faith or the lack of it is the building block of your hell or heaven. A preacher will teach you how to get to that part in you where faith is stored and kept for rainy days. Modern societies are built in that way to make you lock your faith and believe in false ideals. We believe in doctors, in commercials, in pills and in empty words, instead of reaching inside and grabbing strength from the never-ending source of power. The same power that moves the earth and the universe and the same power that is called God.

When is Faith Healing Really Not For You

Our bodies are made to regenerate itself. Your skin regenerates every day, the liver regenerates every three weeks and other organs might take a couple of years. Still after a few years, every body organ will be renewed and ready for new damage. This means that with enough faith in nature and in yourself, you can make sure the process happens soundly or maybe even faster. When you have faith in you and your abilities, your outlook on life is more positive and you find new blessings to count. That attitude will put you in a state of serenity, where stress is no longer present and can no longer harm your body. The word faith means that you believe something to be successful and that’s a winner’s attitude. Sometimes an ailment is nothing more than a psychological blockage. Clinical depressions, many mental diagnoses even paralyses may sometimes be the outcome of emotional complications that enforced the body to react so extremely. Not always faith healing is a wise choice. Fanatics all over the globe have been known to refuse medical care, but ended up in disaster. You have to know when miracles can be done solely on believing and prayers and when it’s time to call an ambulance. You can go to church if prayers revive your spirit, but only after you decide that your condition can be cured exclusively with faith. Don’t trust everyone who declares himself as a faith healer, especially if they do their miracles for money. Larry Maxwell is a famous faith healer who claims he can cure AIDS, but ended up in jail for charging his miracles. Faith has nothing to do with the church, or the priest, or the religion or type of prayer. Faith is about the feeling you have that you will succeed in any endeavor and you are the only one who can find it.


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