King of all the land 
Ruling fist of man 
Deepening the cause 
Time now seems to pause 

Though the wisdom 
Through the pain 
He’s known it all 
It’s all the same 
Those desolate years 
Squandered and bleak 
Remembering the time 
He felt so weak 

Once just a child 
Like you 
Like me 
Once just a boy 
He was happy 
He was free 

Passed through his land 
A dangerous swarm of hate 
Left none to survive but he 
He saw this chance as fate 

Growing older 
Growing stern 
Everything around him 
Was all he had to learn 

Friendless and alone 
He walked this land 
No family his own 

He passed these years 
Turning into a man 
Never showing his tears 

Just one day 
He stumbled and fell 
Found unconscious 
At the base of a well 

Brought back to health 
By new friends unknown 
His own hometown 
Rebuilt, it had grown 

They sat by the fire 
As he told his tale 
His tragedy unfolded 
In the force of a gale 
The city was moved 
By the force of his story 
They revered him with honor 
And held him in glory 

As young as him home 
His family unknown 
This happy new place 
Brought joy to his face 

Now he’s a man 
Unlike you 
Unlike me 
He makes his stand 
He’s bold 
He’s free 

A kingdom they built 
Within his own home 
The people then called him 
To take place on the throne 
The family he sought 
Now found in this land 
A friend of them all 
Never withdrawing his hand 

Steady and kind 
Stout of mind 
Belonging right here 
With nothing to fear 

The tears he held within 
Flooded as he could see 
He was home again 

Now with nothing to hide 
He’s family and free 
Keeping his friends by his side 


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