It’s not the evolution of man but Earth. The egocentric are blind beyond their nose, Pinocchio could see farther than others but even he succumbed to losing sight for a chance to be human. We are not special. We are a plague determined to overcome and destroy the host body. Earth’s HIV. Blood boils a purification of Earth’s waters.

Maybe Earth is releasing oil into its veins to reach that perfect balance of toxicity where the viruses die and the body can heal. Right, as if Earth were a intelligent being. As if humans were intelligent beings.

If the universe were created where did motion come from? Planets revolve around atomical stars, electrons revolve around the nucleus like fire flies in jars. Everything can be made meaningless with the simplest of terms, but simpler things are made meaningful by the simplest of minds.

Pop culture, rock culture, nothing more than lab cultures; cells to be studied, each cell with similar structure and properties. Many are amazed Earth contains life, I am amazed at the millions of planets that don’t. [I almost changed don’t to do not thinking it would be more formal. Then I took a look at the entire previous sentence underlined in green. I do not fit Microsoft’s mold.]

Humans cannot be evolving. We are increasing our dependencies effectively decreasing our survivability outside of ideal laboratory conditions. Gasoline, electricity, electronic money, cellular technology, the Internet. Remove these and a human being could not survive today. Most would not survive a day. I am picturing Katrina, all the humans who did as they were told and flocked like cattle to wherever they were told and sat there in their own shit and filth while they were forgotten. Police patrolled the streets to take care of the few who thought for themselves so even they had no success.

Human population has grown to such large numbers one life has become insignificant. I will not be insignificant. Those who specialize are rewarded with money and cursed with no survivability. An individual’s worth is measured in their ability to learn a task and how well they perform it to the benefit of the human race.


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